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on 25 January 2013
Update... 03/2014 still working perfectly, the sub woofer should be isolated from any surface with speaker spikes if possible and mount the satellites on good old blu-tack. NO REGRETS.

Being a bit of a Hi-Fi nut for most of my life (i'm 38)....
I'm using these on my P.C. with "soundblaster X-fi extreme" 40 quids worth of sound card.
They are straight of the box today and I'm a firm believer in breaking in any set of speakers for at least a week of daily use before getting the best results.
My initial experience so far has been very satisfying, and after reading the bad reviews due to various reasons I was a bit nervous when I pressed the not very firm feeling power button. On first use there a little pop and crackle but after gently working the volume dial.. there is nothing but silent operation and the dials feel firm and slick. There is no hissing or sound of any interference while operating the controls. There is also no sound imbalance at any volume. (with the exception of the very lowest point as the dial hits bottom.

The sound is nice, clean and effortless with great clarity and detail even at the very lowest volumes. They capture the vocals of Katie Meluah and rip through Dr. Dre's 2001 album. I play all sorts of music, games and movies. I won't use them above 1/4 volume until I feel that they have been exercised sufficiently and that the neighbour above has gone out ! :) and as my own general rule is to play them a good 5-10 minutes before cranking them up,

Addition edit: 5 weeks on, daily use....

Be aware of placing the speakers on a surface that is prone to vibration as you will lose a lot of their sound potential. This is the only real downside to these speakers.... the satellites do not prevent vibration within the cabinets and can be noisy. I have tested them with various albums but the one that shows this the most is "Tubular bells II" but perfection is not expected at this price point.

After putting the sub on spikes ....the base detail is so much better now compared to the poor rubber pads that Logitech decided to use.
I cannot overstate how good the subwoofer is at providing low down grunt (providing it's placed correctly according to the environment) although it's difficult to achieve the best timing... a phase control would be be good but hey!..... keep in mind what they cost.... peanuts!

Looking for a 2.1 set that will blow your socks off ?.. look no further.

I had an accident with one of the satellites and bought a replacement set from Logitech, i'd like to say thanks to Logitech for their awesome service. (The set I bought here from Amazon are NOT THE UK version.) the connectors are different. Logitech fixed it in a way that made my jaw drop.

There may be better multimedia speakers out there but as far as I'm concerned for £123 ... these are the best, hands down!
If you want better and have £200 budget and space to fit the subwoofer...... then go for the Corsair SP2500... it's that or the Z623's
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on 4 June 2016
This was a perfect solution to my sound system requirements. I wanted to boost my MAC sound so I could listen to iTunes library downloads and cd rips, and also provide amp and speaker capabilities for a record player so that I could resurrect my old vinyl record collection, and I only have limited space and didn't want a full hifi system because I had nowhere to stand it. I acquired an old (but good quality high end) Technics turntable, a small inexpensive pre amp, an inexpensive digital / audio converter, then I use Apple's GarageBand software as a graphic equaliser, then out putted from my MAC into my new Logitech speakers! So I now have a really good set up that didn't cost a fortune! The speakers look good, and sound great. The bass is deep, crisp and clear, the clarity is amazing when it's set up correctly..... you must have the subwoofer on the floor I think, and try to have the 2 speakers as far away left and right as the wires allow you to, and the separation and sound quality is very good! For the price, I think it's good value for money, and I have heard much more expensive sound systems that do not sound as good as this. I usually listen with the bass setting at half (in its notch) and adjust any remaining bass using my graphics equaliser software. I find it personally uncomfortable to listen to much higher bass as my hearing is not great in my left ear! And it causes me problems to listen to when set much higher!
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on 27 December 2017
Well packaged, with everything inside being protected against knocks and bumps.

A word of warning... These are heavy! I've had lots of Logitech speakers in the past, but nothing I've had comes close to the weight of these. The subwoofer is huge and the speakers are a good size too.

The performance is fantastic. I got the speakers on offer at £124.99 and I can't see how I could do any better at this price point. The bass is deep and there's no distortion at all as you crank up the volume.

I read online that the mid-range could be a little high, and I agree, but it's nothing that can't be solved through an adjustment to the equaliser in Windows and/or whatever software you'll be using with them.
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on 13 February 2017
Logitech Z623 perfect for quality deep bass.
Even Samsung 350 watts sound bars not giving powerful bass.
Comes with THX certified so you perfectly feels theatre sound.
Person interested in powerful deep bass this is right product for them. Bought from Amazon.
Deep bass feel like vibrating stuff...
strictly recommended for deep bass lovers.
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on 21 September 2017
Great pair of speakers. Got them used with a significant discount and I have to say I'm loving the amazon marketplace. I must have saved about £40 quid on them and they are basically new. It's crazy. Would highly recommend even at full price because they are worth it. The sound is nice and crisp, the bass is loud and powerful and they can get very loud too. If you are on a budget and need nice speakers for personal use then these are it!
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on 12 February 2018
I had high hopes for these but that unfortunately wasn't accomplished.

Although these Logitech Z623 are visually appealing, they are nothing like in performance compared to the trusty older Z2300.

This subwoofer size of 7 inches makes a dramatic difference vs the bigger subwoofers like the z906 or again like in the Z2300.

The Z623 bass is over-punchy and just rattles surroundings instead of being deep, strong and force pounding like its predecessor; the Z2300.

I don't like these speakers since they are not worthy successors in name nor specifications and when turned half way up to 50% on volume, the subwoofer discharges a nasty chemical smell (cheap internal hardware) each second the bass pounding air hits out.

To some people however these Z623 will be provide more than enough power for them to be satisfied.

For me however, the Z906 is the only true acceptable successor to the Z2300, not the Z623.

I want to return them as the ones I bought are in new quality with original packaging.
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on 19 May 2018
Sturdy construction and more bass than you'll ever need. Feels like a quality product but the sound is slightly lacklustre. If there was a bit more mid to high range oomph these would sound great but I'm forever turning them up to get that immersive experience. They're fine for my tiny desk I have my PC on but if I had a dedicated gaming room I'd want something better. Worth the money? Maybe not.
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on 13 December 2016
Good engineering. High build quality and convenient wiring. Most importantly sound - all ranges sounds clean and crispy. Booster packs way more power than most would ever need for home use. I like how it sounds very good with low and high volume. Some sounds systems change the sound colour depending on volume. Luckily not this one.
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on 17 December 2015
Good for the reduced black friday price. I would not pay over £80 for these though.
I had some £130 5.1 logitech before (but i broke the sub woofer) and they were better quality sound (more detail) and better features, but you pay more for that.

Otherwise pretty good, bass is loud and boomy, no treble control is a touch annoying, pretty warm sound signature.
Enough to fill a big room with just above basic quality sound. If I was to buy again i'd probably look for a 5.1 setup again <= £150 just to get better sound quality, more sound control and better inputs (bluetooth/optical) etc. But if your on a strict budget, you'll be happy with these.
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on 5 June 2018
I was slightly hesitant to buy these as they have a few poor reviews about sound quality. All I can say is ignore them!!

I bought these as I got some Z337's at a local high-street store and they distorted when given any amount of volume and were cheaply thrown together. So I thought I'd try the higher up model.

3 days later I'm still blown away. The highs and mids are crystal clear, the bass shakes my entire living room.
I use these on a gaming PC connected via optical cable and these have brought a whole new dynamic to the games I play.

For the money, highly highly recommended
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