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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 27 March 2012
I'm in my late 30's now, and have heard many many albums.
But still, this is up there as one of my favourite albums of all time.
I was a curehead in my teens, so I'm a bit bias maybe.

Digital reproduction is very good.
Plainsong is absolutely brillaint to listen to on the hi-fi.
And is still one of the best album intro's ever.

A must in any CD collection, no matter how old you are!
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on 29 March 2016
Hypnotically brilliant and multi-layered, Disintegration soundtracked the last years of the 1980s and the early '90s for me. I could - and did - lose myself in the dark drone of The Same Deep Water As You, the driving panic of the title track, the spiky bluster of Fascination Street. Even Lullaby, which on its own sounded more like a novelty at the time, doesn't sound out of place as it builds up layer by layer into one of those heart-stopping nightmares you can't quite wake up from. Best of all, this album doesn't sound dated in the slightest, it just sounds BIG. The Cure would never be this good again.
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on 2 January 2015
The Cure are a band constantly reinventing themselves but they have never been better than this. It is darkly beautiful, intense, melodic, passionate, cool, and powerful. It is very hard to get in to because of the length and under cutting songs, and I recall the exact point where it got under my skin. There are few albums where that happens, and when it does you know you're listening to something special.

I would find it hard to do my Desert Island Discs but this album would always be one of my choices to be lost with.
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on 14 July 2010
It always grates on me when all a person has to do is see the word "remastered" and they immediately spew out the blind praise that it "sounds amazing". In most cases, that's a very incorrect statement. The two recent Duran Duran reissues are some of the worst I've heard, (and notice the difference between reviews of those CD's on Amazon's UK site compared to here). "Disintegration" is no exception in the world of bad remasters.

On the plus side, the CD had not been brickwalled and compressed to the point that the dynamics are squashed out. However, it's the re-equalizing that's been done that destroyed it for me. The bass has been WAY too enhanced. My headphones were distorting and thumping, and I've never heard these powerful headphone respond this way. "Plainsong" also displays very obvious distortion during the crashing sounds if you view the wave file in a program that displays a spectral view. After I listened to three songs from this lousy "remaster", I sold it on eBay and will stick to the original CD I purchased 21 years ago.

So all of you can praise this release for the supposed improved sound, but as a long time audiophile I can tell you that this CD had not been improved..., unless you consider distorted bass and increased volume an improvement.
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on 9 December 2005
WOW What a masterpiece!!!!!!! A true dark late 80's feel. Everytime i put it on it puts me in Dark Ethereal state, all of the beautiful songs just completely flows thru. 2 capture its best listening glory iz 2 listen 2 this album on ur walkmen, walking the streets in freezing winter when the sky is all sorts of colours like blues and reds. Recommended for every dark wave fans out there!!!
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on 2 July 2001
DISINTEGRATION is a unique recording - brooding yet beautiful, mournful yet joyous, challenging yet accessible. It is unapologetically a pop album, but one full of richly layered soundscapes and sweeping, orchestral beauty. This is a haunting, whimsical, deeply romantic record. The sound is dominated by jangly, aquatic guitars, rolling percussion and lush grand piano arrangements, topped by the plaintive, aching vocals of frontman Robert Smith, who sounds perpetually on the verge of tears. Highlights include the gorgeous, celebratory "Love Song" (a US No. 4 hit), the thunderous title track and, my personal favourite, "The Same Deep Water As You" -nine minutes of lonesome, drifting melancholia that grows ever more rapturous and divine as it unfolds. Besides my objective admiration for this brilliant album, I must confess that DISINTEGRATION also holds especially poignant personal associations and sentimental value for me, having soundtracked the most intense and intimate love affair of my life to date. But I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful soundtrack.
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on 8 April 2016
Suprisingly though i was born around the same time as Robert Smith and literally only a few miles away
from Roberts birthplace in Blackpool (in Lancashire,England) i have never taken the cure too seriously,
until now with the addition of "Disintegration" to my CD collection. Its so emotionally absorbing.
Plainsong, The same deep water as you and Disintegration are unforgettable and show despite his
faults,what a gifted young man Robert Smith was. Pictures of you at over 7 minutes is good but sounds
better on the 4 and a half minute version of the Cures Greatest Hits album. Lullaby and Lovesong are
excellent as "counterweights" to the other tracks but are fairly well known otherwise.One of my favourites
is "Disintegration" and is nearly as good as the utterly brilliant performance of this track by the Cure, live
at Lollapalooza in 2013. Its just "Magnetic" The album is dark, mysterious and introspective at times but
shouldn't be taken too literally. I have listened to dozens of albums over my life but THIS ALBUM
"DISINTEGRATION" more than any other is just so "atmospheric" (in the "same deep water as you"
those thunderclaps and in "Plainsong" the opening windchimes prove that). Surely one of the best albums
to come out of the UK in the last 30 years
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on 24 September 2011
It's my favourite TC album, I do admire sound of every song on it - same with for example "Reign in blood" from Slayer or Paradise Lost's "Icon". I didn't hesitate much then with purchasing this edition. What we have here, then? Original album remastered with 5.1 sound format. Second disc with rare and demo tracks of "Disintegration" period- some of them in instrumental versions or with vocal tracks marked, other are non-published, yet worth checking (like "Esten" or "Out of mind"). Plus, cover version of "Pirate ships". Last CD gives fans whole album in live version, from various gigs in different countries I presume. All in nice package, topped with booklet with history of album's creation and few photos. A must for Cure fans, recommended for other gothic rock lovers too.
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on 10 March 2005
Disintegration is the sum of all The Cure's parts; the very best aspects of everything they have produced, from the starkness of Faith, the grom presence that came with Pornography and the whimsicality of both Head On The Door and Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me; but still this albums retains its own unique quality as it haunts and taunts and sways you with its gentle lullabye music and dreamy/nightmare lyrics. It stands apart and stands beside its predecessors as the classic it is.
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on 28 May 2010
I've never bought a Cure album before (apart from the greatest hits collection) & was curious to know what a complete body of work by the band would be like.
I ordered this after reading the excellent reviews (well, most of them are excellent!) & I was not disappointed. What a great intro for me to get into The Cure's back catalogue - this album is great! Stand out tracks for me already are Prayers for Rain, The Same Deep Water as You & Disintegration - fabulous!
I will be checking out further releases now to increase my Cure collection.
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