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on 17 November 2002
The good news for Hicks fans is this material has never been available to the public before. Even if you have all of the cds and have downloaded all the shows available (I'm Sorry Folks, Dark Poet, Filling Up The Hump etc...) - this is new.
It's also very, very good. Recorded in Pittsburgh in 1991, this is almost a complete show, rather than a recording edited together from several shows. It starts off with Bill in a relaxed mood but, as the show progresses, the audience don't come with him on some of the more "far out" topics he discusses and - YES! - he gets mad.
The fact that 3 of the tracks are called "VS the Audience" should give you some idea. However, unlike some of the more agressive material available from Hicks, Bill manages to reign in the rants and prove, once again, that he is the voice of common sense. From subjects as diverse as the Gulf War, pornography, drugs, the F-word, smoking and the media, he punctures myths and stamps out double standards. That he can do this while being the most hilarious stand-up comedian you have ever heard is a testament to his genius.
It's not often that a performer will lay himself bare in front of an audience and tell it like it is. For this Bill was, and still is, indispensable.
Basically, buy it - it will make your life better.
"How much do you smoke a day sir? Two packs? Pussy. I go through two lighters a day dude, alright so - two packs? You're like a health nut to me"
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on 28 October 2003
I love this album, it's Bill Hicks at his most infuriated and that's always Bill at his best. God bless the Hick's family, who came up with the idea of releasing some of Bill's incendiary live shows in a virtually uncut format. The best news is this is only the first of many more promised.
Sure you get your usual Bill Hicks, the little dark poet who philosiphises, gesticulates, and generally points his finger at the world and says "you're wrong, I'm right get over it". But on this album you get a little something extra, you get a full uncut show where Bill argues with the audience, apologises for the fact that he's sick of everything, and proceeds to tell te crowd that they are about to "win the award for being the worst audience ever, ever, ever". Listen to Bill cut down hecklers in their stride, on what he liked to call his "flying saucer tour" which basically involves him making random appearances in small backwater american towns, just like UFO's. This is Bill Hicks at his best, my only regret is that living in England, I never got chance to see the poet, magician, and self proclaimed "weaver" that was Bill Hicks. You should buy this just for the fact that you get to see Bill's interaction with the audience, and just how evil he could be to them. A great album, and a must for any hardcore Hicks fan
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on 29 April 2004
Bill Hicks rocks! For those of you familiar with Hicks you'll remember hisKennedy assasinated, Lennon assasinated, reagan wounded bit and to thelist of greats cut down in their prime hicks name must be addded.
It isa shame that more of Hicks' material was not filmed as the CD market eatsup any hicks release, However he was obsessed with leaving behind a bodyof work as he described it. The best CDS are those like relentless whichwere recorded specifically for CD release.
However a live CD allows you to hear Bill rail against the audience. Oncehe got under their skin he really went all out to annoy the hell out ofthem. You gotta love a comic who'll get his message across regardless ofwhether the audience agrees or not.
This CD is great because you hearBill firing on all cylinders.
Hicks was a genius and it was the petty minded of this world who stoppedhim from getting the recognition he deserved. Even now, 10 years (almostto the day) after Hick's death, his message is even more truthful. The TVis full of Mindless tripe like big brother, 'the man' is trying to bansmoking in the pub and whaddaya know, a man named bush is making a mess inIraq. If only Bill was around today He'd be tearing the pompous rhetoricof the whole thing to shreds and making us howl with laughter at the sametime.
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on 13 November 2002
It's annoying to think there's a load of unpublished Bill Hick's shows/material sitting somewhere collecting dust.
The current lack of 'official' CDs (just 4 of them up to recently) has driven most fans to hunting around Ebay for bootlegs.
So, it's good news that someone has finally got round to putting a full routine (well, sort of) into an official release.
Not quite perfect, but full marks for effort!
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on 13 November 2003
This is everything a Bill Hicks album should be. It's not scattered or all over the place, it is a complete set in its entirety. (With the exception of the last bit, which was replaced with another one due to the tape running out. That is explained in the booklet.) "Flying Saucer Tour Vol. 1" is an outstanding Bill Hicks album with great material.
Hicks wasn't your ordinary comedian. He didn't do the whole "family" bit or "relationship" bit. No, he tackled edgy and controversial topics without any fear. It's subtle, and yet very refreshing and original. His comedy and sense of humor is dark and sarcastic, but it's all executed perfectly. Bill Hicks was a great talent to admire. There was no end to his brilliant mind.
"Flying Saucer Tour Vol. 1" took place in Pittsburg, PA on June 20th, 1991. He talks about drugs, the gulf war, President Bush, smoking, working, the news, the media, and much more.
The great thing about this album is you get to hear the whole act, with the exception of the end. You get to hear the man every step of the way, and see just how cool and calm he can be when the audience doesn't appear to "get him" in the beginning. You get to experience him gradually winning the crowd over as the time goes by without breaking a sweat. The best is when he actually interacts a bit with the crowd when he feels that they're not laughing like they should be. It's really a great thing to hear.
Although the whole album is great, my favourite bits are "the f-word," "smoking," "trying to quit," "are you guys drug dealers?," "school days," "Beelzebozo," and "great times on drugs." All of the "vs. the audience" tracks are also hilarious.
It sounds like there will be more of these types of albums coming out. I think it's a lot better when we get to hear Bill's material in its entirety without it being out of order or all over the place. If you love Bill Hicks, pick this album up right now. Stop reading the review! Go out and buy this right now. You will not regret it. "Flying Saucer Tour Vol. 1" is everything a Bill Hicks album should be, and more.
Bill Hicks: the comedian, the philosopher, the great. Not to forget very much missed.
Also known as "Beelzebozo;" Clown from Hell. Use him for your next kid's party!
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This is an album of one of Hicks' sets in it's entirety and shows how he carried on in the face of a lack lustre audience and with heckling. It isn't necessarily the best place to start if you're new to Hicks. I'd say it's more for die hard fans who want something extra. Parts of it are uncomfortable to listen to and yet it is compelling the whole way through. A worthy addition to Hicks' catalogue, but not the best example of his unique and outstanding comedy.

Feel free to check out my blog which can be found on my profile page.
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on 11 August 2003
Bill Hicks' tragic early death in 1994 robbed the world of a unique talent. He was 32 years old and quite simply the greatest comedian of all time - although referring to him as "just" a comedian doesn't really do him justice.
First and foremost an acute observer and commentator on issues and individuals prominent in politics, the media and public life, Hicks was never scared to speak his mind - in fact he felt compelled to share his vision of the world with as many people as possible. Although often angry and uncompromising he possessed the ability to convert his most controversial thoughts and aggressive attacks into polemic which was simultaneously thought provoking and incredibly funny. His attitude was that if you were offended by his humour you deserved to be....
I've never grown tired of listening to his stuff and it's a shame that so little has ever seen the light of day. Despite having worked as a stand-up comedian for many years, he only released 2 albums during his lifetime ("Dangerous" and "Relentless") and these were followed in 1997 by 2 posthumous releases ("Arizona bay" and "Rant in e minor") - projects Hicks had been working on before he died, which were completed according to detailed instructions he left behind.
All four albums are brilliant and highly recommended, but not necessarily representative of what a typical Hicks performance was actually like. Although they consist mainly of "live" material, they were professionally produced and carefully edited together from recordings made in front of totally appreciative audiences, in situations where he was aware when he hit the stage that the show was being taped with public consumption in mind.
Hicks was perpetually on the road and sometimes managed 300 performances in a year. He often recorded his shows and kept the tapes for his own use, and by the end of his short life had amassed a vast archive of these recordings which have been gathering dust since 1994. This cd features a show which took place in Pittsburgh PA on June 20th 1991 (it does contain a single edit which was regrettably necessary for reasons explained in the sleevenotes, but otherwise is the complete and unexpurgated 75 minute performance) and is apparently the first of many of his private tapes scheduled for release, which can only be a good thing.
During this show he waxes lyrical about smoking, the news media, drugs, Operation Desert Storm, pornography and a myriad of other subjects. If you've heard the previous albums most of the jokes and monologues will be familiar, but this one really captures the essence of what Hicks was all about and highlights his ability to improvise, deal with hecklers and interact with the audience.
Paradoxically, he was often at his best when performing in front of unappreciative or hostile crowds. Although there's plenty of laughter and applause throughout most of this show, there are also times when much of the audience seems to be either baffled, intimidated or unresponsive to his attempts to make them think as well as laugh. A third of the way into the show he tells them that they're the worst audience he has ever faced - and after that he alternately berates and encourages them (at one point promising them some toilet humour if only they'll listen to a serious point he's trying to make) until eventually he seems to win them over....
Hicks never got the recognition he deserved during his lifetime and is undoubtedly more popular now than when this recording was made. It's always a pleasant surprise to hear his sampled voice occasionally turn up on other people's records (eg Fila Brazillia's excellent "Maim that tune" features an extended segment of the routine that begins with the words: "by the way, if anybody here is in advertising or marketing....kill yourselves!") - but I wish he was still around to comment as only he could on the issues of the day, and can only imagine how incisively cynical his insights would have been about some of the evils (old and new) that have continued unabated since his death. It's a pity that we never got to hear them....
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VINE VOICEon 14 April 2009
In popular culture it is near impossible to find a 'Meme Fountain' which always produces good ideas and never any duff ones. The Great engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel produced the notorious Atmospheric railway and even the finest creative genius has days when they produce tripe.

So it is with this CD. As a reverent follower of Bill Hicks, I find him peerless in his blending of philosophy & comedy. He IS my favourite comedian (see profile picture), but in this CD he produced something weak, puerile and lame. Many of his routines seem worn out and are hardly inspired, to the point where he has to garner inspiration off of 'The Worst Audience ever' (who don't seem bad, considering Hicks' grouchiness.)

Of course, there are promises of greatness. His routines towards the end about drugs & smoking are interesting as ever and his delivery is good.

I also concede that it is good to have a full concert (expt the end) and that there is some original material. However I did find this CD the worst so far, representing the nadir of Hicks' routines when he was despairing of the 'dives' he was playing.

If you're into Bill Hicks, then I suggest that you try the cream of his career before trying this - Totally Bill Hicks,Arizona Bay &One Night Stand. As for this, I suggest that life favours those who 'rogue' what is bad and collect what is good. As an agent of evolution, Mr Hicks would probably have advised you to do the same....
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on 11 December 2010
Please see title.

This is not the performance to check out if you're a newcomer to Bill Hicks. Even some Hicks fans aren't fond of it, as shown by some of the weaker reviews. I seem to remember the liner notes stating that Hicks himself declared it his worst show ever, or certainly one of them.

But for those fans that like Bill when he's clearly just in a bad mood ... give it a go.
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on 31 March 2010
I got this album after Dangerous, Relentless, Salvation etc, and really like it. There's familiar material here, but quite a bit that isn't too, and I've certainly not heard Bill so negative towards the audience before which makes for an interesting comparison to Revelations, for example, where he's quite charming. But even when there's hardly any new material, Bill Hicks CDs are more like listening to another Rolling Stones CD than The Goons, and a quick internet search should inform the casual listener before buying that Bill's act was a little different to Billy Connolly's. Once you're a serious Bill Hicks fan, you get to know the material inside out, at which point you probably listen for the poignancy rather than the surprise laughs. Having said that, his best stuff still retains elements of both, even after a LOT of listens.
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