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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 19 October 2010
Having enjoyed a return to form in the last few movies, I have been hoping that standards would not slip, and I have not been disappointed. This movie is another good outing for Seagal, who clearly relishes the role he plays, perhaps as there are moments when it is clear he is bringing some of his law enforcement presence and experience onto the screen.

The acting and action are at a good standard and most beneficial is a plot that moves at an acceptable pace and doesn't leave you scratching your head trying to keep up. Also, gone are the days of post production editing that leave the end product making little to no sense, and requiring voice overs from somebody who is obviously not Seagal. Lets hope those days are gone forever.

And lets face it, Seagal films are judged on the fight scenes as much as anything else. This film does not disappoint. There is even a scene in a restaurant which has no merit to the plot, and is clearly put in just to allow Seagal to beat two baddies senseless; we love it!! One is of course propelled through a large glass shelving unit that has no place in a restaurant. Bravo!! Most enjoyable is the fact that the direction of the fight scenes is much better; it is Seagal and not a stunt double (in the most part, obviously there have to be some exceptions). Best of all, it is classic Seagal; fast powerful and effective aiakido inspired close hand fighting, which is technically superb as well as great entertainment. And yes, there are hot girls a plenty.

Yes I am biased as a lifelong fan, but I would be quick to say if it was rubbish. This is a must for any Seagal fan, and anybody who enjoys a violent action film will enjoy this.

Watch out for some great one liners from Seagal too :)
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on 3 June 2012
[03 June 2012, I like Seagal have got lot of is Film's I Like Him at all Times.]

I agree with Retalato from Norway, that (quote) this might be the greatest movie of all time. There is just not a single more perfect movie in existence as of today, "Born to raise hell" is a cinematic achievement of astronomically epic proportions.

This gritty, modern classic is most definitely a truly worthy winner of just about every Academy award this year, "Best animated movie" possibly being the sole exception.
Steven Seagal, toughest guy since Bruce Lee's DNA was spliced with that of Mike Tyson, characterizes the deeply tormented soul of Interpol-veteran Bobby with a sheer brilliance that makes de Niro in Taxi Driver look like Forest Whitaker in Battlefield Earth. Seagal portrays the inner demons his characters are struggling with in such a subtle and ingenious way that it baffles the mind how such a performance could go unnoticed.

With absolute classic gold dialogue like: "You're not supposed to hit a guy when im holding him" "You know, trust is not one of my more spectacular attributes" "You should be chasing terrorists over in Afghanistan, not here." "Already done that, now im over here having fun" "You see why I hate eating out?" Also, the Russian guy: "Midgets are a little short. Money should never be" The only remaining question is, will the Academy be able to ignore this accomplishment and pinnacle of human evolution? In good conscience, how could they? Will they take the easy route as usual, and go along with some unwarranted hype? This is a movie for the ages, and in the year 2050 we will look back at this revolutionary film in the same way we today look back at Citizen Kane - and that's a certainty (unquote).
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on 15 July 2012
born to raise hell is seagals best film since the early 90s.its got everything violence/sex/gore.written by seagal he obviously used some of his lawman experiences in the story to great effect.there are some very well choreographed and violent hand to hand fight scenes which looks like seagal did goes along at a cracking pace and director lauro chartrand does a good job.the only bad point i can say about this film is something i dont quite understand.why does seagal use body and walking doubles.its clear to see all the time as the double is slim and the hair style is different.for example for every scene there are 2 camera angle shots one of seagal with camera in front and then the camera shot from behind you can clearly see its not seagal.also the long camera shots he uses a body double.the only thing i can think off is to get the film finished quicker or he is filming another scene for the film but it is very irritating to watch.overall hes best film for years
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on 27 November 2015
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on 13 June 2015
I love Seagal but this was poor ok I know the acting in every one of his films is crap but that's what makes them great! This one has a bunch of has beens and is violent for the sake of it. He is not in it a great deal and the others don't fit the bill. Of all Stevies movies I would give this a miss....
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We watch Seagal films because the acting is bad, the dialouge is worse, and the plot twists have the complexity a granny knot. Seagal plays a special international DEA agent who seeks revenge for the death of his partner, something we don't know anything about as there is absolutely no character build-up or introduction, a characteristic of Seagal's fine precise writing ability.

Seagal is in Bucharest, Romania according to the writing on the screen. They also use the same font to run their credits (Highlight, right click, font, click, then change). The Russian mafia is manufacturing and fronting drugs to the Romanians, who in turn use beautiful women to mule these drugs all over Europe. Apparently their airport security is like ours and only pat down old people. Seagal has a new partner who he verbally abuses. The Romanian mafia also does home break-ins where they rob people and then rape and kill women, not necessarily in that order. (The Russian mafia is civilized and don't approve of that behavior.)

Special effects include speeding up the scene, slowing down the scene, shooting a still, and making everything blurry. While other movies do this also, this film tended to overdue the effect to the point of being annoying. The music got a little hard-core as the film flirted with a few grindhouse techniques. It was almost as if someone described what a grindhouse movie was to Seagal, and he decided to make one having never seen one.

Seagal utilizes a stooly who looks like a cross between Joe Pesci and Vlad the Impaler. In the movie and IMDB Seagal's name is Bobby Samuels. My DVD box says he is Samuel Axel.

Seagal has a girlfriend in this movie, who he lectures as if she is four years old. They have a weird love/sex scene where she gets naked and he keeps his clothes on...which may be a good thing.

Nudity, sex?, rape, f-bomb and some dry humor lines from Seagal.
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Another addition to the ongoing franchise that is straight to DVD Steven Seagal films. This one won't win any new converts, but within its limits is well put together and effective. The location shooting in Rumania is good, except for a couple of obvious stage sets, the actors are unfamiliar but convincing, cinematography and score are decent enough. Obviously the bulk of the film is devoted to Seagal. He has a unique martial arts style of standing still while younger and fitter assailants variously trip over him and hurt themselves. He applies a similar technique to love-making, in the most disturbing scene where the character I thought was his daughter or granddaughter, turns out to be his girlfriend and gets naked and frisky with a fully clothed Seagal.

The film has decent pacing, none of the action is the most amazing you have ever seen, but it keeps coming. Seagal also wrote the screenplay, hence the improbably young lover, and the series of characters telling him what a swell bloke he is, but that apart it is a decent enough script. In fact there are some amusing characters, particularly the long haired informer, who really could have been given more screen time.

If you want a trashy version of Taken, then you could do a lot worse than this.
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on 23 August 2013
hell bent on revenge no just the usual gun battle film, seagal is an interrpol agent ,the mission drug rings and countrie problems in the typical no good film. I hate it , stunt doubles and voice doubles and the fights acceeptable but not a hardore movie
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on 19 January 2012
As a Seagal fan, I must admit I do find some of his more recent work tired and boring. I recently watched Driven to Kill and enjoyed it and Kill Switch which I thought was amazing. In this film, we see a return to the norm of Seagal back in Europe fighting drug lords and gangsters. The plot is simple and the fight scenes are very well done.

A note to Blu Ray buyers. The picture quality is a framed 1080p transfer which will fit 16:9 tvs perfectly. It is clear and well worth the upgrade from DVD. The sound is good but not as vibrant as Kill Switch [Blu-ray].

Well worth the money!
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on 31 January 2011
A good Seagal film, filled with action and the usual seagal humour. I was happy to buy this dvd and it did not dissapoint!
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