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on 9 September 2013
This author is truly skilled at taking our beloved characters, setting them in unusual circumstances and making it work. Yes, it was a bit unbelievable at first, but once you're past that it's a joy to read.

I've dropped one star because of the extreme circumstances shoe-horned in to make the plot work (I'm struggling to explain myself without giving too much away!). There is also a section when things return to Longbourn that seems a bit sticky as it realigns to the original plot.

BUT, overall I found this smart, witty, heart-warming and just plain delightful. There are a couple of early books by this author that show her inexperience, but she has truly come of age in this book and also, Pirates and Prejudice. Give it a go!
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on 15 May 2011
As a standalone story it had little credibility, but once set in the period of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice it just failed completely. Her characters' behaviour would have been totally unacceptable for the time, and their dialogue and even descriptions of happenings is in modern idiom. Just tossing in a few words such as "partake" and "procure" doesn't mitigate against blunders like "what is in it for you?" or describing a carriage as "pulling up" to the house. The author doesn't understand the use of the word hunting - in England even now this usually refers to an organised activity involving pursuing foxes on horseback with hounds. What she means is rough shooting, as even shooting is an organised event, with beaters to flush game birds, and loaders to handle reloading the guns. There are just too many such blunders to enumerate. I really don't even know why I bothered to finish it. Definite thumbs down, I'm afraid.
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on 5 March 2011
This book was quite dissapointing for me. I downloaded it because it was free and also I liked the idea of a different take on one of my favourite classics - Pride and Prejudice. However there were a number of flaws that made it a mockery of the book it is related to.
One is the total absence of the language of the time. Unfortunately the authour doesn't seem to have realised that quoting a couple of passages from the real book makes it sound genuine. In fact it just accentuates how clumsy and forced the speech sounds.
Another problem was that everything went smoothly. Darcy makes no real mistakes here and so Elizabeth just happens to fall in love him. The author ruined Lizzie and Darcy's character by making Lizzie seem weak and exhibiting no sense of pride from Darcy apart from an off hamd comment at the beginning of the book.
The final problem was how unfeasible the story was. Everything just turns out too coincidentally - if the author creates an obstacle she quickly gets rid of it as opposed to making her characters confront it and it gives the impression that she just wants to bulk th book out a bit.
Overall this was rubbish and I would definetely not recommend it particularly to those like myself who love the real Pride and Prejudice.
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on 6 March 2011
I also bought this book through love of the proper pride and prejudice, but the minute i opened it I realised exactly why it was free. It is terrible. It opens with the idea of Lizzy climbing up trees and is completely ridiculous, as well as lacking the style, constraints, or language of the time period. I was looking forward to the idea of a different story, and it was an utter let down.
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on 11 October 2011
I'm a Jane Austen fan and, even if it is not the same, I have enjoyed many of the sequels. But to my indignation and financial loss, I have discovered that several of these sequels have been published twice under different titles. So I want to warn other fans. To my knowledge these are doubles :

- Darcy's Voyage = Pemberley's promise by Kara Louise
- Only Mr Darcy will do = Something like regret by Kara Louise
- Captain Wentworth's persuasion = Wayward love by Regina Jeffers
- Darcy's dreams = Darcy's temptation by Regina Jeffers
- Impulse and Initiative = To conquer Mr Darcy
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on 31 May 2013
What a delightful story! I absolutely loved it! I was wondering how realistic it would feel with Darcy and Lizzy making their way across to America on a ship... but it surprised me how it really did seem feasible. I was also worried about the length, it being quite a long story compared to the other variations I had read, but I didn't need to worry as the story flowed so well and I didn't want it to end! I think the story didn't seem to drag at all because of the amount of `screen time' Lizzy and Darcy had. There were not many scenes or large periods of time where Lizzy and Darcy were not together, which is good as the best scenes are always when they are together!

I loved the prologue; Darcy and Lizzy meet in a carriage 2 years prior to the meeting on the ship and they get off to a good start and have an interesting conversation. However, neither finds out who the other is, so when they meet 2 years later, they both have that feeling of having met before but it takes a while for them to properly put two and two together. I really liked this running theme through the story and the question of when the other was going to realise they had already met!

The first half of the book was wonderful. All the scenes on the ship were full of detail and the relationship between Darcy and Lizzy and how it developed was fun to read. Darcy was the perfect gentleman and he was so considerate to Lizzy; what he did for her was an act of the utmost chivalry. We see their relationship flourish through morning walks up on deck and many incidents aboard the ship, Pemberley's Promise. Darcy and Lizzy are both portrayed very well and she captures the essences of their original characters really well.

I thought it was very clever and interesting seeing how a prior meeting between our heroine and hero would affect the events which we see happen in the original; the meeting at Netherfield, the Netherfield Ball, the visit to Pemberley, Lady Catherine's `visit' to Lizzy, Lydia's elopement. I found it a lot of fun to see how some of the iconic conversations which take place in the original are affected because of this prior relationship as well, and seeing Caroline Bingley's rising suspicions about the two of them!

Georgiana was a fun character. Her relationship with her brother was very sweet and I really enjoyed seeing her caring side towards her brother and also her detective nature coming out when trying to work out the reasons behind Darcy's low spirits and who this mysterious Elizabeth from Longbourn is.

The romance in this story was wonderful. Whilst being completely clean, it was still highly romantic; secret meetings and stolen kisses. I was very pleased with how the question of when the couple's mutual love would be realised wasn't drawn out for too long and (without giving too much away) that once it was realised, it was never doubted; it annoys me when a heroine keeping thinking `he loves me', `he doesn't love me', `no wait he does!' the entire story, or vice versa! The ending was wonderful; it links in very cleverly to the beginning of the story which takes place on the ship and it is a very satisfying and pleasing end! There is also an epilogue showing what happens to each of the characters in the story, which I like to have at the end of a story.

So, I shall bring my thought about this wonderful book to a close. If you can't get enough of Darcy and Lizzy and want to read a story where they are thrown into completely different circumstances then this is for you. The trip to America is a very different approach to the story and it is accomplished extremely well. It was a highly enjoyable, witty, romantic and interesting story to read; I highly recommend it and I look forward to her other work!
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Darcy's Voyage was one of the best, if not the best "what if" books from Pride and Prejudice I have ever read, and I've read quite a few.
The plot is completely different from the one we know as Darcy and Elizabeth meet in a ship headed to the US, but the characters are so true to themselves, their actions, character, thoughts and words are so familiar to the ones Austen described that we have no doubt we are reading a Pride and Prejudice related book.
Everything is very well written and described. The stolyline is amazing and we fall in love with the characters.
Unlike other books, Darcy and Elizabeth do spend much of the time in presence of one another, so the book is far from dull.-
To fully understand and love this book you do not need to have read Pride and Prejudice, which is also something very interesting.
I couldn't stop reading this book, always wanting more and more. I highly recommend it! It is also the best book of Kara Louise.
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on 3 March 2013
Well I have to disagree with a lot of the reviewers here and say that I found it to be a lovely, enjoyable read. None of the "sequels" will hold up to the original but they are one person's idea of what could happen under different circumstances or after they have been married and if you wish to read these "what if" books you need to have an open mind to enjoy them. This one I found I couldn't put down. I certainly could see Elizabeth Bennett climbing trees as someone who loves the outdoors to the extent she does. She is, as has been stated on many occasions, different to what is expected which is what attracted Darcy to her in the beginning. As for travelling across the ocean on her own, why not! It is well written and whilst there are complaints about too many "Americanisms", this is written by an American author so this is bound to happen. However, I certainly enjoyed it and would highly recommend it to anyone.
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on 15 March 2011
This is not your usual rewrite of P and P and that's probably why I liked it. You do need to suspend disbelief for most of the book but I found it quite good fun. Another reviewer says she cannot see Lizzy climbing trees but I certainly can. Admittedly it is a total fairy tale, but so is P and P. Lizzy sets sail for America on her own. This is not so far-fetched as Jane Austen's own aunt, Philadelphia, sailed off to India, on her own, to find a husband. This is not cerebrally taxing, but is a bit of far-fetched fun.
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on 9 October 2013
Thoroughly enjoyed this book - although very different to the usual P & P at the start, I liked it and could not put it down. Read it in one go on a long distance flight. This is the first book that I have read by Kara Louise and I look forward to reading her others. Highly recommended. Although they meet on a ship, it is a lovely story.
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