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Customer reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
Platform: PC|Change
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on 16 August 2015
Only 4 years too late to review but what a game, been playing it since 1999 and have been addicted. All purchases are now done via steam nowadays
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on 22 June 2017
Only the best manager sims
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on 6 November 2016
just as I expected
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on 8 April 2017
All good
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on 5 November 2010
I recieved this game on the 4th and have been playing it all day, I must say I am sooo impressed.

Fm 2010 greets you with an improved user interface, with it laid out particularly well. I can't say much on this point, but the screen is "filled" out more with conveient, for example, messages are grouped together into the day it was given and more information is presented without having to investigate further, for example a scout report of a player is much more convienient.

Live chat:
The addition I am very immpressed about is the live chat with players/staff/agents etc. It is far better than I expected. Each player/staff is different and you have to carefully negociate and handle problems and it presents a thrill aside from the actual matches. The most important thing is that so far, it hasn't really been repetitive, some agents are very stubborn or impatient and reaching an agreement can be a challenge.

The training has the addition of being able to focus on one aspect of a particular players game. For example, an intimidating Balotelli is pretty tall, I selected that his "attribute" be focused on to adapt to my style of play, as his heading attribute is quite modest to begin with. Again the interface for training is far better, with relevant pieces of information merged into one screen play.

3-D matches:
This is a vast improvement, the animations are much improved and overall graphics are impressive, it is better than I thought. I actually enjoy watching every match now :) You can also distinguish each player in each team when playing against them.

It is hard to draw out negetives of the game because it is vast improvement. However press conferences are as boring as ever but Fm2011 has a "team setting" feature whereyou can set your assistant manager/coach to automatically arrange friendlies, renew contracts, attend press conferences and much more. It removews those repitive, tedious tasks.
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on 5 November 2010
The Football Manager series was great to start with. I love it. And every year it seems to make a few little tweaks to make it that little bit better.

I'll be honest, 2010 is the only version which I thought was a bit of a backward step. For some reason I just couldn't get into it. Something wasn't quite right.

However, this years version is an absolute joy to play and marks the biggest step forward for the game since it started.

I'll be brief, as I'm sure you've already read the blurb describing the new features. Basically, the whole interface just seems to flow better. There's more substance to it, and yet it's easier and more intuitive to get around. And some of those small tactical details that only the hardcore pay attention to, such as training, and staff meetings, are suddenly so much more obvious and appealing.

All the new features are fantastic, as I'm sure you'll find out, but the one that has impressed me more than any other is the presence of agents. It makes contract dealings and transfers so much more interesting and realistic. In fact the interaction overall is massively improved. Rather than just clicking on something and waiting for a player to moan to the press, you can actually have conversations with players, journalists, staff members etc. Brilliant. It all makes it feel much more like a state of the art game rather than a glorified (albeit amazing!) spreadsheet.

Oh okay, one more thing..... the matchday preparation is also an totally brilliant feature.

Well done SI! This is the game I've been waiting for since I played 1st Division Manager on my Atari more than 15 years ago!
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on 18 November 2010

It's that time of year again when SEGA and Sports Interactive release their award winning football management sim. This year Football Manager 2011 promises to be bigger and better and quite unbelievably, even more realistic than ever before. This is quite an achievement as each year's offering always takes realism to a new level which seems almost impossible to better.

Football Manager 2011 uses the same game engine as Football Manager 2010 so if you are a seasoned player of this series, you will already know what to expect. For new players, Football Manager 2011 is not a game you will be able to pick up and play when you have a spare five minutes. A lot of time and effort will be required if you are to be a successful football manager. We'll go into more detail about this later. In Football Manager, you do not actually control the players but, as in real life, the decisions you make throughout the duration of the game will effect your team's performance on the pitch.


Installation of Football Manager can be accomplished in one of two ways. The traditional method is to use the DVD disk which you will require in the drive each time you start up the game in order for it to read the copy protection information. The more innovative and preferred method is to use the Steam install. Steam are an online distributor of games titles and will authenticate your game for you each time you launch it. This method will not require you to have the game DVD in your drive once installation has occured, meaning you can put the disk away for safe keeping. Both installation methods require 2Gb of hard disk space but the advantage of using Steam is that you will automatically receive game updates before they become available for the boxed version. These updates will be applied without the need for the user to do anything making them ideal for technophobes. If you play through Steam, you will unlock achievements when you reach pre-set milestones in the game such as first win, first manager of the month award and unbeaten runs for example. These achievements don't offer anything else in terms of gameplay that the boxed version doesn't so you won't be missing out if you choose the boxed option.

==What's different to Football Manager 2010?==

Games such as Football Manager which get a new release annually are often criticised by non-followers of the title for being an excuse for software publishers to exploit it's fans. With Sports Interactive, this criticism is completely unjustified as each year the game evolves much further than just a data update. Although the same game engine as Football Manager 2010 is used, the match engine has been updated beyond recognition. Little touches such as night games actually being played at night, wear and tear on the pitch through the winter months and more graphical weather conditions really add to the game's realism. If these changes seem cosmetic, the artificial intelligence of the players has now been updated so that players are more likely to play a pass that you would expect if watching a live game yourself. Of course, what the players do in the game is largely down to your tactics so if you find yourself shouting at the screen because a player isn't doing what you want him to, he's probably only following your instructions.

Transfer negotiations in Football Manager 2011 are now extremely realistic. Up until now, in every football management game ever released, you would make an offer to a player who would go away and think about it, only to give you his decision a few days later. If he accepted you'd proceed but if he rejected you could make him a new offer and then wait another couple of days for his reply. Obviously, this is not how real transfer discussions take place and this has been addressed in Football Manager 2011. You now get the impression that you are sat round a table with the player and his agent in an attempt to thrash out a deal. If the player rejects your offer you can make a new one straight away which will either be accepted or declined straight away. You continue with this until either both sides are happy or one side walks away without a deal being done. Even if you do come to an agreement at this stage, the player will still go away and think things over before coming back to you with a decision. This is very true to life and a great enhancement of the game.

Player interaction has been given a new look also in Football Manager 2011. You can now hold conversations with any of your players, asking them anything from recommending a new signing right up to telling them to practice avoiding using their weaker foot during matches. Depending on the characteristics of the player, each player will react differently to your instructions. Man management is a key factor of Football Manager 2011 and if you have a squad with high morale who are prepared to work for each other, you stand a much better chance of being successful, even with a weaker team.

==Twitter and YouTube in a PC game, surely not!!!==

With Football Manager 2011, Sports Interactive have jumped onto the social networking bandwagon allowing you to automatically post updates to your Twitter feed and even upload goals and other match events onto YouTube for other players around the globe to see. These functions are optional and are turned off by default.

==The final whiste==

Football Manager 2011 is the closest thing to perfection as far as football management simulations go. This is a definite purchase, even if you own Football Manager 2010 or below. It will be interesting to see what new features appear in Football Manager 2012 as this looks extremely difficult to beat. Then again, I said exactly the same last year.
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on 7 November 2010
I have been a fan of this game since it was Championship Manager 2 and bought it every year. Every year the development team try to make improvements that make the game more realistic, which basically has meant adding more elements to each release.

In recent years for me that game's fun aspect has all but gone. I've just installed the game and played it over 2 nights so far, and I've not even started the first season yet.

The addition of the agent in transfer negotiations is a good one, but some of the player conversations are quite frankly, pointless and ridiculous. I asked one of my players to dribble more down the left flank as he was a left sided midfielder. His response was "I don't think that will improve my game". I advise that I'd like him to try it all the same and he says the conversation is finished as it's not going to well. That kind of thing is quite frankly, laughable.

The matchday press conferences seem more full of pointless questions that go on and on, so I'm quite happy to leave it to my assistant which makes that feature fairly redundant.

I don't think the complexity of the game is improving it at all. For me that best parts of the game were always searching the transfer market and the game itself.

The other annoying thing is that with every successive release, they move features somewhere else. I know you find them eventually and things become more familiar again, but you want to play the game, not spend time searching for things that you used to know the location of.

I don't know if I'll ever become as addicted to this game as I did years ago when SI was just a small concern. In trying to make improvements to the game this time, they've failed in my opinion
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on 9 June 2016
What's going on...?! I had a problem with Windows shutting down my computer (not related to this game). I had my team ready to play a pre-season friendly, gave the pre-match team talk etc and let them loose. The match ended with us winning 9-0, but just before I was due to congratulate my players with a post-match team talk Windows caused the computer to crash (rats!) Starting up the computer and game again - which had reset to just before kick off - I gave exactly the same pre-match team talk and tactical instructions, expecting to win by a big score. Nope - it was 3-3 this time! Again at exactly the same point after the game had ended, my computer crashed. Once more I started it up again - same team talk, tactics etc. Guess what the score was? 2-0..... I can't begin to figure out why this should happen - unless the game is completely random, which I'm sure it isn't. There have certainly been times playing FM when I've felt that the game is playing me, rather than the other way around, but this I just don't get... Any ideas?
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on 3 December 2010
I bought this for my boyfriend when this first came out and since then I think this has been played religiously/on a daily basis. Not too bothered as I actually love football so it's interesting enough for me! Would definitely recommend to any girl who wants to keep her guy quiet and to any guy who's previously owned this game - I'm told "this has so many new features!!"
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