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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Style Name: ECAM22.110.SB|Change
Price:£349.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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Update: After owning this just under a year from new the steam button has cracked. We do have a lot of coffee and always use the milk frother for this though. I noticed a few people mention this so here is the part number to search for one (at time of writing I just bought one off ebay to keep in the cupboard drawer for if it happens again and it cost me £5.37 incl postage) Delonghi part number 5513222441

This 15 bar pressure coffee machine has loads of reasons for owning it.

Some are not unique to it but it is probably the lowest priced one that has so many good points.

15 bar pressure means coffee is rich with good crema (creamy top) which you won't get with cafetiere coffee or regular coffee makers with filters or lower pressure.

High pressure milk frother and heater gives professional quality lattes.

Large water tank means loads more coffee with less maintenance. Large grounds receiver likewise.no need to empty out the grounds holder after each coffee make as it is automatic and just needs emptying when you can be bothered or are told to by the light. When it is time to do a descale, I always use the delonghi descaler as it is not worth the risk in my opinion in mucking about with this as if you buy the bulk size of these to save on the postage it is not a lot compared to the cost of replacing the machine or having it out of action.

Dual fill or single fill with tall or short cup height adjustment.

Bean to cup means you choose the coffee you want and have it fresh ground. There is the option for filter coffee to cup if you are stuck and cannot find beans anywhere but it is tedious as only can add one cup worth coffee to the machine a time but as this machine is bean to cup why would you want to use ground anyway. Good to know it has this as back up anyway.

Good adjustment potential. You can alter fineness of grind, and amount of coffee per cup, AND amount water.

I love the usability of this machine. I am in total control of the coffee making yet it does most of the work for me.
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on 19 June 2017
Yest another Delonghi coffee machine bites the dust. I bought this 18 months ago and today it died. £430 is a ridiculous amount of money for something that doesn't last a few years, and of course, it's out of warranty now. It's the last Delonghi I'll ever buy.
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on 11 March 2016
Fantastic machine, really worth the money. It makes excellent coffee, is easy to maintain and clean and simple to use. I would say that it makes better coffee than many good coffee shops I have been to, it certainly makes better coffee than any other 'home' device. At the Amazon deal price it is great value!
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on 21 November 2012
An update, 2 years on.

We have made coffee with this machine most days since we bought it. Every few months it prompts you to perform a service, which is quite easy, providing you gave the right decalc liquid. It has not broken down nor given us any other problems. Just great coffee!

In the end, we just wanted a machine that made fresh espresso with beans, and which could froth milk. It does both, leaving us to make coffee just how we want. I did consider buying one of the fancier models with more automatic functions - capuccino etc - but very happy we didn't. Absolutely delighted that we bought this machine. Incidentally, and this is just our personal preference, we have settled on espresso beans from Monmouth Coffee. Shops in London + mail order. Every morning starts with their beans in this machine, and every morning they bring a smile to my face!

We bought this a week ago and it was delivered very promptly. We plumped for this model as we wanted to be able to manually froth milk as well as making espresso from beans. Which? magazine rates this as one of their Best Buy machines, and having read up, we took the plunge.

It's very easy to set up and get running. Read the instruction manual, whatever you do, as it needs just a little preparation. There's a water hardness test that you do - very simple - before installing the softener cartridge that comes in the box. Then you add beans, fill the water tank and get acquainted with the easy-to-use buttons. After 3 or 4 espresso shots I found the right strength for me. Changing the coarseness of grind or strength is a doddle.

The last trick was to hone our milk frothing technique. Quite straightforward really: just get a jug that is at least 3 times bigger than the amount of milk you have in it, press the steam button and, when it's warmed up, turn the knob anticlockwise. The trick I quickly discovered was to fully immerse the spout of the steam nozzle into the milk. Then you just gently move the jug up and down until you have the right amount of frothed milk - perhaps 15-20 seconds for one or two macchiatos - and, hey presto, you're done.

Each time you turn the machine on and off it performs a self-clean. A few whirrs and clicks later, it's ready. The drip tray at the front easily slides out with the waste coffee grinds container sat in it.

So what does the coffee taste like? Well, we've started with Lavazza Qualita Rossa and the taste is nicely balanced - a nice crema and flavour, with just a touch of bitterness at the end. The results we've had so far are very close to professionally-made coffee, and the straight espresso really is top-notch. This machine also gives you the option of using ground coffee as well, so your choices are very wide.

Absolutely impressed with our first use of this machine.
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Positive points:

* Fairly compact size, not too wide but fairly deep. The ESAM range is wider, while the ECAM range is compacter, but still as deep and tall.
* Easy to clean: the drip tray can be pulled forward easily, the infuser unit easily removed etc.
* Easy to fill water: tank is pulled forward and does not have to be fully removed to be filled. Reasonable tank size given the machine size (although the switch on and switch off cleaning cycle do use quite a lot water), and transparent so level can be seen on the side of the machine
* Does not seem to generate much heat, so can be safely stored under cabinet units (Delonghi advises on 15cm clearance). Some top clearance will be required to fill in the coffee beans
* Fast operation: when switched on, the cleaning cycle is quick, and the first cup of coffee is fast. No long waiting times for water to heat up
* Simple to use: just a few buttons for cup sizes and a strength button, determining how much coffee is used
* Clear lights: the various warning lights display clear pictures/icons of possible issues (e.g. used coffee tray full, low water tank etc).
* Programmable sizes: it's possible to reprogramme the size of the various drinks/associated buttons and keep the settings stored
* Build quality seems quite good. Even if made of plastic, seems to be well made and robust
* Can handle tall cups or small espresso cups
* Transparent bean cover: easy to see without opening if there are enough beans

Negative points:
* Espressos seem a bit weak/too much water: despite selecting a fine grind, and a maximum strength from the front dial, still a bit too much water, but could be down to the coffee beans or lack of pressure. Still tastes good
* Bottom metal tray is a nice classy touch but will scratch badly after 3 uses, and I am not sure the replacement part can be found easily. Pulling the water tank forward to fill in with water will also scratch the tray. Delonghi should have used a better type of metal, or maybe a plastic tray would have been better to keep the machine looking good for longer
* Plastic cover on the bean tank: not tight enough, so the coffee beans won't stay fresh very long once in the machine.
* Ground to cup? The point is that coffee should be ground just before being used. Yet, Delonghi's manual state that changing the grinder settings will take several cups to be noticeable, so does that mean some already ground coffee stays in the machine?
* Top cup warming tray is very "passive", so only using the heat generated by the boiler unit inside, and therefore not very warm. Leaving the cups on the machine during the start cleaning cycle will fill in cups with hot water and warm them much better, and it also means the top of the machine does not become too hot, and can be stored under kitchen cabinets
* Milk frother: wand is too short for a 600m jug, and it is too much trouble to use steam to make milk foam, with average results. I use a separate automatic Dualit milk frother machine that gives consistent results and much thicker foam. I think the steam milk frother can make hot milk with a bit of bubbles, but not thick foam
* ECO mode: not clear what that does, and how it affects the machine. The manual does not really say. It seems to reduce the amount of steam generated and the ability to dispense hot water
* Water filter: way too expensive, but hopefully optional (machine can be used without). I will fill in the machine with filtered Brita water instead, which will achieve the same result and prevent limescale. It will also have the benefit of not having limescale in the transparent water tank, while the Delonghi filter won't achieve that.
* Lack of proper display: a proper text display, showing the status of what the machine does, temperature etc would be a nice addition, and would cost little to Delonghi. Some of the setting changes (such as automatic switch off time) involve some obscure sequences of pressing buttons, impossible to remember
* Grinding is quite noisy, but only lasts for maybe 5 seconds per cup. The rest of the operations are much quieter and in line with espresso machines.

Most ESAM and ECAM Delonghi machines seem to have the same inner parts (infuser, boiler, grinder etc), so the choice of a specific machine is down to its size (compact or not), style and functionality/buttons. A higher price machine in the ESAM or ECAM range won't mean better coffee.
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on 13 March 2016
Slim and compact,Fast delivery. The machine is a piece of art with great design. Made in Italy.
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on 7 January 2016
Our last De'Longhi coffee machine ( Bean to cup ) was a great machine and did everything we wanted from it. So when it gave up on us just before November after 5 years of good service it was a no brainier to buy the same make as we found that the new upgraded machine offered everything and a little more. Happy to recommend this to anyone. One thing I would say is no need for the cleaning liqid offered by this company, we find that Organic Vinegar is much better and safer plus the way it should be done without all those chemicals. ENJOY.
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on 13 January 2016
With my big purchases (like this) I spend far too much time researching products and it's testament to this product that is the chosen one! I LOVE coffee, well i LOVE decent coffee and boy does this deliver. I really wanted a bean to cup for fresh espresso however with the automatic milk dispenser i have had very little other than milk based coffee drinks which can all be customised to your strength and likeness. The machine goes through a clean cycle every time you use it which is very reassuring but does mean getting through a reasonable amount of water. I tend to use a jug to catch the cleaning water rather than the drip tray as it's easier to empty each time. Read reviews that the milky drinks arent hot enough with all the delonghi's but haven't had this problem myself, they are pretty much drinkable straight away when going into a cold cup but in a preheated cup they will need time to cool - I'm not even on the hottest setting either. I now go to work that wired it takes me til lunch time to get down off the ceiling. Only used with the Lavazza Caffe Espresso Beans so far and highly recommend these. Obviously the coffee you are going to get out of this machine is only as good as the beans you put in so don't be a tight-arse with your bean purchase.
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on 16 June 2017
Six months, and it's packed up. Won't make coffee, won't heat milk or water. Now a very expensive ornament. Last one lasted 2 years before it died - whatever happened to durability? Won't be buying another de Longhi.
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on 29 November 2014
Installed and setup this machine yesterday and I'm impressed!

I work as a field engineer for a coffee company and deal with commercial bean to cup machines costing between £4000-£9000 and wasn't expecting this to be much use but it makes good espresso and the steam wand produces excellent micro foam.

1 in 3 expensive Italian made machines that I install have serious 'issues' upon delivery but this worked straight out of the box, no leaks, no grinder or brewgroup problems, it just makes good coffee with no fuss. I like how it flushes itself when it powers up and powers itself down.

Ensure you follow the cleaning/descaling procedures and use a filter if you're in a hard water area and you'll have no problems, I've removed A5 sheets of solid limescale from machines that haven't been looked after, so save yourself unnecessary repair bills by performing simple and relatively low cost preventative maintenance!
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