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Customer reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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Price:£72.00+ Free shipping

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on 17 October 2010
I don't consider myself to be a 'fanboy', albeit I have previously owned a Blackberry Pearl and an 8900. My last phone was a HTC Desire, which was very pretty, good at everything multimedia, web browsing was superb with Flash support, etc.

My problem with the Desire was that it simply didn't "Work" like Blackberrys, what I mean is that when I turn on my Blackberry it will synchronise with my POP email account, Facebook, and SMS, and then will immediately notify me whenever I get a new message, until I turn the phone off again. The Desire doesn't do this, it instead will go and check for updates at a defined interval, which in my opinion isn't very efficient. The benefit is that Blackberrys use push notifications, meaning that your phone gets told when there is an update.

The Torch is RIMs attempt at competing with the iPhone and influx of Android phones. At the end of the day the technical specification of the Torch is not comparable to the iPhone or average Android, the screen is a lower resolution, the camera isn't as good, the processor is slower, and there isn't as much memory; but, none of that really matters, because the hardware differences are essentially superficial, what matters is that the phone does what you want it to do, the fact is that it is good at being a communications device...

When you turn your phone on for the first time the set up wizard asks you a couple of questions and within a minute or two emails start to arrive in your mailbox. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube are all there ready for you to use. A quick search in App World gets you eBay, and a quick web search will get you Google Mobile (Maps, Sync, GMail, and more). I use Google to store my contacts, Google Sync is great for storing and retrieving my list of names and numbers. Soon RIM are going to release 'Blackberry Protect' which will fulfil this same function, you will be able to back up your device remotely and find where it is via the Blackberry Protect website (I have beta tested this app on the 8900, and it is amazing).

The touch screen is responsive, and looks very nice indeed (that fact that it has less pixels than other popular phones doesn't really matter - my eyesight simply isn't good enough to make out the individual pixels), the on-screen keyboard works well, the hardware keyboard is perfect. The touch pad takes some getting used to, I ended up making mine less sensitive in the settings.

Wifi N works well, making FREE calls across the UMA network is always a nice feature to have, if you end up anywhere without signal but do have Wifi access you can still call and text without any problem.

OS6 is nice, it doesn't try be pretentious and pretty like Android does, a simple clearly laid out home screen which is uncluttered, swipe left or right to scroll through the new category views, context sensitive menus based on whatever you click, and a wonderful help option for everything. There are a few bugs that I expect RIM to be fixing very soon; The YouTube up-loader always fails, for instance.

The media player is as good as any iPod interface, and sound through headphones is good. I'm not entirely sure about video, I'm using the same micro sd as I had in my HTC, and videos shot on the HTC won't play even though they have the same file extension as those filmed on the Blackberry (The HTC does play Blackberry videos though?!?). Wireless music sync takes a bit of setting up - install the latest desktop software and the appropriate app on the phone, whilst you computer is on your phone will list you media, select teh albums you want on your phone and they'll download for you to listen to later on.

Pictures are organised well, can be sorted into folders, the camera is 5 mega pixels and isn't great in low light - daylight shots are great. The inbuilt file manager allows for all sorts of things to be done.

The device lacks any good games, a simple brick breaker game, and Wordmole (word search style game). I would have though a card game could have been included.

Blackberry Messenger is brilliant, you can message any Blackberry owner for free, share pictures, videos, sounds, calender, task lists, all with ease. Blackberry messenger can also be used to send text messages to non Blackberry contacts. The email client works well, in fact most of the email functionality is in line with any PC email client, although it does lack Junk mail filtering (Which is a shame).

The web browser isn't perfect, it lacks Flash support and is a bit sluggish, I suspect that RIM will be working on these issues.

My favourite bit about the Blackberry is the settings, there simply are so many things you can tweak, for instance you can change the default currency icon, lock screen message, theme, wallpaper and ringtone, all with a few clicks around the well organised and endless list of options.

The keyboard seems to work perfectly, when typing with my thumbs each key seems independent, and provides good positive feedback when typing.
The slider seems sound, no rattles when giving it a good shake. Phone itself is heavier than you expect it to be, feels very sturdy. The rubberised back makes holding it comfortable. Two gripes. The battery cover is a bit awkward to get off. The conveinience key has to be pressed firmly to get a response.

One more thing to add. Unlike other Blackberry models, this one doesn't come with a case, if you order this phone also get the case BlackBerry Torch Leather Pocket Case (Black)

To summarise:
If you are a Blackberry this device will do everything that you'd expect a Blackberry to do and will do it very well indeed.
If you have not owned a Blackberry, but want to own a phone that works well, securely, and makes sense when you use it, you will be happy with this phone.
If you want a phone which is great at playing video, and browsing the web, and don't care about well thought out messaging and email, then I think really you should buy something else, because this phone is not for you.

I love this phone, it does everything I want it to, my HTC simply didn't.
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on 27 November 2010
After a month of struggling with a new Bold, which I got free on an upgrade, Blackberry came out with this and my neighbour got one to preview for a corporate purchase. I liked it and I splashed out and bought one.

And I love it. The bigger screen deals with the killer weakness of the Bold - its very poor capacity to display webpages, never a priority for me in the past but horribly exposed when I was stuck in Bristol and needed public transport info fast. The Bold keyboard is of course there if you want it (and I do find it much easier than using the screen keyboard, with my fat fingers). The screen has evolved hugely from the clunkiness of the Storm, and does what you'd expect, with easy finger-spreading zoom in and out. The phone is great too, and as I don't use the camera I don't have a view on it. The phone is chunky but not ridiculously so. Ideal for me as a business and personal phone with web and email capabilities.

Easily the best phone I've ever had, though my son tells me he still prefers his iPhone; the keyboard option would still swing towards this one for me.
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on 21 November 2010
Everything you expect from a Blackberry, and a touch screen too.

The screen rotates based on its orientation and there is an on-screen keyboard when text input is required. If you have a significant amount of text you will probably want to use the slide out keyboard. I'm surprised this slides out of the short side, rather than the long side to give larger keys, but as long as your fingers are reasonable nimble it works just fine. I'm surprised how little I use the keyboard.

For browsing the web, there is wifi connectivity as well as your mobile broadband connection, and it is easy to change between a full page view and a 100% view by double tapping the screen where you want to zoom in. Rotating the screen into landscape mode will also increase resolution. The overall screen resolution is 480 x 360 pixels, this is rather less than the I-Phone 4 at 960 x 640. The zooming features of the new browser mean you can work around this, but more pixels would definitely be an improvement.

As you would expect Google Maps works well with the GPS, and the usual office applications are available and you really can show a powerpoint presentation to someone on the screen. However, I had to buy a PDF viewer, which I think of as a necessity.

Overall, this is a very usable smartphone. I'm using it more for more things than my old Blackberry Pearl, and I venture out more without my PC than I used to.
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on 24 November 2010
First off the product came a day eary so obviously I was very pleased with this, the item was so easy to set up and it was really clear and simple. I couldnt fault it, i've fallen in love with it. I've never had a blackberry before and after hearing complaints about other blackberrys I was worried about buying one. Choosing between this and an iphone 4 was difficult but considering it is alot cheaper and looks much better in my opinion, I went with this. Now having had it for a few months I am so pleased I made the choice I made, my boyfriend has an iphone 4 and the amount my phone does, especially blackberry messenger makes the comparison easy. My blackberry is such a good looking phone, cant fault the battery life, and internet if sufficient signal is available is wonderful. 5 stars for a 5 star phone!
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on 15 January 2011
Being a text-happy gadget loving student, after a few weeks of research deciding between the iphone 4, htc desire z, htc desire hd and the blackberry torch, I'm confident I made the right decision.


The odds of finding a phone with a responsive touch screen and a half decent battery life that didn't require charging every day, were slim up to this point. This is why the torch intrigued me, coming from a sony x10 in which I was lucky to last 8 hours before grabbing the incredibly un-portable, portable charger. Battery life presents itself as a massive selling point to me, with the torch the touchscreen is crazily responsive and I don't have to panic if I miss a charge for one or two days. Granted you have to learn how to close you're applications properly or they continue to run in the background, and also drain your battery in the background. As long as you press the option key and select close, rather than press the big red button (DON'T DO IT!) you're battery will remain safe and will last a good 40 hours with heavy use.


Now the one thing blackberrys aren't famous for is their screen resolution, being that the torch kept the same resolution as it's other latest blackberrys (480x360) yet made it's screen bigger was not the best of ideas from RIM, needless to say it's not a horrible resolution, 8 out of 10 times you'll get the response you want when you use the touch screen however a lower resolution will of course effect the touch screen, not a massive problem at all, however I would be lying if i said it was never an inconvenience. As for the responsiveness of the touch screen it is no different than an htc or an iphone and thank god it doesn't click in like the storm. From time to time the responsiveness is a little late, but that's the processors fault, so moving swiftly on.


The torch may only have a 624mhz processor compared to most new and advanced smartphones which are packing 1ghz processors, rim have used memory management as a key to their success, the torch running os 6 helps the torch use its processor to maximum efficiency. You will find with correct use that the torch functions just as quickly as as an iphone or htc desire, providing you close applications properly like I previously mention. You can check to see if you've left programs open by holding the options key at the home screen, and you just select and properly close the applications you don't want running and hey presto, smoother running processor.


Blackberry app world was introduced along with OS6, there's thousands of apps to choose from and plenty of free apps. App world is still a work in progress, it hasn't been around for as long as the ios app store or android market place, so there are obviously fewer apps at this moment in time. However there are still tons of apps that focus on primary needs, especially the pre installed trial version of word to go which is essentially all components of microsoft office that allow you to download an open powerpoints, word documents, spreadsheets and pdfs and so on. The full app costs about £10 and is well worth it.


The torch is one of the first blackberrys to be blessed with a decent 5MP camera, compared to the old 3.2MP camera on other blackberrys this is a huge improvement. Sure it's not HD like the new htc desire z and hd or the iphone 4, but it doesn't have to be, it's sharp and captures clear memories with an led flash.


Now a great attraction about the torch is a responsive smartphone with a keyboard, the keyboard isn't exactly like the old bold and curves but is still pretty similar, it takes some time to get used to but only a couple of weeks and once you are used to it you'll never look back. One thing I can't stress enough is that there is no wrong way to use the torch, if the slider is down you can get an on screen qwerty, in portrait or landscape screen mode. This is really helpful for when you only have one hand free (for whatever reason) because when the slider is up it gets pretty tall and requires the attention of both hands.


Blackberrys, what a reputation they have as business phones, i've already configured all three of my emails on my torch, and can customize the alerts for each one, view single or combined address inboxes and download and view pretty much any kind of attatchment. The e-mail sending is fast and able to do in the background thanks to os 6's multi tasking. Writing them is quick thanks to the qwerty keyboard and you can also attatch your own files.


The torch connects with your computer thanks to blackberry desktop software and if you want you can sync all of your files with it, music, pictures, documents and so on. However that is come to be expected with all desktop software, but the one thing that seriously caught my eye in blackberrys software was the option to tether. For those of you who aren't sure what tethering is it is essentially using the mobile internet included in your contract or pay as you go sim but on your computer (isn't technology wonderful?) Once you have your blackberry connected to your lap top or desktop you can choose to access the internet through your phone at no extra cost than it would using it on your blackberry, just make sure you don't go over your contract.


The torch come with a 4gb micro sd card, and because of that has expandable storage up to 32gb, but i've found 4gb to be plenty of memory even with music and apps.


What review would be complete without mentioning the fastest growing media in the world?

The torch's web browsing comes with flash, what a dream come true, the speed is simply brilliant for a smart phone and it displays web pages just like your computer would. It is a huge improvement over other blackberrys.


OS 6'S navigation is just as easy with the optical trackpad as it is with the touchscreen, use of how you navigate really depends on how you're holding your phone, when I have the slider up I tend to use the optical trackpad to navigate as the screen requires a pretty long reach if your holding it at the bottom to use the keyboard, when the slider is down I make good use of the touchscreen but it's easy either way and you'll end up just using whatever works for you.


For the price amazon is giving you'll be getting a fair deal on a brilliant smartphone, it however would be wrong of me not to mention blackberry services, which includes of the web browser, app world and bbm would cost an extra £5 a month, now you can add this to your existing contract without cancelling it like I did, or you sign up for it on pay as you go. However this is a small price to pay to make use of your flash new smartphone.

This is my first review and I hope it has been helpful.
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on 12 November 2010
HI, this is a good phone for two reason:
1. messaging &
2. Emailing but not the best in the world.
I have the Iphone 3GS which works perfect with the operating system 4.0+ and also the HTC Desire. If you want a phone for fun and enjoying all the applications and working on a good 3G network then go for the iphone 4 or 3GS

But if you need one for work and texting people a lot then this BB will do the job as it also saves on cost of international messaging if the other person has BB Messanger.

It terms of the Tourch it is not very exciting. It is a little heavy and the keyboard is cramped. The finish is very nice and the operating system is good. They have managed to step up but not all the way to the level of the Iphone and Andriod.

As a business phone it is good and will also work well if you are travelling to slower or less coverage areas as your email still comes in quick as compared to iphone. With the iphone it receives email but takes all the time in the world to open at times if the network is not very good. This is a plus in the BB.

Verg good shortcuts and good use of the favourite folder on the main screen. I was to purchase between the HTC Desire HD and Tourch and went for this as business phone or second phone cause the HD is taking far too long to come on the open market. I think HTC needs to get the message they are loosing business with the delay. It is almost three month to launch and the phones are not available on amazon or any website. Only through contracts. Shame on HTC.

So I hope i have been useful on my view on the New BB. Good media and pictures but the applications need a Lift-up they are too boring in the BB. Thks
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on 9 February 2011
The Torch 9800 has replaced my iPhone 3G which had become next to unusable due to Apple's software upgrades. I had been looking into BlackBerries for a while and read loads of reviews on blogs and tech websites. Most of them criticised the fact that it wasn't much of a gadget and that the processor speed was "only" 624MHz where most current smart phones run at 1GHz speeds.

In my opinion these reviews are missing the point of this telephone. The Torch is not a HD video recorder/editor nor does it's OS offer a lot of eye candy. Video recording is basic and the camera is ok. It's adequate for a phone like this and not it's raison d'etre.

The Torch is great at the following:

Speed, efficiency and fluidity of the operating system are the best I have used on any phone. The phone is lightning fast, multi-tasking works great with no delay when switching between applications. The system wide search works brilliantly and it's results are instantaneous (when T9 is turned off). They even include the manual so if you don't know how to do something just start typing from the home screen and you will get the results.

Call quality and reception is miles ahead of my iPhone. I have never dropped a call in my house where the iPhone would constantly lose calls or fail to connect.

Messaging is miles ahead of my iPhone. You have to experience for yourself how well Email, texting, instant messaging etc are implemented on this phone. It's a joy to use. Blackberry messenger is fabulous too and a great way to stay in touch with your friends without paying extra for international texts etc.

Application support is good. Clearly nowhere near as extensive as on the iPhone but the app store features everything you would find useful.

On the downside scrolling through pictures on the Torch can be a bit stuttery. I also wish it integrated better with MobilMe. Synch on the Mac works ok but could be better. iCal and Address book work well as does iTunes but you need the latest version of iPhoto to synch pictures. Synching videos did not seem to work automatically. What's good though is that the phone just appears in the Finder when plugged in - nothing is hidden which makes the process of backing up or copying data a lot easier than having to go through iTunes. Furthermore memory is expandable so if you find yourself running out of it you can turn this phone from 16GB to 32GB in the time it takes to swap out a micro SD card.

One big advantage of a slower processor is that battery life is brilliant. I have managed to get through 3 days without charge on moderate use. So far I have not needed to use my AIO EXTENDED 1500 mAh BATTERY FOR BLACKBERRY TORCH 9800 which I had purchased just in case. I would recommend the BlackBerry Torch Leather Pocket Case (Black) and BlackBerry Torch 9800 Desktop Charging Pod as well.

To sum it up the Torch strikes a different balance to the other smart phones in the market because it prioritises speed, efficiency and battery life over gadget functionality. It excels as a communication device which will help you get the job done.
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on 26 February 2017
It is a beautiful phone, with no memory or ability to run even the simplest aps. if you want Google maps forget it as it wouldn't even run that. If you want to text email and phone then its superb but thats all.

For me it gets a 1 out of 10 for functionality
and 10 out of 10 for style

Blackberry you should be ashamed of this device.
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on 2 September 2012
I loved this phone until 10 months of use and the scroll buttons stopped working, On contacting SMART DEALS on amazon who i got the phone from, i was told they would repair it taking 4-6 weeks (refused to give a new one or send me a replacement while waiting). the phone was gone for 4 weeks once i got it back it stopped working again after 2 weeks!!!.Told tough luck now as out of warrenty!!! so i have been left with no phone !!!!! DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE OR DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY.......SMART DEALS ARE NOT A GOOD COMPANY IF ANYTHING GOES WRONG!!! THEY TAKE YOUR MONEY AND LEAVE YOU UNHAPPY WITH A SHODDY PRODUCT!!!
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on 12 June 2012
Do not buy from this seller!!!!!! After 3 months and 2 breakdowns with this phone (one of which I had to pay for) the phone completely broke, I emailed the seller telling them I appreciate a used phone will not be perfect but I don't appreciate it breaking after only 3 months, they then sent a rude email back refusing to give a refund - the phone was not cheap at £150.

I am now having to file a claim against them.

Stay well away from this seller!!!!!
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