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4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 8 December 2010
This superb box set contains 12 discs and features every episode of the show including the Christmas Specials and a few documentaries. For the benefit of any potential buyers these are what the 12 discs contain:

Disc 1: Series 1 (6 episodes) plus featurette Britain's Best Sitcom.

Discs 2 and 3: Series 2 (6 episodes) plus 1990 Christmas Special 'Who's Listening'.

Discs 4 and 5: Series 3 (6 episodes) plus 1991 Christmas Special 'The Man In The Long Black Coat' and commentary on episode 'The Beast In The Cage'

Discs 6 and 7: Series 4 (6 episodes) plus 1993 Christmas Special 'One Foot In The Algarve' and commentary on episode 'Hearts Of Darkness'.

Discs 8 and 9: Series 5 (6 episodes) plus 1995 Christmas Special 'Wisdom Of The Witch' and commentary on 'The Man Who Blew Away'

Discs 10 and 11: Series 6 (6 episodes) plus documentary 'The Story Of One Foot In The Grave', featurette 'Killing Victor' and commentary on episode 'The Execution's Song'.

Disc 12: 1996 Christmas Special 'Starbound' and 1996 Christmas special 'Endgame'.

What's missing are the two short Comic Relief sketches from 1993 and 2001.
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There can be little doubt that 'One Foot In The Grave' is a classic British sit-com. How many of us listen to Victor's moaning and realise that he sounds just like us? Every single episode is featured here including the Christmas specials. There are many laugh out load moments and it is beautifully performed by Richard Wilson and Annette Crosbie. In fact, each and every performer fits their relative roles like a glove.

There are several extras here to make this an even better package including some commentaries and a documentary on the series. You don't need me to tell you just what fantastic value this box set is and even though many of the scenes have been seen loads of times they are still guaranteed to make you chuckle.

This series is right up there with Dad's Army, Porridge, Rising Damp and Steptoe and Son. An absolute must have for your collection.
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on 31 December 2010
Review as at 31/12/2010

The description is a bit misleading the box set does contain the Xmas specials despite the description showing series 1-6 and the stand alone disk being offered in a deal.
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on 23 May 2009
As far as sitcoms go, this is a true classic. It is a highly experimental series, and never afraid to take risks. While it makes fun of the ordinary annoyances that life throws at us, it extends into the surreal. It often has outrageous and dark or disturbing storylines, and deals with some of the most serious things that we will encounter. These include when Victor displays symptoms of bowel cancer, only to realise that it was caused by Mrs.Warboys' black pudding. There are some outstanding episodes, such as the "One Foot In The Algarve" special, which features Peter Cook, and could probably have been shown in the cinema. Richard Wilson and Annette Crosbie, needless to say, are perfect, but the supporting cast really add to the hilarious atmosphere. Angus Deayton is brilliant as the long-suffering Patrick, who is, in fact, just a carbon copy of Victor. Owen Brenman gives a wonderful performance as the overly-chirpy, possibly demented Nick Swainey. Doreen Mantle is, of course, unforgettable as Mrs.Warboys. As for the sad ending, well it is the ultimate stretching of boundaries, which sets the series' future as a classic ,in stone. It is a unique work of art, which will never be bettered.
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on 9 December 2007
This box set is a must have, containing every single episode of this fantastically written and wonderfully casted/acted sitcom.

What's so good about this collection is it's 12 dvds, the entire series 1-6 including every Christmas/One off special as well as bonus Documentary 'The Story Of One Foot In the Grave' and the 'Britains Best Sitcom' featurette, all in all, this is hours and hours of absorbing, funny, heartwarming comedy which appeals to all ages.

I'd recently got hold of the Only Fools And Horses series 1-7 box set, and the downside of that was the missing christmas specials and one offs and feature lengths, as they contain integral parts of the continual storylines (eg Del meeting Raquel etc)

And with this box set, with every single moment available in chronological order, you don't miss a thing.

I'm sure if you're viewing this item and reading my hastily typed review, you already know how brilliant this sitcom was, the writing of David Renwick, the absolutely brilliant performances of Richard Wilson and Annette Crosbie, as well as the brilliant other characters such as Mrs Warboys, Mr Swainey, Patrick and Pippa and numerous guest stars such as Paul Merton, Barbara Windsor, Tim Brooke-Taylor and Eric Idle to name a few.

This is extremely good value for money and highly recommended, oh, and i've personally found no problems at all with audio/visual sync, so i wouldn't worry about that.

'I've been replaced by a box... It's standard procedure apparantley for a man of my age. The next stage is to stick you inside one."

Timeless and brilliant, and in my opinion quite underated
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on 26 April 2007
This has got to be one of the best comedy series ever. I must have watched the whole series at least 10 times since I bought it. They just don't write them that well here in the U.S. Thanks to the wonderful cast and the brilliant writing of David Renwick. This is truly one of the must haves.
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on 22 February 2008
Victor Meldrew, a fantastic comic creation of the brilliance that is David Renwick, will live on forever.

An epitome of a moaning old fella, he is hugely understood. Of course he has the right to complain when people dump their rubbish on his neighbour's lawn, or when someone dumps an old Citroen 2CV in a skip he hires, but most of the situations in this series are ENTIRELY believeable! Poor old Victor, an irony in the name itself, always believes he is right to complain about life's bitter pills, and I believe he is!

Since buying this DVD set, I've watched it 3 or 4 times now. I don't tire at the jokes about the frozen cat, or Mrs Warboys being rolled down a hill and mounted by a dog or Victor's Honda being stolen and returned with the plants still growing on the back seat. Patrick (Angus Deayton - Have I got news for you) and Pippa (Janine Duvitski - Abigails Party) are a perfect comic foil to Victor and Margaret along with mummy's boy Mr Swainey (Owen Brenman). The Meldrew's friend Mrs Warboys (Doreen Mantle - Jam and Jerusalem) is possibly the most thick-skinned person around, but is entirely loveable by her naivety!

The series begins by Victor being dismissed by Suzie Blake, who later played Bev Unwin in Corrie, and follows him through his adjustments into pensionable age. The odd cameo by actors such as Stephen Lewis (Inspector Blake - On The Buses) makes it all worthwhile.

The hour-long specials are worth mentioning too. One foot in the Algarve is probably the darkest of them all, and a true insight in to the mind of the writer. Beautiful scenery, Peter Cook and a brilliant storyline make this unmissable.

The unmentioned heroine is, of course, Margaret (Annette Crosbie). As his everloving wife, she plays the role amazingly, lovingly and humourously. In the face of life's daily events, she always comes out on top.

Enough of my ramblings. Victor excels Hyancinth Bucket and his contemporaries of the early 90's due to the on-the-ball scripting and acting. There'll be times you'll know what's coming and times you won't have a clue but you'll laugh all the way through. I don't believe it!
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VINE VOICEon 11 January 2013
It's amazing really, how much Victor Medldrew has suffered over the years - from being buried in the garden with only his head showing, to the time when he got lost and ended up at an old people's home where people are being badly treated, Victor's seen it all. In his sixties, Victor seems to be getting more and more frustrated with life and his only way to vent it is by yelling.

His wife, Margaret (Annette Crosbie) has to suffer the daily goings-on of Victor, usually with her moaning "oh for god's sake Victor!" as she slowly but surely thinks that her life is going bad too.

Their neighbours are no strangers to Victor's antics, especially Pipa and Patrick (played amusingly by Angus Deyton) - everything from cockroaches to funny paintings, Victor's life really does get on their nerves.

This is all 6 series of OFITG - and all the Christmas specials, including the final Christmas special which really wrapped up the saga. There are loads of laugh out loud moments in the entire box set, specially when Victor gets to uncover bizarre things, like a yucca tree in his toilet, and the one where he picks up the phone "4291" and grabs Patrick's dog.

This is a pretty good box too, about the size of 4 standard DVD boxes, and comes in ultra slim cases. Each DVD has it's own space, so it's not going to scratch against other disks. Each series has 2 disks each, usually the first one is the series, and the second is given up to the Christmas special. In total there are 6 DVD9s and 8 DVD5 disks in the package. Each series and special is subtitled in English only, for the hard of hearing. Sadly, this has not been subbed in other languages. There is no audio description.

The output quality is pretty good, with a decent enough picture and the sound is well mixed.

All in all, this is a good set, and really does make watching the series again very easy, as it's all there. The only one I really couldn't stand much of was the One Foot In The Algave episode - otherwise it is all good fun, and will keep you laughing for decades to come.
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on 25 July 2008
What more can I say... this truly is a classic show that has and certainly will continue to stand the test of time and it is right now a steal at its current price.

I have to agree with two other reviewers here...

the American reviewer who says that how well written and acted "one foot in the grave" is really shows how poorly most American comedies compare. I mean, don't get me wrong, I like some American comedies ... Friends, Seinfeld, Cheers in particular but even these shows don't hold a stick to a show like this (and in my opinion to most successful British-made sitcoms who know when to bow out and don't suffer the conveyor belt syndrome of 24 episodes every year regardless of actual episode and story quality). Yes, one foot in the grave is a breath of fresh air because unlike most sitcoms it manages to be both dark and very funny, it doesn't rely on witty one liners delivered by young and gorgeous actors/ actresses who can't help but show they are delivering funny lines and know it too.

Also, I agree with my fellow twentysomething reviewer below- I too remember catching this show often as a teenager and loving it, even though I was hardly the target audience. I also agree that it's great that the cast are mostly older people than your average t.v show allows nowadays because of the desire to sex everything up and appeal to young people... it's nice to see a show focusing on characters in their later years of life... so often older people are cast in mere token roles now on t.v.

Well, as for this actual set... every episode made is present on this set... a lot of which I had never seen before actually, I was only six when series one first aired! I was a casual viewer of the show, I caught the odd episode on BBC ONE in the mid- late nineties but hadn't followed the show religiously, so this set is an absolute treat... i think all the episodes (including all the Christmas specials) are consistently good... none of the shows struggle for funny moments... there's always some crazy accident, misunderstanding to fuel plenty of laughs... And I for one actually liked the final episode, I know some other reviewers didn't though, I'm glad they killed Victor off in such a dark way... it was fitting for a show that often treaded closely on the line of dark humour... and it stopped the temptation of resurrecting the show for another series or Christmas special every other year until the quality waned and the show would be very tired and unfunny any more.

Finally, I know there are some early reviews stating problems with audio-visual timing, that the mouths don't move on screen at the same time as the words are spoken and heard. I was considering buying this set at Christmas when it was on sale cheaply here on Amazon again but I was put off by these reviews.. a few weeks back, I saw the more recent ones saying they had no such problems and I decided to take the chance and buy the set at last... I'm glad I did.. I too experienced no such problems and I watched the series on two different tv.s and two different dvd players.. one very basic sony model, one sony hard disk dvd recorder.
As for the price, this 12 disk set includes the 6 series (with 6 x 30 minute episodes each) and a total of 6 separate 1 hour Christmas specials (90 special, 91 special, one foot in the Algarve special, 95 special, 96 special, 97 special)... all for just £32 or for me 45 Euro... an absolute steal, I mean I saw this set here in Ireland in a high street branch of hmv for 99 Euro last year, more than double the price!

So it really is a quality classic show and at a bargain price right now. Highly recommended to anyone who has ever watched and enjoyed even one episode of the show.
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on 9 March 2014
Back in 2004, One Foot in the Grave came just 10th in a series that set out to find ‘Britain’s Best Sitcom’. I remember being surprised by this, as what we have here is without doubt one of the cleverest, funniest and downright surreal pieces of programming ever. The only possible explanation for One Foot not being ranked at no. 1 is a style of humour perhaps of a more challenging kind when compared to something like Only Fools.

Victor Meldrew is a man in his 60s, ousted from his job and thrown onto the ‘scrapheap of life’, the shadow of mortality now looming ever more presciently over him. The strange and hilarious situations he finds himself in, struggling to find meaning in his new life of retirement, are a reflection of the absurdity of our own small lives. Anyone of any age can relate to the trials and tribulations of Victor and his wife Margaret, as writer David Renwick explores to the fullest the maxim ‘hell is other people’. Tedious characters like Nick Swainey along with the ‘gibbering old bat’ Mrs Warboys are not dissimilar to the sort of people we all have to put up with every day. Meldrew’s moaning about them is a very human catharsis, and a delight for the audience, as he says the things we all want to say.

One of the most distinctive features of One Foot in the Grave is it’s much talked about ‘dark’ humour. When a dead cat shows up in the freezer as early as episode 3, it is hard to disagree that this may be an edgier affair than your average sitcom. The utterly maddening bit-part characters Ronnie & Mildred are later used to stark shock effect during a particularly morbid scene. This black comedy is made all the more effective by the sharp scripts, but the other masterstroke is the amount of visual humour deployed. From grumpy snowmen to ‘grinning’ television aerials, Renwick makes the most of the televised format, creating a unique and bizarre world – and all this right in the middle of quaint English suburbia. It is a sublime mix of the mundane alongside the absurd, and it gives the programme a depth that is rare in this genre.

I received this set as a gift a couple of years ago, and was laughing for about the next two weeks as I made my way through each series chronologically. One Foot in the Grave is excellent from the very beginning, right through to the final episode with its inevitable conclusion. Other sitcoms are sullied by inconsistent quality or naff specials – but not so here. Every step of Victor Meldrew’s journey to the grave has been mapped to be savoured again and again.
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