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on 6 November 2010
The P7000 was my second choice after the Panasonic Lumix fx5 but various reviews persuaded me to go for the Nikon. The images I'm getting are very good - better by an order of magnitude compared to my Panasonic Lumix TZ8. There are however two glaring experience downers: V. slow RAW processing, and dodgy focusing. I never return from a days shooting without a few out of focus shots. This happens no matter what focus mode I select - Auto, Infinity, Macro or Normal. This is an issue that needs fixing soon! Google 'Nikon P7000 focus problem' to see the experiences of other users.

When the P7000 obtains a correct focus the images are outstanding! Full of detail, contrast and colour. On the subject of colour the P7000 leans towards cooler images rather than neutral or rich in colour. Experimenting with the white ballance settings enabled me to get the results I wanted.

This is a camera for the enthusiast who doesn't mind experimenting with the many settings and taking bad shots along the way to learning how to use the camera to take outstanding photographs.

Inspite of the two faults I love this camera. A couple or so fuzzy shots out of a hundred is worth it to get the other 98 excellent quality shots. I would guess that many cameras have focus problems especially in low contrast areas. It's size is perfect for my jacket pocket and I take the P7000 with me where ever I go. I would of given this camera four and a half stars because of the niggles but I do love this camera so I give it a five.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 7 January 2011
I'm a long-time Nikon user and I really like Nikon equipment. I have several Nikon cameras and my major one at the moment is a D200, which I love.

I got the P7000 a few weeks ago, and was initially happy with it. It is a chunky camera for a 'compact,' but it's considerably lighter than my DSLR, and much more manageable as something to just walk around with. The quality of images is excellent and the controls are great.

But ...

It does have some issues. The viewfinder is pretty much useless and I'm not sure why they put it there at all. The write speeds in raw are appalling (and not brilliant in fine JPEG). The autofocus is slow. The fact that the LCD screen is fixed (rather than articulated) is a nuisance (but not a show stopper).

Overall, I'm still satisfied with the P7000, but I rather wish that I'd waited 12 months for the next version, which I assume will fix all of the issues that the P7000 has. Of course, you could go with an LX5 or a G12 or an S95 (if you want something more compact). But, the P7000 really is good. I think it'd be worth the wait to get the next version rather than opting for an 'almost there' option.

Edit: There was a comment to my review talking about why the optical viewfinder was on this camera, so I thought that it's important to clarify what I meant in my review. Based on my (admittedly unscientific) assessment, the optical viewfinder aligns with about 85% of the view in the lens. So, it's OK for long distance shots (>10ft) but very poor for anything closer (or in telephoto). It's just not good enough. Of course, you can always shoot images with a wide margin of error around what you frame, and then crop them in photoshop. But, that shouldn't really be necessary ... should it.
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on 29 April 2011
I read many reviews on this little Nikon wonder, then with some sceptism I decided to make the purchase and it turned out to be the best decision. It is a great little camera, and ideal as an alternative to the larger SLR models. The small problems outlined, transpired to be very small, and were readily rectified by installing the updated firmware. Largest problem was getting a receipt from Amazon for the camera, as Nikon will not recognise the warranty in the event of a claim without the original purchasing receipt. I did get one, but it was rather a prolonged effort. So be warned!
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on 22 January 2011
Bought this to replace much used and liked Canon A620 which is beginning to wear after 8500 photos. Tried Canon's A1100IS - quite horrible despite a similar spec, lens is useless at the telephoto end & batteries go flat in no time. So clearly the more expensive compacts are worth the money. It had to be the P7000 or the G12, & I know most reviewers are favouring the G12. BUT - the P7000 has a better viewfinder (still not marvellous, but essential to me; I can't hold a screen nearly as steadily, & I can't see it properly close up), a longer zoom on the lens, it's 10% lighter, and at the moment also £50 less expensive. The exposure compensation knob is on the right, unlike the Canon; ideal for right-handed folk. Easy to use. Only serious criticism - if you must have raw files (I'm not greatly bothered), note that they are impossibly slow saving. The camera locks up for about 5 seconds before you can take another picture. But JPG's are fine. A very nice solidly-built camera - recommended.
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on 4 July 2011
I bought this because I needed a camera that would go where my Nikon D80, three lenses and a flash unit would not go. I bought it because I can use 'auto' in a hurry or full manual when I can take a bit longer. I can use my flash unit. I can edit straight into CS5 (with the Camera RAW upgrade). I can shoot RAW (with the software upgrade).
Apart from the lenses I can do almost all that my D80 does. I can even put it on my tripod.
I can get my fingers (sausages) round it reasonably well and the viewfinder gets used qquite often despite being disliked in the reviews.
It looks complicated but is actually very easy to master the basics. The little wheel that gives quick access to lots of the settings is great. You can choose which control does what. I haven't pressed a wrong one yet.
If you want a bit more than just point and shoot and like to fiddle about with the settings, then don't hesitate. It is well made and high quality, typical Nikon.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 9 February 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Filmed using a Sanyo VPC-CG100EXBK-B Xacti CG100 Full HD Dual Camcorder with 14M Photos and HDMI - Black

As you will see on the video, I have an old Canon 20D and a nice, but limited, Ixus 800is. I was looking for something in between which wasn't too bulky but would let me play with settings rather than being a basic pint and click. The video shows the basics of the camera and gives an idea of size compared to my DSLR and compact.

The Nikon (my first non-Canon) reminds me a lot of the Powershot G11 in terms of styling and the huge number of buttons (which can be a bit overwhelming at first sight), which isn't a bad thing - they are both so well constructed and feel right in the hand.

The proof of the pudding is in the photos taken. You will have to take my word that they are extraordinary, both on the "point and shoot" setting and even more so when you play with exposure etc. There are preset scenes which also significantly change the photos. And thrown in as well is the fact this is an HDMI video - I've shot some short video and it looks great on an HD TV. Note the box includes phono leads but not an HDMI cable. Also, no memory card is supplied, but these can be picked up very cheaply on Amazon - just remember to order one at the same time as the camera.

Overall, this is an absolute gem of a camera. If you have more than a passing interest in photography and can't stretch to a DSLR or need a lighter substitute then this is one that I would highly recommend without reservation.
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on 26 July 2011
This is a very nice product. Feels very solid..light and rigid. Photos are head and shoulders above the smaller point and shoots esp in low light with virtually no grain up to ISO 800. Lens also super sharp. Slight issues with exposure particularly tendency to over-expose flash shots..but that is perhaps because I am still learning to use the camera. Video excellent and better than the Panasonic TZ7 this camera replaced.

It is a bit too large to fit most pockets, but much much smaller than a DSLR with 28-200mm lens!! Picture not quite as good as the DSLR's for the same price but DSLR's have much larger sensors.

Update after several months use:
I had real issues with focusing and exposure which persisted despite firmware upgrade. The inaccurate viewfinder also annoyed me. The picture cannot hope to compete with a DSLR and I am actually going to sell this and a get a DSLR..full size with proper viewfinder. I had a Nikon D50 which despite lower MP had a much better lens and vastly superior flash pictures..also much much faster with RAW. As the P7000 too large for most pockets, not a big deal carrying around a DSLR.
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on 2 March 2011
I have had my Coolpix P7000 for 1 week now, it was bought to replace my Fuji EXR80 which has always been a disappointment. I have been very impressed with the performance of the P7000. Yes, it is a tad slow when using Raw images, even after the firmware update, but in all other respects it shines. I have used the Raw setting when taking images and as long as you're not shooting anything that requires quick or continuous shooting the delay is acceptable. When using the jpg fine setting there are no delay problems.
The image quality is excellent, low light results are very acceptable. It has plenty of useful features and is very intuitive to use and feels good in the hands, battery life is also very good. I was tempted by the Canon G12, but it was more expensive and as I own a Nikon D300 I felt the P7000 was a better choice for me. The P7000 comes with Nikon View NX2 software with which I am familiar and find to be very useable. Also, as I hope to get a Nikon Speedlight soon I will be able to use it on both the D300 and P7000.
Overall, I am very happy with the P7000; it's a pleasure to use and is ideal for occasions when I don't want to drag the SLR around. The G12 is probably equally good in most respects and better when shooting in Raw; but it is more expensive and as a Nikon user the P7000 won out. There are areas of the camera that I am sure Nikon will improve-on in the next generation; however, I didn't want to wait, and I'm glad I didn't.
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VINE VOICEon 9 February 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This camera is great for both people who like a simple point and shoot camera or people who like to have more control over the picture settings. This is a more portable, cut down SLR camera and an excellent point and shoot camera.

I love this camera. For several years I have been using the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3 (see my Amazon review)which I think is an excellent camera. This for me is an update. It looks and feels like a more professional camera but is still very simple to use. As simple as the Panasonic but technology has moved on and the pictures are better. With the 16gb card I bought for it it will do 6241 photos at 'normal' quality (at the top quality 'fine' you can get 3154). With the 16gb card you could also do 4 hours of HD quality (720) filming. So it is well woth investing £17/18 on a card.

The only minor problem I have had with the camera is installing the update from Nikons web site. I have followed the instructions but for some reason it will not work. As the update seems to increase the processing of 'raw' photos I don't think it will affect me.

In conclusion this camera is simple to use. The viewing screen at the back is a decent size and easy to review your photos. It can be made more complicated if you want but not necessary to get superb photos. Highly recommended!
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on 15 June 2011
This is only part one as I am returning this camera for a number of reasons.Generally I like it but then it is the first compact I have owned. I use a couple of Nikon DX2 DSLRs but wanted to have something light to keep with me without lugging everything around.

The biggest problem for me has been the issue of focusing. It hunts a lot and so often focuses incorrectly and back focuses and that is in good light that I suspect the camera is faulty. In poor light it is so unpredictable it is unusable so Amazon have agreed to take it back.It has also failed to operate sometimes but taking out the battery and re-inserting brings it back to life. I like the camera and will give it one more try and will keep you posted.

Second camera - the replacement

This camera is similar to the first one unfortunately with the same focusing issues. Not quite as bad but at times won't focus at all. Switching camera on and off helps this occasionally. Write times can be unbelievably slow. Generally very disappointed. I think Nikon realize they have had a bit of a dud which is why they have brought out a replacement so quickly - but where does that leave us
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