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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Love Hina Collection (inc Christmas & Spring specials) [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
Price:£22.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 25 March 2012
I knew Love Hina by reputation (it is quite old now, having being made in 1999!) but had never got round to watching it until recently. I loved Negima!, also by Ken Akamatsu, so I thought I should give it a look. Am I glad I did; it is BRILLIANT! It is heart-warming, funny, bonkers, cute and lovable all at once!

The story revolves around Keitaro Urashima, a 20-year-old student, who moves to Hinata Hot Springs to hopefully get into the nearby Tokyo University; his grandmother owns an apartment complex there, where he used to stay as a child. She plans to travel the world, and leaves Keitaro to run the place as manager, whilst he continues his studies. Alas, she omitted to tell him this last point, and also that the apartments are now all occupied by gorgeous young women, who initially don't like the idea of a male manager at all! Comic mayhem ensues, with Keitaro regularly being beaten to a pulp by one or other of the girls, for accidentally walking in on them in a state of undress, or landing on them having tripped or slipped, and ending up in a compromising position! They all came to think of him as a pervert and a peeping-tom, but actually he is just clumsy and accident prone!

The main female lead, the beautiful, smart Naru Narusegawa, initially can't stand him, but starts to warm to him after a while. It is usually her famed 'Naru Kick' or 'Naru Punch' that is the means by which she punishes his presumed 'perversion'; he usually ends up in earth orbit or buried deep in a wall having been on the receiving end of her fury! The bulk of the rest of the story follows their blossoming relationship, and its' ups and downs.

The cutest, most lovable character is Shinobu Maehara, a junior high student of maybe 13/14 years of age, who lives at the Hinata apartments after her parents divorce. She is shy, bashful (especially around Keitaro, with whom she is in love!), mega-cute, vulnerable and so lovable at times you just want to go 'Awww!' and give her a big hug!

Then there is raunchy, mischievous Mitsune "Kitsune" Konno; she is older than the others, at about 19, speaks with a Southern Belle accent (in the English dub) and likes her booze! She never seems to do much work (although she is supposed to be a freelance copy writer), and enjoys winding Keitaro up by grabbing him and burying his head in her ample bosoms; this usually results in Naru battering him for being a 'pervert'!

Other notable characters are Kaolla Su, a hyper-active, dark-skinned beauty of about Shinobu's age (they attend the same school class) who is always inventing gadgets, and is often seen hanging from the rafters, or around the necks of the other characters; she is totally unstoppable, and giggles all the time.

Then comes the quiet Motoko Aoyama, about 16 years of age, who dresses in Samurai costume (apart from at school), and carries a fearsome 'katana' sword, which she knows how to use; she even cuts cars in half with it! She is also beautiful, but hates men, and feels she is a failure as a woman, if not as a warrior!

Mutsumi Otohime is the other girl who has designs on Keitaro, whom she has known since childhood; she is also trying to get into Tokyo U, along with Keitaro and Naru. She is quieter than Naru, and a bit more subtle, but she is almost as accident-prone as Keitaro!

Lastly, there is Keitaro's older cousin, Haruka Urashima, now in her 30's, who smokes a lot, and whom he sometimes calls 'Aunt Haruka' (which was what he called her as a child); this usually results in Keitaro finding himself on the receiving end of a ferocious punch, usually followed by the terse statement 'It's just Haruka!' from her. She runs the cafe/restaurant in the complex, and mostly wears an apron over her clothes.

There is little in the way of fan-service; usually the only underwear shots are on the washing line (although the OVA's do have a few more knicker-shots and up-skirt views, but not too many)! The animation is good, although showing its age a little, but the story and the interrelationships of the characters more than make up for it; it is great fun, totally lovable, and definitely not to be missed!
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on 1 November 2012
This anime is pretty bland from start to finish. It's just about a guy wanting to get university. I have to say i was forcing myself to stay awake. One of the most anti-climactic animes ive seen. The whole thing just seemed so dull. Some funny moments, but they felt cherished. I've seen better.
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on 21 February 2014
I initially heard positive reviews and recommendations from a friend and some people on Youtube regarding this anime so I decided to look it up online. Despite the anime almost being 14 years old, I absolutely enjoyed this anime. The animation was excellent, character designs were great and the music just came together for each episode especially if it was an emotional episode for a particular character. The plot in a couple of episodes seemed a bit unnecessary and it began getting repetitive when Keitaro kept getting beaten up by the girls namely Naru but over time I looked past those very few negatives and enjoyed each episode.

Another thing to point out is that the opening and ending themes are excellent. Usually, I only like listening to the opening/closing theme of an anime a few times before I just skip it but Megumi Hayashibara's vocals kept me hooked and made me want to watch the next episode immediately. A nice little bonus was realising that the final 'unaired' episode of Love Hina (Episode 25) is included in the Christmas Special DVD although only 24 episodes were shown in Japan.

The Love Hina collection would have been better if the Love Hina Again OVA's were included in this box set (hence the 4 out of 5 star rating) but regardless of that, I'm very happy with this DVD collection and of course it was delivered promptly without any delays.
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on 24 November 2011
Very good animation, good voice overs and spot on entertainment!

You like slapstik romantic comedys? Then this is a great buy to enjoy!! All 27 episodes have a lot to offer and it really gets u hooked after a couple of episodes you'll be rooting for Keatro and Naru all the way!

To fully appreciate this release i'd advise you buy a copy of Love Hina Again [DVD], the final 3 episodes, which unfortunatly dont come along with this package, but its worth getting it to see the final conclusion!!!

MINT all the way!!!
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on 20 January 2013
I was lent this with very little knowledge or description to go on, and judging from the back of the box it was going to be some sleazy harem anime.

However I was completely wrong, and has now became one of my favourite animes.

It's a charming, funny, sweet and at times touching show. It frequently made me laugh out loud throughout the entire series, even though the jokes do repeat quite often the pure silliness with which they are handled keeps them amusing.

The characters are nothing new but are endearing enough and each have episodes and over-arching plots to flesh them out and give them some decent development.

The animation is generally pretty solid with it mostly being smooth and nicely done. Fanservice never gets too over the top either.

The voices were well synced in both versions, the English voices didn't seem bad, but I found Kitsune's English voice too irritating to cope with so I switched to the Japanese dub for the rest of the series, and they were well done and seemed to match the characters personalities.

The plots are fine, if a little bit basic at times, but that said some if them are quite inventive and well done (one involving a mechanical doll being a particularly good and touching episode). The over-arching plot gets forgotten at times but this isn't a problem as it keeps it from getting stale, and manages to keep you guessing with numerous plot twists.

The 2 bonus (Christmas and Spring specials) episodes are pretty good too, longer than the normal episodes they act as a sort of conclusion to the series, and for reference; watch the Christmas one first.

One thing the series doesn't do quite so well is extras, they include the standard textless songs, audio commentaries and picture galleries (and a couple of trailers). They're not bad, but I feel more could have been included, still I guess you can't complain when you have 8 disks. The best extra was a previously unaired episode concerning Motoko and her sister, I'm not sure why it wasn't aired, the standard in it is very high, being one of the funnier episodes to me (the only reason I can think is there is a recurring joke that's a little more risqué than normal).

Overall a great series, with enough humour, charm and variety to keep you interest for the entire duration of the series.
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on 9 March 2013
Not a bad little series. Enjoyed it mostly, a few episodes were a bit off, but over all pretty good.
The story follows Keitaro, a young man trying to get into Tokyo Uni. He then goes to his grandma's appartment building where she asks him to become manager while she goes away. Thinking it will be a good place for him to study he agrees only to discover that all the tennents are young ladies. He then spends most of the series getting beat up by them for being a pervert, even though he isn't.
Surprisingly there is very little fan service in this series although the premise suggest that there is a lot. Whether thats good or bad I'll let you decide. The characters are pretty cool, the voice acting is good as is the animation. And its got a really good theme tune. Arrived within the estimated delivery date. All in all 4/5.
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on 6 July 2011
A really fabulous harem Anime with loads of cute girls and humour. If you liked Ah my Goddess you will love this, it's just a shame I nearly finished watching this collection! Recommended to all.
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on 21 January 2012
Keitaro, the manager of Hinata Apartments, is the only guy in a ladies-only complex. The premise alone promises romance, naughty accidents, laughs and the series delivers; all with good, clean fun. As the story progresses, the different personalities of the young female residents are revealed and their reasons for staying away from home. They have fights and they go on holidays together (although not always planned) and generally help each other navigate through life. It's not a laugh a minute but it's great fun to watch and the Spring and Christmas Specials included makes this a fantastic buy!
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on 29 October 2014
I would recommend it to anyone. First time I watchet it, was online from less than legal source. I loved it soo much I actually bought it on amazon as soon as it came out. And for this price its well worth getting it here. If you buy it you wont regret it, especially if you love anime in general like me.
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on 7 October 2013
Enjoyed watching this classic anime very much. Very entertaining to watch. Well worth the money.

Delivery from this site was prompt within 4 working days and payments etc.. went through without any problems.
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