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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 11 March 2003
Queens Of The Stone Age have seen their stock rise steadily over the last few years and with 'Songs For The Deaf' it seems set to reach new heights, the steady increases multiplying into an unstoppable force.
Recruiting Dave Grohl and Mark Lanegan certainly helps. What band wouldn't be improved by these two talents. Grohl is back doing what he does best, adding a light and shade to the overall sound that isn't witnessed often enough from the drumming in most rock groups (including his own, overrated, Foo Fighters). Lanegan adds his considerable songwriting talent to three of the tracks on offer, including the superb single, 'No One Knows' with its jaunty guitar motif and all-too-hummable refrain.
'No One Knows' forms the centrepiece of the opening triumvirate of tracks, all three swept along on the kind of riffs most bands would kill for. 'First It Giveth' in particular gets the pulse racing and some consideration to likely speeding fines should be given by anyone planning to play this song whilst driving.
The album takes on many moods after its high voltage opening, evoking 60s surf music ('Another Love Song'), 70s glam ('Gonna Leave You' and 'Do It Again'), Zeppelin-esque mystique ('The Sky Is Falling' and the awesome 'Mosquito Song') and the obligatory Black Sabbath homage ('God Is In The Radio'). There's even a Kinks cover version in there ('Everybody's Gonna Be Happy').
This may all make it sound like a record from another age. And in a way it is, no-one out there is making records like this at the moment. Yet there is still a very contemporary feel to the overall sound of the album.
It's also refreshing to hear a band using influences to do just that - influence - rather than copying them wholesale. It adds a layer of texture to the sound that ensures you can't help but be drawn in. Nowhere is that more in evidence than on 'Mosquito Song', Josh Homme's warm yet weary vocal eating into your mind and soul with an intimacy most vocalists can't even imagine.
The Queens Of The Stone Age: the kings of a new era.
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on 22 March 2006
On the surface this is a very strong rock record, packed with memorable tracks bearing QOTSA's loud, chugging hallmark sound. The album flows smoothly from one song to the next, helped by short intermissions between tracks by spoof radio DJs. It's hard to find one duff moment on this CD. What makes it truly worthy of all five stars, however, is the moments of genius that stick in the mind after repeated listenings; a sound here, a chord there, that reveal attention to detail and diverse influences that lift the record into a class of its own.
I would recommend this CD to anybody who appreciates unique, engaging rock music.
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on 26 October 2002
I've only recently started listening to 'Queens of the Stone Age'. After purchasing the exceptional 'Rated R', I thought I'd give their new album a listen... and I was amazed. This really is the best rock album in years. I don't mean nu-metal, i mean rock album. Queens of the stone age are tight, loud and catchy as hell. I read some reviews on this album which say the album needs a few listens, but I personally found this album instantly addictive, AND I'M NOT EVEN A 'ROCK' fan, prefering the likes of Jeff Buckley. Another thing to note is Dave Grohl's outstanding drumming. I always considered him to be 'average' but from this album you'll see he is far from. Finally, ignore reviews which say the album recording is 'flat' and 'compressed'. The first 10 seconds of track 1 sounds that way, but that soon changes... you'll see...
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on 27 August 2002
Queens of the stone age have always been at the forefront of "stoner rock" but with the arrival of Dave Grohl and legendary Screaming Trees vocalist Mark Lannigan, they have created a sort of stoner rock super group.
It can be said QOTSA's music is alot more darker in this album, but they certainly havn't lost their knack for writing catchy vocal lines and bass driven riffs.
Die hard fans of QOTSA will be initially shocked to hear that Josh isnt singing on all the tracks on this album. Mark Lannigan is sharing some of the vocal duties. While this surprises at first, it does actually work very well, providing a steady variation over the albums songs.
The track "No one Knows" stands out above all however, by delivering a simple but memorable guitar riff, underneath an excellent vocal line. A break down to just the bass also delivers some variation into the song, which is something QOTSA have always been criticised for having a lack of.
While this album is certainly different, the scope and breadth of variation amongst the songs definately warrants this a worthy buy. Besides who can resist a bonus dvd with live tracks?
I certainly recomend this album to whoever is an avid QOTSA fan, those looking for a quality band who can write solid tunes and also those searching for some relief from todays monotonous overplayed manufactured rubbish that plagues our radio stations.
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on 15 April 2007
If, like me, you heard of QOTSA through the fact that Dave Grohl is drumming in this record. you actually wont be dissapointed. fair enough it doesn't immediatley get you on the first listen but if you perservere you will be rewarded with some brilliant songs.

I've had this record for about four years now and its still in heavy rotation in my stereo. That can only really prove how good it is.

Unlike the other reviewer on here that stated he didnt like the pretend radio station intros to a lot of the songs, i think it makes the cd a bit more fun and i dont find them anoying in any way, shape or form. It would be really strange if they werent there and i dont think it would be quite as entertaining in the long run.

The best way to describe the album itself is a mixture of Kyuss and say early Screaming Trees with a bit of Black Sabbath thrown in for good measure. If you've never listened to the bands I mentioned this CD is best described as sort of sludgey, dry "stoner-rock" for want of a better term. Kinda like if Motorhead had lived in the middle of a desert for their careers writing music that fit the landscape. Not necessarily heavy. More grungy and dirty. F****ng awesome!

This is kind've a concept album - in that the album plays through as a companion for the drive from LA to Joshua Tree, tuning in to radio stations along the way. In that aspect it works perfectly as it does feel like you could make that drive, listen to this album and have it fit perfectly.

I do think that it is more of a summer record, perfect cd to put on when it is sunny outside, and it will make you want to jump about and go mad - especially the first song "you think i aint worth a dollar but i feel like a millionaire" which admittedly does take a few listens to appreciate fully.

Although i'm maybe a bit biased concidering i have had it for so long already and it does remind me of some good times i had a few summers ago it really is a worthwhile addition to your cd collection.

I'd recomend it if you like Mark Lanegan (solo or with Screaming Trees), Kyuss, Mondo Generator, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, even early Nirvana/Foo Fighters... etc

A very worthwhile purchase especially at the price its at now, you really cant go wrong!
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on 16 August 2003
Songs for the deaf is quite frankly, the culmination of nearly a decade and a half of hard work and experience in the business, and a group of musicians fulfilling their exciting potentials. Josh Homme has never sounded more confident vocally, alot of the tracks on QOTSA's third album being all over his range - whilst combining genial riffs. With the support of Dave Grohl of Nirvana and Foo Fighters fame, Nick Oliveri supplies the meanacing, creeping bass sounds that linger in the air only to be pummled just in time by Daves agressive, hard-hitting yet complex drumming style. Mark Lanegan returns for this album adding vocals to 'A song for the dead' 'hanging tree'and 'a song gor the deaf'. Songs for the Deaf is an instant classic that, although taking a darker, more melodic twist from 'Rated R' (previous QOTSA album) fulfills all of its promise. Troy Van Leeuw from A Perfect Circle supplies rhythm guitar and some excellent mandolin work when the haunting wails of songs like 'No One KNows' and 'The Sky Is Falling' are put into play. The album uses alot of different instruments to create their unique sounds, such as the mandolin, keyboards, effects and even a backing orchestral set at times. Queens Of The Stone Age fans will not be dissapointed. This album has done very well without losing that drug-induced QOTSA vibe, and new listeners will surley be hooked for good. I was. Having taken Black Sabbaths formations of stoner rock, and developed it through Kyuss, it is this incarnation of Josh Homme and Nick Oliveris work that stands out abopve all others. With the rest of the band playing an important part, Queens Of The Stoneage is becoming a household name - if your household is the dark rock fortress on the corner of Rock st. and Drugs ave. This band have definatley made their name and will forever go down in alternative rock history for THIS album. if you dont own it, your record collection is null and void.
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on 28 November 2002
Simply amazing. I was roped into buying the album from the basis of no one knows which i find an enthralling track which just makes me shake my head up and down and play the air guitar. I bought this expecting the album not to live up to no one knows. The first song comes in with a mind blowing intro and i was dancing round my room straight away to a superb track. The band keep up the standard all the way through. I own many superb rock albums and this is deffiantly one of the greats. Maybe the best album i have ever purchased. The guitar riffs are absolutely amazing. This is my album of the year maybe of the decade. A truly wonderful album which captures the heart like a cat capturing a mouse. This album lights up my day with Dave Grohl, simply a rock legend. A leading man at the foos and an excellant drummer with the all time greats... Nirvana. With him in any band they are bound to be great. Queens of the stone age are right up there with Nirvana as they both possess quality, and lots of it. This is really an album there for the taking. I suggest you grasp it firmly with two hands and clutch it into your chest. What an album. Buy it now.
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on 29 August 2002
This album is not; as the amazon reviewer states laborious and is far from being average or even above average. It is, if possible, an improvement upon their classic 'Rated R' album from two years ago.
It is a concept album of sorts, with a recurring sequence of US radio skits that satirise the blandness and ignorance of 'Modern Rock' radio. The album starts, in fact, with one of these that introduces the album with the monologue:
"K-L-O-N Los Angeles; Klone Radio - We play the songs that sound more like everyone else - Than anyone else. Hey; it's Kip Casper, Klone Radio; LA's Infinite Repeat....Here's Songs For The Deaf: you can't even hear it!"
And then into the surging riff monster that is the opening song "You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire".
The main factor in QOTSA's re-focusing and inspired songwriting may possibly be the set up of the band as they were recording. Along with the main players Josh Homme and Nick Oliveri, there is the inclusion of Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees) as a permanent member and Dave Grohl returning to his former throne as the greatest drummer in the world. These two changes to the line-up seems to have strengthened the dynamics of the band and brought a sharper focus to the songwriting.
Among the most obvious highlights (I've only just bought a couple of days ago) is the lead-off single, No One Knows. Hommes funky playing compliments Oliveri's bumpy bass lines and Grohl's pyrotechnic drumming. Other highlights are "Hangin' Tree", "Go With The Flow", "A Song For The Dead" and "A Song For The Deaf"
Go buy it. Otherwise, you can't even hear it!
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#1 HALL OF FAMEon 28 August 2002
2000's 'Rated R' was a great collection of pop driven rock- 'Songs for the Deaf' goes one further. The whole album segues into each other- like Oliver Stone's 'U Turn'- another work based around the highway. This is much heavier than 'Rated R'- reminiscent of Kyuss' classic 'Blues...Red Sun' or the Masters of Reality '...Hole' album that Homme/Olivieri played on.
The addiction of Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters, David Bowie) on drums makes this much greater; ditto ex-Screaming Trees member Mark Lanegan (who is also a great solo artist) on guitar & vocals. The production is OTT- like 1000 Homo DJ's meets Rammstein.
Every song is great- though the poppier elements close to 'Rated R' are towards the end: Another Love Song, God/Radio, Gonna Leave You...Personal faves are single 'No One Knows', opening thrash 'Millionaire', Lanegan fronted 'Songs Deaf/Dead' & 'Hangin Tree'. 'Go with the Flow' is very Foo Fighters, 'Sky is Fallin' is more Screaming Trees and 'Six Shooter'is the obligatory crap thrash a la 'Quick & to the Pointless'. Extra track 'Mosquito Song' is very Led Zep III- while UK bonus takes of The Kinks 'Everybody's Gonna Be Happy ' & a live take of 'Lost Art...' make this an obligatory purchase. The DVD's excellent also: OWN!!!!!
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on 17 September 2003
Queens Of The Stone Age are a strange band. Sprung from the ashes of the mighty Kyuss, their first album was a superb cocktail of seventies-influenced psychedelic metal, with track after track of hook-laden riffs and choruses providing a refreshing alternative to the already stagnant Nu-metal scene so prevalent at the time of its release.
Their second album, however, was something of a disappointment, with half the album arguably as good as the first but the other half frankly too weird for its own good. It seemed that the majority of songs where Nick Olivieri sung were simply exercises in bog-standard hardcore or bizarre arty noise (a trumpet was even heard on one of the songs fer chrissakes!)
Thankfully, 'Songs For the Deaf' marks a return to form for the band. With Dave Grohl providing drums and former Screaming Trees frontman Mark Lanegan guesting on vocals on a few of the tracks, QOTSA have come up with the perfect album for the summer. 'No One Knows', 'Go With The Flow' and 'First it Giveth' are the catchiest tunes you will hear all year, and Lanegan's whisky-soured vocals complement 'The Sky Is Fallin' and 'Hangin' Tree' perfectly.
Of course, the ubiquitous stupid 'oddities' that were present on the last album are still here, but thankfully they have been marginalised to the idiotic electronic noodlings of the 'hidden' track - apparently called 'The REAL Song For The Deaf' - which can be found by rewinding the album past its apparent starting point, and 'Six Shooter', which is, quite frankly, crap. 'Mosquito Song' would be included in the 'pants' file if it weren't for the fact that it's actually quite good.
Aside from those follies, this album is superb. Queens have seen fit to introduce half of the songs using parodies of popular US radio DJs and this works extremely well. KLON ('LA's infinite repeat') and KRDL ('We spoil music for everyone') are actually quite funny little snippets (although they can get irritating if you're just waiting for the damn song to start) and the Mexican DJ introducing 'First It Giveth' is seriously funny.
Anyway, enough warbling - go buy it! I guarantee you won't be disappointed.
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