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4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 25 October 2010
This cd title has many conotations attributed to it , but as to the musical content, this cd is indeed no Fluke it is in my opinion the rock cd everyone should have a copy of.
A long while in the making due to changes in the record company and line up, it delivers on all counts, ticking every box . It features tracks from the promo 5 track ep that was released earlier this year on download, different arrangements of some of the tracks, it also features tracks heard live on tour with UFO and their own headline Borderline gig last March , plus 2 tracks that I cannot wait to hear live in all their glory. The songs have the trademark catchy lyric hooks and melodies,but also huge riffs that take you back to the classic rock feel I love.
Opening with the familiar Luke growl of 'Create your world my Mother said when I was young' , the band launch into 'Take The Blame', which when first heard set the tone for the new Voodoo Six sound post First Hit For Free. Then follows the title track from the ep 'Something For You' keeping up the pace and quality, another terrific live song. 'Take Aim' is a work-around of the track that appeared also on the ep called 'Where You Want Me' which will give the crowds at gigs a good singalong, to my ears it carries a bigger sound on it. 'Like The Others Did' is a brilliant rocker , a fantastic guitar riff that hooks you from the start, Luke's vocal layered wonderfully in the track, a great band sound on this that will be a live favourite for years.

The most interesting track on here for me is 'Killer' a sole Tony Newton composition that initally when I heard it a couple of years ago was to say the least not a song I cared for, but it has been reworked and polished up with accompanying movie vocal clips at start and end to give it more gravitas. It is now the ugly duckling thats turned into a swan and I eat copious amounts of humble pie for it.

The centre piece and production number of the cd is the glorious 'Underneath My Skin' starting off slow with piano in the background, the song builds up like Mistaken/Saints & Sinners style, the Chris Jones - Deans and Matt Pearce - Gibson guitars play this track out wonderfully with Luke singing very soulfully, this song is extremely well produced with the bass and drums simmering underneath , a touch of orchestration at the end reallty give the track an epic feel to it. 'Body And Soul' has another great riff to it and it rocks along with a great groove, 'Live Again' bites into you with its choppy guitar intro, great lyrics as well
' You smash down all these walls now you can barely crawl, whereas upon my friend you're gonna live again'.

'Mountain' is another new track to me and is fastly becoming my cd favourite and sounds very radio friendly to these ears. Starting with Tony's bass line it soon settles into a great groove with the twin guitars exchanging the riff, before Grav lays down the backbeat for Lukes gentle vocals, halfway through the song launches into another gear with the guitar break before settling back down into the aforementioned groove.
'Long Way From Home' sends off the cd in grand style , this is a serious rocking track that is already a live favourite and shows everything that is good about Voodoo Six, thundering bass, skin-blistering drums, great vocals and superb twin lead guitars, and a chorus that mere mortals dream off writing.

The songwriting credits are shared between Luke, Tony and Matt and I think the whole band can be proud of making a cd of outstanding quality in difficult circumstances, high quality musicianship from Luke Purdie, Dave 'Grav' Cavill, Matt Pearce, Chris Jones and Tony Newton. The engineering , production and mixing of this cd are also top notch.

This cd is a must for any self respecting fan of classic rock music, 11 tracks of quailty that will be hard to find on another cd this year.
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on 21 October 2010
Having followed this group for about 8-months, after seeing them live on a number of occasions earlier in the year, I was looking forward to the album release with a slight sense of anxiety. Too many groups today flatter to deceive, with one or two goods songs and then a selection of filler tracks. Not so Voodoo Six and Fluke. It's a cracking album from start to finish. I don't much care for ascribing genres to music, but these guys are playing classic, British rock. Great guitars, drums and a base line that Lemmy would be proud of.

Still not sure? Head over to their website where you can listen to the entire streaming album. Then, come back and buy it, and then go and see them live.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 19 October 2010
There is definitely a resurgence in Britain of "traditional" rock, you know, guitar, bass, drums and a damn fine singer and this unsung band are probably as good as it gets. Much more relaxed, with better songs than the over-hyped Black Country communion, I particularly like the way that the bass especially is up front in the mix, giving them a meaty, dirty sound. I can only hope that the extensive touring these boys do gets them the acclaim they deserve, although Planet rock radio and Classic Rock Magazine seem to rate them. If they manage to get a couple of good slots on next year's festival circuit they could break through into the big time.
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on 18 October 2010
I'll start off by saying since the last release from these guys there has been a change in frontman and when i first found out i was somewhat skeptical and really wasn't sure how i'd feel about the new material but i knew i'd give it a chance knowing how talented the band are. I'd like to say there is nothing better than finding out there was no need to worry even remotely, the new vocalist is certainly very different but what a voice! The new material is easily their best yet and will have you singing along in no time.

I'd say this is easily an album to please the old fans and bring in new ones aswell, so i highly recommend you give it a go and pick it up, you will not be disappointed. This is not an album of a few catchy singles and then a big wad of filler, no no no, this album has zero filler on it, every track is gold.
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on 26 October 2013
Love this album, immediately upon hearing it on Spotify I had to buy it. With heavy addictive riffs and superb vocals, this is an overall sound that takes me back to when all rock was at its best.

This will have you jumping and singing/shouting out the lyrics while punching the air with your fist. And if it doesn't, well then you have no soul for rock, nuff said!
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on 28 October 2010
The first time I heard 'Take the Blame' (track 1) I thought Audioslave had released a new song... then I listened a bit harder and decided this was a new Chris Cornell solo project... then the song finished and the guy on the radio told me that this was in fact a band I had never heard of called Voodoo Six... and that they were British.

Since that moment I have been waiting for the release of this album, hoping that the brilliance of that song was not a one off.

Well now the day is here when I can say with certainty that it was not a fluke. This album is everything Rock should be. The solos will melt your face off, the riffs are up there with the best (imho) of all time; Soundgarden, Metallica, Guns n Roses and other such legendary groups. The vocals are iconic; delivered with punch, guts and genuine emotion.

If you thought Rock was dead then you should buy this album and reassure yourself.

Stand out tracks include 'Take the Blame' as mentioned above, 'Take Aim' possibly my favourite song on the album, 'Killer', 'Live Again' and the sublime 'Long Way From Home', I do not wish to imply that what lies between these songs is filler, these are just the moments when brilliance becomes genius.

If you buy one Rock album this year, buy British; buy Fluke?!
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on 28 October 2010
After gaining a new vocalist, Voodoo 6 seem to be rejuvenated. The first album was very good, but this is far better. One of the best I've heard this year and ranks alongside AB3, Black Country Communion, Slash and Chickenfoot in my top 5 albums of 2010. It's even more impressive considering the amount of experience those other artists have. An excellent all-round performance with no obvious weaknesses - great songwriting, as much riffing and guitar solos as you could want, first class vocals and a powerful rhythm section. No rock fan should be without it and the chance to see them live in the next few weeks should be grabbed with both hands.

These boys are going to be big news very soon.
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on 9 December 2010
Having been in London at V6's first gig with Mr P as front man this album has been something I have been looking forwards too for a long time. Glad to say I wasn't disappointed. Anyone who claims to be a little bit rock needs this CD in their collection, anyone who claims to be a lot rock will have pre ordered it along with the T-shirt :)
It has an old school sound with a newfound enthusiasm. I love it!
This band goes from strength to strength and deserves everything good that is coming too them.
Catch them live if you can they rock \m/
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on 8 January 2011
Heard good things about this album, had previously bought first hit for free which was excellent in itself. Knew that there had been change of personnell Luke Purdie coming in, ordered the cd from Amazon as soon as it came out whacked it on and wow wall of sound transcending to the ears, absolutely fantastic vibrant and vital fresh and loud all tracks well produced, fantastic album all round brit rock at its best sound a little bit like a british version of blackstone cherry which is not a bad thing overall i urge you to buy this album .
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on 9 December 2010
Saw these guys play Newcastle a few weeks ago and picked up an album then. Been playing it ever since - awesome songs and really think the new singer's voice suits the band. The songs are definitely of a "classic rock vein" - a bit like Black Stone Cherry all grown up. Excellent British rock.
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