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Customer reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
Rulers of Nations (PC CD)
Price:£5.79+ Free shipping

on 4 January 2015
Bought for my son who has done many tasks on it and has taken an interest in politics and economics in using it . I am pleased to have purchased it !
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on 27 November 2011
I was put off buying this game for a long time due to the bad reviews.
One of the recurring issues in the reviews were the crashes.
Well, I finally bought it a few days ago and am happy to find that it is very stable.

I like strategy games with a lot of depth (eg Victoria 1 & 2) and this is exactly the type of game that I love.
The war aspect seems simplified which some people might not like, though for me this is an advantage as I prefer developing my country to fighting.

What makes this game different is that it tries to capture the decisions you would be faced with if you were a ruler.
In other words, you're not a 'god' controlling that country, only the president/prime minister etc.
To give you an example, when I was playing as North Korea and I tried to reduce my spending on the army, they quickly deposed me from power so I lost.
So you have to keep your party/supporters happy as well as the populace, whilst trying to achieve your own goals.

Unfortunately, the engine underlying the game is slightly too simple.
Each time I start a new game, I get frustrated by some flaw in the engine within two to three game years.

Eg I started playing as Zimbabwe for a challenge.
- Its unemployment rate started at a whopping 95%.
- I did everything I could to boost the economy for two years.
- After having increased the GDP by 45%, the unemployment rate had only fallen to 94.36%!

That's a pretty specific example but hopefully it illustrates what I meant by limitations in the game engine.

So while this game has lots of actions that you can do, the designers did not reflect these accurately in the mechanics of the game.
This removes the main advantage that the game had going for it, ie it fails to be an accurate geo-political simulator.
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on 11 November 2012
Install went well, it was downloading the update that things came unstuck. My AVG virus detector said there was an infection in the update, eventually found a way to get AVG to accept it.

After that the game ran smoothly, sometimes there's a slowdown which does clear itself after a couple of seconds. For the few weeks I've been playing it, it has been trouble free, no back to desktop or blue screen, considering how much is going on in the background as it updates the country and other countries statistics, is remarkable.

The game itself involves how to manage a debt and deficit in a similar world to ours at the present time. There are various ways, tax, introduce new taxes, cut government spending, all these can be done usually at the cost of being chucked out.

So far I've been impeached (twice), assassinated, died of old age, trick there is to make sure to start as a young leader also to export as much as possible and increase central bank interest rate, so far that's kept me in power, "just".

Assassinating other politicians doesn't go down well or financing revolutionaries in other countries cause all sort of problems/nationwide demonstrations and the army starts exercises around the capital, great fun!

There are interactions with other members of government and oversea governments plus communication with other members of society in the country your running. A secret service to spy on people and countries. How to run an election and try to become a dictator for life, there are wars as well which can be managed or left to the generals to sort out.

Its quite a lot to take in at first but after time it gets easier and its not all about micromanaging, the developers have done themselves proud with this game.

You need an internet connection to start the game which can be unplugged after game has started if you so wish it or leave on to update your stats to the Ruler of Nations website.
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on 15 August 2011
wow what a game, i have played strategy war games for ten years, both real time and turn based. but finally i have found rulers of nations 2, i must say this is the most pleasure i've had from strategy games. the game has been patched quite a bit since release, but i think it still needs further patching ( not 100% sure ) . i just love it, i hope it gets expanded well. no other stategy game i've played is so complex and exciting as rulers of nations 2, no other strategy game i've played is so interesting and realistic as rulers of nations 2. if you want to be a present day ruler, leading your chosen country from 2011 a.d and beyond, then buy this awsome game quickly. GAME REVIEW UPDATE - well after further hours at this game i would like to add, as the british prime minister, i tried to invade and takeover a few african countries for their resources. but country by country i was punished by the other leaders and the organizations like the united nations. first i was kicked out of the world trade organization, then the international criminal court of justice, finally after ignoring major advice not to takeover nigeria, i was sacked as prime minister and the game ended. this left me feeling disapointed, as i wanted to carry on conquering africa. the game is so realistic it is hard to stay in power if your a warmonger. but fortunately there is a way to warmonger, if you send your mi6 agents to spy politically on contries. if they dig up a scandal, and the u.n judges them to be a threat to world peace, it is possible to win a u.n vote to allow you to use military force against them. well i thought you should know the above in case like me you go for conquest quickly and get sacked and disapointed like i did. must say the game is still awsome and there is a lot of things i have not experienced yet, like spying on my own cabinet members, winning or losing an election and much more. the game is a real time strategy game, but you can set the game to be so slow, if you wish, you will think it is a turn based strategy game. anytime the game is running too slow for you, you can go forward one day in a flash by clicking on the calender.
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on 10 October 2010
At firsrt glance there appears to be little difference between rulers of nations and its previous version geo-politcal simulator, after playing the game for a little while you discover that this is because there are no meaningfull differences between the two.

The graphical interface has been changed a bit
economic data for the various nations updated to show that the economic crisis got worse since GPS was released.
character messages now come in audio - the same voices reading the same messages over and over and over...

The game also still suffers from the major problem of GPS

lack of documentation - there are several hundred different actions you can take and maybe three of these are covered in the manual/tutorial

Your character Getting killed - terrorist random event where you die and the game is over, massively increasing funding to protect your character will reduce this but NOT eliminate it.

Randomly being kicked out of office - trying to bring the UK out from the financial crisis i managed in 12 months to cut the deficet by a third, increase growth, reduce unemployment, and maintain a popularity rating of 100% - then got kicked out of office.

GPS was a game with massive potential that was not realised, GPS2 is the same game with some new graphics and would be worth buying as a low cost exapnsion pack not a full game.
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on 21 July 2013
Rulers of nations had so many great ideas because of the in depth political personalisation; that is what tempted me to buy the game. My personal interests lay on two things women and politics, hence my favourite type of games are strategy games such as civilization 4 and 5. I will now list the downsides.

1) The in depth customization of your state maybe extremely wide and that's great and all however the consequences are so huge for so little changes that you eventually lose faith early in the game since your popularity drops radically. This is because your people start protesting against you, even if you are a dictator who crushes any type of resistance, even if you are a democrat who listens to everyone's opinion.

2) The lack of funds and trying to get more money by trading is such an unnecessarily complicated process in the game. Funds are essential for your popularity because if you fund stuff like police, sport, environment, science, transport ect.. then your popularity increases.

3) The military issue, moving your units like most things in the game is so unnecessarily complicated because there are no easy camera controls so you can tell your units to move to 'that country'.

4) Poor character customisation, the character customisation in a game is something I'm very passionate about, making myself feel amazing. I want to be a politician as a real life aspiration but instead I play as someone who looks like David Cameron and the alternative looks like a dork. I also thought about playing as a female character but when you select female in the character customization it shows a scary image of a female with David Cameron's face. I want the character customization to be like the one on the Sims so I can go into great detail in creating my own character as my own face, my family such as the wife would have the face of a girl I like and close political colleagues would have the face of my best friends.

5) The loading times are diabolical full stop!

In conclusion despite the downfalls I say keep going Eversim! Your game has great ideas just sort out the crap! And I'd play the game 24/7. However this game is an embarrassment to the admirable strategy gaming franchise.
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on 18 November 2010
This is a complex and intriguing game to get to grips with. The in depth tutorial was essential to progress my understanding and enjoyment of Rulers of Nations.

I particulary like the scenarios where there are set objectives to achieve within a certain time frame,this really put the pressure on and gave me directional impetus.

It is a facinating and deceptively addictive game once you get into it. As the political head of state you are tasked with running the country, you can choose which one, Mexico, Israel,Russia, Afghanistan etc... each with its own unique set of issues and problems to deal with. As leader you have to make all kinds of decisions which have corresponding consequences for your country and YOU. Making ill advised decisions can send you into a trade war with your neighbours, cause rioting in the streets or get you 'dumped'as leader ( or worse).

lots to discover in the game yet, still playing.
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on 21 May 2012
I have only got this game today,but i can already tell it's brilliant.I started of as Holland.After around 3 months i made a big mistake though.Basically I changed the retirement age and a few people started rioting.I took no notice of this at first,but then I changed the age that you stop school.i had even more riots and,after about 50 days of rioting my adviser said I should resign,so I did.The next country I chose was Germany.I did a lot better this time(I lasted until February 2012)but I made some more mistakes.1.I funded the Chinese Mafia.I gave them 100million euro because some guy recommended it.2.I tried to assassinate a load of people.Both things were found out,and I was sacked.
I definitely recommend this game,it's realistic,fun and thoroughly enjoyable.
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on 15 August 2014
This is quite a fun game, although quite difficult. You can balance the economy and keep people happy for a period of time but then I found I always got bored. If you try to do something a bit more fun, you always end up getting kicked out. For example, as leader of the UK I decided to randomly attack Belgium, the World seemed to be up in arms about it!
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on 31 May 2015
I love this game, it is so in-depth and really works the grey matter. I've spent countless hours on it.
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