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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars

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on 4 April 2015
Great album
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on 25 October 2010
The ambiguous title of this review stems from the fact that I actually enjoyed this album... but conversly I didn't like the last one. Now, I loved Count Your Blessings because of it's chunky Death Metal leanings and then I was disappointed with Suicide Season because a lot of that element was absent... so now, I enjoy this new album, but is that because they are performing their new style better or simply because I knew what to expect this time? Difficult to tell... I still don't really like Suicide Season that much so maybe they have improved. With that said, on with the review:

How does it sound? Well, to echo the sentiments of other reviews I've read it does sort of pick up where Suicide Season left of stylisticly. If you missed that album that means more melodic elements i.e. clean vocals/acoustic parts and some subtle electronica influence in some of the more ambient sections. Aside from that there are plenty of chunky guitar riffs, it isn't as heavy as Count Your Blessings but it's still got quite a crunch to it. The production is nice and clear and it has turned out as quite a neat little album. The melodic elements seem to blend in better with the music rather than just being randomly chucked in as I felt they were on the last album.

Vocals? Well, very very few gutteral death grunts. I fully expected a lack of them but it doesn't stop me from being disappointed. Mostly the mid-range hardcore sounding vocals from the last album here then, with the occasional section were Oli Sykes speaks in an exaggerated accent which only serves to annoy (I do quite dislike Oli Sykes anyway, but I'm trying not to let it colour the review). Overall the performance is consistent, solid and overall passable... there are parts which are quite cool but on the whole there isn't very much variety on offer.

Lyrics? Much like other Bring Me The Horizon albums which I would define as largely based around Oli Sykes chanting slogans over heavy riffs (sometimes the slogans are clever/cool and other times they are stupid/cringeworthy). Topics mostly revolve around Oli Sykes whining about how hard his lovelife is (I know, right?) and how people don't like him. Sometimes it's actually executed quite well, other times it comes across as immature and bitter. Some of the lyrics seem a bit less personal, like the title track, and he does seem to be branching out a bit. This seems like a good progression as I quite enjoyed some of the less personal lyrics on the album.

Recommended? To some people definately yeah. I think if you liked the last album you'll probably like this one but even if you didn't like that it might still be worth giving this one a try since I find it better. If you don't like hardcore-y sounding vocals then probably steer clear. If you don't like scene bands trying to cram electronica into their songs because they think it's trendy and ironic then steer clear. Overall... if you hate Bring Me The Horizon they probably aren't doing much here that's going to change your mind.

Dom x
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`There Is A Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is A Heaven, Let's Keep It A Secret,' is the third full length studio album from British metal band Bring Me The Horizon. The album is one of the most adventurous and exciting records to have been released in years and is chocked full of dynamic, boundary pushing material that is likely to alienate as many people as it delights.

Bring Me The Horizon started out mixing extreme metal with metal core and as time went on reduced the number of straight up death metal riffs, death growls and blast beats until now, with their third studio album there is scarcely a second of music that sounds like a strictly death metal band would play, if this is a problem for you it may make sense to give this album a miss.

For everyone who enjoyed `Suicide Season,' and its electronic moments, vocal approach and powerful emotion guitar moments this album is the logical conclusion, expanding on all these areas, basing entire songs around things that were only in parts of the previous album and while using barely any death vocals and not a single blast beat they have kept things fresh by introducing numerous clean vocals, acoustic passages and keyboard lines.

The best example of this style is the opening track, lyrically containing the album title sang by a female vocalist then electronically cut up and played like a keyboard solo in the same song that contains a clean intro, furious fast paced verses and a monster breakdown in the style of bands like Hatebreed and Chimaira towards the end.

If you are worried that the album won't be heavy enough, that the breakdowns are gone or that the album is too much of a departure from the excellent `Suicide Season,' sound then you will be delighted with tracks like `Anthem,' `Visions,' and `The Fox and the Wolf,' which very much pick up where `Suicide Season,' left off so while the album does contain a great deal of innovative ideas and cover lots of new ground, there is still enough of what the band had been doing previously to ease the transition and connect the two styles together comfortably.

Standout tracks include the fantastic opener `Crucify Me,' along wit the powerful semi-ballads `Don't Go,' and `Blessed With A Curse,' all of which exemplify just what makes this record so great; fresh ideas, inspired performances and truly unique music.

There Is A Hell' is honestly the best album the band have released and it is without hyperbole the best album the genre and the country has offered in some time, I can't recommend it any more highly.
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on 25 November 2010
If you already know Bring me the Horizon's sound then this album pretty much carries on where the last one left off. There are more colaborations with guest vocalists here which come in the form of clean female and male vocals in a couple of songs. The electronic sounds have been beefed up too and they play a bigger part than before. Overall this is a great album which sounds like the band have grown into the sound they started to find on the last album - mixing harsh screams with gravelly vocals and heavy guitar as well as powerful drums.

Make no mistake though, the band make use of the trademark sounds of before sparingly and really create a very atmospheric album, this is not simply beatdown after beatdown broken up with clear singing a la metalcore bands. In the UK these guys are leading the pack in terms of new and contemporary heavy music.
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on 7 October 2010
This album is stunning. Each and every song here has its own style and themes, with deep lyrics and memorable choruses. The singing is absolutely top-notch, with intense drumming and some mind-blowing guitar-work. Stand out tracks are Crucify Me, It Never Ends and F***.
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on 19 November 2010
I got into BMTH shortly after the release of their first full-length album. I loved it, but at the same time I thought it was a bit of a mess. Weak lyrics and erratic drum work in places prevented it from being an instant classic. Their second album, Suicide Season, blew my mind, however. It was impeccable. It simply built and progress with amazing fluidity. Everything about the album was fantastic

When I first heard the new single 'It Never Ends' I had my mind re-blown. This band never seem to hit an impasse, they simply continue to grow and mature as a band. This is definitely one of the best metal albums of 2010. BMTH continue to evolve and astound
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on 28 November 2010
I am a fan of most music but, having heard previous stuff by BMTH i must say I wasn't altogether that impressed. It was all a bit too death metal-y and not quite melodic enough for my tastes. So I didn't have too high expectations when I listened to this, but I found this album to be a genuine surprise. The whole sound of this album is really fantastic: it is quite heavy but still very listenable and the added input of orchestration, choirs and glitchy electro bits really add to the feel of the album.

After a few listens I am really hooked and this is truly one of the best albums of the year for me. And 2010 has been a good year for music too!
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on 3 August 2014
Like any rational person, I stand by the notion that you should never judge an artist based on how they look and dress and should only view them based on their integrity and the quality of their work. I mean, who really listens to One Direction for their music? However, there is always the reversal of that where people choose to slate the work of an artist or band because they have 'gay hair' or are 'too pretty', leading some closed minded cretins to declare a band awful because the members are good looking pretty boys. Emo bands like My Chemical Romance and Lostprophets were traditionally viewed as shallow music buried under layers of gothic glam make-up and overlong black fringes yet for me anyway, their music displayed much more than that. Bring Me the Horizon are the next band to fall into that. Whilst their latest two albums have been critical darlings, they have been mocked by the metal scene for being simply a bunch of gorgeous young lads trying to be hardcore. There Is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It, There Is a Heaven, Let's Keep It a Secret is the third album by the band and shows a change in sound for them as they progress their straightforward metalcore sound on Suicide Season and craft a masterwork of a metal album that is parts aggressive and melodic. This is one of my favourite albums of this decade and proves the band's doubters wrong.

There Is a Hell incorporates elements of symphonic music along with ambient and electronica. The opening track 'Crucify Me' opens up like a traditional BMtH song with Oli Sykes bellowing heart-pouring and esoteric lyrics into the mic but then switches to a choir chant after the chorus singing harmoniously the title of the album. Canadian singer-songwriter Lights also contributes vocals to the song which work well and provide a nice contrast to Oli's abrasive screams. The first single from the album 'It Never Ends' incorporates an orchestra in the background which give the album a symphonic element and took many by surprise at how experimental the guys could get (by the way, the music video is trippy as hell). Josh Franceschi from You Me At Six provides additional vocals on the confessional 'F--k' which work greatly into the song which is incredibly vulgar (as the title suggests). 'Don't Go' opens with a string section before progressing into Oli screaming harsh nightmarish lyrics and Lights returning to deliver some sweet vocals.

'Home Sweet Hole' features less aggressive guitar work which feels more post-hardcore when compared alongside Oli's growls and screams. 'Alligator Blood' and 'Visions' feel more like basic Bring Me the Horizon tracks with fast paced guitar riffs and screaming. The former song has to be one of their best written songs with the classic opening lyric 'let's play a game of Russian roulette. I'll load the gun, you place the bets' and 'put a gun to my head and paint the walls with my f-----g brains'. 'Blacklist' feels like a fight song with its confrontational lyrics. The instrumental interlude track 'Memorial' has a very cool ambient flow as it provides a great introduction to 'Blessed With a Curse', a mammoth track filled with emotional lyrics, harsh guitar work and electronic backing. 'The Fox and the Wolf' closes off the album with the traditional sound of BMtH, a short under two minute track with breakdowns and piercing wails.

Personal favourites on There Is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It, There Is a Heaven, Let's Keep It a Secret: 'Crucify Me', 'It Never Ends', 'F--k', 'Alligator Blood', 'Visions' 'Blacklist' and 'Blessed With a Curse'.

There Is a Hell feels like a band finally finding their sound and crafting a masterpiece out of a musical genre that is commonly looked over by the music populace. The band took what was good about their second album Suicide Season and raised the bar to make an explosive and ultimately compelling record. If you happen to be a sceptic when it comes to Bring Me the Horizon, you might be surprised by how versatile this album is and may admire it (if not able to fully immerse yourself into it). This is honestly one of the best metal albums I've heard and definitely one of my favourites.
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on 30 September 2016
You know, sometimes I listen to this and think it is the absolute pinnacle of experimental hardcore. Bring Me The Horizon are talked about so much, I'll try and make this short. Moving further away from their deathcore roots, Oliver Sykes and chums produce a sublime, risk-taking masterpiece that stretches the boundaries of the genre and makes something new out of it. 'Crucify Me' opens things in grandiose style, with a humungous shout-along middle eight, a glitchcore female vocal, and some serious throat-shredding. My God, Oli sounds fantastic. I miss the grim, snarling growls of 'Count Your Blessings', but there is nothing finer than 'There Is A Hell'. It is the most sophisticated hardcore album I've ever heard (it runs rings around Capsize, Within The Ruins, and Invent, Animate), fusing the agonising pain of lovelorn post-hardcore with breakdowns that hit like a ton of bricks. It's loaded with keyboards, clean vocals from the mysterious Lights, Oli's mature lyrics, which are better than ever here, never mind the screaming. It's relentless. He hits the lows occasionally (heavier tracks favour the style - listen to 'Anthem', for God's sake), while the remainder is yelled with a hardcore rasp, often breaking as if Sykes can't believe what he's saying. It's powerful stuff.

Okay, so first listen it's the best hardcore album ever. Sit back and relax, bask in its glory. Looking at it in the cold light of day, it still has magnificent flow, but it's not quite as sophisticated as first imagined. The yearning prayer of 'It Never Ends' and 'Don't Go' are natural highlights. The riffs are strong, the percussion manic, and Oli is absolutely bang on. He started the yelling on on 'Suicide Season', and it continues here, but it's so much better. I can actually feel his spit as he takes the mic down a peg.

The whole thing is woven together by the lyrics. They deal with heartache and the futility of life. Couldn't be more fitting. BMTH have always tried new things. 'Blessed With A Curse' introduced the bittersweet electronic direction the band would embrace on 'Sempiternal'. Behind everything is ambience; it's an experience, not a record. Best thing is, the more you immerse yourself in it, the more you discover. Right now I'm digging 'Visions', a tune I almost forgot about. And don't get me started on 'Alligator Blood', the most aggressive tune on here. You just can't help yourself; you need to scream the refrain at the top of your lungs: PUT A GUN TO MY HEAD AND PAINT THE WALLS WITH MY BRAINS!

Screw Suicide Silence. When I want to destroy something, this is my jam.

Newcomers listen up: this is Bring Me The Horizon's best album. It perfectly balances the heaviness of 'Suicide Season' with the tender, crestfallen direction they would soon embrace. All metalcore fans should have this in their collection. It was recorded in Sweden by famed Dream Evil guitarist/engineer Fredrik Nordstrom, the living legend. Bottom line: 'There Is A Hell Believe Me I've Seen It, There Is A Heaven Let's Keep it A Secret' is the finest hardcore album there is. Many awesome bands like Knocked Loose, Vanna, and Fallujah are doing mad things with hardcore, but BMTH got it right this time. Perfect balance between crushing agnostic metalcore and vulnerable post-hardcore, dusted with ambient keys and a classical air. Oil might be burned for whatever damn reason, and yes 'That's The Spirit' was a dumb, juvenile attempt to break into the mainstream, but in 2010 Bring Me The Horizon were unstoppable. All their albums played with new sounds, new shapes. 'There Is A Hell' is the link between heartache and catharsis. Metalcore fans who haven't heard it (there's bound to be some) need to get this right now. I mean leave the damn house, go to town and buy it. Follow the lyrics when you get back and prepare yourself for the journey.

'Sempiternal' was a game changer, but 'There Is A Hell' owns it. Same league as 'The Blackest Beautiful', 'War All The Time', and 'Define The Great Line'. Perfect title for one of the best hardcore albums of all time.

Get. In.
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on 2 January 2017
Track by track
Crucify Me-This song is very powerful and stands out due its length and guitars but also features excellent vocals from singer lights which are distorted to add a loud quiet effect.I like the hook 'Pray for the dead!' as well.starts off a epic album with a epic song.9/10
Anthem-A bit of a change in pace for the but for the better.The fast pace and heavy guitar works perfectly to the songs advantage.I like Oli's death growl at the end as well but the instrumental at the end is dull which brings it down a bit though.8/10
It Never Ends-A heavy track which a large form of significance due to its lyrics and for good reason.The lyric 'This is a war I can't win!!!' is brilliant and is the best part of the track as well.Brilliant.10/10
F***-I hate the title.2/10
Don't Go-A powerful track that takes a break for lights vocals.Less heavy but more powerful.9/10
Home Sweet Hole-A angry and fast paced track that is one of my personal favorites.Sort of a throwback to the first album as well.10/10
Alligator Blood-My favorite.Dark and moody lyrics.Heavy guitar.A brilliant chorus.Perfect.10/10
Visions-The heaviest track this song is motivating and powerful.And that comeback.... perfect.10/10
Memorial/Blessed With A Curse-Memorial is boring but blessed is awesome!With oli screaming the vocal as if he can't believe what he's saying.9/10
The Fox And The Wolf-Fastest song ever but completely perfect.10/10
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