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Customer Reviews

3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 3 January 2011
Well this was a perfect example of expecting something to be great but then to find it is quite the opposite. In my opinion, if you love Pink Floyd and Dave Gilmour solo material, then you probably will not like this. All just feels a bit like some kind of marketing ploy to get you you to buy it because Gilmour is on it. Well it was not for me. I found it dull, pointless and irritating. Sorry.
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on 25 March 2011
some 40 years after turning his back on the psychedelic counterculture out of which the Pink Floyd grew, David Gilmour only goes on to collaborate with The Orb in creating the druggiest, most flashback inducing soundscapes i have probably ever heard. Seriously.

A real aural treat. One not to be missed if you enjoy the great David Gilmour, as well as some of the psychedelic works or Amorphous Androgynous.

AVOID if you are looking for 'nice songs with nice lyrics'.

Dave Gilmour contributes handsomely to this record, but it is by far a 'guitar hero' record. An album for true lovers of sound.

M. Ratcliffe
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There can be little doubt that this is a slick and somewhat ruthless exercise in marketing. The large sticker to the front of the packaging with 'Dark side' colouring,(triangle included), and a 'wall' like signature hopes to grab the eye of any passing Floyd fan, (although fans of Floyds earlier work may well have a bone to pick with the claim that Gilmour is 'the voice of Pink Floyd'),.
So is this just a rip off? Well at first glance you could be forgiven for thinking it was. After all there's the idea of there being just 2 tracks but really it's 5 tracks flowing into one another. Then there's the 'should I get the 1 disc or 2 disc?' question.
To start with the most important thing is the music itself. There is definitely a strong 'Dark side' vibe throughout but in fairness that was and still is an amazing album so I have no problem with a little nod in it's direction. However this is not just some lame 're-interpretation but has it's own very unique and laid back approach. There are all sorts of effects thrown in here from voices to banging on various objects but what is always constant is Gilmours flowing guitar that underpins everything and a synth line that changes often but constantly gives everything a musical foundation and never lets this all drift off into some avant garde pointless noise. This remains musical throughout and although the guitar playing is nearly always subdued it is what provides the musical hook which the listener is brought back to as it drifts around the mix. Musically for me this whole project is surprisingly effective and is very easy to return to. There is always something new to hear and it provides a refreshing addition to the whole Ambient catalogue.
Needless to say production values are spot on and go a long way to making this such a successful release.
So what of the 2 disc release? Well you'd be forgiven for thinking you get a re-mixed 2nd disc that offers a completely different album for your extra 3 quid. What you actually get may be remixed but it's exactly the same as the main disc only it is presented in '3D60 Audio'. What this means is that when you play it through your headphones you get an effect as if the music and it's effects are moving around you 360 degrees. It would appear that this is still an impossible task but credit where it's due this is a fair attempt and it certainly opens the mix out so that everything pans out much further around the listener although it rarely feels is if sounds are behind you. An interesting and for me worthwhile 2nd disc that gives the album room to breathe and on occasion makes the listener jump as an effect opens up to one side or another.
Slick marketing and gimmicks aside this may not be the musical event of the decade but it is a nice album that mixes ambient with the undoubted guitar skills of Dave Gilmour to great effect. Musical and very enjoyable it is never dull and avoids being pretentious. Often a bare musical landscape but always fascinating.
All in all a worthwhile and welcome release and well worth getting in the 2 disc format.
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on 11 October 2010
About this but hey its something new from Gilmour so it had to be bought with some trepidation i might add i neednt have worried its a great album i have the deluxe version and the 3D60 album is supurb,very lush sounding.

Thmubs up to the postman for getting it to me on time and amazon of course.

Gilmour sounds as good as ever his playing is sublime The Orb have passed me by if i'm honest but on this showing i'll be giving their back catalogue a try i'm that impressed with it.

The packaging (its white for the deluxe version, gate fold sleeve) is flimsy to say the least its one i'm going to have to be careful with i think as the years pass by not a deal breaker but something to keep an eye on maybe.

In summing up then its a very good album i prefer metallic side as a whole but i'll go out on a limb and say its all great but i would add its not for everyone (Gilmour doesn't sing as such shame really he would have added yet more in my view but its a minor quibble).

Highly recommended
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on 1 March 2012
Don't know what the 4 and 5 star reviewers are listening to. This is an unresolved meandering mess to my ears.
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on 12 October 2010
This is an OK album but nothing more. Sounds like System 7's worst album mixed with 80's Tangerine Dream add in some Orb touches and thats about it. Nothing special in the way of Guitar playing either.

As you can see from above there is nothing new about this album we've heard it all before by other people and done much better.
However that said, it all sounds very nice and it's not a bad album hence 3 stars but it's not the first thing I would pull of the shelf to play.

Expected more from the Orb and Gilmour sounds the same as always, nothing new and very middle of the road.

Apart from Pomme Fritz it's the most uninteresting Orb album yet.

Most interesting thing Gilmour has done in years though.
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on 12 October 2010
When you enter a star rating for a product on Amazon, the caption that appears as you mouse over 3 stars is 'It's OK' and that is exactly what this album is.
There's just nothing there to inspire or make you want to hear more.
I have always been a very big fan of Gilmour and like most of the work the Orb have released too. So I was expecting the two together to be so much more.
Maybe it's just me expecting too much or I have missed something, somewhere, whatever it is, this is one album I will not be reaching for very often.

On a side note : The cover on the copy I received is Silver, not the black the illustration shows. ( Not really important, just thought I would point it out )
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on 9 November 2013
Being a fan of the Orb at their best & David Gilmour, I was very interested & excited by the idea & possibilities of this album.
However I was really disappointed.
I could not believe how bad this was musically. It is bland, boring, & a total mess.
I can't believe they released this. & I can't believe that the musicians involved didn't spend more time ( a lot more time) trying to craft these hollow (soulless )mixes into something of more substance.
Even if they had given these mixes to a very basic bedroom dj or mixer/ musician, I would swear that something more interesting could have come of this project. What were they on? Drugs used to enhance music & art ..but this .
This is the worst thing by far either of the collective artists have ever done by far.
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on 14 December 2010
This has to be the outtakes from a brilliant album that never happened. Too often the tracks seem to imply great soaring pieces ahead but then meander and dribble into nothing. These implied tracks unfortunately remain still borne, vague glimpses of apocryphal greatness. There is more pleasure in a 2mins .30secs youtube clip of Mr Gilmour singing the words to Sonnet 18 than in this entire cd. One too avoid or only for devotees.
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on 26 October 2010
So much less than the sum of its parts, this has the feel of something opportunistic that was thrown together on a Friday afternoon. The Orb are at their least diverse and creative and Gilmour merely mooches around playing some stock guitar lines that feel terribly dated. Had they got their heads together they might well have made the most of this otherwise inspired partnering.
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