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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars

on 10 December 2016
Love it
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on 24 May 2016
Bought this for my gf at the time, not being a fan of D'n'B myself. But credit where it's due, this guy can throw a party! Excellent set
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on 9 October 2015
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on 11 May 2015
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on 19 November 2011
Very nice indeed. CD 1 is awesome, pretty hard as well, CD 2 is also well worth a listen. This is one of my favourite D&B CD's. It's an absolute bargain for the price.
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on 17 January 2016
Not my cup of tea but my boy loved it ... Get me some ear plugs lol
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on 4 February 2011
Really good cd, i've listened to the first cd a lot more than the second but they're both good. CD1 being incredible :D Good songs, well mixed and definitely worth the money for all the tracks you get.
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on 6 October 2010
I was a bit dubious about this album at first as I thought the Nightlife series had been getting progressively worse with 4 being pretty bad. Thankfully I was wrong, dead wrong.

The album spans 2 mixes and nearly 70 tracks. Theirs everyones favorites on here, Chase + Status, Sub Focus etc. Their are familiar but less comercially known names like Break, Ed Rush + Optical, Commix and Sigma. And the some lesser known artists such as Delta Heavy and Hamilton (the drop for the Delta Heavy tune Space Time is immense) I guess what i'm trying to convey here is the total depth and breadth this album has going through almost the full gambit of the DnB genre with lots of tunes that at the time of writing this have yet to be released. As you can imagine the production levels on all the tunes are of a high standard as is the Ram way.

I feel that this is the best mix album Andy C has put together in terms of portraying what one of his live sets is like. It's very fast paced mixing, double dropping and teasing. The duration Andy C leaves tunes in is also balanced very well. No tune out stays its welcome by spinning to long and at the same time you never really feel any song was mixed out too early.

This is a great DnB album wether your a hardcore DnB fan or just someone who likes to listen to the genre occasionally.
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on 12 November 2010
... only the first half of this double CD release really blew me away. I've bought all five Nightlife CDs and reviewed them when they were released, so please allow me a couple of hundred words here! Being on the wrong side of 30 I like to buy my music on old school CDs, as you can't forward tracks on continuous mix downloads. Not that disc 1 needs any forwarding - it's packed to the time limits of the CD format, with a seamless selection of neurofunk, deep rollers and rhythmic wizardry. Spor's 'Kingdom' kicks things off - about time this man got his props since he has taken Fresh's crown for heavy-hitting but intricate tunes that can smash up clubs and living rooms alike. Special mentions have to go to: Chase & Status with the wicked african drums break down in the middle of 'No Problem', Hive's 'Blackout' with its overdriven guitar, Mind Vortex's super-funky party starter 'Now It's Time', brilliantly worked into Sigma's (pretty cheesy) 'Stronger' then Noisia's inspired 'Deception' remix on a third deck. After hearing Andy live and recorded countless times I still have those 'how did he do THAT?' moments.

Of course the RAM artists are heavily represented, but I'm glad to say that Andy's label is pushing its boundaries with a Subfocus remix of Rusko's 'Hold On' which opens with a haunting female vocal before some nifty bridges from dubstep to dnb and back again. RAM's other golden boy Culture shock has also come up with some really avant garde stuff. The detuned oscillator works well in the main hook of 'Ohrwurm' before it breaks into swingstep - a smart change of pace perfectly judged by Andy C. After a career best called 'I Have You' from Commix, the CD rounds off with Culture Shock's beautiful 'I Remember' with its its slightly fuzzy warm bass and this unique bridge section that pares down to what sounds like a pair of castanets before the other elements are gradually brought back in so you can really appreciate how well this tune has been crafted.

So CD1 sets the bar very high and it's a dissapointment to discover that CD2 is if anything a step in the wrong direction. Too many of the tracks are what I call empty drum and bass, devoid of complexity or artistic originality. DJ Die is a particular culprit, who hasn't moved his sound forward in ten years. I love the glances back to the past here like Loadstar's 'Link to the Past' on CD1 and Marky's remix of Bukem's 'Atlantis' on CD2, but Die's 'Ghetto Bizness' is just tired. And what's going on with DJ Fresh? Maybe I need to get back in the clubs to appreciate 'Cylon', but here it just sounds distorted and pushed up to 11 on the amp without the subtlety of his tracks like 'Hornet' and 'Signal' from the early noughties. And if we're talking about flogging dead horses, Subfocus's 'Rock It' remix is just a waste of everybody's time as all he's done is mangle the main hook so it's now out of tune. SPY hasn't done a whole lot with Total Science's 'Squash' either, and it begs the question - how many remixes does a classic track need? It's already had at least two. There are some moments - mainly from that extremely talented man Culture Shock again - but they're too far apart to make CD2 an enjoyable experience. If you're gonna make a double CD release, no filler all killer next time please Andy!
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on 30 November 2010
I have all five volumes. The first listening of vol 5 didn't sound as good as earlier volumes. The second CD is much better than the first though. The second listening was better. It's not grabbed me the same way the earlier volumes did.
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