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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 9 February 2011
Always loved OMD back in the day. In fact they were the first band I ever went and saw live . Was well into them, up to and including Dazzle Ships, I thought they were fantastic. If they'd split or died after Dazzle Ships, people would hail them as the english Kraftwerk, what a loss to music etc. As it was, they got poppier, hit paydirt in the US, and for my mind got far less interesting. I still loved the early stuff a lot, and saw them on tour couple of years ago. Got free tickets to see them at the BBC Radio 2 live at the Mermaid theatre last week, and was blown away by their and the crowd's enthusiasm. I'd listened to a few of the songs from History of Modern on line, and decided to buy it after the Mermaid gig. I am not disappointed. This is a return to the kraut-rock/electro influences of yore. A couple of patchy tunes, but that would be quibbling. Well worth getting. Excellent return to form.
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on 21 September 2010
There's been a recent resurge of electronic music in the past few years which is definitely not a bad thing, especially for someone like myself who, at a very young age, got turned onto the best of the best in the 80's...OMD. They churned out an impressive number of hits both in their original lineup and also when Andy McCluskey went solo with the name. But alas, music changes and what was once "in", got pushed out for a new phase and sadly, by the mid 90's, OMD disappeared....until now.

14 years is a long time and a lot can happen but founding members Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys have found a way to bridge the gap of time and produce what could arguably be called one of their best albums of their career. Offering a hybrid of new and old sounds, this gem is likely to not only please the long-standing fans but grab a whole new generation who, perhaps unknowingly, have been listening to OMD through influence in bands such as The Killers and LCD Soundsystem.

Opener NEW BABIES: NEW TOYS comes rearing out of the gate with a 'take that' attitude. It's edgier than what many think or remember OMD sounding but easily fits into todays mainstream with its bombastic bass, distorted vocals and heavy, head-bopping beats. It's followed by first single IF YOU WANT IT, a song written originally by Mr. M. in his girl band Atomic Kitten era. But filled with a catchy melody and choral "aws" it works, much in thanks to the retention of his valuable vocal quality at the ripe young age of 51!

HoM PART 1 and 2 are definitely OMD in their "pop hits" area and PART 1 is, in my opinion, OMD at their best. Mr. H.'s synths, earlier described as 'call and reply' play well with Mr. M.'s addicting refrain, laced with lovely harmonies. I challenge anyone to try sitting still for this one!

SOMETIMES is a slower, groovy number with additional vocal samples of Jennifer John to help get across the message of despondent love, while RFWK is one of a couple Kraftwerk-ish songs but rightfully so since it's a tribute to the band and their influences on both Mr. M. and Mr. H. With touching offerings displayed in lyrics "I loved you when I found you, I loved you like a son" all draped in synthetic, almost whiny keys, it makes one wonder just where these two would be in life had they not been in the crowd at the Kraftwerk show as teens!

And then there's NEW HOLY GROUND! This is a definite tear-jerker of a song. It begins with the sound of a woman's high heels hitting the ground as she paces the floor; an absolutely striking element to the song that repeatedly paints a vivid image to match the songs theme of profound self reflection and renewal. Add in deep, cello-like tones and an achingly beautiful single key melody, along with vocals that crack with emotion and you've got one of the most moving songs on the album! (Plus the fact that it was created in literally hours is just proof of the magic these two can do when put in a room together.)

THE FUTURE, THE PAST, AND FOREVER AFTER is a quirky little disco ditty that screams Georgio Moroder and could definitely get a dance floor going in both a retro and a modern club. SISTER MARIE SAYS, by Mr. M.'s account, was a song shelved way back in the early days for sounding too much like Enola Gay but given new life with modern technology, it's much like the HoM's, good ol' OMD synth-pop!

PULSE, ah, PULSE....yes well, to put it mildly, it stands out. It's a song that is probably the farthest from OMD than any can be and will cause many (including myself)to blush or drop the jaw because of its, shall I say 'adult' nature. It's filled with deep, seductively breathy vocals from Mr. M. with an almost equally alluring female backing track, all layered over an irresistible dance beat. What's not to like?!

After that, the cd takes a slower, more 'back to the beginning' approach. GREEN is in the realm of NHG with it's achingly divine melody and lyrical content that gets matched by Mr. H.'s, captivating instrumentation that includes rippling keys and a steady pound. BONDAGE OF FATE is, in many ways, more enthralling than Green or NHG; for some reason it just mesmerizes me. Maybe it's the waltz-like rhythm, or the woman's babbling or the choral sounds...all together it's just wonderful! And THE RIGHT SIDE?, well this is another treasure and a great way to round out the album. Giving one final nod to Kraftwerk, it's plinkering keys and ambient chorals easily make the 8.17 minute song flow by.

I rarely find a cd that doesn't have at least one song I don't like on it but can honestly say I like, and in more cases than not, LOVE the songs here. From a long-standing OMD fan, I am giddy with this return and think even newcomers to the world of OMD will embrace the caliber of the music on the release. A definite 5 stars from me!!!
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on 10 July 2012
Having been a fan of OMD since 'Electricity' and 'Messages' I was disappointed with how they declined after 'Dazzle Ships'. Then there was a a long break and then they re-formed.

Re-formed bands rarely produce any worth listening too so I didn't buy this album immediately.

However, over time, this album got good reviews and, on the strength of this, I bought the album. I'm so glad I did. This is almost classic OMD and a great return to form.

If I was to characterise this album I'd say 'Organisation' meets 'Dreaming'. The sounds are more mainstream than early OMD, as are the lyrics, but there's an edge that cuts in some of the lyrics. There's a lot of catchy riffs, some haunting atmosphere, a track meant for a girl band, and a touch of the weird and wacky that OMD delight in confusing us with.

If you remember 'Souvenir', 'Enola Gay', and 'Joan of Arc', then this album won't disappoint.
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on 27 February 2015
After a long wait for new OMD material, THIS was released, I bought a copy and was not disappointed, some very good tunes on, back to the classic omd, a welcome return to the pop scene, not as poppier as junk culture or dazzleships, some take a bit to get used to and sound like experimental songs, but they will grow on you worth adding to your collection
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on 29 May 2015
A great album from the duo, their first since 1996. Love the song Sister Marie Says. Still the same classic OMD style which I love because most artists always change there style which I don't like, but OMD are still the same! A must buy! From 2010
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on 25 May 2014
An album which is varried enough to be interesting, while retaining the OMD electroic style. To my mind one of the outstanding albums to come from the OMD stable. Of course some tracks are going to be better than the others but in this case you do not mind because the weaker ones compliment the stronger ones (although may be best OMD to stay away from the 'Brittany Spears' style songs).
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on 19 March 2013
If you liked OMD in the 80s, you should know that this album surpasses most of their output to date, saving Joan of Arc and Souvenir of course. Lyrically strong and technologically bang up to date. Tracks 'If You Want It', History Of Modern Part 1 and New Babies New Toys' and Sister Mary Says' are all lead tracks - 'Pulse' is irritating but catchy. The artwork is also extremely strong. Have pre-ordered the new CD out in April.
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on 7 October 2012
I first discovered OMD in 1980 and still the music generated today is still fresh.From start to finish it is immediately recognisable as OMD but still new. History of Modern Part 1 has the music you just can't resist listening to then before you know it you get to RFWK/New Holy Ground which is like going back in time to those early years. Just great. Can't wait for more!
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on 27 March 2011
I couldn't believe when I first heard it. The original OMD is doing a new album! And what a beautiful album it is! 13 new tracks that won't disappoint any old OMD fan. Electronic pop at it's best. It's a wonderful mix of the best of the 80`s with a new, modern sound. It's crisp and delicate. For me the album was topped off with a perfect concert in London nov -10.
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on 4 April 2011
What a surprise. For many years, many groups of the 80s or post-80s claimed that their new album was a return to the 80s sound, but all of them were just sorry efforts caught in between trying to sound "modern" and retro at the same time. Not anymore. OMD came in and simply went flat out to produce an album that unmistakably recreates their synth-pop sound 100%. To me, History of Modern sounds even better than their original 80s albums because of the more advanced recording equipment they can use today. Four stars for the quality of the songs, one additional star for having the audacity - and intelligence - to go back to their 80s sound without remorse. Good music is good music.

OMD and Duran Duran went back to their original sound with their latest albums, and both of them are welcomed with open arms by the 80s' fans. I hope they have the sales to go with the rave reviews. Come on - Flock, Frankies, Fixxies, Ballet, Crisis, Twins, Wang Chung and everybody - what are you waiting for?

BTW, what's Mr John Doran's favorite genre of music? Rap?
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