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on 1 November 2010
After the sheer brilliance of the audaciously titled Most Powerful EP In The Universe, Dinosaur Pile Up had set quite a standard to live up to. And whilst undoubtedly a real stormer of a debut album, Growing Pains does seem to lack something of the sparkle of the former release. That's not to say there's anything to dislike here - early belters like 'Birds & Planes' and 'Barceloner' are a blast of grunge at some of its' finest, and the (slightly) more subtle harmonies of 'Broken Knee' and closer 'All Around The World' do something to add extra dimensions to the mix. The slower chugging pace of 'Hey Man' too, borrowing a riff from preceding EP track 'Opposites Attract' showcases the band's subtler side, with a Weezer-esque lyrical style that is both simple but incredible effective. The sound is indeed rather derivative, though certainly no more so than the hundredfold stereotypical indie bands floating around, and while influences here are worn so visibly on sleeves that there's little point in detailing them, the only real problem this album suffers from is a lack of some of the interesting dynamics and song structures that were present on their earlier work - the magnificent 'Beach Bug' from their EP being a fine example. Where songs like re-recorded early single 'Traynor' and the Foos reminiscent 'Mona Lisa' soar to rock and roll's loftiest heights, tracks like 'Love To Hate Me' begin to feel a little forced - as if frontman and one-man-studio-band Bigland is afraid of letting his impressive wall of sound drop even a little.

Again, undoubtedly a solid, storming record that surely deserves a place among the best rock albums of the year. There's simply a nagging feeling of potential left unfilled that leaves one aching for a sophomore album that lives up to the impressive standards the band had previously set.
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on 17 October 2010
Just when I thought i'd bought the best album of the year in Violent Soho's debut along comes this little belter! I really don't know what the BBC guy was listening to as he obviously didn't have the stamina to listen to the whole album. The only thing Indie about this album is the record label, this is pure, 100% alternative rock. Each song has massive hooks and guitars set to kill, must've been too much for the poor fella from Auntie Beeb, best go back to reviewing real 'indie' music so he doesn't have a heart attack, there's a good boy now!

As mentioned before by other reviewers you can hear elements of Foo Fighters, Nirvana and Weezer in the music but it's fresh enough to work and it's also British which is a huge bonus. Maybe DPU are now the rightful owners of Britains best alternative rock band crown now that Biffy and Idlewild have gone all middle aged on us. Can't wait to see them live.
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on 8 November 2010
physically have not stopped listening to this record since I purchased it on Amazon! Truly awesome debut release from the boys from up t'north!

Saw them live also recently and advise all fans of 3 piece bands to check the guys out. You shouldn't be disappointed!

Ta x
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on 18 October 2010
All i can say Dinosaur Pile Up are like the Foo Fighters without the parts that SUCKED! to borrow a phrase from Chris Cornell who described Soundgarden as being like Black Sabbath "without the parts that sucked" lol

There's hardly a track worth skipping on here "Birds of planes" and "Never that together" is pure heads down rock n roll reminiscent of The Foo Fighters "Monkey Wrench" and "There goes my hero" coupled with the Weezer humourisms of "Mona Lisa" and "Broken Knee" which sounds as if it was a decent left over from the Red album sessions.

A five star debut album which shows there is much more to come from this band.
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on 7 November 2010
fantastic album. i had the fortune to see these live recently with about 100 others in a tiny venue and they were brilliant-nice guys as well!.

think "hey you" and the bit thats just feedback in "around the world" are a bit over prolongued but currently remains one of my most listened to albums.
be sure to download the free headspinner track from their website as its very good too. if you like ash, feeder, nirvana, early foo fighters etc you will like these. can see them being big-highly recommended!
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on 10 October 2010
guitars, drums and no autotune in sight!! There is a God! Here was me thinking all we were ever going to be allowed to listen to was Tinchy Tempah or the like.... Play this! And PLAY IT LOUD to drown out the drivel your neighbour is likely to be playing.
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on 13 November 2013
Highly recommend that you assail your ears with the brutal beautiful simplicity of this rough grunge rock diamond

Evocative of the best principles of the 90s and 00s, definitely for those who like Reuben, Hold Your Horse Is, Hundred Reasons, Hell Is For Heroes and their contemporaries..

A home-run-slam-dunk all-in-one rifftastic tour-de-force.
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on 6 October 2010
I've no idea what the guy from the BBC was listening to but it certainly couldn't be this album. This is grunge for 2010 coming straight from....Leeds. Strong hints of Nirvana, Pixies and Weezer. In fact some songs on here Weezer would've killed to have written. They wear their influences on their sleeves but in this case they are more then able to carry it off. Fantastic stuff.
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on 7 November 2010
Love every track. More I listen the more I want to listen. Went to DP-U gig and they sounded just as awesome as on their album. Buy this album - you can't possibly regret it ;-)
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on 28 November 2010
As a big fan of the 80/90 alternative rock era i was very happy to hear about a band from my home town of Leeds leading a wave of grunge revivalists.

The reviews were all good so i was looking forward to recieving it through the post - I ordered it from amazon and it actually took ages to arrive - over a month which is unlike amazon.

anyway to the music in question - maybe i have particularly high standards but I just dont think this album is all that.

First noticable point - it sounds a LOT like the Foo Fighters first Album - and I'll say the 1st album only as it doesnt have anywhere near the variety of their second excellent album "color and the shape".

There are definate hints of nirvana and foo fighters and i was suprised at how 'lean' and noisy their sound is.

So its refreshing to hear some modern bands redoing the grunge thing - but alas 5 stars it is not worth.

The songs despite having a lot of grunt to them, lack any really memorable tunes - I have had it in on in the car for a couple of weeks and whilst now and again I think "yeah thats not bad...." there are numerous times where there just arent enough changes to and within the music to really make it much more interesting. I find often where a key change or alteration to the dynamics would make it more memorable 0 that doesnt happen and the same repetative grind continues...

my overriding memeory of listening to it are crashing cymbals - all the time, throughout 90% of each song its crashing cymbals - which dont get my wrong i love - but like anything, do it too much and it loses its effect. I also find this gives the music a very 'metal' quality to the sound...

and i know a lot of you will say ..."well thats what grunge is" and yes to a degree the repetative loud guitar is the essence of what grunge bands did, but on the flipside the bands which elevated themsleves to superstar status and made what are now known as classic albums are where they took the genre and added something different to it.

Classic examples - Nirvanas Nevermind - great tunes, great dynamics to accompany the tight guitar sound.
Soundgarden - superunknown - they mixed great songwriting with stiff riffs and added lead guitar and melody too.
The Posies - frosting on the beater - lovely grungy deep bassy sound mixed with added harmonies to add a new dimension.

(i could go on to discuss Screeming Trees, Mudhoney, temple of the dog etc but that would be boring)

All these bands took the genre and added something else to it - as much as i want to love DPU - the album really isnt anything other than a decent grunge re-hash.

I wasnt massively keen on the foo fighters first effort bar a couple of stand out tracks but they grew into a classic alt rock band - who blended rock, metal and pop together with massive success.

Growing pains is not a bad album by any means - hugely listenable but hugely derivative...the second track could have been easily lifted from the 1st Foo Fighters album and the 7th track sounds like a slice from Nirvanas Incensticide album (the one where kurt sings "grandma take me home..."). There is a heavy link to the slacker wave of bands - comparisons to Foutains of wayne and weezer arent a million miles away and titles like "Barca-loner" compound that.

Its early days yet and I do think from what i have heard they have it in them to produce better work.

I havent seen them live - and I do hope i get to as i think the album would sound great live - I can imagine in the noise and intensity will come accross well.

I do hope the continue to add more dimensions to their sound as that is what is missing for me - its all very 'samey' (sorry for the cheesy phrase couldn't think of a better word!) - I know they have one quiter song twds the end, but it rather predictably builds up to guitars and crashing cymbals yet again.

if anyone wants to dispute this - listen to the 1st 3 songs of this album - then listen to the 1st 3 songs from Frosting on the Beater by The Posies - yes its all about opinions and personal taste - but for me there is only one clear winner and that is the beautiful mix of loud guitars, dynamic melodies and gorgeous harmonies on the sing-a-long choruses of the The Posies.

"Flavour of the month is busy melting in the mouth...."
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