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on 31 August 2014
Extremely happy
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on 25 February 2011
this game is one of the best games i have ever played, even better than the first, the graphics are insane, the gameplay is solid and enjoyable, the story is awesome and you really care about the characters. the game is really long (being at the very least 25 hours but could easily stretch to 35 plus with added content on top!) if you buy this game you would not be disappointed... when your playing it your not just enjoying it.. you feel like your experiencing it! cant wait for the 3rd!
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on 20 May 2011
Mass Effect 2 is an extraordinary game. PS3 owners, who missed out on the first installment of the series, are fortunate to be offered the full Mass Effect 2 experience and much of the DLC in this pack. The interactive graphic novel, which must be downloaded as part of the Cerberus Pack before the game begins, fills the player in on the story to date. Overall the game is a thoroughly engaging experience. The graphics are for the most part very good, though not groundbreaking when put alongside contemporary titles. What really draws the player into this game is the dialogue and the endless different ways of playing the game. There are numerous interactive decisions which affect relationships with characters and such varied ways of playing the game. The gameplay is rewarding, though again it could be slightly tighter; there are occasional glitches and some players have had problems with save files being corrupted. There are plenty of rich environments to explore and the DLC is seamlessly integrated, expanding and widening the horizon of the gameplay.

It's a near perfect title, check out the IGN video reviews to see if it's for you, highly recommended, as is the strategy guide if you want to have a hope of finding everything.
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on 23 January 2011
This review is spoiler free!

I have never had a Xbox 360- so my X360 owning friends were quite happy to brag about this excellent game.

One of the things that does dismay me about the different formats is; if you can only afford one console,you miss out on some of the best games on other systems. Exclusives are only nice when they are exclusive to your system- but when it comes to a game of the quality of Mass Effect 2 you wonder what they were thinking when they stuck it just on the X360 or PC. It was of such a class that some gamers wept in sheer frustration at it being stuck on one format.

Thankfully, the future is brighter for this franchise with the upcoming sequel to be multi-format, and finally PS3 owners can join in the fun and sing from the same hymn sheet as X360 owners, they can understand the way this game seamlessly merges the FPS (first-person shooter) and the RPG (role-playing game) genres, for those who are distracted by RPG buy, sell, upgrade, level up options that can distract and reduce the pace of the game you have the options to reduce the RPG elements and concentrate on gung-ho fighting, and for those who want to immerse themselves into a whole new universe without worrying excessively about skill and reflexes the RPG element can be lifted and the wealth of detail given into modifications is nothing short of incredible.

The graphics and sound on the PS3 version are exceptional- in all honestly they are an improvement on the X360 version (but this is to be expected and does not detract from the x360 version which is sublime itself)- for those with hearing problems there are full English subtitles for everything, and when a game is dialogue heavy (as this can be) the effort the makers have made in this respect really must be applauded.

One thing that cannot be praised enough is the fact that this game can pretty much never be played the same way twice- the potential longevity of this game makes it exceptional value for money. Every decision you make has an effect on the game- leading me to really think about my characters decisions. It also inspires me to start different games at the same time just to see the consequences of taking a different course of action. I am also given to understand that the activities you do in ME2 will have an effect on ME3 as well- something X360 owners have aleady seen and something PS3 owners have wanted to see in games on their system for a long time.

There is something for everyone here with just the game on it's own and PS3 owners are especially lucky with all the DLC (down-loadable content) being included on the disk with the game.

All I can advise is this is a game that will appeal to all end of the spectrum- its pretty easy to play and easy to get into for casual gamers and it has the ability to go to a depth that other, similar, games struggle to reach- but the choice is yours!
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on 5 September 2013
Fantastic game, and my favorite in the mass effect series. It has a brilliant storyline, beautiful graphics and superb characters. A must play for any gamer!
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VINE VOICEon 25 January 2011
Bioware continue to surprise. The single best game on Xbox last year makes the jump to PS3 and not only have Bioware done a fantastic job with the conversion, but they've actually delivered a far better product from what we saw last year in a number of ways... even though many of the game's shortcomings still remain.

I covered most of the game's finer details in my review of the Xbox version last year, but in brief: Mass Effect is a sci fi space opera that revolves around Commander Shepard(Either John or Jane, depending on your preference) and his/her efforts to uncover the secrets behind an ancient alien race known as the Reapers who are on the verge of returning to wipe out all life in the galaxy. So Shepard must recruit a team of sci fi archetypes to find a way to prevent the forthcoming invasion from happening. The story is pretty strong and well put together, with an impressively detailed universe to explore and a large cast of pretty distinct characters to interact with. This is easily the most polished game Bioware have ever produced.

The gameplay takes the primary form of a third person shooter clearly trying to follow to 'Gears of War' model of design: basically spending most of the fights hiding in cover waiting for an opening to take a shot. The implementation of "Biotic powers"(Basically space magic) adds a much needed additional level of depth to the combat, which is for the most part fairly linear in lay out and does little beyond funnelling you into endless shooting galleries for much of the game. Saying that, the combat IS fun and well put together, so it isn't really the chore I may be making it sound. Outside of combat you're basically walking around looking for people/objects to interact with, usually leading into lengthy conversations where you choose responses and occasionally get to take actions which either make you come off as a decent person or a massive d-bag depending on how you're feeling. Don't like the back chat that mercenary you've caught is giving you? Either reason with him or throw him off the top of a skyscraper! The game is heavy on moral options, but seems to be light on presenting real consequences for showing a lack of morals in your actions from what I could see, which seems to render the good/evil element of the game largely pointless, whereas in Bioware's last game, Dragon Age, such elements actually affected the way you were viewed and treated by your companions and the world at large, which is the proper way to do it. That isn't to say the interaction element of Mass Effect 2 is bad in anyway... quite the contrary, it's nothing less than a masterclass on how to do character interaction in gaming, it just needed a bit more in the way of consequences and lasting effects of such interactions. Then of course, there is the addition in this PS3 of all the DLC that was released for the game(Aside from a couple of aesthetic 'character appearance' packs it seems if you care). Not only does this include the hefty paid DLC but also has all the free DLC either on disc or(With the included code) available to download from the off. This DLC not only adds a good 6 or so hours of gameplay at least, but also adds in some real variety to the gameplay that I previously complained was missing from much of ME2. In particular the 'Firewalker' and 'Overlord' quest lines prove a significant break from the rest of the game in that it adds actual vehicle exploration and combat to the game that I again complained was missing from the game with the removal of the original game's Mako sequences. These scenes see you piloting a kind of hovercraft across various landscapes(eg. Forests, volcanoes) and are a real breath of fresh air in the game that really adds something new to proceedings. Additionally there is a decent added in 'hover taxi' chase scene added in that again breaks from the regular game that sees you driving through rush hour hover car traffic between skyscrapers in a fairly impressive sequence. Much of this may not be new to everyone, but having it in the game from the start really does make a major difference for the better to the game's overall flow and variety.

Visually, ME2 was already a great looking game, but on PS3 it is actually even prettier. It's not an enormous difference or anything, but the texture work(Especially on character faces) is notably better and the lighting is more dynamic, but otherwise most of the game is on par with the 360 version, including(Sadly) the somewhat grainy, lower resolution FMV sequences that infrequently occur and should really have been fully upscaled for HD output for this version. The soundwork is obviously identical to the other versions, and as I believe I said before, it is near faultless across the board on this score. Also worth noting is that, while the game advertises an unprecedented 5.3GB install size on it's box, the actual install size is closer to 4.2GB I noticed, but you'll still be waiting over ten minutes for it to finish, so good news bad news.

There's no doubting this is a much improved version of an already great game, with a large amount of added content, improved visuals, no more swapping discs back and forth, and a number of more minor tweaks that help to smooth out the experience(eg. toned down hacking mini game frequency). This is the best way to experience Mass Effect 2 itself... HOWEVER... there's really no ignoring the elephant in the room in the form of the PS3 not getting any version of the first Mass Effect game. I reviewed ME1 back when it first came out and I found it to be a broken, unpolished, borderline unfinished mess of a game with a great story behind it. True, there is a rather nifty interactive comic in the PS3 version of ME2 that covers all the important plot points you need to know from ME1 and lets you make choices that carry over into your ME2 game, but there's no denying that being denied one of the best features the other versions of ME2 had (The ability to carry over a multitude of decisions and actions from your ME1 save game) is a serious downside, and is the only reason I'm marking this game down. It is a fantastic package in every way it can be, but if you're new to the Mass Effect series, you ARE going to feel like you're missing something going in cold with this title. I'd seriously recommend picking up the PC version of ME1 as it offers a number of improvements on the poor 360 version and can be had for pennies these days and thankfully most decent PCs can run it without a fortune in upgrades first. You won't get the save carry over, true, but at least you'll have the full story first. Not a perfect solution I know, but needs must sometimes.

A highly recommended purchase, so long as you don't mind feeling a little bewildered on some points.
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on 9 July 2011
I've not experienced a game like this before!!!

The graphics are great and the game play has lots of variety. The best part of the game is it's story line, it has a very complex plot with lots of alien races, worlds, characters and technologies.

It took about 10 hours of play to really make my mind up about the game. I'm now 30+ hours into the game and it feels like I'm only just scratching the surface of what it has to offer so make sure you give it a good go before reverting back to COD MW2.

I recommend this game to all PS3 owners out there!!!


Just completed the game and have to say that while investing more than 75 hours of my life I've had an absolute blast - even got a sexy dance off Kelly in the captains quarters to sign off with!!!

Think I'll have a break for a month then start again with a character more power orientated instead of guns.
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on 20 December 2011

great game!
what an adventure
what fun experience
i already play mass effect 1 but if you didn't do not worrie to much cause you have a good preview where you will learn everything and even make some choices
then its mass effect 2 in all its glory
awesome game
i really recomend it
review imagereview image
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on 4 April 2011
Everything about this game oozes excellence from its story, gameplay, character developement, graphics, beautiful realised cities and everything in between.

Its story partly stems from the first Mass Effect that I haven't had the privilage to play, but does have its own story for its second outing. The story is fairly simple, with an Alien race called the Collector's abducting off World human colonies and using them for their own personal gain, and it is you/Shepard the character, who has to stop them. There's alot more to the story narrative as you play through the game, that I won't spoil here.

Now onto the port that the game has been given, if someone had told me that the game was made primarily using the PS3 hardware I would have to believe them. It's better looking than its Xbox 360 cousin, due to the new Mass Effect 3 engine that is being used. The Blu-ray disc really helps to push out a very asthetically pleasing game.

The music of course is still superb, with most of the composition undertaken by Jack Wall, who also worked on the first Mass Effect. It may not be as ethereal and dramtic as the first soundtrack, but it's definitely a dabatable subject.

The character developement, is something very unique that really makes you have an understanding of the characters on a personal and emotional level, it's difficult to find a game that induces the viewer/player with emotions so seamlessly which Bioware have achieved triumphantly.

The DLC that is already on the disc that doesn't require downloading is, Kasumi: Stolen Memories, Overlord and Lair of the Shadow Broker. All brilliant, but particular praise must be shown for Lair of the Shadow Broker, which put simply is amazing.

There was one negative about the game, but isn't particularly about the game per se. It's not quite the definitive version as it could have been, with not all of the DLC available on the disc. You do have to download a few others to get the full DLC experience, namely, Zaheed and Firewalker. That is really the only negative that I could find about the game, which pretty much says it all.

I could write so much more positives about this game, but I don't want to take away more of your time, which could be spent on playing Mass Effect 2; one of the best games of this generation.
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on 4 August 2011
An Epic saga that keeps you glued to the tv. Finished this without taking a break.
Plus the Graphics are enhanced for the ps3 version! Totally worth the money.
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