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on 5 January 2015
Great speakers, bought these to replace my 1st gen soundsticks after they stopped powering on after 12 years. These aren't as good as the 1st generation because they connect via 3.5mm jack and have an auto off function which means that if you are working and a notification comes up the sound doesn't work. You have to be playing sound constantly for the speakers to stay on. This is one of those EU rules that they had to abide by, and its not the end of the world, just a bit annoying. Quility wise you will not get any better computer speakers for the price, highly recommended.

Oh and apparently the best way to overcome the switch off issue is to turn the computer vol up and the speakers down, which brings me to my next point, its a bit annoying that there is a separate sound control on the speakers, it means I have to play with 3 different vol controls every time I listen to something different. Its a shame that they got these right on the first try and then changed them.
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on 5 March 2013
I spend quite a few days trying to decide which speakers to buy. So I think I did my homework pretty well.
Initially I wanted to get a speaker system without a subwoofer due to limited space. But... and a HUGE but... nothing on the market, this side of £200 doesn't sound even remotely close to a system with a subwoofer.

Next, price... these are quite a bit more than JBL Creatures, which I also considered, but Harman Kardons sound way better. And I personally think its money well spent.

HK Soundsticks are not without fault. They look great with that transparent polycarbonate but they are nightmare to maintain clean in a busy household.
All wires in the sub are hardwired so if anything goes wrong, nothing you can do but replace the whole unit.
Cables...although very thick and well protected they are are everywhere around your computer/laptop and don't go well with nice and clean lines of the speakers.

BUT... you will overlook all these minor faults when you have them set up and start listening some music or watch a movie.
They are simply stunning at this price range.
Again, if you are looking for some VERY loud speakers, look elsewhere. Logitech is a good choice for you than.
My old 2.1 speakers were Logitech z340. They are stupendously loud. But you can't really make out words in a song at the top end. My 10 year old son loves them, so he ended up having them since HK's arrived.
Soundsticks on the other hand are beautifully clear. And don't make mistake, I am not saying they are not loud... they are, but in a civilized way.

All in all, these are great speakers, well worth the Amazon price (not sure if I can include price or if I can compare other shops here, but just google and you will see what I am on about). I don't know if I would pay nearly double the amount which is the RRP.
Harman Kardon Soundsticks III will put a smile on your face every time you listen to them and well deserve 5 stars
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on 17 January 2015
Listen up!

For under £100, I can't imagine there's anything better. From the images, I wasn't too sure if I would like the design however not only does it fit in really well with either dark or light color schemes, but also looks beautiful. Whether you wan't to use these as the expected PC speakers or for a 2.1 home sound system connected to a television, they will perform stunningly either way.

The sub woofer has an adjustable knob at the back allowing you to control how much bass you'd like, mines usually set just under the half way mark as the bass is quite intense with these speakers however if you plan on using them as an alternative to television speakers i'd strongly recommend placing the sub woofer in the corner of the room if possible for optimal bass quality and effect. Additionally, the speakers will automatically turn themselves into standby between 5-15 minutes after inactivity and will turn back on once they detect an audio signal.

If you're looking to buy these speakers you will not be disappointed whatsoever. With items like these, it's very hard to see if they're any good unless you're in front of them as factors such as microphone quality and your speaker quality will strongly effect the sound on both videos and audio samples but I can assure you they sound amazing.
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on 10 August 2014
Before you look at a negative review....DON'T!

These are the most amazing speakers you will ever buy for your computer or anything else you want to play to Bluetooth. Firstly they are an absolute breeze to setup. Once you have connected the power supply and the two speakers to the subwoofer you are ready to pair them.

I use the Pixel Chromebook as the first device to pair. I spun up my Google Play and played a sample of tracks from classical to disco to hard trance and onb absolutely everything they worked, worked, worked. Without any drop outs, perfectly clear and great bass.

Look no further, these are the Bluetooth speakers for you.
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on 9 January 2012
I bought a pair of Harmon Kardon Soundstick IIs 10 years ago. They have been brilliant for a decade, outperforming and replacing my Cambridge Audio A1 amp with Gale Gold Monitor Speakers - allegedly a proper Hi-Fi that cost £180 including the cables and stands. We use them for Music, TV and Movies.

I've never been disappointed by the sound or anything else to do with the product. People are always amazed by how good they sound. To my ears the tweeters don't always have the subjective warmth of the more traditional system - but the clarity makes up for it. They can highlight poor quality recordings.

So when they finally died - as a result of the aging glue finally giving up - I bought a pair of Sound Stick IIIs. They sound identically good, and seem to in fact be identical barring cosmetic changes, so I see no reason to assume they won't last another 10 years.

In short - the best system I've heard anywhere near this price bracket.
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on 4 October 2017
I'm using these straight out of the 3.5mm monitor jack on my Apple Mac to listen to spotify whilst I work and mince around on the internet and the sound quality is very nice. Well made, not as classy looking as I thought as I think I expected glass not plastic but quite individual nonetheless.
I replaced a decent pair of usb powered logitech speakers that I thought did the job well, until I plugged these in. I'm hearing different notes/percussion etc on tracks I didn't hear before so I'm very pleased so far.
Sound quality is clean, sub is ample. The speakers don't appear to distort either at almost full volume. Remember this isn't a 5.1/7.1 surround system running off a digital amp so it wouldn't be fair to compare to that, but if you're on a budget and/or using with a PC you'll be very impressed.
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on 15 January 2015
Let's make it clear, I LOVE my music and I'm always listening to it. I saw these speakers and thought WOW , upon receiving them my thoughts haven't changed. They are like a piece of art and rightly deserve their place in New York City's Museum of Modern Art.
They are easy to set up and as per instructions I have placed the dome on the floor under my desk (I really didn't want to though, because it's too nice to hide). The bass does sound better on the floor, than on the desk.
The sound is so different to any other speakers I have owned. It seems to place you in a music bubble of sound, which I still find difficult to explain.
I'm still trying to find the right position for the speakers, because you tilt them to alter the tone. So I tend to change the tilt depending on genre.
I would recommend these to anyone and give them 10 out of 10 for looks, quality and loudness. The price was fantastic and they look like they would cost alot more.
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on 10 October 2017
A constant hissing noise coming from the speakers whenever it's switched on. The only way to stop is to mute the speakers or switch them off... which defeats the point of having speakers...
HK customer services insist this is normal, yet I can't play music at low volume levels. The only way to cover it up is to play so loud i can't hear someone in the same room talking to me. For £180 I feel seriously ripped off. My last pair of sound sticks were amazing, non bluetooth, worked perfectly and lasted me 6 years. seriously disappointed with this purchase. HK customer service is appalling. Another user I've spoken to was told this happened because they had a lamp on their desk...absolute BS.
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on 15 February 2015
Love these. They look great, sound great.

My only issues with them is I wish I could turn off 'stand-by' mode - there is a 1-2s delay before they start to play again if no sound has come from your output for a while.

The volume seems to always start off really low - I thought they were faulty for a while but they just needed the volume to be turned up - a lot.

Love them though - they always get positive comments - sitting as they do in pride of place on my desk - inc the sub - to pretty to hide out of sight!
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on 16 January 2013
I am a concert pianist and an extreme audiophile. Due to the affordability and design of this product, I decided to give these speakers a go. I was thoroughly impressed. Firstly, the design is fantastic and also sturdy. Even though in the picture the product looks fragile or very light-weight, they are not. Instead they are very well built and sturdy.

I always listen to complex contrapuntal orchestral music to gauge the quality of any speakers. I was thoroughly impressed with how the Harman Kardon Soundsticks handled the audio reproduction. The subwoofer is extremely powerful whilst maintaining clarity. The standing speakers produce an extremely accurate tone. Together the three speakers work extremely well in tandem. A real steal for such a cheap price!
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