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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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Of all the things to buy for the home, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the toaster was one of the easiest to decide on. But when you see just how poorly many premium-brand toasters perform and how low many are rated by consumers, all delusions of a quick and easy purchase go out of the window. And so it was with me; I needed a new toaster that did more than just toast bread, but the ones I looked at either looked naff or received bad reviews. I did eventually settle on the Bosch, partly because of the brand name, partly because of the reviews, and partly because it just looks so darned cool.

As soon as you take it out of the box you can see that the Bosch is a quality piece of kit; regardless of how well is toasts, at the very least it will look superb sitting on your kitchen worktop. It's decked out in a cool-to-the-touch shiny plastic / brushed stainless steel casing that looks fantastic but that does attract fingerprints, so if you're pedantic about such things then you may be cleaning it as much as you're actually using it to toast. A removable crumb tray slides out from the bottom of one end of the machine, so at least you can keep the inside clean even if you can't do the same for the outside. Cable clips integrated into the base hold the just-about-long-enough power lead in place when the machine isn't in use. A manual lever on one end pops the integrated bun warmer - a fancy term for two curved metal loops - out of the centre for (you guessed it) warming buns, rolls, croissants, and pretty much anything else that will sit there.

With the exception of the toast raising/lowering lever, the Bosch's other controls are all located on the top of the machine. There are actually four individual controls - a push-button to turn the machine on and off, one to select the defrost function, one to cancel the current setting mid-toast, and a rocker switch to scroll up and down through the various heat settings. The controls are positive yet not hard to press and solid; all in all, typical Bosch. As you move the heat settings rocker switch, numbers from 1 to 5 above it light up, showing you which setting is currently selected. Even better, the numbers flash in sequence during toasting as a form of timer countdown.

But Bosch appliances aren't just about solid looks and controls; they're also about gadgetry, and the Bosch has quite a bit built-in. The ordinary heating element you'd find in other toasters has been replaced with what looks like a ceramic element like you get in some electric fires. According to the manufacturer, these elements and mirror reflective panels on the interior distribute the heat much better for more even toasting. However, as I'll detail later in my review, the benefits of this system might be lost on me somewhat.

As well as the variable browning control (which, I admit, all toasters have), the Bosch has a very handy setting for re-heating cooled toast. All this really does is to apply a gentle heat to warm toast, rather than to grill it, but it's one of the features I use quite a lot and it works pretty well; if nothing else, it does at least take some of the guesswork out of reheating cold toast which you would have to use a low setting on other toasters to do.

Given that the Bosch has all this tech built into it, I was very disappointed to find that it produces one of the most uneven toasting patterns I've ever seen - on some slices of bread one side is well done while the other is almost untouched, while on others one end is burned yet the other is just right. The ceramic elements, for all their modernity, leave a striped pattern across the bread that seems indicative of the mirror plating not distributing the heat evenly enough. Thick brown bread seems to fare better than thick white, but it still isn't as good as I was expecting from such a modern toaster or, indeed, from Bosch. I tried various different types of bread of differing thicknesses but the results I got only went between bad and mediocre, the only saving grace being that brown bread (due to its colour) shows the unevenness of the toasting less.

Before buying one I saw the Bosch's product video on YouTube and this worried me slightly as the toast looked quite under-done at the top and sides, and my own findings appear to have mirrored this quite well. Yes, it is one of the most tech-filled toasters out there and yes, it is made by one of my favourite manufacturing companies, but I really couldn't recommend it if you favour good toast over bells and whistles.
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on 1 November 2011
This halogen based toaster is excellent, it looks stylish but more importantly does a great job with all bread types . Simple to use it has a digitlal set up and will defrost before toasting if needed.. The only slight grumble is the lowering mechanism that seems a bit flimsy and sometimes does not lock down in one go.
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on 16 November 2013
Having always been used to owning a four slice toaster which automatically switched itself off, I was a bit apprehensive about purchasing this two slice toaster although it nicely matched my new kettle by the same maker Bosch. However, having taken other reviewers negative comments on board decided to give it a fair chance to prove itself, which it has done with first-class results producing the best toast my household have ever had. A little experimenting, has resulted in each slice of bread irrespective of thickness coming out the toaster completely brown all over, and to achieve this we put the bread in the toaster side edge down. We believe it has some very good qualities especially the half settings which are achieved by having two numbers indicated and also its inbuilt memory which means that each time you switch the toaster on the last setting number appears. The fact that the machine has to be switched on and off manually, is no great hardship in the scheme of things, and for safety reasons will go a long way to help prevent malfunctioning toaster switches that have caused fires. This toaster comes highly recommended.
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on 1 November 2011
Bosch create great products, this is another. It has a choice of setting 1-5 with midway settings too - ie pushing the ascending button each time takes you through 1, then 12 (as in midway between 1 & 2), then 2 etc on the digital display.
It does the job and looks good, also useful is the pop up warming rack, which I use for plates (careful they don't get too hot) - so in effect, you can warm our plate with energy you are already creating for the actual toasting.
Results are not 100% even, but being a digital toaster, they are always consistent each time. The display is illuminated red, like the matching kettle. They make a good team.
One word of warning though, unlike the kettle it doesn't switch itself off automatically, the bread pops up and stops cooking, but the toaster itself remains on and needs to be turned off (it has it's own power switch) each time. Worth remembering & getting used to so that energy isn't wasted.
Overall, good.
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on 10 October 2013
At last I have found a toaster that takes slices from the largest supermarket loafs without half the slice sticking out. Toasting is reasonably even overall, seems to depend on the type of bread but is always acceptable. I like my toast at 4 my wife likes hers at 2, with this toaster the colour is consistent and you can make light slices immediately after dark slices, and we always get our toast at our preferred shade no matter who makes their toast first. Dark toast takes about two minutes. There is an on/off button on the toaster, and if left on only the LED display for toasting levels stays lit so this will only use a tiny bit of power if you forget to turn it off. I paid £49.99 for mine and all in all I think that it is worth it for a toaster that takes a larger slice than any other that we could find and can produce consistent colour on each batch and light toast immediately after dark toast. No more scraping off the burned bits of the second batch!!
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on 23 July 2016
The BOSCH Styline was purchased to make daily breakfast toast and to replace a conventional toaster with wire-wound elements which had broken.

The benefits over the old one are that the toasting is much more even but still not perfect - but then again no bread is perfect and slices at the end tend to be drier and the slices get drier at the edges compared to the centre, consequently drier parts toast faster.
The new toaster clamps the slice into the centre of the aperture so the slice doesn't flop to one side and toast faster on that side or jam on the way up.

Toasting presets are selected by way of 5 illuminated numbers, which double-up to provide 9 levels of toasting, ie. 2.5 is denoted by 2 & 3 illuminating together. The mechanical actions of the warming tack and the lowering and raising of toast are excellent. The toaster toasts edge to edge to edge on all sizes of bread we have tried, some of which would have stuck out the top of our old toaster. The toaster uses 4 ceramic bar elements and mirrors and consequently is a little larger than average 2 slice toasters.

Thank you for taking your time to read my review. I hope you found the review helpful and if this was the case please click on the YES button. If you think I could have done better, before you click on the "no" button to say I was unhelpful, please leave me a comment explaining why you didn’t find it helpful and I will try and update as soon as I can.
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on 25 April 2014
Having been attracted by the recent large ad for this toaster in The Times, the reality proved very disappointing. It certainly looks stylish, and has some seemingly attractive attributes. However, although It is claimed to toast evenly on both sides it actually toasted identically on both sides but varying in brown-ness from top to bottom. This occurred on various types of bread and was consistent. Finding the right setting also proved impossible. For example at setting 2 the bread was un-toasted. At setting 3 (with new slices) it burnt. The only solution was to set at 3 then watch closely and eject early. You also need to hold the toaster down with one hand while depressing the loading handle with the other hand or the toaster tips over. Not a major deficiency, but another irritant. We persevered with trials for a week but then reluctantly returned it. Not what we expected from a Bosch product.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 8 July 2015
This toaster looks stylish but that is the only positive I have to say about it. As it uses halogen heaters (with the so called mirror technology), the bread ends up dried up, rather than toasted. The toast gets chewy and not at all crunchy like you would get from a normal toaster. I have the matching kettle as well, so was very reluctant to send the toaster back but all my family ended up refusing to eat toast for as long as it is produced by this, so ended up returning. Amazon returns service has to be complimented, so efficient and hassle-free - was impressed as it was my first time using. As for the toaster, unless you prefer style over performance, I would recommend you steer clear.
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on 30 January 2012
Would defintely recommend and hope it lasts longer than previous cheaper versions purchased. It is very stylish, and well made. Also appears to be more efficent, and the controls are easy to use.
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on 28 December 2014
This toaster looks great and is very well designed. The toasting element has been upgraded from the old hot wire to bars like in an electric fire which provide for a very even toasting rather than burnt in the middle and not as well done at the sides. The slot of this toaster is what makes it even better as a fan of warburtons which is a little longer than many loafs a slice fits in sideways so I can say goodbye to untoasted tops! I was supprised that the toaster takes up less room than my old one but has bigger elements and wider and longer slot.
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