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on 19 November 2010
I had been used to a 10x zoom on my old Olympus C765 but more recently (2007) bought a Canon IXUS 70 as I wanted something very small to take some pics while on business trips etc. This my first Canon quickly became my favorite as the pictures were so good and it was so easy to use.

I decided to get a new camera to replace the functionality of both these camera's. I looked at the Panasonic TZ8/10 but did not like the artificially sharp images. I looked at the Canon SX210 also and after studying a 100 or so images taken with this camera from Flickr and other photo sites concluded that the degree of purple/green fringing on high contrast areas around the outer parts of the images was not acceptable.

I then found the SX130 IS and the features and picture quality won me over. The price with the £20 Canon cashback made this a no-brainer! £136 for this spec is amazing. I ordered Sunday night and Amazon delivered Tues afternoon using the free Super Saver service. The expected date they had predicted as Wednesday. So great service from Amazon!

If you are worried about battery life - there is a particular You Tube review slating this aspect - don't worry at all. I've used this camera quite a lot since I received it and it's still on the first pair of re-chargeable batteries. I used Duracell Supreme 2450 mAh NiMH batteries. I've been taking video's, flash pictures as well as many still images. I have also sat for ages working around the menu's and features (as you do with a new toy!) and there is still no sign of the battery warning. I have reduced the brightness of the display which must help. I found it to be too bright in normal use. A also cancelled servo AF which continuously tries to re-focus even when you are sat going through the menus with the camera pointing at the floor! It's not necessary to have this on all the time but it is set on by default.

The best pictures so far I have attained using the P - Program mode setting. I used my IXUS 70 this way with great results. In Auto mode I had some good results but also some strange results in poor lighting or dull weather.

Some reviews stated that the camera was slow in operation. I use it with a veho 4Gb class 6 card and it's absolutely fine. No waiting for data saving at all.

The 'wheel' for selecting menu's and values is not very good. My finger tends to not grip the wheel when attemting to turn it. I have dry skin. So I press harder to get grip but this then activates the functions available by pressing the wheel at the 12, 3, 6, 9 o' clock postions. Thankfully very few features need the wheel - those that do usually respond to pressing the left right 3 or 9 o'clock postions anyway.

I'm very pleased with the excellent video quality and stereo sound especially indoors at a family birthday yesterday!

The camera seems reasonably well built it feels well made. This model is made in China. It's larger and a little heavier than the IXUS as you would expect. The Zoom operates very smoothly and quietly.
It's pocketable, inside pocket of a coat is fine. The wrist strap does not have a tensioner like the IXUS 70 which is annoying.

Canon uk website recommends the DCC-750 case for this model which is like a woven bag. On the Canon US website they specify PSC-3300 which is Leather case similar to the IXUS cases which I would prefer. I've also been looking at the case Amazon do for the Powershot G series G11? as this camera has similar dimensions.

All in all very pleased with the camera and the image quality, which is excellent.
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on 25 January 2011
Purchased as a replacement for my 5 year old Powershot A610 that didn't survive a long drop with a sudden ending.

If you like small cameras, this isn't for you, it is larger than most compact cameras around at the moment, but I like that, having large hands this camera feels right when you hold it. The camera feels comfortable and stable when you are taking photos.

The picture quality is excellent, the image stabilisation is amazing, I've never had a camera with this before so had a play and was very impressed. The zoom lens is over 300mm and even when at this zoom I was able to take a picture at night of a street light and had no camera shake.

The quality of the LCD screen is very good, no need to worry that there is no viewfinder.

The only downsides are
i) battery life, it does seem to get through batteries quicker than my old Powershot, but it only takes 2 AA, whereas my old one took 4, so it may work out not as bad as it first seems
ii) The flash takes a while to replenish, sometimes 4 or 5 seconds.

The negatives are very minor when compared to everything else this camera offers.
Amazon's price was so much better that other retailers, don't know how they do it.
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on 5 January 2011
I am also a proud owner of SX100 IS and I would say it is one of the best camera I have ever had in point and shoot category. It still works well and it produces good quality pictures.

I bought this camera for gifting it to my mom and there is one downside compared to SX100 IS, which is why it gets one * less-

The lens doesn't support the f 2.8 stop any more which means, it wouldn't work that great in low light conditions.

The reasons why it gets 4 stars are:

1. Working on AA Battery rather than some proprietary battery which may be hard to find if you run out of batteries. Replacement costs also may be high

2. HD Recording availability.

3. IS (Image Stabilization) Support, meaning it is easy to take photos in low light and in shaky conditions.

4. Bigger display to review your photos.

5. Ability to override Auto mode and use Manual settings to shoot photos. This might be of some use when you are in awkward situations where Auto-focus may not work.

Hope you find my review helpful!
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on 23 October 2011
I bought this camera so that I didn't have to lug my SLR around all the time.
its a great little camera has a good zoom light weight and sits snugly in my pocket.

Good Points
it starts up quick,has a good zoom,auto focus reasonable,shutter lag not to noticeable,zoom very quiet,auto fetchers work great,small and compact,video quality good and sound quality far better than I was expecting from a small camera,

bad points
eats battery's,takes a while to load picture into memory card about 3-4 seconds,it can switch on in your pocket easily,design makes it easy to drop so use safety loop over wrist,zoom a little slow but quite.

worse points
battery life not good.

things that would improve it
raw shooting,digital back,faster photo transfer to card,some rubber gripes.

a great little camera takes good pictures I would recommend it to others
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on 16 April 2013
This is no doubt a very good camera, but it is slightly fiddly and awkward to use, so definitely not one for the "point and shoot" merchants, or those just wanting to go snap-happy. It is also rather bulky and clumbersome compared to the small slick cameras that are on today's market. However I did want something slightly bigger, having been brought up taking pictures on an 35mm SLR.
The controls are all situated very close together, so again it is not the easiest of cameras to operate, unless you are used to selecting functions and looking through menus.
The camera does have a really good viewfinder and it will clearly display what function and mode you have selected, once you have worked out which you require.
The shots I took at the weekend were very sharp, and enlarged well when I downloaded them to my computer screen. Sadly I have not yet used this camera to do landscape photos, (which are my specialty), but I am certainly looking forward to doing that, as I'm sure it will handle the depth of field very well, and allow me to zoom in on the detail given this camera's impressive zoom lens.
The other thing which is not very good about this camera is it's battery drainage. Even when I've just been messing around trying to get to grips with all the various functions of this camera the battery has died on me. So you will definitely require lithium batteries, and I would recommend you carry a spare set as well.
Overall I think the more you use and familiarize yourself with this camera the more you will get out of it, and the results will be satisfying no doubt. However, be prepared to put that time in, as this is not a camera you can just pick up and go, a little time and knowledge is required, otherwise my advice would be to stick to something a little more basic.
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on 10 July 2011
I bought this recently as my first digital camera.
I'm very satisfied with my choice in spite of any "buts" in reviews I've heard or read.

Operation speed doesn't look slow to me, except for when you use flash. Then you really have to wait a bit before you
can take a new photograph.
I'm very satisfied with battery life: I use eneloop re-chargeable batteries and take quite a few pictures per day.

It's not a DSLR but you can do some of the fancy things a DSLR can do, like play with most exposure parameters.
I really like that you can manually adjust flash power.

A but: I would like it to have panoramic mode, which it don't and faster burst shooting mode.

I would strongly suggest it to people that would like to take up photography as a hobby but can't afford a DSRL
or haven't decided yet if that's their thing.
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on 14 March 2011
Superb camera, only got this as I (stupidly) dropped my previous camera. My kids had got Canon cameras as thier first as I felt that they were excellent starter cameras with a good name behind them. I have not been disappointed in this presumption. I therefore decided on a Cano on my own,the SX130 is. Easy to use and loads of features which far bettered my previous camera. Would recommend Canon cameras to anyone as they give fantastic results in my opinion and have an excellent name behind them!
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on 15 December 2010
This camera was bought as a replacement for a small digital camera. Wanted a camera that was better but still user friendly. This camera does everything that I could wish for. Would certainly recommend it to anyone that wanted an uncomlicated camera for everyday use. It has so many features that I am still learning about.
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on 9 January 2012
This camera was bought to replace my Sony 7Mpixel DSC-W7 bought 6 years ago. The SX130 is very reasonably priced (I paid £117) and has lots of functionality. The 12x zoom is impressive, image stabilisation works very well, getting good shots when I would have got a blur without it. It's easy to use. The camera is slightly heavy- it's more substantial than compact digital cameras, but not as much as an SLR. Battery life on NiMH is good. One reason for choosing this camera is the standard AA size batteries. You can get cheap NiMH cells to replace worn out ones, or carry spare sets; replacing Li-Ion isn't so cheap and easy. The red-eye reduction works well too, much better than the old Sony.

There are fully auto and several manual modes, so you are free to choose how much control you want over your shooting. I have yet to explore the fancy effects like colour swop, fish-eye or posterising.

Despite being 12Mpixels, I feel the image quality is not quite as good as the old Sony. Picture files are slightly smaller, around 2.25MB instead of 3.3MB which indicates there is more compression and this loses a bit of detail, making the images slightly fuzzy at extreme enlargement. Also, perhaps colour saturation is slightly less. However, the pictures are still good, and the Sony got some outstanding reviews at the time.

As I use an old version of Windows which will not run the Canon software, I expected to be able copy picture files from it using Windows Explorer. However, this didn't work because Canon does not provide a storage device interface. This meant I had to get a card reader to transfer files. Newer versions of Windows (XP onwards) should be OK.

Overall, satisfied with this purchase. Good value for money. Would have preferred a bit less image compression on highest resolution setting.
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on 31 July 2011
I bought my Canon SX130IS in January 2011 having previously owned a Canon G2 followed by two Lumix cameras. Some 3000 images later I can safely say it has lived up to expectations.
It is larger than the Lumix but slips comfortably into a jacket or trouser pocket.
In preference to a camera bag I bought a Berghaus pouch which also swallows up camera, mobile phone , wallet , batteries and keys.

The only disappointment initially was the jerky HD video quality.
This has been cured by buying the faster "Ultra" version of the 8mB Sandisk memory card.
The normal image save is also notably faster.
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