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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 6 December 2015
This is an album that's Marmite - but I love it. Finally decided to buy it because I had a copy of the Suspicious Minds track and had been playing it to death. It's the stand out track (give it a listen) and the beat just drives it along with a real urgency. Love the way they have interjected bits of audio in places - with this track having him urging the band on (c'mon, c'mon).

I even love Also Sprach Zarathustra - which has Elvis laughing and snippets of him being introduced being faded in and out. Before you get a chance to get your breath Blue Suede Shoes kicks in with pounding drums, hand claps and a great bluesy harmonica.

That's All Right throws me a bit as it sounds so much like Lust For Life (was it intentional?). And Heartbreak Hotel starts with an echo-ey repeat of Elvis repeatedly singing "Well".... very atmospheric.

I even like Love Me Tender - which is a duet that has some lines on the end from In My Way - just sounds like a whole new song.

They don't all work so well as Suspicious Minds but, dare I say it, I prefer these versions to the new "If I Can Dream" album - which I think sucks the life out of some of the tracks and yet is selling like hot cakes.

It just sounds like a lovingly crafted celebration of the man and his music. And if it gets new listeners - then it's all good.
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on 2 July 2015
A few of these I really like and add poignancy and something new and unexpected to classic Elvis - It's Alright, Bossa Nova Baby, King Creole, Burning Love - but the rest just more like they were detracting from the originals, all in all leaving me with a sense of absence rather than presence. I'd recommend checking out the tracks on download and just going for the ones that sound good to you.
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on 12 November 2010
I returned from Vegas two weeks ago. Whilst there I was fortunate enough to see the show Viva Elvis at the Aria.
The show was absolutely stunning. A live band booming out the music, with Elvis's voice dubbed over the top. It just works.
I was looking forward to the release of this soundtrack. Unfortunately there are a good few songs from the show that aren't on this CD. I assume that they're being saved for volume 2.
I can understand those that say that the originals are being cheapened with these mixes, but as I said, in the context of the show they work.
I would say to anyone thinking of buying this, to give it a go. As a standalone CD it sounds great. Just remember that it is a soundtrack to a big Vegas show, not a studio album.
Oh...and if you're heading to Vegas for a holiday, check out the show. Superb!
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on 14 March 2015
Funnily enough, I like this take on Elvis' songs and you couldn't say it's not different. I wouldn't recommend it to an Elvis fan unless I'd let him or her hear the album. Like I say, it appeals to me and I like the innovative way it has been produced.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 29 April 2013
The thing about the mixing of the monster No.1 hit single of a "A little Less Conversation" (2002) mixed by JXL and the slightly less successful follow-up "Rubberneckin" (2003) mixed by Paul Oakenfold was that the re-mixing although clearly based on modern club dance music were actualy relatively subtle and preserved the integrity of Elvis's vocal.
In the case of "A Little Less Conversation", the vocal chosen was actually a re-work of the original that Elvis did for the 1968 comeback special which was done with far more intent than that the recorded for the film "Live A Little, Love A Little". Although the song was not used on the TV special, it did appear on the 1998 "Memories" updated soundtrack of the TV special. I thought when I first heard that this version would be a candidate for a single. Little did I realise then that in 2002 with the aide of an updated backing track it would have the impact it did, breaking the record for most No.1 singles in the UK.(A record that Elvis shared with The Beatles until that point).
So while these examples preserved the integrity of the an original (if alternative) recordings by Elvis, the songs here are mixed to death, and this is why I don't like this album. In fact I've listenend to it once.
It may work well in the atmosphere of a "Cirque du Soliel" show in Vegas, when supported by the visuals of the acrobatics, but as an album experience and as a pure Elvis fan, without the benefit of "the show", blasphemy has been committed.
On the other hand because I can see the music working in it's context and on the club scene, and might be attractive for the youngest, danciest people who may not of yet discovered Elvis, it could have it's place. Hence I've awarded 2 stars.
For me I'll keep mainly to the orginals, with the excpetions noted above where the re-mixing keeps the integrity of the original.
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on 17 November 2010
i bought this new elvis presley release simply because i am an elvis fan, but instead of gaining another release of standard (yet classic) presley releases i found i had bought something unique. For a while now i have wondered what elvis would have sounded like if he recorded today, the answer is on this album, elvis constantly changed with the times and if he was recording today or just simple around this is the direction i believe as a die hard fan that he would gone in, what we are treated to on this album is a selection of elvis greats recorded with a modern 21st century sound to bring the king up tp date with the new artists of today, blue suede shoes is excellent, king creole has a RnB sound quality that would attract any fan of modern urban sound. Love me Tender is finally (in my opinion) given the true recording treatment that the original 1956 version lacked (although this was redeemed when elvis performed it on his '68 comeback special), but a favourite to me was suspicious minds, this song was a favourite of mine anyway and elvis recorded a masterful classic version back in 1969 (topped only by his excellent live performances afterwards) so when i learned this was on the album i was a little bit apprehensive, but to my surprise i was pleasently taken aback by the fantastic reworking this song has recieved while still maintaining the spirit of that classic recording, but as we get to the end of the album, just when we as fans think 'oh no its over', the second cd with the original recordings take us back to the original and classic elvis that we know and remind us as fans why we loved the man and his music in the first place...this overall is a truly excellent album that i hope sells well, not just because of the truly excellent quality but the because if this is to be case more music by the king will surface in this modern reworking and finally allow elvis to reclaim the throne he obtained in the 1950's and show to a young generation of fans and artists the reason he is slated as the greatest cultural icon of the 20th century and hopefully soon establish himslef as the 21st century icon for all a world to adore once again, listen, enjoy, relive special moments, memories and create new ones with this album and pay close attention to the new recordings and play the game i call 'spot the samples' oof hidden vocal elvis tracks hidden between the recordings appearing as though they were there all along,,,,long live the king...elvis is still taking care of business....
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on 6 July 2011
What have you done to the King? Sounds like some crappy pop clone with Elvis' voice totally mismatched and the backing music is allful. Do not buys this it is not Elvis Presley music. I discovered Elvis in 1955 and loved the change in style over his lifetime, the real melodies and the emphasis on his unique voice. All this is lost in this doctored junk. Whether you already know Elvis or you are new to him, if you want to do yourself one favour in your whole life: DON'T BUY THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on 14 February 2013
I only heard this album as it was sent to me by mistake in place of the "Viva Las Vegas" soundtrack and the seller understandably did not want it returned.

On playing it, my suspicions about its horridness were amply confirmed and exceeded. I could only make it so far as Track 4 ("Heartbreak Hotel" with power chords, anyone?) when I pulled the atrocity out of the machine and hurled it across the floor.

As much as Elvis' original recordings were "of their time", they are in no way improved by loud guitars, pathetic "scratching" sounds and the whole paraphenalia of a modern over-produced chunk of cookie-cutter blandness. Bleeuchh!

Who is this travesty aimed at exactly? I can't imagine.
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on 17 November 2010
I don't understand people who say leave the original Elvis recordings alone when Elvis remixed his songs all the time, just listen to Hartbrake Hotel to name just one from the 50s and then from the "68 come back special" to "Thats the way it is" all completely different. so long as we can stil listen to the originals when ever we want lets enjoy the remixs too. This is a great CD and i hope it sells well and if you can't get to Vegas to see the show then check out the clips on you tube.
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on 12 November 2010
Do not care what old style, elder fans who have no vision said about this project. It's pure Elvis with 21st style and technics. I am NOT talking about "Remix",this is a pure original album with the concept of "What would Elvis do, if he had decided to release a rocking album in 2010?" This is a REAL WINNER. I am 29 and I LOVED HIM AGAIN WITH THIS GREAT ALBUM. OWN IT. !!!
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