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on 24 March 2014
Postscript on 06 April 2014: after reading some comments about the Getz /Gilberto albums, I have to agree that you might be better off buying the CD, especially if you do not have a Bluray player already as a separate item or as Bluray player and the software to play the recordings integrated to your laptop or PC. The investment in new equipment and software might not be worth it as the 320kbps MP3 download sounds just as good to my ears and you can replay this format or the CD for that matter on all types of player or a computer. £10.50 was not too much for me to pay for the Bluray version but many of the other titles are much more expensive and are available on CD much cheaper.

If you cannot remember the late seventies then this one of the most played albums. Nearly everyone had a copy of the LP or the audio-cassette. LP was still king and in 1979 we were still waiting for CD players. Supertramp was being played everywhere; at your friend's house, on AM radio, on FM radio, on the telly and at the disco and nightclub. The music is great; it is very much jazz influenced and is a little bit symphonic. The musicians and music are great too and so are the lyrics. Breakfast In America has all the liveliness redolent of the USA but the music is very definitely European in style. Supertramp were big on the continent as well as the UK and USA.

I have an original 1979 copy of the LP. The record has survived the years very well and plays almost without surface noise and clicks and pops. I felt no need to buy the CD.

So why did I decide to buy the snazzy Blu Ray version and what was I expecting?

First of all, Blu Ray disc audio is a relatively new format and I thought I would give it a try.

I was expecting the best of pop music to be delivered at the highest quality of sound reproduction. I was expecting only two channel stereo as this was the original format of the music . I do not believe it was released in quadrosonic or quadrophonic four channel audio.

I was also expecting a high quality download either in 320 kbps MP3 or in Flac lossless audio.

I was not disappointed in the music as I am obviously a fan. I was impressed by the quality of the sound reproduction and the music came out of my speakers sounding far better than I had heard this music before from any source. If you go back to 1979 all music lovers had separate HIFI systems and the quality of the equipment varied considerably. None of the turntable sound reproduction that I can remember matches this version.

Why is this? It is not because the delivery mechanism is "HIRES" 24 bit / 96 KHz ( 24/96) but it is because it has been mastered so well and the music retains the dynamic range of the original recordings. The audio has not been compressed and you are hearing the music as it was originally intended. 24/96 is great for digital recording and manipulation of the master recording in the studio but for general distribution 16 bit/44.1 KHz recordings or CD quality is plenty good enough.

I played the Blu Ray disc through my player which is connected to an amplifier via audio line outputs and the music sounded fantastic. But so did the 320 kbps MP3 download, which came with the package, when I played it back through the USB interface on the same player. Some of the MP3 tracks are from different masters and you can hear this difference. But the others sound the same. I also cut a CD from the MP3 and played this back through my Blu Ray player with similar results. The 320 kbps sounds as good as the "HIRES" but this is no real surprise - read on.

Then I connected the Blu Ray player to my HIFI Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC). The Blu Ray player optical digital output re-samples the music to 24 bit 48 Khz. You might expect a reduction in quality but quite the reverse. My HIFI DAC reproduces music better than the DAC in the Blu Ray player.

If you are expecting HIFI nirvana from 24/96 or 24/192 "HIRES" music than you will be disappointed. No-one has been proven to tell the difference between "HIRES" 24/96, 24/192 or SACD sound reproduction and 16/bit/44.1 CD quality when all other parameters are equal - including the same master recording and audio reproduction equipment at the same volume. I cannot do this nor can any of my friends.

Of course, some people may be able to do so and the journalist Justin Colletti would like to hear from you to try a scientific double blind test and find out if and why anyone is able to hear a difference. Type this into google search: Think You Have Golden Ears? Take the Scientist Challenge! The results could be used to make HIFI sound better for all of us.

Lastly, I played the LP record and it sounds almost as good as the Blu Ray and the download but I could hear a little bit of extra harmonic distortion but that is to be expected after all those years.

I am not knocking 24/96 music; the sound quality is excellent and if this is the only way that music fans can get hold of uncompressed music, which is very well mastered, then I am all in favour of it.

I hope Blu Ray disc audio is going to be successful and will take off, especially as you have the opportunity to download a 320 Kbps MP3 too. A third of households in the UK have a Blu ray player so you do not have to buy a specialised player and you can play the audio back through a high quality AV system or through a conventional HIFI.

At £10.50 Breakfast In America on Blu Ray audio represents excellent value for money and it arrived quickly from Canada. I recommend this highly.
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on 2 January 2015
The music will already be known to anyone looking at this, so no need to mention that.
The four stars rather than five is to reflect the fact that this vinyl is a picture disc, which is apparent from the pictures and that it comes in a plastic cover much like those that sometimes are provided to protect outer card covers, which is not. There is no inner liner. This means it will be prone to scratches and the way the cover is made means many inner liners will not fit without folding the corners over.. On a shelf there will no spine to indicate what the record is.
I can only think this was done as a money saving exercise. It is the only LP I have ever bought which is packaged this way and instead I wish it had a conventional outer card cover with reasonable inners to avoid damage to the record.
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on 24 January 2014
A very bold move on behalf of Universal Music to release classic albums such as this on Blu Ray audio considering the relative mass market failure of similiar previous high end audiophile formats in DVD Audio and SACD.The market for Blu Ray Audio will be basically the same.Mostly customers with high quality sound systems who also enjoy surround sound which unfortunately this disc is not.

For those who already have a CD remaster of `Breakfast In America' like myself and are deciding whether it is worth the money to purchase this I would say yes order it .I listened to both back to back to see if in fact I had wasted my cash but the Blu Ray Audio version definitely has the edge.Smoother and more spacious sounding and a tighter,deeper bass but all in balance.

Now for the lack of surround issue..those who are happy with stereo can stop reading now.Some albums should definitely stay as stereo because surround will bring nothing new to the listener and sometimes just sound plain wrong but Supertramp albums just scream out to be mixed in surround.It would lift this album from just sounding great to absolutely perfect and it's not even my favourite Supertramp album.If they consider releasing `Crime of the Century' on Blu Ray I hope they take note of customer feedback and spend a bit of money having it remixed because I'm sure it will sell a lot more copies than just stereo.They do say on the inside cover that `where possible tracks will be available in 5.1 surround but to pay respect to the original material this is not always possible.Interesting terminology but not relevant in this case.

So it is an improvement to all previous disc versions and sounds wonderful but if you have a turntable it might be worth finding a vinyl copy for a comparison.
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on 18 November 2010
Yet another lovingly put together Deluxe Edition from Universal. Supertramp's BREAKFAST IN AMERICA was the record that turned these progressive rockers with a knack for writing a hummable tune into superstars. If earlier tracks like 'Dreamer' and 'Give A Little Bit' hinted at the band's radio-friendly stance, then the songs on BREAKFAST IN AMERICA positively brimmed over with catchy hooks and sublime melodies. 'The Logical Song', 'Take The Long Way Home', 'Lord Is It Mine' and the epic 'Child Of Vision' are just a sampling of the delights on the menu here.

The live CD also included in the package, featuring performances culled from shows in Britain and America, as well as four outtakes from the 1980 live album PARIS, is pretty good too, offering a selection of the BREAKFAST IN AMERICA numbers as well as highlights from Supertramp's other major albums CRIME OF THE CENTURY and EVEN IN THE QUIETEST MOMENTS. Inevitably, recorded as they are in a live, in-concert context the songs lack something of the fullness in sound that was achieved in the studio, but the band keep the performances tight and indulgence free, while Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson are in fine voice throughout.

Packaging-wise, the typical Deluxe Edition digipak is present and correct, containing a smart booklet detailing the making of BREAKFAST IN AMERICA. Unfortunately however, in common with the recently released upgrade of Thin Lizzy's VAGABONDS OF THE WESTERN WORLD album, the usual plastic protective sleeve provided with these Deluxe Editions has once again been replaced by a sticky plastic strip which wraps around the digipak. This has to be cut and removed before you can open up the CD, and the strip refuses to come off in one piece. Cost-cutting seems to be everywhere these days!

If you're hungry for some melodic rock from the late 1970s, BREAKFAST IN AMERICA will provide you with all the nutrients you need, and you'll be back for a second helping before you know it.

I'll sign off now. This pun-laden wordplay of mine is getting ridiculous!
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on 6 July 2014
I saw Supertramp live in 1979 in Canada and from that moment on was hooked on their music. My friend and I took the greyhound to Seattle and found a diner just so that we could say we had breakfast in America!. When I listened to this album I was 21 again (I wish!). Every track is superb, a classic in it's own right. The music doesn't sound at all dated, in fact one of the tracks is currently being used for an advert, which is what stirred up my desire to buy this CD again. Each track is totally different in style which I like. There is nothing worse than listening to something and thinking "have I heard this one before?". It has been expertly remastered so the sound quality is superb. Well recommended.
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on 16 April 2015
This is one of the best albums of fantastic band. This version blu-ray audio only came to appreciate it even more. The only detail is that the sound is all in version 2.0 (PCM, DTS and Dolby True HD), there is no version 5.1 (too bad!). Who is fan have to appreciate this version. The album is good from start to finish and there are many hits of the band, such as "The Logical Songs", "Breakfast In America", "Take The Long Way Home", "Goodbye Stranger", "Lord Is It Mine" and the best "Child Of Vision" closing the album in an exceptional way. Excellent! Note 9.5.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 1 August 2009
This is simply the greatest Supertramp album - and yet I almost missed it. I was given my introduction to the group when I was fourteen by my school mate Richard Price. (Where are you now?) He had been to California for a holiday and returned with the American LP version. He didn't like it - unbelievably, despite that fantastic cover, he preferred Status Quo - and so gave the LP to me. Thank you Richard, so much! And that's how I got into the wonderful world of Supertramp.

I must have played this album a hundred or more times. The remastered CD has improved the sound, if that were ever possible. One could argue that this album was one of the last shots of liberal idealism from the 1960s until Reagan and Thatcher shifted the goalposts to create a new zeitgeist: "It was a sight to see, the place to be."

There are no less than four tracks here that deserve the full five stars in my book. They are `Logical Song' (of course); `Goodbye Stranger' with its marvellous combination of voices - "And I will go on shining" - and the final guitar solo in itself meriting five stars; `Take the Long Way Home', opening like a railroad dawn (the lyrics meant a lot to me at the time); and the final `Child of Vision', with its mesmerising jam for the last three minutes.

There's no need for lunch after `Breakfast in America'.
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on 27 July 2010
This is surely their best recording. Maybe not that arty like Crime or Quietest Moments because this one clearly was half-way towards their more popy Last Famous Words (which is by no means pure pop, of course). This was also my first album by Supertramp I happened to know as a child. And whenever I hear intro to Gone Hollywood it's all coming back to me. This first song is also very tricky - no clear verses or choruses, it just somehow develops, yet it has around 5 minutes - so it's not long winded art rock. The rest of the songs is built more traditionally. Logical Song - their probably most famous song ever. Goodbye Stranger - used on Magnolia soundtrack (along with Logical) - very refreshing song. Breakfast in America itself, kinda funny song based on bearish rhythm... very strong start of the album indeed. On the B-side (in times of old LPs ;-)) you can find another jewel - Take the Long Way Home - this is just awesome Supertramp in their best - piano, clarinet, harmonica. Also last song of the album (Child Of Vision) is interesting piece based on synths/electric piano but the second half is filled with frentic piano solo... and the album is over. 4 more songs I didn't mention are far from weak or fillers, but these 6 just shine out. You'll find out that Supertramp is indeed pure nice rock (not the hard one), but with a lot of piano, saxophone/clarinet, strings here and there and two distinct voices of two authors. That is before they departed.

This is absolute must have for Supertramp fan - but hey, you know it already.
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on 2 April 2015
A classic album, here with lots of goodies and extras. The album proper I have, and it was among the first piano-driven rock/pop albums I heard, beyond the classic bands. At the time - being a punk - I though less of it except for the very nice craft and production, but then when the songs were woven into the excellent movie Magnolia I was a hooked for real. And it is a slick record with killer melodies. Check it out!
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on 20 November 2017
This album just gets better the more we listen to it. Takes us back to our younger years...
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