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on 19 January 2011
I grew up on Farggle Rock and loved it. I bought this for my 6 year old and 2 year old and they both love it too BUT
and this is a big BUT.
It turns out that different versions of the programme were filmed. I never knew this before. In the UK Fraggle Rock is in a lighthouse run by Fulton Mackay and his dog Sprocket, but this DVD is the US version and Fraggle Rock is based underneath an urban workshop run by a man and his dog Sprocket.
I was very shocked at this and really quite disappointed, but at the end of the day, this DVD is for my children and they love it all the same, but if you're hankering after memories of the lighthouse and Fulton Mackay then do not buy. But having said that, I doubt very much whether the UK version will ever be available.
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on 22 November 2014
Remember this from years ago, still great to watch.
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on 23 May 2012
The old ones never fade, It might be a bit dated compared to the new graphics available now but my three year old loves it which is why I purchased it.
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on 19 October 2010
Yay! At long, long, long, LONG last - the DVD companies have got their act together and decided to release the WHOLE season of Fraggle Rock! Finally. It came out in America ages ago, but we in the UK had to make do with a 12-episode disc, followed by a series of other boxed-sets, which only included two or three episodes, each one from the original 12-episode collection. So, it is wonderful to finally be able to start collecting the complete series on DVD. I watched this as a child (I'm now 25) and, as far as children are concerned, it's full of happy singing, dancing and silliness from the Jim Henson Workshop - but underneath, when you're older, you can see the messages and values that are being represented which are messages I think we all need to learn from. Especially now.

The only problem with this DVD - and it's not a problemm - just a bit of a disappointment - it's the original US version -Gerry Parkes who plays an inventor - not Fultan MacKee who ran a light-house, which is what the UK audience is probably more familiar with. I'd love to see the complete UK series, but it took long enough to start collecting the series at all, so I'm quite happy.

I updated my review to five stars as I've been informed WHY these are the american version of Fraggle Rock, but like one of the other reviewers has pointed out - people out there had these episodes on recordings - why can't they be collected and put together like other series are. I personally have a lot of the official VHS releases of the UK version which aren't included in the 12-episodes ... so who knows what went wrong there.
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on 5 November 2010
The impact Jim Henson's work had on generations was phenomenal, we are still talking about it and we still miss his genius. Even though this season is the American version the Fraggle segments are the same and this season is probably my favourite as it expressed the spirit of Fraggle beautifully and that spirit was idealistic and so was Henson, but it is a braver stance to have in life than to see only the negative in our system and the world of Fraggle conveyed a truth about life which I see now as the only brave view to have, love everybody, be truthful, fill your mind with only the beautiful and take charge and make things better for all, Fraggle Rock was a Utopia and a dream we can aspire to and that is why it is so enduring!

There is no chance of the original British version coming to light, out of 96 episodes only the 12 remain and A Musical History of Fraggle Rock shows the original British opening of the light house. It is sad but I think people took advantage of Mr Henson's good will and many things were lost or stolen however his achievement and legacy is immense and who knows maybe they'll find those wonderful British versions one day, till then this version of Fraggle Rock is sublime!
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on 11 April 2013
let me guess your 33 - 38 you sat with a friend having a few drinks remembering times gone by and after singing 'let the music play worries for another day' you've now come on to amazon to bay the ultimate present for your friend. well don't ..... buy it for yourself or better still by two copies you will not be disappointed.
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on 8 August 2015
For British people buying this be aware that the UK version has been lost and this is the US version. The only difference is that "Outer Space" is not set at the lighthouse but an eccentric inventor's workshop.
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on 9 October 2015
Good dvd's worth the money. I really liked fraggle rock when I was younger, 7 years old. Brought back memories watching fraggle rock. Really good epecial features on the 5th disc.
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on 17 January 2015
Orderd this DVD for my 6year old. Its region 1(USA), we're 2. So now going to need to get a new player.Also its the American version not brit.
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on 10 November 2010
The best kid's TV show of all time, a magical blend of songs and stories, plus an underlining moral message that is never too prominent, allowing the characters freedom to be well rounded individuals. The play-all-day Fraggles and the work-all-day Doozers, with the inbetween the place to aim.
The rest of the world has had this boxset for years and years, so quite why it's taken so long when the only real difference would be to use the British version is beyond me.
Which brings me to my point. 84 of the original British versions are missing. Why is this not more commonly known? Why aren't they out there searching for them? Why aren't they asking fans who taped them of the telly to give them their off-air copy? (The BBC are quite good at this, all the missing episodes of Doctor Who are highly publicised, and off-air recordings have been used to bridge their gaps in the archive, even Steptoe & Son has now been completed, albeit not in broadcast quality - which is another point; they don't NEED to be broadcast quality to be released on DVD. Again, Doctor Who has lots of stuff on their DVDs that's poor quality off-air, and we lap it up. Yet these people don't seem to care)
Kids are a lot more savvy then people realise. Kids love behind the scenes stuff. I remember when I was about seven doing lists of Thomas the Tank Engine episodes, and being enthralled a few years later when they showed a behind the scenes of its sister show "Tugs". Why do children's DVDs always get treated like they're for people who don't extras? Especially ones like this where the parents are going to be more in the know than the child.
Come on people, root out your old VHS and see if any Fraggle Rock episodes are on there, and together we can bring back the magic.
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