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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
Human Being
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on 7 March 2013
Human Being
Got nearly all the albums now. Just love Seal. :-) Check him out in concert. :-)
Great value
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on 5 May 2017
Thank you
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on 31 August 2001
I first bought this album when it was released, basically because I was hooked on the first album. I listened to it once or twice when i bought it, then I put it down to rest for some 2 years. I finally got it out not so long ago and listened to it carefully and i was blown away by such a wonderful album. It is orchestrated superbly and the lyrics are so easy to relate to that I could have or would have loved to write this album myself. A true masterpeice, that will defy time.
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on 9 October 2010
All the other reviewers have said it already, but a little more can't do any harm. This is one of the very great albums of all time. Moody, haunting, evocative...It's hard to put into words just how spell-binding this CD is. Even the toned down treble effect of the recording adds to the atmosphere.
The finest of all Seal's offerings to date, and utterly eclipsing anything he has done since. That's the trouble with this, because Seal must realise that it would be very hard if not impossible to come up with anything that could surpass the beauty of this introspective masterpiece. And I think he understands. An awful amount of time, emotion (and money) went into bringing these songs to life, with sadly very little in the way of commercial success by return. His loss, but our gain.
Seal and Seal 2 are must buys, if you are a fan. But this is on another plane - unique, each song a milestone along a winding road of inner doubt and uncertainty. Nothing comes close to the perfection of 'Just like you said', 'Lost my faith' and 'Colour', while 'No easy way' must rank as one of the very great parting of the ways song that has ever been recorded.
It's the best thing he's ever done. I will be amazed if he can reach these heights agin.
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on 15 December 2000
Seal spent 3 and a half years writing this album and it tells. The more you listen to it , the more you fall into it. It is without doubt a modern undiscovered classic. From the opening adrenalin rushed first track through the lovestruck -lovelost middle of the album back to a four track finale which leaves you with a sense of direction and an urge to hit the repeat button. The standout track for me is "when a man is wrong" The searing orchestra and the gravelesque harmonics. This album is musically and lyrically incredible and rightly deserves its name, it is after all an anthem for all the human beings out there. Click on that "Add to the Cart" button right now!! you wont be disapointed
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on 14 August 2006
I bought this album two years after it's release though already a fan of Seal's previous two albums. I bought this album at a time that suited my situation without realising it at the time.

It has a darker sound in comparison to all of Seal's other albums, if you want something happier sounding buy Seal's most recent album!!

1. Human Beings - The title tracks kicks off the way it's reprise ends, dark and questioning and direct to the point. "We're mear human beings we die, it's destined."

2. State of Grace - After the first track, this grounds you more with some good melody and trippy rythmic section.

3. Latest Craze - This track has a good electronic rythmic groove and is good, though I feel it could have been a lot better.

4. Just Like You Said - After the previous track, this stays away from a darker sound and stays neutral and contains good lyrics and vocals.

5. Princess - A short track, Seal and his guitar in a quirky little number. It will bring a smile to your face perhaps and is perhaps the only "happy" track on this album.

6. Lost My Faith - This is perhaps my least favorite track on this album.

7. Excerpt From - A well produced track with nice effects on Seal's voice. With a good rhythmic part, the song doesn't really have a start or an end, intersting.

8. When a Man Is Wrong - A song that makes you think, made me think, how you could do better? Emotional.

9. Colour - This song has a lovely vocal, good melody and is very moody, ideal for the darkened room.

10. Still Love Remains - An interesting rythmic section slowly brings the album to a close.

11. No Easy Way - Great soundtrack awith orchestral piece. The track that has brought out the most emotion in me, ever.

12. Human Beings - darker.

I bought the album at a time when I was going through some personal changes in my life, it reflected those changes perfectly. Though sometimes saddening it helped with the process.
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on 29 January 2004
To all those in the world who enjoyed any of the previous three albums, this is an essential purchase. Yes, it might need to be listened to more than once to appreciate it fully but quality speaks for itself... and this is quality. In short, a maximum five stars without doubt, this one just meets any mood - had a good day, a bad day or just an average day - this music will soothe, relax, chill... and other words you might choose to select. Soft, subltle, warm and so full of feeling and emotion, the man deserves a place in your collection.
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on 17 September 2003
In publicity for his album Seal IV (2003) Seal refers to 'Human Being' as the album that ten people bought. Well, if I'm one of those ten people, I'm one of a small band of very impressed listeners. BUT, I have to admit, when I first listened to this album, I thought it was rubbish. Gone was the bright, punchy production of Seal's second album, and in its place was a dark, muddy, dense sound that did not immediately appeal. It's perhaps for this reason that reviews were so poor. The reviewers only had one chance to listen and then commit their judgments to print. (Some of the early reviews for Seal IV smack of the same).

As other Amazon reviewers have said, you really need to listen to this album ten or twelve times to get 'under its skin', to appreciate the gorgeous musical structures (lots of intricate, diminished chords) and Trevor Horn's amazing orchestration and production. It sounds fantastic in headphones, though I still think the album would have benefited from a sharp 'tweak' of the treble knob just as it was being mastered! I have listened to it so often I still don't know the names of all the individual tracks - I view the album as a whole, not as a 'concept album', but one where the consitency of the production, the moods, the musical forms and (indeed) the slow to medium tempos, all give the album a unified feeling, something quite rare these days (compare with, say, Radiohead's Kid A, where every track is so different from those either side it sounds like a compilation of different bands!).

In summary, highly recommended. It's one of my favourite albums of all time, which is so strange given my initial reaction to it. A "grower" indeed.
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on 21 August 2007
This is the finest album among Seal's very creditable array.

It is dark, deep, rich and sophisticated, and the most musically integrated of all the Seal albums. It took me half a dozen listens to really begin to understand what is going on. The rhythmic inventivness and driving syncopations of this album has no match. So too are the melodic and harmonic play and counter-plays. There are so many inflections to this album every time I hear it, it sounds fresh.

This is not an album that panders to the common palate. It is unusual for it's slow pace and almost dull and very dry eq - Very brave of the
producers. The production and engineering are exquisite, the musicianship: restrained and masterful.

Make no mistake this album is a Rolls-Royce
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on 19 March 2017
I doubt it is fashionable to say this but I honestly think this is one of the very finest albums ever recorded. It took a few listens but once I 'got' this album I was bowled over by it and hooked. I still regularly listen to it and always in its entirety. Individually these might not be the best songs ever but it is as a set, as an album, where they become so, so powerful. They go together seamlessly and seem to follow one another organically. The effect of the whole is awesome, a true cast-iron classic, although I know I am a voice crying in the wilderness - try telling others this and they don't want to know. I guess this will only ever be known to a small band, but what a lucky band indeed, blessed with this stunning piece of art!
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