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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
Blood Of The Nations
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on 30 December 2017
Great album!!
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on 17 March 2017
As a Rock/Metal fan since roughly 1975-i`m now 56 years young-I`ve gone through periods over the years of loving certain bands...sadly times/tastes change but I`m happy to report that I`m now back to my old ways....this album is simply blistering,after many years of being away Accept have returned more relevant/stronger than ever...with Mark Tornillo on vocals,the band are back to their former glory days...I`m looking forward to everything they put out from now on......produced by Andy Sneap (Megadeth/Hell/Saxon),everything is well produced/mixed-a stirling job.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 30 December 2013
I daresay diehard Accept fans will find it unAcceptable (see what I did there? ;-) ) that, whilst I like them, they were never my favourites. They took a while to reach their peak; Restless & Wild and Balls To The Wall were their best work; and stayed there only briefly before fading again. They tried to change their sound for the US with Metal Heart, didn't succeed, lost a lot of ground, and never really made it back. I confess, whilst I quite enjoyed MH, I never followed them at all after that, but some time recently I discovered they'd released a couple of new albums in the last few years and... they're really rather good!

Of the two new albums (Stalingrad being the 2012 one), this is the better; let that be said at the start. It has their signature sound - the riffing is the same, the tempo is the same, the lyrics are the same, the vocals are... almost exactly the same. The new singer, Mark Tornillo, shrieks a couple of tones lower than Udo used to. It does work rather well, being a little more of a growl, a little less shrill. It also makes the vocals a bit more intelligible. Tornillo can also carry a tune in a bucket i.e. can sing without the rough edge to the voice, which Udo never really managed. In other words, Accept have found a new vocalist who sounds almost exactly the same, but slightly lower in tone and with a little more stylistic range.

"Same old, same old..." is a comment, not a criticism. If you loved Restless or Balls, you will love this. Having said that, though, whilst I would give both of those albums 5*, coming back 30 years later & playing the same album again when music has evolved since... It is a bloody good album. The stand out tracks for me are the opening Beat The Bastards, Locked & Loaded, Rolling Thunder, No Shelter, and Bucket Full of Hate. But it's not quite worth 5.
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on 6 September 2010
Never been especially into Accept but following a number of strong recommendations decided to give it a try. Well all I can say is that this is one of the best metal albums of 2010. In the vain of U.D.O. with big crunching riffs as good as I've heard for a very long time. Production is excellent and I actually prefer the new singer who is similar to UDO but not as gruff. Not a single bad track and even the ballad (I really don't like ballads) is actually pretty good too. Who would like this ? Well I'd say fans of U.D.O. , Dream Evil, Godiva, Primal Fear and Shakra. I guess AC/DC too.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 14 March 2017
As far as come back albums go, most bands do not hit the nail quite on the head and take one or two more whacks before they really get it right. But that was not the case with Germany's Accept who came firing back with their new singer, no one expected their album Blood of the Nations to be this good.

Accept were back and were swinging an axe that was sharper than it had been in years. Blood of the Nations boasted an excellent line up of Wolf Hoffman, Herman Frank, Peter Baltes, drumming ace Stefan Schwarzmann and their new front man Mark Tornillo. Not only did the band sound fresh at the time but they sounded like a young band, much more energetic than other bands of their age group.

Alongside their fresh new line up, the band had a fantastic array of songs. They don't beat around the bush with the opener Beat the B******s. An up beat heavy number that really sets the tone for the rest of the album. It is followed up with the likes of Teutonic Terror, Blood of the Nations, Pandemic and No Shelter. All worthy songs a few of which have become a staple in the bands live set list.

The production was handled by Andy Sneap and those of you who are familiar with his work will know exactly how this album sounds. The drums are booming, the vocals are powerful and clean whilst the guitars are hard, heavy and metallic. This sound does not suit a lot of bands out there but it fits Accept like a glove.

Blood of the Nations in my honest opinion is a modern heavy metal classic. It is one or two songs too long but otherwise does everything that a metal album should do. It has enough appeal for the old fans as well as enough modern trends to appeal to the younger generation. If you haven't got it already, shame on you!

Published by Steven Lornie of Demonszone
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on 26 September 2010
Thank you, thank you, thank you Accept for sticking at it, your reward .... the best heavy rock album for a long time.
Best this year... by far. + Mr. Sneeps the sound is superb. What a team. don't spoil it.
Bullets last effort now in second place.. sorry lads!
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on 30 August 2010
Listening to it for the first time as I write this Could not be much happier Accept is BACK in a big way!

Beat the Bastards is awesome. Wolf's solo's are awesome. Definetly hearing new, modern Wolf along with some classic parts of solos from 83/84. I agree Mark sounds mabye a little unsure at the beginning but by the end he is running 110%.

Teutonic Terror is still awesome. Sounds from the '90's like OO and Death Row, but refined and improved. I think Dr. Sneap had a say in this one. THANKS ANDY

The Abyss- Love the scream at the beginning. Subject matter takes me back to Meatal Heart. So does the solo. Mark shows great diversity in his vocal abilities.

Blood of the Nations- I would want this song blasting from my tank on the battlefield. Hints from Russian Roulette. Tasty solo.

Shades of Death- Sounds like nothing previously done. Are those strings at the beginning or keyboards?

Locked and Loaded- Please keep yous armss and feet inside the vehicle at all times. Permane cer centavos, por favor! This would make a great opener or 2nd song. Kidna says "Here we are. Look at us. Love Us!" The precsion of all musicians just makes me shake my head (over and over). Similar to Wrong is Right.

Time Machine- Big Sound, great vibe.

Kill the Pain- Not sure how I feel about this one yet. Way different from the rest of the album.

Rolling Thunder- Great riff and great screams from Mark. Also, he growls a lot like Udo here. Are Wolf and Herman soling dually? I'd put this up against any previous material.

Pandemic- I remember Joe saying this was the one that blew him away at Peter's house. It's a great track, but I don't see it as an opener. Reminds me more of songs from Objection Overuled and mabye a little Metal Heart for good measure.

New World Comin'- Wow, the bass intro everyone was talking about. Awesome, Peter. Song is very Princess of the Dawn in riff and tempo. More classic guitar solos, which I've always love. I cannot see playing this live with POTD in the set, however, and I will not give her up

No Shelter- I like the slow-fast-slow-fast approach. More highly tedchnical guitar. Very different sound on this track for Accept. I really like this one

Bucket Full of hate- Intro is very King Diamond. Good song, but not my fav so far.

This is my first impression, which I'm sure will change a little as I listen to this album nonstop for the next few weeks. Definetely a triumphant return to glory for the band that I have been passionate about for over 26 years. I would be happy if they played the entire album live, with a handfull of classics to round out the mix. This is right up there with Balls to the Wall and Restless and Wild. It may even be better than one of them.

If you have not done so yet, buy this album and support one of the greatest metal bands of all time!
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on 16 October 2010
Accept return with a new singer but the sound is typical accept.

Four absolute belters, beat the bastards, teutonic terror, the abyss abyss and the title track. It trails off a little and there is no Fast as a Shark here, but the trademark Accept backing vocal choruses are in full effect.

Treat yourself, you wont be disappointed.
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on 25 August 2010
Oh dear, someone's a bit down. Even the best track on here - the blistering epic 'Time machine', a 'Bound to fail' for the 21st Century - fits the apocalyptic tone of this album. Ironically, although lighter in musical terms than 'Predator', it's far heavier in terms of lyrics. In fact it's all doom and gloom - just look at the track listing.

So, it's similar to 'Predator' (without Udo, of course) but not as overpowering, which is just as well because then it definitely would be too depressing to listen to. As it is there's plenty of top grade metal to enjoy here, particularly the spectacular amp-busting 'Time machine' and 'Bucket full of hate'.

The balance of music is usual Accept: three or four incredible songs, a ballad, some okay tunes and the odd filler. Which is why it only gets four stars, but don't let that fool you; 'Blood of the nations' is worth getting just for the two aforementioned tracks alone. If all the songs were as good it would be the most worthy five star album in the history of metal.

Despite the uncharacteristically dark theme, it's a full-rocking rollercoaster that I've been riding ever since it came out and can't see myself leaving it alone in the near future.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 15 February 2011
Bought this a little while back simply because I remembered the glory days of heavy back in the 80's where Accept graced the cover of Kerrang and were well known stalwarts of the scene. Over the years they faded and my listening was confined to the odd track now and again. So when I read that they had reformed with a new singer Mark Tornillo I was intrigued, especially at the favourable reviews.

So I got the CD and to be honest listened to a couple of tracks absent mindedly and left it alone until a long car journey and the chance to crank it up and play it all the way through. Bloody hell what an album. I can say with hand on heart that Blood of Nations is the best Accept album by far and one of the best 'proper,' heavy metal albums let loose over the last twelve months. It's full bore thudding, riffing chest beating heavy rock. Modern production and engineering helps of course, but its a long time since I've listened to such a great rock record. Don't know how they have done it, but Accept have, after many years come up with their heaviest record ever that sounds fresh, modern and yet harks back to their roots. I have noticed a bit of Rammstien influence on a couple of tracks - noticeably 'Bucketful of Hate,' and that's no bad thing. Oddly I think you can pick out a bit of Joe Satriani with 'Time Machine,' which is one of my favourite tracks on this record.

With Mark Tornillo, Accept have found a singer that sounds remarkably like Udo - but with his own sound. His voice immediately fits into the Accept sound and I have to say that he does it well. I didn't miss Udo's vocals at all.

Overall this is one of the rock surprises - and highlights of my year.
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