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3.3 out of 5 stars
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on 7 February 2011
I deliberated for a long time before taking the plunge. The decision was between this TomTom and the traffic version of the Garmin Nuvi. I decided on the TomTom, as magazine reviews said that the TomTom had a more comprehensive live traffic reporting service. Apparently the Garmin's traffic covers motorways and major roads only and as the traffic facility was the major reason for upgrading from my existing original TomTom satnav, TomTom it was.

Out of the box, the bigger and clearer screen is a great improvement over my original TomTom.

However, setting up the device started to show why this model has been heavily criticised elsewhere. I put in my address to define Home to the device. Apparently number 3 in my street does not exist, neither does number 1 or 5. This is strange since my earlier TomTom recognised my address correctly. Never mind, I will use the facility to put my current location as my Home address. Problem solved.

I next put in my eldest daughter's address as a favourite. Neither the post code nor the street was recognised by the device. I was not entirely surprised by this, as this post code and address has only been in existence for 18 months, because it is a new housing development. So much for TomTom's claim that the maps and data are up to date.

My step-mother's address was also a problem. The post code was there but her road was not. This is no newly built estate, but one that has been in existence for 35 years. Not impressed TomTom.

I have used the device for about 6 weeks and am generally happy with the basic functionality. The lane guidance on motorways is a good feature, as is the integrated Bluetooth facility for hands free mobile phones. It connected easily to my Blackberry and my wife's Nokia. The clarity of the connection is good, although the volume could be louder for my taste. I have not used the numerous other features of the satnav and probably never will.

The traffic facility is nicely executed with a clear warnings of a delay on your chosen route. It then gives you a choice of changing to a quicker route or staying on the same one. If the delay does not affect the fastest route you are told clearly. All this is good.

My experience of the traffic facility has me slightly worried, however. On the 5 or 6 occasions that a warning has been given, I have stuck to the original route. On every occasion, as I have approached the traffic delay, the warning disappears and the road is indeed clear of any hold ups. Either I am very lucky, or these delay warnings are significantly out of date. I guess only TomTom knows the answer to that.

Another glitch I have noticed is that when turning onto a motorway or a major road, the message to travel towards xxx is often wrong (but not always). For example, "Take the motorway towards Gatwick" really should be "Take the motorway heading away from Gatwick".

My earlier TomTom did not have the IQ routes facility, but the new device does, and does indeed chose different routes based on the time of day. All well and good. But I have my doubts about its choice of routing. On one route that I travel regularly, it suggested going further towards Croydon rather than my usual route of staying on the M25 and taking the next exit. My experience of 20 years commuting to Croydon told me that would be a bad idea, even at 7.30 am. I ignored the suggestion and travelled cleanly without any hold ups to my destination. Hmmm. I am confident my route was quicker. My old TomTom agrees with me.

Perhaps I am being too picky but I have lost a lot of confidence in its ability to find the fastest route. If you have no idea of where you are, then TomTom will get you there, but not necessarily on the fastest route.

Sorry to finish on another moan, but the PC software MyTomTom for managing the device is just awful. Again this did not surprise me, as the same was true 4 years ago when I got my first TomTom. I have spent 30 years in IT and reckon I know my way around a PC, but this software had me baffled. I eventually got it installed and updated to the latest version, but it was a long fight. The efforts were pointless, of course, because the software tells you that your device is all up-to-date and no updates are available. This is a clever piece of software because it tells you that your device is up to date before the device is even connected. Magic.

All in all, a good product trying to get out of the shoddy software that supports it. Pull your socks up TomTom.
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on 6 November 2010
TomTom have been market leaders in simplicity and accuracy of navigation for many years now, and I have been a loyal follower having used several models. The new 1000 / 1005 series (1005 simply has a bigger screen), is another step forward in the device - slim, attractive and so easy to use. However, there have been a number of criticisms of these models as TomTom seem to be reducing functionality rather than increasing it - so, for example, you won't yet find the ability to add your own POIs, btu the company says that is coming.

What you have here though is a continued refinement of the core functionality of the device - the ability to go from A to B simply, easily, with the minimal hassle and without getting lost, ending up in a dead end, or the wrong side of the country! The TomTom 1005 does that superbly. The box arrived just before I had to make a trip to Shropshire, via the M5 / M6 junction, the satnav was out of the box, in the car, fired up and ready to go within minutes - it is very intuitive. It comes with a year of 'live' services free (payment after that) and they are very good - accurately predicting each set of road works / traffic jams.

The new mount is also very good - drop the satnav on it and magnets pull it into place - when you are ready to go, just pull it off...

So, yes, there is some reduction in what it can do - if you want your satnav to act as a multi-functional, do everything in the car type of device, then perhaps one of the slightly older models will be more suitable, or await a later stage in the life of this model, however if you want the latest iteration and just need to get from A to B then it is very good - 4 stars only because it seems strange for devices to go backwards in functionality!
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on 13 May 2011
I bought this Tomtom and for a week it work great. Then I did the updates on it and lost all the speed camera data.
Spoke to Tomtom support and they were aware of the problem, but as to date have no fix for it. My advice is if you buy any of the Tomtom Live series, is not to do any updates till the software problems have been resolved. Its now been a month and I'm still waiting for a software fix. Its worth reading the Tomtom forum if you're thinking of buying one,that will help you reach a decision.
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on 15 November 2010
Still requires updates to produce functionality available on 910

However, the interface has improved a bit. And the traffic is better displayed. I would not have upgraded if my previous TomTom 910 hadn't died.

New browser based access from PC is far worse than the old TomTom Home. In fact it is non existent.

To my surprise there are several features that do not work yet on the Go Live 1000

When you finally get it to work the browser proudly tells you
! MyTomTom is the easiest way to keep your TomTom device up to date. MyTomTom offers you:
! * Latest Map Guarantee: if a newer map becomes available for your device within 90 days of first use, you can download a free map here.
! * Free software updates: you know you have the best navigation possible
!Coming soon:
! * Map Update Service, Speed camera locations, Funny voices, Personalised POI's, Map Share changes and much more.
! New content and capabilities are being added all the time - Visit MyTomTom often, so you can see the latest. When you register, we will keep you updated on any new upgrades and how they help you.

Note the coming soon! I have been waiting months.

Another location says
!Updating fixed speed cameras is currently not possible in MyTomTom for the following navigation devices:
! GO LIVE 1000, GO 1000, Via 110, Via 120, Via 125
! We are working hard to offer this as soon as possible.

!Downloading and installing maps
!Buying new maps is currently not possible for the following navigation devices:
!GO LIVE 1000, GO 1000, Via 110, Via 120, Via 125
!We are working hard to offer this as soon as possible.

I think this is miss-selling
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on 4 February 2011
I bought this as a replacement for my GO720 which was a great sat nav. I like the new mount and the touch screen but..... nothing else! I can't add my own poi, which was a great bonus with the 720, neither can I upload any updates. So is this a plan for built in obsolescence? When you need a new map or to update features you have to spend another £200? I'm really cross that I wasted my money on this - promises on the Tomtom website for many months now saying that they are working hard to fix things just don't ring true - didn't they actually test whether the 1000 worked before selling them? What were they playing at? I've been a loyal Tomtom customer for many years but unless they fix this really fast they have lost a customer!
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on 30 January 2012
I also own a GO940 that had to be returned for repair as the SIM was faulty. The unit had to be returned to the Netherlands. As my experience with the software reliability had been far from stable I decided to buy the new 1005.

first impression was that there had been some immediate cost cutting with the removal of the cradle for connection to my PC. In addition there is only one cable for both car and pc and a rather clumsy solution whereby you have to push the connector through the in car cradle to connect to the unit.

The screen is much improved in terms of visibility and touch screen.

TomTom Home software used for donwloading updates has now been replaced with MyTomTom software. If you have two units this does not make for a happy coexistence with logging in. Each unit must also have a seperate account so do not try and associate two units with the same account. Easy done as the messages are at best ambiguous.Plenty of tickets to resolve!

The 1005 no longer has MP3 player, FM Transmitter which I had found useful. You cannot (at the moment) backup and restore which you can on models using the old TomTom Home so any issues requires that you lose all your personal info.

The Trip Advisor is a very small plus although I didnt use that much.

The bluetooth is terrible with constant disconnects and crashing the unit and I am not alone in suffering lots of issues despite my phone being on the accepted list. Again worked fine with my 940.

The software is unreliable and interface although average has not been improved.

The support is (and always has been) very poor indeed.

In short this unit is the product of a cost cutting effort. I have read TomTom are now getting out of this market to focus Car manufacturer fitted units and Smart phone apps.

I have now returned for a refund as am getting nowhere with the bluetooth problem and I have notes other peoples frustration with the unit.
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on 19 October 2010
Well i haven't much to add after reading Simon Longs review above which is spot on. I just wanted to add a one star review. I upgraded to this device from my 730 device as it seemed to be taking a long time to find satellites. Big mistake.Don't buy it, you'll regret it. Wish I'd bought the 950 and am even annoyed enough to consider Garmin.

My main gripe was with the lack of adding POIs which I find essential. The fact Tomtom haven't included it makes me worry that they'll phase out 3rd party POIs just so they can charge you for their own !! Maybe they're letting these devices sell before saddling us with the bad news I could be paranoid though. It was also irritating to receive a device without a mains charger,no case, very little documentation , no software in a shabby box.Also the first time I tried to connect it to the internet it said "something has gone wrong with your navigation device please contact customer support" (resolved by resetting)

Heres the list of short comings on Tomtoms own website !!


MyTomTom and GO 1000

We are currently introducing MyTomTom for the latest generation of TomTom devices. MyTomTom helps you manage the contents and services of your navigation device.

Some features may not yet be available but will be in the near future.

* Latest Map Guarantee - the latest and most complete map available for your device is already pre-installed. You are entitled to one free map download if a new map should become available within 30 days of you first using your TomTom device.

* Speed Cameras - updates are not yet available for your device. Speed cameras are pre-installed on your TomTom device. If you have a LIVE device, mobile speed cameras will be available over the air.

* LIVE Services - all LIVE devices come with a 1-year free subscription to LIVE services.

* Fuel Prices - the Fuel Prices service is no longer available as part of LIVE services.

* Backing up - currently this functionality is not available for your device.

* Adding POIs - currently this functionality is not available for your device.

* Purchasing maps - currently this functionality is not available for your device.

* Downloading voices - currently this functionality is not available for your device.

* Managing maps - currently this functionality is not available for your device.

* Activating promotions (service cards, etc) - currently this functionality is not available for your device.

* QuickGPSFix - all LIVE devices download QuickGPSFix automatically. QuickGPSFix is not yet available for non-LIVE devices.

* Map Share corrections - currently this functionality is not available for your device.

* Sharing favourites - currently this functionality is not available for your device.

MyTomTom will offer any updates automatically once they are available for your device. Subscribe to this FAQ and you will be instantly notified of these updates.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 25 March 2012
This is a product review for TomTom's premium navigation device, the GO Live 1005 EU version (but will also largely apply to any of the GO Live 100X devices). I've owned it and used it on a regular basis since Nov 2010. This will be lengthy, however I have tried not to talk about obvious points that people are already aware of. Instead digging a little deeper into things that you only really find out once you've been using it for a while.

It's beautiful. Simple.
Whenever I use it in someone else's car or around others who have never seen one, I always get comments along the lines of, "Ooh that's widescreen". In my eyes, paying the extra for the GO Live 1005 (5" screen) as opposed to the GO Live 1000 (4.3" screen) was well worth the money. Having previously owned a sat nav with a 4.3" screen, the leap to the 5" makes the whole user experience markedly more enjoyable. If justification to the wife for forking out extra for a bigger screen is needed, then you can always claim it's safer!
The window mount is by far the best I've ever used, you won't find yourself frantically trying to lick the back of it just to get it to stick onto the windscreen. To attach the sat nav to the window mount, simply sit it there and the magnets find their spot and lock the device in place. Once you're done, just pull it off, none of this unclipping nonsense from the past.
The product doesn't come with a case which I found a little annoying. However, I did get a £10 voucher from TomTom purely for purchasing the item, which I put toward their leather case. This helps to continue the premium feel of the product and provide adequate protection.

It is accurate in terms of distances and arrival times and has even been to the minute correct for a +100 mile trip. For my last 400 mile trip, it was accurate to within 5-10 minutes for the arrival time.
I have very rarely had a problem with it not verbally informing me of an upcoming turn in time, maybe only a couple of times around multiple roundabouts after coming off a motorway. But even then, the graphics are more than capable of portraying such information at a glance.
The speed at which it finds your route to begin with is better than any sat nav I've used. I just performed a speed test. From the main map screen through to it having started properly navigating me for a 100 mile journey took under 30 seconds. That included me typing in the address and it analysing over 15,000 roads for traffic etc. The destination was new to the sat nav and was not stored in my favourites.
Rerouting isn't instantaneous like they initially claimed pre-release. It is however plenty fast, and a lot faster than other sat navs I've used.
When I arrive at my destination, it informs me of which side of the road the address is on, and around 90%-95% of the time it's correct and takes me right to the door.
Live services-
This product comes with 1 years free subscription. Renewal recently cost me around £47 for another year.
- Maps are on the whole rather accurate. There are some blindingly obvious omissions but they are constantly being updated by TomTom and the TomTom community.
- HD traffic (combined with IQ routes which I don't believe is part of the Live services) is phenomenal. I've lost count of the amount of times I've avoided traffic jams. So many times mid-route it has popped up letting me know there is a route 21 mins faster than my current one for example, and asking me if I'd like to take it (you can have it reroute automatically if you wish).
- Speed cameras are also very helpful. It has an extensive database of fixed, mobile, traffic light, toll road, average, restricted and bidirectional cameras as well as mobile hot spots, blackspots and ungated railway crossings that are frequently updated. (I've actually just updated to the latest batch of cameras).
- Google local search is handy, but not hugely necessary. I find that generally a POI search will find what I'm looking for. A Google search on a mobile is often either quicker, more helpful, or both.
- Weather is a bit of a gimmick more than anything as far as I'm concerned. Nice to look at and have it read back to you whilst driving, but beyond that it's not much use.
Until recently these were the only Live features. TomTom's latest devices come with TripAdvisor and Expedia for travel advice in terms of hotels and restaurants, and Twitter so you can let people know when you'll arrive. I didn't expect to get these features, but on the latest software update I did. So a happy surprise. As of yet, I haven't used them in any great detail, but they appear to be as you'd expect.

This isn't a list of the main features. Just some that I felt needed expanding on a little more.
Pinch to Zoom-
This feature is a little misleading. In navigation mode it is not possible, irrelevant of whether you are in 2D or 3D mode. Tapping 'View map' from the main menu will bring forth a 2D only map in which pinching is possible. It's not quite as smooth as doing so on the latest iPhone, but it is still a nice feature that I consistently use over the zoom bar on the side of the screen. Within the main menus you can swipe to the left or right as opposed to clicking the side arrows to see the rest of the menus. This again is not perfectly smooth, and I tend to use the side arrows as swiping can sometimes inadvertently be misconstrued as a click and throw you into a further menu you didn't want.
Map colours-
This probably wouldn't sway you one way or the other, but they have a pleasant selection of around 10 colour schemes some more suited for day, and some for night.
Points Of Interest-
Some users have had issues being able to create custom POIs. I never have. They have a large selection of interests from zoos and vets to scenic views and mountain passes, with all the obvious ones in between. You can also set which ones appear on your map as well as deciding whether to warn you if you are in close proximity to one during navigation. This may be handy for petrol stations or schools for example. Only on a couple of occasions have I attempted to navigate to a point of interest, and it has always worked flawlessly.
Change route options-
Once you have set a route, you'd prefer it wasn't set in stone. Some form of flexibility is great. During navigation, you're just two taps away from the change route menu. Here you can travel via multiple different locations (being able to see them in list form and rearranging the order is extremely useful), avoid part of the route or a roadblock, change your destination completely or calculate possible faster routes.
Safety features-
The speed at the bottom left turns red if you exceed the speed limit. This can also be accompanied by an audible tone of your choice if you so wish. You can also set a 'max speed' for it to warn you if you creep over. A nice touch is a warning for when you travel abroad in case you somehow forget which side of the road to drive on. I haven't yet had to use the help menu. It can however inform you of your exact location, and help you drive to or walk to a place of help, or phone for help (if your phone is connected). These places of help include such things as repair services, police, hospital, doctors etc. Within the help menu you'll also find guided tours for some of the sat nav features as well as first aid and car maintenance advice.
Voice control and Bluetooth-
Neither of these have I used in any great detail. They work adequately. I am still a firm believer that pulling over and either entering details manually or making a phone call is not only safer, but actually quicker.
Handy little extras-
I have mine set to change between night and day colours automatically depending on sun rise/set times.
You can create your own menu of up to six items that is accessible directly with one tap from the navigation screen. In here you can place items such as sound on/off, help, navigate to car park, add position to favourites and many more.

From product launch it was horrifically poor. As you will probably read in other reviews, it would fail to recognise that the device was connected and just ruin your day on the whole. Now however, is a slightly different story. It's still not as polished or refined as you'd hope for, being a top of the range product manufactured by one of the market leaders. But, at least it works! At the moment I'm getting frequent updates, at least a couple every month. I simply plug in the device, and it does everything for me. So in terms of supplying new data and the method in which they do so, they seem to finally be gathering pace.

This has been my longest ever review, and if you've made it this far I applaud you as well as apologise, and do hope you've found it helpful! If you have any queries then feel free to comment underneath.

The TomTom GO Live 1005 had a difficult birth and was in my opinion released far too early, probably by a year or so. The teething problems from the early days are all but gone now and what is left behind is an intuitive, helpful, speedy, intelligent, impressive and downright beautiful navigation device that would look at home on any windscreen.

Would I recommend this product to a friend? Yes, definitely
If lost/damaged would I repurchase product? Yes

- 5" screen
- Premium look and feel
- Window mount
- Live services (traffic and cameras in particular)
- Route planning accuracy

- MyTomTom (vastly better than it was, but could still improve)
- A tad pricey (but I believe you get what you pay for)
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on 11 October 2010
Let's take this awful machine in order from when you first turn it on :-
You cannot use nor download startup images or photos or sounds nor can you download or use shutdown images, photos or sounds. You cannot use any previous POI's you may have from a previous satnav. You cannot backup nor safeguard what you do add to the satnav. If you individually store POIs then if you try to navigate to one that is further than 40 miles from where you are, it will not find it. Connecting your satnav to My Tomtom is hit and miss and is pointless as My Tomtom does......absolutely nothing.
If you plan a route and turn the device off then after a short time if you turn the machine back on (having set the preferences to continue from where you left off) you find that the device has forgotten the route and no route is planned. This is not continuing from where you left off. A satnav with short term memory loss !?!?!
As for Tomtom support.....the Tomtom manual and website both claim that the device when connected to a computer will appear on your desktop....this is a lie and lies at the heart of the machine's problems. It does not apear anywhere on your computer which leaves you at the mercy of a company that does not give a damn about you let alone it's own reputation. Even though they may tell you what the satnav can do, these claims simply turn out to be untrue.
Tomtom support claim that the device was nut rished out yet this flies in the face of what their top guy said in an interview where he stated that time pressures meant that it was not really ready and the situation would be rectified...don't hold yur breath...when one hand does not know nor care what the other hand says or does you can have no faith that this device will be properly support and made right.
I am now going to seriously consider a Garmin and they must be rolling around laughing at the amount of business Tomtom are giving them with their disgraceful attitude. Check out the Tomtom website where it tells you (AFTER you have bought the device) that apparently it can't do anything because none of it works.
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on 19 March 2011
I used to have a tom tom 720T which have been a wonderful GPS machine. Alas, this was dropped and no longer works. I have replaced this with the Tom Tom 1005 live. What a awful set up. We no longer have the use of tom tom home which gave me control if the tom tom through the computor. Not able to install PIOs such as caravan club sites, super markets of my choosing etc. Tom tom have put the following on the link.
Coming soon:

Map Update Service, Funny voices, Personalised POI's, Map Share changes and much more.

New content and capabilities are being added all the time - Visit MyTomTom often, so you can see the latest. When you register, we will keep you updated on any new upgrades and how they help you.
To say that this is a step backwards is to be kind. In conversation with a representive of tom tom they said the following.
More importantly, tom tom have removed the google search feature which was the best thing on the sat nav. There own version cannot find the simplest things like a travel lodge. Suggest you do not buy and gop for a garmin which has the google search
This is a new system and gps so therefore at the moment they do not have all the normal things running but hope to in the future.
I would say this must almost controvene trading standards. We have a advert that states all that we should get but in fact surplies none of them.
Certainly I will not be using tom tom again and certaintly advise others not to buy util tom tom get there act together.
Most of tom tom nav systems use to be superb until they removed google search. I cannot even find channel ferry ports in the search engine of there own. I am sure that they are going to lose thousands of customers after doing this. Do not buy.
Most friends and persons who I now say that the main reson for purchase was the google search
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