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on 8 May 2012
After years of trouble with 2-3 epson printers and and finding them heavy on ink which has risen in price over the years i decided to save some desk space by buying this combined printer and scanner.
Very easy to set up and now works well in windows 7 using the windows fax and scan interface of which drivers are available.
Easy to navigate menu on printer to check print levels,etc too.
N.B I had a usb lead which worked from my old printer here so that saved a bit more setup cost(not supplied here)
Seems quite frugle with ink too. Mostly printing black and white A4 letter/receipt but with occasional photo which is does perfectly.
After 4 months yellow and cyan have just starting to show low level. Have ordered a full set of 4 genuine inks for £32 including postage and the next time i might be able to get away with £18 for just the two.
But i think £60 per year possibly less to be very reasonable for running costs. Very good build quality too...
I give it 5/5
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on 25 July 2012
The Brother DCP-J125 A4 colour Multifunction Printer with Media Card Centre is a first class product and prints fairly fast,it as a very small foot print and is very quiet,I would recomment
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on 16 February 2013
Paper feed:
The paper feed is from an underneath tray this means paper is fed back on its-self and limits what grade and type of card you may wish to insert at some time in the future as it obviously has to bend 180degs. I have suffered paperjams in the first twenty sheets am using A4 75gsm. So I wont be doing Christmas cards with it!

It does NOT have wifi its only by hard wire plug to the mains very antiquated nowadays but I chose this to elliminate possible connection problems.The power plug to the item fits to the left rear side, this is very strange and sticks out precariously and annoyingly for my own set up. The USB cable fits inside along a purpose made trench, how very odd!

The ink cartridges fit in a docking cupboard at the front right side looks handy I havent had to replace at the time of writing I just hope there is not some complicated long network of pipes the ink has to travel (and thereby sit for longer periods maybe just drying up?) before it gets to the head? So there seems to be a couple of odd design features that hopefully will contribute to a long happy life maybe?

It is compact the photocopier works ok. The small selection of push buttons to select the differrent tasks are clear and easy to get at and its black! Havent tried the Sd/Memory slot yet do I need?

Buy it again?
No idea what is the answer all I need is something that works is simple and dependable is that too much to ask nowadays? We shall see I am yet to be prooved wrong the paper jamming was not a good start! Would I make the same purchace again? NO!
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on 4 October 2012
I was ideally looking for a printer that could connect directly to my network, but wifi would not have been much use. I get too much interference from my neighbours wifi networks, making my wifi rather unreliable. It's a shame they don't seem to provide a printer with a simple wired network connection.

Then I had the idea of getting a USB printer and running it via my server. The complication was that my server is running Linux (Ubuntu 11.04 Desktop edition). Fortunately the Brother web site has a Linux section, with drivers and instructions.

At first I had a problem trying to download the drivers, but about an hour later the download suddenly worked. So perhaps that was just a temporary problem on one of Brothers servers.

I downloaded and installed the CUPS and LPR drivers, as explained on the Brother web site. This may be difficult for somebody who is not computer literate, but for anyone reasonably computer literate it is fairly easy. It involved typing in a few commands into a terminal window. I used sudo before each command so that I didn't need to log in as root. The printer then worked first time when printing from my server.

Next I configured Samba to share the printer over my network. This involved editing the samba configuration file, and then restarting the samba server. It took me 2-3 attempts to get this part right, but it worked in the end.

Next I set up my Windows 7 and Windows XP laptops to print to this printer over my network. This was quite easy under Windows 7, I just used AddPrinter, browsed for the printer on the network, and then browser for the Windows 7 drivers, which I also downloaded from the Brother Web site. My Windows 7 Laptop then printed a test page on my first attempt. Windows XP was more of a problem, for some reason it couldn't find the printer on the network. After some web searching I find some instructions to find the URL of the printer, and then enter that into Windows XP. That solved the problem.

Finally I set up the scanner. I decided not to try and share the scanner over the network, instead I set it up to scan using my server, using Simple Scan or XSane (there are also other scanning programs that would probably work). Setting up the scanner on Linux was a bit more complicated. It did not seem very clear which drivers needed to be installed. I decided to install the brscan and brscan-key drivers. This apparently made the scanner available but only to the root user. A link to another page on the Brother web site described how to edit a configuration fire to make it available to all uses. It was basically a matter of adding an extra line to a configuration file, and then restarting the computer. I didn't understand the reason for this, but it did work. I can now scan using both Simple Scan and XSane.

That was the setup. As for using the printer, I've only had one brief problem so far. The other day the printer said it can't load any paper. After a few attempts I decided to slightly loosen one of the green sliders holding the paper in place, and then made sure the paper tray was firmly pushed in. This seemed to solve the problem.
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on 17 October 2012
I beg to differ, this machine takes up 1/3 of our dressing table allowing about (4inches) of side space between it and my Laptop. But! aside from that, having only had it a few hours and the fact it has been on the go, for quite along time. I have to agree with all the others who purchased this. That! it's the best printer by far in it's class. I have had 8/10 printers (3 multifunction) over the years, not to mention stand alone scanners but I feel this is the one I should have had years ago. I was looking for a good all-in printer, having checked out the other makes at this level and you good buyers swung this machine in my favour. I thank you all, for your votes in favour off this machine.
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on 5 September 2012
Bought this printer as a desperate final attempt to get a printer with working drivers and functional software (something HP seemed to struggle with). I chose the Brother for one reason and one reason only-I was able to get 20 (count em! 20!) generic replacement cartridges for 12 quid! Wahay!!! The ability to print stuff is almost secondary!-although it does print adequately, if not brilliantly. Use this for printing photos for your loved ones and have your own stuff printed professionally if I were you....
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on 14 September 2012
Don't be put off by the slightly negative review title. This multi-function printer is probably a very good machine, but a word of warning to any potential buyer who has a Linux Operating System, they are not compatible. My fault, I should have researched before buying.
I am not a computer expert so it took me many days and a great deal of online help to get it working in a limited way. It will print and scan through the computer, but it won't scan on its own using the printer controls.
The CDs supplied with the machine will not run in Linux so I have lost all the advanced features on the CDs.
Printing quality is very good so far and I feel sure this printer/scanner would be brilliant on a Microsoft Windows or Mac system.
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on 19 December 2012
Works fine as wireless hooked off my Airport Extreme. Installed drivers/control center from Brother website as no optical on my MBA. install went fine and I am able to use the MFD over WAN OK.
I cannot scan to Mac though from the buttons on the printer as it doesnt find the Mac BUT I can scan to the Mac from the control center software on the Mac itself so not a big deal - put in document, then click can from MBA and it scans and sends the file over just fine. Scan quality is excellent.
Print quality is excellent. Printer is fast and quiet. In fact, the sound it makes is a nice sound as far as printer sounds are - very purposeful. I love the fact that no cables poke out of the back so it can sit flush against a wall,Nice tray for paper. Genuinely a nice bit of kit.

Any issues? well I knew it wasnt airprint so not complaining about that but having installed brothers software on the ipad it doesnt seem to find the printer. Have not spent much time on that, even if it is hanging off the extreme.. I'll work it out or find an alternative app but TBH dont really print from the iPad so have not spent much time on it. Will get round to it over xmas perhaps.

Have you seen the ink cartridge prices??!!!! cheaper than chips if you go for generic. Proper bargain that and feedback is really good. Happy days :)

Oh and next day delivery with Amazon Prime too. I'll give this one a big Bow Wow! 5 Stars.

**** Update several months in..

Having ditched the Mac I'm now using with a Win 7 machine and it is even better. 'just gets found' and the software you can install is brilliant.
The printer has not let me down, the cheap ink is wonderful. Only thing that is slightly annoying is adjusting the guides around different paper sizes, kinda feels like you have to force it but it hasnt broken. Also, they have recently released an app for ipad that lets you print from ipad very easily. It wasnt available when I bought the printer and is well worth d/loading.
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on 13 October 2012
I've bought two of these now and find them to be easy to use, thoroughly reliable and very happy to accept compatible inks which can be bought very cheaply.
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on 17 August 2012
This printer is just great .Its in a world of its own. Buy it you wont look back with it. For me 10out of 10. thanks amazon
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