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on 30 April 2011
I love thrash metal, but I trully don't like Slayer. Metallica I used to like. The Metallica set list is very good but I didn't like the way they performed live on this recording.

Now Anthrax and Megadeth are a complete different story. Both are worth every penny. I was expecting the Anthrax similar to the live video of music of mass destruction which is more heavier, but this is one the true Anthrax!!! Great!!!
Megadeth is spectacular. The begining of the show was something complete different from anything that I've ever seen no good night, hello that bla bla bla, no intro music just they step in stage looked at the crowd and just said here we go. Also a great set list. I missed the "take no prisioners", but that is ok.

Great buy!!
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on 22 March 2017
Amazing package!
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on 14 October 2011
I love catching opportunities to Metallica or Slayer from recent live performances on DVD/ Blu Ray, even though there is loads of stuff available online, which just isn't the same as popping a disc into a player and watching through a TV. It's taken me a while to come across this Blu Ray release of the Big 4 playing but I'm very glad to have finally got my hands on it (actually stumbling on it by chance).

Being a big fan of both Metallica and Slayer, less so Megadeth and not-really-a-fan-as-such of Anthrax (simply because I haven't heard much of their music or made an effort to do so), this kind of live performance release is right up my street. There is an hour devoted to each of the bands and 2 hours for headliners Metallica, along with bonus content in the form of an documentary and interviews, with the whole thing spread over 2 discs.

The quality is great - looks crisp and clear played through my Playstation3 and on a Panasonic 42" plasma. The sounds seems a little inconsistent at times but only because I think I need to tweak my playback settings and doesn't detract from the overall quality of the package. It's well mixed and does sound superb.

The dilemma that bands like these have is choosing what songs to play from such an extensive catalogue. This package covers all the classics though and no fan of any of the bands should feel disappointed. It's a little strange seeing how aged they all are, but their performance is still awe-inspiring. What I did find quite humorous though is how Jeff Hannemans's thrashing arm seems to be going berserk in later life, haha.

Definitely worth adding to your Blu Ray collection, there is a proper good head banging time to be had!
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First off let me qualify this review by observing that what you get out of this will entirely depend on your personality. If you've just discovered Dave Mustaine used to be in Metallica and tediously need to inform everyone on the internet you meet of this fact, well good for you. If you spend a medically unsafe amount of your time screaming the word `Slayer,' over and over again at support bands, in pubs or just generally in the street that's all well and good. (I may add that you are ruining it for the rest of us, moderate individuals who love Slayer but don't feel the need to be boorish and loud about it, but whatever, to each their own) Both of you types of people have already made your judgments before even watching.

For the rest of the people out their who will treat this Blu Ray like any other and not lavish unfair amounts of scrutiny or praise on it due to peculiar flaws in the Metal community that sometimes cause preposterous rifts between Metallica and Megadeth, or those who like Slayer and only Slayer and feel the need to validate themselves by diminishing everything in the material universe that is not Slayer then this review is for you.

You may be pleased to learn that this is not a simple cash in on the legacy of four of metal's brightest stars, but a well made disc that would stand well without the nostalgia or cult status thrust upon it.
The picture is pretty good if a little too grainy on close inspection but with generally good camera and editing work supporting this and in terms of sound quality there isn't much to complain about; the drums are particularly clear and well mixed.
For the most part the crowd is pretty inaudible but that is fine as far as I am concerned, except when singers prompt the crowd to join in and it seems as if no one knows the words.
The picture is in 1080i in 16:9 widescreen and you get a choice between Uncompressed PCM Stereo or DTS Master 5.1 Surround.
There aren't an avalanche of extras but there is a fairly entertaining 45 minute documentary to nicely round out the package.

In terms of individual performances each band plays very well, with the exception of the vocalists who seem to struggle a little at times but ultimately come out looking good, there are few if any musical mistakes and all the crowd favourites like `Raining Blood,' `Caught In A Mosh,' `Peace Sells...' and `Master of Puppets,' get an airing so few people will find themselves disappointed. Anthrax seem at times like they haven't fully got the crowd won over but deliver a strong performance anyway and win them over by the end.
Megadeth play especially well but some people complain that it may be the case that Dave's vocals are overdubbed. (I have to say I didn't notice this myself, but its fair to warn you) and Metallica play very energetically if a little loose.
All in all there is more good than bad in every single performance and nothing that should upset all but the most pedantic of viewers.

So, the product is good looking, good sounding, with energetic performances and pretty good value for money, this set certainly does have a lot of pros, the cons you'll be happy to learn are entirely conditional.
Before you buy , the main question you need to ask yourself is `Do I really want this product?' and that is something to genuinely consider, because if like me you are a huge fan of every band involved and own DVDs and Blu Rays from their own catalogues then you may very well find this release wholly unnecessary.
In terms of track listing, Metallica's very recent `Francais Pour Une Nuit,' release shares every track in common with the performance here with the exception only of `For Whom The Bell Tolls,' `Welcome Home (Sanitarium),' and a very short version of `Hit The Lights,'
Anthrax similarly play every track of their set on their `Alive 2,' DVD to a more appreciative audience, bar the surprise addition of the John Bush era song `Only,' and about a minute or so from Black Sabbath's song `Heaven and Hell.'
Megadeth's set in its entirety has been represented on numerous other DVDs with the sole exception of `Headcrusher.'
Only Slayer break the trend however by playing a full half of their set devoted to music this side of the millennium.

If you have never bought a DVD or Blu Ray from any of these bands then I recommend this wholeheartedly, you do get an hour from each band of classic high quality thrash metal in high definition for, all in one place for a good price.
If you haven't owned any DVDs by at least one of the bands then it is still something you should consider. Finally, if like me the big four are just genuinely four of your favourite bands then of course, you should buy this, just being aware that you aren't going to get much that you haven't seen before.
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on 5 November 2010
What a show and fantastic dvd. Well worth the money. Makes you want to go out and purchase all the cd's, which i suppose is the point!
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on 7 April 2016
At the age of 55,i`m now re-embracing a lot of the bands I used to love over 30 years ago.having been out of the loop with a lot of Metal over the years,only now am I rediscovering the joys of it-as you can tell,it`s taken me 6 years to even know this dvd existed.ok,here we go...a nicely put together 2 disc box set,the documentary is very good,especially the behind the scenes stuff..the bands-Anthrax--i used to be a huge fan but as with lots of things in life,times/tastes change-not always for the better.a storming set,some of their best songs,the band having a great time and the audience giving them the kudos they deserved-10/10...Megadeth--easily the best band on the day and-in my opinion-should have been the headliners-10/10...Slayer-I love Slayer,always have done but here,they seem tired and playing during the day takes away a lot from them-6/10...Metallica-good but not great,too reliant on Hetfield`s crowd rabble rousing,a different setlist would have been better-6/10....quite why Metallica got 2 hours yet the other 3 only got an hour apiece is frankly a crime....all in all,if you love your Metal,buy it,you won`t be let down.
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on 25 November 2010
Best ever live performance of each of the bands you can get available on DVD, from start to finish, I loved every moment, every song, every riff! And for each tune that came on the TV volume went up and up! I must watch this at least once every week, if not more!

If you like the Big Four, then you have no choice but to buy it!
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on 15 October 2012
The concert itself is amazing. All the bands sound great and are really into it. The crowd is very active and the cam angles are good. Fantastic show overall.

Only downside is the terrible picture quality. Seriously, there is so much grain it ain't even funny. Even the daytime scenes look like shot in SD and then upscaled to HD. And that's a shame. This could've been the ultimate concert package for any thrash metal fan but alas, it falls short because of the horrid picture quality.
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on 18 September 2014
as a band you mature with age and that what metallica has been...i have been a big fan since 1983 gone through the down times as they say but stuck with them...they have been very tight and relaxed since 2003 and just seen them live at sonisphere 2014...they rock...all their thrash metal roots are there...always wondered how they would have fanned out if the late and great cliff burton was still with us....r.i.p. cliff....
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on 9 March 2011
Megadeth and Metallica are the definete highlights on this great live marathon.
Anthraxes set seems a little thin, theres no safe home for a start which i love, many more could have been added, but they get the pit going well and they are excellent live no question.
Megadeth have the songs and the buzz and the rain, Dave Mustaine is pitch perfect as per and every song played superbly, great set of classic songs.
Slayer are Slayer, no nonsense headbanging, pit perfect tunes, Shame Tom can't headbang anymore, guttin!!, still he can tap his feet.
Theres a couple of new songs from World painted blood, but no Human Strain???? My fav, there set again feels a little laclustre, but classics throughout.
And to Metallica, they are perfect as usual, i'm not a huge tallica fan, but they always deliver and if your metal u respect there dedication and hard work.
Theres a set list to get any hardcore fan salivating, ( no St anger thank god) a few new tracks thrown in.
The extras are fun and overall i recommend this to fans of live metal and a tribute to some of the gods.
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