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on 4 October 2011
I don't drive very far these days. However, last winter I had to make two trips to unfamiliar places involving returning in the dark so I thought a sat nav would make life easier for any future trips. I looked around and decided upon the Nuvi 2240 although a device with only UK mapping would have done had I been able to find one that was suitable. I got it about six months ago but apart from checking it out on my weekly trip to Tesco I haven't had the opportunity to use it in anger until recently.
It has got me to Aberystwyth and back, easily navigating the farm tracks that pass for A and B roads in that part of the world. The quirks such as reading out road numbers in long hand and using street names instead of road numbers when giving directions don't bother me in the least. I like the speed warnings function and, with the below mentioned proviso, it's marvelous to be able to drive without having to ask oneself "I wonder if there's a speed limit on this stretch of road?" having failed to notice a sign hidden behind a hedge.
I've only given the Nuvi 2240 four stars because I've noticed that the Garmin mapping can sometimes be a little wayward in spite of downloading an update just a few days ago. Today I noticed that new 40 mph speed limits on some roads in my area, set well over six months ago, are still showing as 60 mph on the Garmin. Also, it got lost on the A4232 outside Cardiff failing to annouce the turn off for Leckwith Road. I knew the way, anyway, and decided to carry on and check out what would happen. I noticed that the display was actually showing a left turn as I passed the junction and the device then found its voice and announced that it was recalculating a number of times, but failed miserably. I took the next turn off, stopped in an Asda car park and re-input the destination which the Nuvi then found easily. I'm still more than happy with it though. I can forgive a few mistakes.
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on 17 September 2012
my old western Europe Garmin (Nuvi 205), bought in Dec 2008, was very out of date mapwise, & also insisted on rebooting - very slowly - every time the car ignition had been switched off. This one does switch itself off 15 secs after the ignition goes off, but is back in action very swiftly when turned on again.

OTOH my old one had a very inoffensive voice. This one's voice is an incredibly irritating, with Australian rising inflexion on top of the Germanic "B one thousand six hundred" rather than "B one six oh oh" - does the actual road number even need to be given, rather than just "take the second exit"? I think not. As a result I keep the voice muted all the time, which is satisfactory as long as I remember to keep an eye on the screen approaching junctions (otherwise chaos may ensue).

I don't find the feature showing an image of approaching motorway road signs at all helpful, but the lane directions in the top LH corner are very useful. (eg if there are 2 lanes leaving to the left, & 3 going straight on, the ones you should be using are shown in white & the others greyed)

Athough bought in July 2012, this version is at least a year out of date as far as local speed cameras are concerned. I am entitled to a free update, as long as I take it before October; but the unit functions beautifully at present, & would require the addition of a memory card to update, so I'm inclined to muddle along paying attention to speed limit signs instead. I have also previously had a Tomtom, with (expensive) updates added to a memory card; when it was switched on following a flight to Italy it had a nervous breakdown & was useless. This one, when switched on after a flight to Spain, worked perfectly, & directed me precisely to a small house in a small street in a small town in a rural area. My old one, when taken to France by ferry, also worked well & presented no problems.

In summary I am very pleased with this satnav, especially at only £80. I wish though that it was possible to put in a town as a general destination without having to come up with a specific address.
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on 26 July 2012
I purchased this satnav just over a month ago and have used it many times. It was bought as a replacement for my six-year-old Garmin Nuvi that froze and never worked again. (I paid nearly £400 for that one. Apparently, all those requests for purchasing new maps being ignored timed out the machine and it stopped working.) This new model picks up the signal really well - less glitches than my old Garmin satnav. The menu and features are easy to use and find my way around. The voice instructions took a little getting used to as 'she' gives the names of the roads. Her funny accent does make it difficult to understand the road names but it never ceases to make me chuckle! I like the fact this model shows your actual speed in the bottom right corner and shows all the speed limits. For the price and what you get in this package, I can only give it top marks. Also, if you like listening to a woman who sounds slightly tipsy with a gobstopper in her mouth barking instructions, this is the satnav for you! I am very pleased and can only give it five stars.
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on 20 July 2012
Because it is my first Sat Nav and had no clue how they worked, I thought I'd start simple and cheap. Have to say, it's a good wee gadget and very clear on directions (depending on what voice you picked!)so therefore I'd say go for it! The only thing I'd say against it is that sometimes I don't know the post code (to enter "Where to") so it would be nice if it put up the map and directions with just the town and address but it seems to want the whole thing.
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on 22 October 2011
This is a great driving aid. The clear map show you where you are and where you're going next. The voice is clear and not irritating and I don't mind the road numbers in hundreds and thousands i.e. 'at the A six thousand and twenty turn right'. It is real value for money for someone who has no sense of direction.
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VINE VOICEon 23 January 2012
I got this for my husband, he swears by Garmin, reckons it beats all the others hands down, and he travels all over the country in his work, so that I reckon is a great recommendation it is reliable and uncomplicated too, which is a great bonus. Also it came very very quickly, was well packed and free post ! who could want more ...well done Amazon !
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on 6 June 2012
Purchase this Garmin Nuvi 2200 3.5" in May, the product itself is good but let down by the automated voice who seem to tell you to turn when its far too late.

The software would'nt download so unable to upload updates for maps.

I have used other Sat Nav's but I must say that the TomTom wins hands down every time however: if Garmin made a few adjustments in the right places, it could be up there with TomTom.
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on 22 August 2012
I wanted a reasonably priced, easy to use GPS and that's exactly what I got!

I'm using it in Denmark and so far so good, the directions have been right on and the screen, though small is adequate.

The only downside is that it sometimes takes me the "long way" but for places where I sort of know my way, I just stop listening to the nice lady for a bit and let her "recalculate." Otherwise though, it's always gotten me to where I need to be without landing me on a pedestrian street or in a lake ;)

All in all, this device gets the job done and at a great price.
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on 11 August 2012
We purchased this for my dad who is 68 and a complete techno-phobe, he can use this with no problem and it has given him a new lease of life as he feels that he can go anywhere and be confident that if he gets lost he can just set it to home and it will get him there. We own a tom tom but was looking for something cheaper but with the same simplicity and features and this was listed as a Which Best Buy which influenced our choice and we have not been disappointed.
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on 31 March 2013
I keep this in my jacket pocket rather than the car and it has proved invaluable when I have been a passenger in another car. That said the rule about never relying entirely on the satnav still holds true - the maps show some junctions that I'm familar with entirely wrong even though they were altered over 5 years ago
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