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3.3 out of 5 stars
3.3 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 30 December 2010
I bought this one as a punt as I didn't know anything about it. I had low expectations but was pleasantly suprised.

The basic story is set in a small town in the States & then for some reason, there is a Zombie outbreak. Given that most of the heroes were from what would be considered minority groups, I'm sure that the film was trying to make a point. Unfortunately, I couldn't really work out what it was.

The good news is that it had some quite amusing moments (I might even go as far as to say funny) and there was enough gore to keep the interest of the more serious Zombie enthusiasts.

As with most of these films, it is best viewed late at night after a couple of drinks. Ignore the inconsistencies and you should find it quite enjoyable. If I was going to watch a Zombie film more than once (which I don't often do), this would probably be a contender.
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on 22 May 2011
It really isn't half as bad as some of these reviews make out, It is done in a bad taste way (that's the style!?), and its done well (if you know what I mean!). Your main characters are the Gay couple and the Iranian girl. They are the most normal people in the sleepy little town, and its filmed from their perspective. The reason the Iraian girl is refered to as Iraqi, is just a play on the townsfolks ignorance of her nationality, and the couple being subjected to hompobia is just showing up the townsfolks twisted backward view of gays. It's all a micky-take out of the crazy-but "normal" townsfolks. Yes it's a comedy horror, it doesn't take itself too seriously, but it makes some funny observations about stereotyped prejudices and their solutions for it, electric chair therapy anyone?. And it is very comedy gore, there are some really funny/sick moments,-don't help kids across the road. Watch it-you may like it!
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on 25 July 2012
Another DVD that I was given over the festive period was Zombies of Mass Destruction, a horror comedy written and directed by Kevin Hamedani and starring Janette Armand, Doug Fahl and Cooper Hopkins.

Described as a "political zomedy" and with a cover that doesn't scream high production value, I was a little wary when I started watching this. To be fair, I was pleasantly surprised! Filmed on location in Port Gamble, Washington, USA, the town seems like a picture perfect little slice of Americana and is an ideal location for proceedings as set out by Hamedani, who introduces commentary throughout Zombies of Mass Destruction on the darker side of America's conservative views: homophobia, right-wing Christianity; and Islamophobia and fear of terrorism in the aftermath of 9/11.
Additionally, ZMD has what I would consider a cool retro soundtrack that very much put me in mind of themes from John Carpenter's movies.
Much to my delight, the special effects were largely of the non-CGI variety and well done for the most part. Even when used, CGI was employed sparingly.

Unfortunately, in the first quarter of the movie, ZMD goes for cheap scares with plenty of "boo!" moments which again, are reminiscent of 80's horror flicks. My disappointment didn't end there either... The performances from many of the actors was a little like the acting I'd expect to see on a US daytime soap. Janette Armand, Doug Fahl and Cooper Hopkins; and Bill Johns as the pious Reverend Haggis definitely propped up the whole affair.
My major issue with ZMD is the fact that it tries to encompass too many themes within its sub 90 minute running time; and for me, making this a comedy was a mistake. ZMD could most definitely have been a competent horror film with some excellent social commentary but the message seems to get a little lost in some of the more comedic moments of the story. I did find myself laughing at some of the set-ups in the film but with everything this film has to say for itself, I definitely think it should have been played straight.
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I suppose this film’s major ‘plus point’ is that it has tried to call itself some variation of ‘.... of the Dead.’ The title ‘ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction,’ refers to the loosely-alluded premise that this particular zombie outbreak is some form of terrorist attack. But then who cares how zombie outbreak start? We just want to know one thing: what’s the gore like?

And, in ZMD’s case, it’s actually not too bad. Yes, it’s a B-movie, but then 90% of zombie films are, therefore you’re probably not expecting a ‘mega-budget’ epic of a movie. So, this does manage to deliver – it’s pretty horrific and what little budget they have is used well on some nice/gruesome zombie and victim kills.

ZMD also has another unusually plus point for a B-movie – the central characters are actually pretty different (remember, we’re talking horror B-movies here). We have a girl of Middle Eastern descent and a gay couple. And this worked. Their originality made them quite likeable and easy to root for.

But it’s not all good. What starts out pretty excellent sort of stalls midway through the film. Even though the main characters are good, those who they meet aren’t. It’s like the writers wrote the characters into situations which separated from the main threat element, i.e. the zombies, so they had to introduce all sorts of nut-job characters to pose a new threat.

Plus the film isn’t that original. It seems to borrow elements from at least five different zombie films. I counted the basement lock-in from Night of the Living Dead, the boarding-up-the-church from Return of the Living Dead, the situations of Shaun of the Dead and the tone of Braindead.

It’s a pity the overall story isn’t a little more focus. I was really enjoying the first act, only to find myself getting a bit bored during the second half. Overall, the end kind of drags the whole thing down. What could have been an excellent little B-movie ends up being only just about watchable because the story meanders about the place of its own make. Pity. Still worth a quick watch if you liked Peter Jackson’s Braindead and you’re a fan of gore.

I would have given it 4/5 if the second half lived up to the first.
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on 7 September 2012
I happen to like zombie films and my collection houses varied styles of zombie film from the original Night of the living Dead to Resident Evil, but this lets down the whole genres when you get awful acting which then makes it a struggle to watch the film all in one go, the films is lame in the plot, it's been done before only stacks better, we need something fresh, this lacks what it should have had and I found i only wanted one of the characters to live, and she did, the others well, they just weren't likeable characters that you care about
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on 14 April 2014
I have watched alot of Zombie films This i would rate around average, worth a watch at the price Ok.
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on 16 March 2015
Great film hope to buy from you again
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on 12 May 2016
crap movie.
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