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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 25 April 2011
The Kindle 3 Faux Leather Wallet/Cover is a hardwearing protective cover for your Kindle. The cover is made from fake leather, which has been stitched together to a (somewhat surprisingly) high standard. The weight of the cover does add quite substantially to the overall weight of the Kindle for when you're out and about, but due to the excellent level of added protection provided, I firmly believe that it is well worth it.

The case is held together via a magnetic clasp that easily locks together offering a strong and reliable hold. Inside the case, the Kindle 3 is held snugly in place by two leather corner grips (at the bottom) and the two elasticated grips (at the top). Admittedly, before ordering this case, I was a little dubious about how securely these corner grips would actually hold the Kindle - especially considering I will be constantly carrying it around with me in a bag during my daily commute. However, I can happily say that these corner grips do hold the Kindle very securely and not once has the Kindle come even close to falling out.

The additional inner pockets of the cover/wallet allow the user to carry around any handy cards etc that they might need. Obviously you wouldn't be using this as your day-to-day wallet, storing all of your credit cards. However, I have found it handy for carrying around small train timetables, loose paper for notes (I do a lot of reviewing) and a few additional business/retail cards etc. For this it is absolutely ideal.

When reading from the Kindle, the case cover can either be folded right back around on itself allowing you to easily read it single-handed, or if you prefer, you can always hold it open like a book. The Kindle is set back approximately 5mm from all of the edges of the case, so that if you were to drop it (gasp!!!), the Kinde itself would not make contact with any hard surfaces (obviously as long as the case was closed when you dropped it).

I've used the cover for my Kindle now for almost five months and can happily say that it has lasted me very well thus far. The faux leather and stitching has proven to be of a high and durable quality, with no loose threads coming loose or anything of that nature. The added bulk and weight to the Kindle hasn't proven to be any extra hassle for me (although I have never carried the Kindle around in a pocket, just in a bag). With the Kindle inside the case the added depth of the whole thing is just over 2cm, so this is a lot thicker than the Kindle just on its own.

To be honest, I haven't really used the additional `screen protectors' that came with the case. The reason for this is because I honestly see no real need for them, because I always have the Kindle kept securely in the case. Nothing ever touches the screen. If I were to sneeze, I'd put a hand over my nose and mouth, not my Kindle (a good tip for my fellow commuters - hint hint!!!).

All in all I've been extremely happy with this case. So much so that I've already recommended it to a few friends who have since purchased their own and also been very happy with them. Very highly recommended.
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on 28 September 2014
I am very pleased with the quality of this cover. It does what it's meant to do and I like it.
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on 26 February 2011
I am deligted with my Kindle and dont think I need the 3G feature at all, with the WiFi option I have been able to download everything I need.
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on 12 October 2010
I own the pink version of this case which I received from a different source, but I am so pleased with it I had to review it here when I saw it was available on Amazon as well.

I bought it not expecting much for the price and was very pleasantly surprised. I've had it over a month with a lot of use and have not had the trouble another reviewer had with the corners. The craftsmanship is excellent, the stitching impressed me. It does have a very luxurious feel and I like the fact I can fold the front behind and still read one handed. The extra 'bulk' the cover adds actually makes it more comfortable for me to hold one handed while reading in bed.

I like the idea of the credit card slots however I'm dubious about using them as I'm afraid the cards would scratch the screen. I suspect this is why a screen protector was included, however I wasn't impressed with the 'gloss' on it when I put it on, and then it took me about 15 minutes to get it off (it adheres so well that there are no edges to pick up). I couldn't get rid of all the bubbles and the glare was too much. I may look for a different brand of screen protector, or I just won't use the credit card slots.

Aside from that potential issue - I bought it as a Kindle protector, not a credit card holder, and I am over the moon with it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone not wanting to splash out on the official kindle covers.
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on 5 October 2010
Very good value cover and it fits the Kindle 3 snugly. The stitching and binding look tough enough; the clasp is secure. The free screen protector is an added bonus. I have in the past purchased so-called "quality" or "executive" cases and covers; more than once I've had the feeling I should have gone for the cheaper option - this time I'm glad I did and can heartily recommend it.
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on 5 October 2010
Ordered yesterday, arrived today. Fantastic service. Even better product is a high quality leather wallet that fits my Kindle brilliantly. In someways it enhances the reading experience because I can hold it more like I would a book or tuck the front behind the kindle and secure it with the magnetic catch.Fonem8 - Latest Kindle 3 Advanced Pro Book Case Luxury Executive Wallet - Black - Includes Free Screen Protector
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on 21 September 2010
I received this cover in the post today and I was very happy with the quality and fit. It makes reading my Kindle a joy, safe in the knowledge that it is not going to end up scratched and chipped. The price is about what I wanted to pay for a cover and it suits me.
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on 2 October 2010
I have frequented Amazon for many years now and my first review happens to be for a case, not even a review for the product it is meant to protect! I believe enough good will has already surrounded the Kindle that adding my voice to the pot will be unnecessary; however, a good thing or three more needs to be said about this case so that potential buyers will be able to consider purchasing it with strong confidence.

Firstly, delivery of this case has been lightning quick; I only ordered it yesterday morning and it is already in my hands. Secondly, the quality of the case more than exceeds that my expectations. The materials used can be accurately described as 'luxurious' as the product title would suggest, the stitching on the product appears to be tight and vigorous and on close inspection, I can locate no visible blemishes. Finally and most importantly, my Kindle fits snugly into the case and I feel confident that it is physically secure as a result.

The case came with a screen protector which I promptly discarded as I feared the glare that it might potentially add to the screen whilst reading in direct sunlight. The addition of the optional screen protector obviously does not detract from the product itself, but I would recommend to the suppliers that they should be confident enough of the quality of the case in itself that they should not feel the need to include a screen protector as additional incentive to entice potential buyers.

tl;dr Read my product title!
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on 25 September 2011
Despite it's price the case is very good, the case its self is made of the fake plastic-like leather, but that does not detract from the overall quality. It has a sturdy build to it and the clasp that keeps the case closed is sturdy and incorporates a strong magnetic button, the clasp its self is reinforced with some from of plastic in the inside. The inside which holds the Kindle is lined with felt, as well as the spine of the case, which prevents scratches. The tabs that hold the Kindle are made of the same material as the outer shell, the bottom two are solid pieces of fabric and the upper two are elasticated pieces of the same material, once secure and with the aid of the felt backing the Kindle is very secure and snug, I've had it for a few days travelling around with it and it hasn't budged at all.

The other side of the interior has slots for cards and etc, they don't have much accommodation though, I have put the Kindle quick start guide in the largest slot, and cleaning cloths in the other. I wouldn't use it as a wallet for storing your credit cards or Oysters. It's mainly for notes and alike. The card slots don't interfere with the Kindle screen while closed.

The included screen protector wasn't that great, It was thick and intensified the glare of the screen, so I took it off after a few hours as it bugged me. But to be honest you don't really need it when your using this case. If you feel that you need some form of screen protection I'd suggest getting ones from Ebay or here on Amazon.

Although it is a budget case it is very appealing and you wouldn't know it was that cheap if you picked it up and examined it. Obviously not a Oberon or a Amazon case but it does it's job and protects the Kindle rather well.
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on 24 March 2011
Protects the kindle but have a couple of issues. First the two straps at the bottom that hold the kindle in place are very close to and can overlap two buttons - one being the "BACK" button. I stretched them to give more room.

Second is the little pockets for keeping things inside. Very tight and do not hold much of anything. Complete waste of space.

Apart from that it is okay and is cheaper than a lot of other wallets, since all you want is to protect the kindle.
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