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on 25 February 2016
I don't use it too much, so heavy for my neck and back
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on 21 January 2011
I had my trusty EOS 300D for five years and although it never let me down I was itching to upgrade.

I looked at and handled both the 7D and 60D but was undecided until the price difference made up my mind.
I opted for the 60D and can honestly say I have no regrets.The images I get from my 17-85 IS and my 70-300 IS are amazing.

Shoot in RAW and process in seconds with the camera,a great boon when out in the field.

The menu might look a bit much at first glance but with time all becomes clear.

Before I sign off,the video shooting is also top class,all in all a great bit of gear.
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VINE VOICEon 29 December 2010
OK, I had a Canon EOS 400D that had served me well for nearly 3 years (and I had a 300D before that) and was looking to upgrade it, but I couldn't decide between a 550D or a much more expensive 7D. Then the 60D was launched and from the reviews I read, it filled the gap perfectly between the two. As ever, launch pricing was really toppy at over £1k but I took the plunge just before Christmas 2010 and bought the 60D (with the 18-55 IS kit lens) for a great price of £799.

It's still fairly early days but so far, so good. The camera is a dream to use, images are razor sharp. Handling is easier than the lower spec DSLRs in Canon's range due to the fact that the 60D is a slightly bigger, bulkier machine but without this being a negative. If you are familiar with a Canon DSLR, all of the controls and features are logical and easy to use without having to trawl through the manual. The tiltable screen is a work of genius, especially the fact that you can store the screen facing into the camera for even more protection when not in use. You can also tilt the screen and take shots based on the screen view if, for example, you are taking shots with the camera held above your head to get a clear view.

I primarily use my old 28-135mm IS USM Canon lens and image quality is fantastic. I have also bought a Canon 70-300mm IS USM zoom and again it seems to produce great results. I am using Class 10 SDHC cards (whereas my previous 2 Canon DSLRs used Compact Flash) and the speed is lightning fast - I have bought a couple of the Transcend ones from Amazon and they seem to do a remarkably good job for a lot less money than the competition. Only time will tell if they prove to be reliable...

The only downside is that my camera was supplied with an old version of firmware installed (v5), which needed updating (to v8) to cure a quirk with over-exposure when using certain lensses (and the two lenses mentioned above were included in this list). I went through the whole firmware update process in a mild panic but it was a remarkably pain-free experience.

Overall, the 60D is a great mid-range camera and a worthy upgrade from my 400D. The 60D strikes the perfect balance for me in that it offers more functionality / flexibility than the 550D but without the complexity of the more advanced 7D. I am fairly loyal to Canon gear but I did look around at the Nikon equivalents before making my purchase - however, I ruled out Nikon as you just seem to get more for your money with Canon. Also worth saying that the lens/flashgun I already had are compatible with the 60D. The next step for me is properly testing out the camera's HD video capability.
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on 1 March 2012
I moved up from my entry level DSLR and decided to go all out for my A level photography course, after a previous 3 years experience shooting with DSLR's and other cameras. I did a lot of research obviously, when spending this amount of money you have to! but no video or review could have appropriately summarised the capabilities of this camera.

Everytime i shoot i am surprised. the sheer quality of images and detail, depth of focus, control in colour tone, exposure, are all at your finger tips with a brilliant well thought out menu. Shooting in full manual is a pleasure and leagues easier than my previous camera.

Solid build quality feels great in the hands and is just the right size for myself and is no problem carrying around for the day with this lens. only flaw i have found with build quality is the battery panel, feels a little loose with no spring but not to the point it would fall off. And the vari-angle screen works wonders for getting down low and exploring every angle to your subject. although autofocus is somewhat slower in live view, (optical viewfinder is incredibly quick and bright for AF) the bright and well informed screen allows for incredibly easy manual focusing and is well though out layout wise.

The lens itself is brilliantly built, with a great IS system that allows you to shoot handheld in a surprising range of conditions. It feels great to use and is perfect for Videoing with fast and precise manual focus ring. takes some getting used to , but there is no zoom slip or focus slip so works great on a tripod.

I shoot mainly with a 50mm F/1.4 and the results are incredible image quality wise. the full 1080p Recording and 18mp 3000x5000 or so image size provides incredible detail, and again, every time i get my images on the computer i am just surprised as to how well it handles harsh light (natural and in studio) and how detailed they are.

The various customisable scene settings allows great flexibility and can be used for any type of photography imaginable, with the 5fps High speed continuous even allowing for some sport photography, especially with this fast autofocusing lens in most conditions.

Overall this camera has been an incredible investment, and has allowed me to go beyond previous limitations that hindered my capabilities. its moved onto a new level of image quality and the professional feel and look to images is pleasing and i am able to do great things in any situation with this camera. i would not reccomned this for anyone new to DSLR photography or Videography , purely for the mass of controls there is to the camera. anyone new to this type of shooting would be best with the canon 600d, as the extra £300 or so would not be worth forking out for a beginners camera.

But to anyone who has a creative eye and a desire to take their photography a step further, you will not be disappointed, and with the massive range of accessories available, you will feel no need to change this camera for a long time to come.

Sorry for such an unstructured review, but i feel its necessary to at least attempt to express the absolute pleasure it is to use this camera and how simply astounding an image can be when done right on this camera, and to get it right it is by no means difficult, on a powerhouse of a camera like this
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on 5 January 2013
The 60D was my first DSLR, having exhausted the possibilities of my Canon G10. Having had it for about a year now, I'm happy to say that I'm very pleased I got it. It has travelled with me around Norway and the USA and I have shot some commercial events on it and it has performed very well. The picture quality has been excellent across all lenses I've used, particularly in good light.

Although the plastic body might worry some people I've found it to be very solidly constructed. The nine-point AF system is fast and accurate, although it does struggle in very low light. I found the button layout to be excellent, with everything within easy reach. The top LCD panel is very handy when out shooting sunrises etc., although it's a shame the timer display for bulb mode is only shown on top as you can't get to this in the dark without ruining a shot. Not a big problem though - I just use the timer on my phone. I've also found the swivel screen to be very useful. It is much better placed than similar screens on other brands as it swivels out to the side rather than underneath. It's saved me a lot of backache when shooting for long periods on a tripod, as I don't have to stoop down to see the LCD properly. It's a shame that the swivel screen hasn't been introduced to Canon's higher end bodies yet, although I guess that weather sealing might have something to do with this.

Fortunately, I've not encountered any of the problems that some of the 1 and 2 star reviewers have found. I use a rotating set of around 8 SD cards and have never had a problem with the camera not recognising them. I did have one instance of a card corrupting, but I think that's down to a combination of poor maintenance of my part and a less-than-fantastic quality SD card in the first place. Nor have I come across any error messages at all.

The camera's not perfect though. My biggest complaint is with its low light performance. It certainly blows my old G10 out of the water in this respect - as it should do - but I've found that when shooting at anywhere approaching or beyond ISO 800 it introduces too much noise for my liking. This has never been a massive problem for me as the lenses I'm using are either fast enough or have good enough image stabilisation that I rarely need to go beyond ISO 400, but there are times, particularly when trying to capture sharp starry skies that it's clear the camera is not quite up to it.

My other main gripe is with the lack of weather sealing. I didn't think it would be a problem as I've used my compact and bridge cameras sparingly in light rain before without any issues, but I've found on several occasions that getting this body caught in even a little rain can lead to problems - in my case, the centre select button refused to function, leaving me unable to change many settings or, importantly, format SD cards. This has only ever been a temporary issue though, with everything returning to normal after eight hours or so of drying out.

If you're looking for a mid-range DSLR I would strongly recommend the 60D.
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on 15 July 2013
I bought this camera as an upgrade from my previous Canon which was the entry level EOS 1000d. I loved that camera and it produced some fantastic images but I was starting to reach it's limits and needed to upgrade. The problem is then how far to go up the ladder. The 600d etc are great cameras but didn't really seem to offer enough of an upgrade for me, particularly in terms of size, useability and feel. The 60d offered what I felt was the best compromise of semi-pro size, the LCD screen on top, which is hugely helpful and the overall feel of quality. Images will be pretty much identical between the 600d and a 60d but the 60d seems so much nicer to use. Silly things like the sound of the shutter make all the difference and make this a beautiful camera to use. The quality difference between this and my 1000d is huge and I'm loving using it. For me the limit is when you start to make money out of your photography. At that point I would say invest in a 7d or above but until then I can't imagine that many people would need anything more than what this camera offers. In terms of bang for buck, this camera is the best on offer. If you're torn between the 600d and the 60d go for the 60d otherwise you'll end up regretting not stretching that little bit further. I know that I've now got a camera that will last me for many years before feeling the need to step up.
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on 23 April 2011
I've had this camera for only a couple of days now and I have to say that I think it is excellent. I have upgraded from a 450D which isn't a bad camera at all but this pretty much blows it into the weeds. The quality of pictures from this camera is excellent with colours bright and crisp without being unnatural. The vari-angle screen is not just a gimmick for me, as I like to shoot Macro shots which sometimes means getting down and dirty, but with the vari-angle screen, no more back ache. The screen is an excellent quality and really gives a clear idea of what your pictures will look like. The menu can be a little daunting at first but if you spend time to familiarise yourself with it, then it soon becomes clear. My only minor grip is the control wheel on the back. I have big hands which was one of many reasons I chose this so the wheel feels a little awkward to use, especially with the multiway selection button sitting in the middle of it. I tend not to use the wheel but others might like it. I've only played with the video for a few minutes but again, first impressions are excellent with the quality being full HD and the sound pretty good too. All in all, I'm very pleased and glad I purchased it and I would recommend it to anybody.
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on 17 March 2011
Have had this camera for a few weeks now and all I can say is WOW! Everything is so easy to use, the flip out screen makes taking awkward shots incredibly easy and the level of manual control is amazing! In addition, the whole feel of the body, from the grips, to the balance and general handling are superb!

The EF-S 17-85mm IS USM lens is also a fantastic product, the range it gives really allows for a wide variety of shots. I was concerned with the supposed barrel distortion at the wide angle range, but after taking a few shots with it I have found it is not as pronounced as I thought it might be.

Lastly, the video is also as excellent as has been reported, images recorded at either 1080p25 or 720p50 are clear and crisp through the kit lens. However should you wish for a softer, more "cinematic" image, the extensive range of 'Prime' lenses available from Canon (or lots of other lens manufacturers via lens adapters) are at your disposal.

I would highly recommend this camera to anyone looking to move a step up from an entry level DSLR (like the 550D or D3100) and doesn't feel the need to shell out for the 7D as, to be honest, the rewards gained by moving up to that level aren't enough to justify the cost.
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on 18 June 2012
This is my followup camera from 400D (used for 4 years), and I have to say the it is simply brilliant.

Major differences for plus are:
- great ISO range, you can get usable pictures up to ISO 6400!
- much bigger viewfinder (pentaprism vs pentamirror in Rebels)
- much nicer LCD (tilt and swivel)
- very large buffer (about 16 RAW+JPEG images, 5 shots/second)
- great battery performance. I shot 800 images using external flash, and the battery still was showing as 40% full!!
- very comfortable to hold
- shots much more stable than with a smaller camera (added weight helps to stabilise the image)
- choice of RAW formats (SRAW, MRAW or full RAW) very useful, you can limit the heft of files significantly. I shoot using MRAW most of the time, as 10 megapixels is plenty for most uses.
- built in video of great quality (get an external mic if you're serious!)
- built in wireless trigger for external Speedlites - works a treat, makes you do not need a ETTL cable any more.

I shot my first wedding with this camera, 1700 pictures in one day - I have to think my old 400D would die during that day, not to mention it'd need about 4 battery packs, whereas I only used two in the 60D.

The only drawback so far is the fact that early models (mine is probably one of them) had too big rubber grips fitted (which resulted in them becoming loose). This can be fixed either by purchasing a replacement set, or just applying some adhesive. I'll do that once it becomes more irritating. It doesn't affect the handling or functionality though, and is forgivable.

AF in video mode isn't really usable (very loud), but that's more to do with noisy lenses than anything. It's also slow, but this isn't really a video camera.

People say that it's not really a X0D series camera due to the lack of weather sealing and AF microadjustments, but I found these things irrelevant for my usage.

Highly recommended!
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on 3 May 2011
I've had this a couple of months now & it still amazes me with the incredible clarity & sharpness of the photos it produces, absolutely fantastic; One thing I've found is that it's quiet a weighty camera compared to the 400D which I upgraded from.

The body itself is plastic, but it's not of the cheap kind, it's of good quality, you have the two wheels one near the shutter button & one on the rear, both perform slightly different functions, so read the manual, you also have a pretty comprehensive LCD display on the top so you can see exactly what settings you're using if using a tripod.

The lens is again quite weighty but it provides excellent quality shots, especially with its image stabilisation system, which helps to produce excellent hand held shots even in quite low light conditions, it's also an excellent quality starter lens & great as a walkaround lens; However if you want a slightly longer range/reach then you may want to consider adding the 28 mm - 135 mm - f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens in addition to the kit one, it's the one I'm saving up for.

Before you start, charge the battery for a good 8-12 hrs, it's probably best done overnight to give it a good first deep charge & I'd also recommend that you spend a good hour or so reading the manual, because the learning curve is moderately steep to be able to use all of the functions, I've read it and I still only use a small amount of the functionality of it.

If you get this camera then I'd definitely get a 32Gb Class 10 SDHC memory card, I've got a Duracell 32Gb x200 card to use with mine & with the camera set to do both JPEG & RAW formats at the same time, there's absolutely no delay in taking a series of shots in quick succession.

DO get a UV lens cover (67mm) for the lens to prevent accidental damage to it & prevent any dust getting on the lens itself, you can get them quite cheaply, also I'd get a spare battery, not that the camera is power hungry, but once you start snapping away & you see the quality of shots, you'll get carried away and you don't want to find yourself running out of power during the day do you?

DON'T bother with a glass protector screen for the folding screen, if you fit one you'll find that the screen won't fold back & lock down properly.

All in all I don't think you'll be disappointed in the slightest with this camera & I'm very happy with it indeed.
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