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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
Style Name: With Performance and Navigation Bundle|Change
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An upgrade to the Edge 705, the Edge 800 cramsa heck of a lot into a small, lightewight package. It's a fully-featured cycle computer that's about the size of a box of Swan Vesta matches and in it Garmin have managed to accommodate, Heart rate, Cadence, Power, a european base map and a bunch of training aids such as virtual partner racing, average pace racing and programmable workouts. I bought this base model (without Heart rate strap, cadence sensor or MicroSd card full of maps) because I was upgrading from an Edge 705 and already had all of the extra bits. So why did I upgrade from a 705?

It's a good question...

The biggest improvements that the 800 offers over the 705 are:

- the screen - seems bigger and clearer
- the user interface - the touch screen is MUCH better to use than the joystick on the 705, it's also more configurable in terms of fields and display options. It's also a lot less fussy about the power switch.
- the bike mount - much easier to clip on/off the bike with a much more secure attachment and less to break
- quicker GPS fix through hotfix records, which works well provided you're not miles from the last place you turned the unit off at
- moderately smaller and lighter
- quicker processing & route calculation
- thermometer to record ambient temperature

In use, it's a dream. The new mount works wonderfully, just one quarter turn and it locks secure into place. A quick press of the power button and it switches on. As soon as it detects movement it asks if you want to start the timer - it really is a helpful little gadget. Multiple bike profiles are supported (more than the 705) and they're easier to select. Multiple computer screens are configurable, more than the 705, and they're easier to set up as readouts are grouped by data type (e.g. speed, heart rate, power) rather than one big list.

The Edge800 seems to be mostly about small but significant improvements. Aside from the touch screen and the new mount there's nothing revolutionary here, it's all tweaks and adjustments to what you found on the 705, and they all add up to making a tool that just works.

So if you've never owned a Garmin Edge before and are in the market for a seriously powerful piece of kit that will help you improve your cycling performance and give you turn-by-turn directions on long rides, then I can heartily recommend it and would award it 5 stars. Likewise, if you're still riding with an Edge305 and are wondering if it's worth the upgrade, I'd say a vigorous "YES" and give it 5 stars (presuming you want street-level mapping, otherwise go for the Edge500).

If you already own an Edge 705 and look longingly at the curves of the 800, wondering how to justify it's purchase, don't expect to be blown away by a vast array of new features. You will find it easier to use, but that's about it. It's still a fantastic piece of kit but it's not a compelling upgrade so for existing owners of a 705 I'd give it 3 - 4 stars. If you already own a 705, consider first whether the £s would be better spent elsewhere on your bike ;-)

**** Update ****
A quick note on the mapping capabilities... the Edge800 comes pre-loaded with a base map of europe, but this only covers the main roads. In the UK that means A-roads and Motorways, so it's not all that useful for a cyclist. The CityNavigator maps of western europe are very comprehensive and include thousands of points of interest that can come in handy when you're on a bike (like railway stations, petrol stations, pubs, restaurants etc), as well as supporting full sat-nav type post-code navigation. That said, there are cheaper, open-source mapping options available.

*** Update 2 *** reduced rating from 4 to 3 stars
After just over 1 year of ownership, during which time the Garmin has recorded over 5,000 miles in conditions ranging from blistering sunshine to -7C the weather finally got the better of my Edge800. Since a recent, extremely wet ride in the scottish highlands my Edge 800 still charges and records activities, howevere it is no longer possible to download records of my rides to a PC. It looks like water got into the USB port and either corroded the terminals or worse. As it's now out of warranty a part-funded replacement will be one hundred and twenty pounds... with no guarantee that it won't suffer the same problem in another year's time, some of the newer, cheaper alternatives on the market are beginning to look attractive.
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on 15 July 2012
Great little unit if you're wanting to train correctly and plot your routes.
The main reason behind my purchase of the 800 was so that I could plot really complicated routes for training and also the routes for sportives.
Another great feature is all the stats that you can get - great for looking back at my race stats, which helped me identify the key areas in a race where I needed to improve.
Easy to set up and easy to customise to your different bikes.
I know a lot of people below have said that it can be compicated to use, but no more so than modern day smart phones.
If you're ok with them on a daily basis, then you'll find the 800 no problem - I had mine up and running within mins.
Also, I was a bit wary about buying this product after readng about it failing during slight to heavy rain.
Well, I used mine during one of the heaviest downpours that I have ever raced in and it was fine.
My top tip for rainy use - wrap a bit of cling film round it. You can still use the touchscreen no problems and it keeps out the water.
I'd give the 800 a five out of five if it wasn't for one slight manufacturer's fault that I have just discovered today.
I haven't used the unit more than 20 times due to the bad weather in Britain at the min.
But the on/off switch has started to fail on me. I am not heavy handed at all and have taken great care of this unit as it cost a fair old bit, but today I was unable to turn it on despite it being fully charged and working fine with my pc.
A quick internet search showed that these units have very cheap on/off switches, so if you are buying one just be sure to handle it with care.
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on 12 July 2011
I have been using Cateye speed/cadence/heart rate monitors for years. This is by far the best item i have purchased. I am usually conscious that such items have numerous caperbilities and various functions that are surplus to requirements and simply not needed. This usually makes such products cumbersome and difficult to get to grips with. However the Garmin Edge 800, whilst still has some information which only the hardy of nerds will find useful, is extremely easy to set up, modify and use. I now cant get on a bike without it. I dont quite understand the need for a separate speed sensor (which came with it). However without that, it is ever so simple to transfer it to other bikes. I can use it with my racing bike, training bike or mountain bike simply by clicking it into the locking device on each. No messing around with moving a separate speed sensor or buying additional components. It is pricy but well worth it. I purchased the map produce (City Centre not Ordancee survey)and that too is excellent. the range of options will always ensure you have something to take your mind of the pain in your legs!
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on 11 September 2011
After a long user of the Forerunner series, I decided to buy a specific bike computer and went for what I thought was the best. I have to say, the functionality of the Garmin Edge 800 was fantastic and after buying the navigation maps, which are a must if it is used correctly, was over the moon with it!

Sadly, about two months ago a friend saw this unit on my bike and explained that he had just had his replaced due to a fault. Apparently, he went out in a typical UK summers day and it rained lightly. On his return, the unit had stopped working and he had it replaced. I should have known but today I too got caught out in a downpour and on my return found that the unit had stopped working. Although it will turn on, it will no longer interact with the computer and "Malfunctioning Device and USB Device Error" keeps coming up time and time again. The unit is only four months old and it cost nearly £300!!! The unit is 30m waterproof for 30 minutes! I was rained on for less than 20 minutes and it is now defective!?

For all the good that the functionality of this unit is (and does have some suberb functionality), if you cannot use it on a typical UK day and the claim of waterproof to 30m is basically a joke, what use is it? I've contacted Amazon and I've contacted Garmin so hopefully someone will either replace the defective unit or give me back nearly £300 of hard earned money!!!
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on 17 December 2011
Having used the 605 over the past few years with complete satisfaction the 800 had to go a long way to beat it.Well it does more than just beat the 605 this 800 unit is from another planet.It is by far quicker to come on line,the touch screen is sublime.Coupled with heart rate and cadence you can properly adjust your training runs to near perfection.The maps on the navigation bundle are more than adequate they are superb.All in all a superb lightweight unit that does all that is asked of it and more.
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on 2 April 2011
Well this review is for the person who is sitting there saying "should i, shouldn't i"!! Well you should get one of these as this is the best thing money could buy for your bike. Only just got mine and WOW, i can not believe how quick it responds if you take an alternative route or wrong turning somewhere out and about. The heart monitor is brilliant and tell you everything you need to whilst enjoying your ride out. The speed sensor was a bit tricky to attach to my bike but got there in the end with help from my missus. The screen itself is very clear and you can see it perfectly in bright sunshine as there is not very much glare on the screen. You can also use it if your wearing gloves. I did a lot of research on this product before i actually brought one, but if you think you are going to get full use out of this then buy one you will not regret it.
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on 9 March 2012
Brought this and wondered if it would be worth the cost. Had it for 4 weeks now and although not used it a lot but when I have it works great. The pickup on startup is quick and accuracy seems to normal Garmin high standard. Setup was OK but only downside is manual is not idiot proof and leaves a lot for you to work out. Still even I have managed to get it working the way that suits me and there is lots more to discover and enjoy. Very good fast and secure attachment to bike which means it is only takes a second to fit or remove from bike. City Navigator looks very good and great value and will be trying it out in Flanders soon. Yes I would recommend this to anyone that can afford it, shame about the manual which is reason for only 4*'s
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on 24 April 2014
I've owned this product for about 12 months now, I am a keen cyclist and use my Garmin 800 every time I go out. It is a product I would recommend (and have recommended) to a fellow cyclist.

The level of detail and configurable options make this the perfect aid for any cycling enthusiast. You can monitor and measure virtually anything from Heart Rate, cadence, speed, time, angle of climb / decent, total ft climbed / descended, calories (this can be actuately measured once you input your personal details) in addition you can plot a routes and courses or simply input a destination and be navigated there - You will need to purchase a UK Map separately this isn't part of the Performance Bundle..

The device does not have bluetooth, which is on the 810 - this allows you to upload to Strava / GarminConnect via mobile without laptop. But to be honest that isn't a massive problem for me and not worth the difference in price to upgrade. I need to charge the device through USB, so I just plug it into my laptop to charge while I'm uploading.

Touchscreen is fine, it does require a bit of a press sometimes but not a hard press and it does work with gloves on which is certainly needed.

Screens can be configured to meet your hearts desire. The configuration menu here can be a little unintuitive, but once you know where you are going it isn't an issue.
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on 31 May 2014
I have been using the 800 for about a year, and have consciously delayed writing a review I. The hope that I could be more positive. I also wanted to give the device plenty of opportunity to prove itself.

I would also say I have received 5 star customer service from Amazon which has allowed me to return my Garmin 3 times. I am now requesting a full refund.

When this item works, it is excellent. I can get lost in an one way street, but the 800 has allowed me to be much more adventurous in terms of exploring new routes, and generally pushing myself. I also love the amount of stats it allows you to record, the battery life is great, and I would agree with all of the other positive comments made by others.

The reason I have given up on this product is that you simply cannot take it out in the rain. Each time I have done this, the item has malfunctioned. This takes the form of:

1. Not syncing with my PC. Last week I lost a 39 mile ride. I have tried all of the fixes suggested by Garmin, and have even written to them, all to no avail;
2. Losing the screen itself so that no data is recorded; and
3. The chest strap which records your heat rate stops working after about 30 uses. I always wipe off perspiration and ensure the strap is kept clean in accordance with the instructions. I did a 50 miler the other day and my hr was between 71 and 72 bpm. It isn't that as I am sitting typing this review.

For this amount of money, I cannot understand how it keeps failing.

Please note, I have friends who have ridden thousands of miles with the 800 and have had no problem whatsoever. Maybe I am unlucky. Anyway, I hope this helps, and if you do buy an 800, I really hope you do not have the same issues I have had.

Finally, I cannot praise Amazon too highly in this case. I am huge fan of Wiggle, but am sure I would not have been treated as well if I had purchased the 800 from that site.

Best wishes.
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on 19 June 2014
There is thousands of reviews of the Garmin Edge 800 at the time of buying the Edge 810 was available but none of the additional features lured me in, The Edge 800 is simply amazing and absolutely changes the rides and how I look for them.

Now I can simply head out the house hit start let the Garmin does its job plotting my routes and saving should I wish to do it again, All with full turn by turn navigation!
90% of the time I now look online for routes or use the included software (Basecamp) which is fantastic and can plan routes along off road routes, bridleways, footpaths and woods and then send to the GPS and off I go.

I dont ride to achieve faster times, Beat personal bests just ride to enjoy being outdoors and the buzz from Mountain Biking and this had allowed me to explore more, Test new routes, find new areas then decide i want to merge routes and hit them again and again
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