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3.3 out of 5 stars
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on 8 September 2011
I've been using Powerpoint, Word and Excel since they first came out for the Mac. I base my business around this Office Suite. I have bought my first computer using Lion so had to upgrade from Office 2004. And since upgrading to 2011 everything is becoming harder.

All the new features, apart from adding video to Powerpoint presentations, have no value. The big problem is the features that are missing. Here are some examples:

Powerpoint - we run conferences and courses and need to preview and correct presentations we receive before we print them in black & white. Greyscale preview has gone, although thankfully there is free 3rd party macro you can find and use.

Word - we write emails in Word then send them as tests - there is no longer "send as HTML" available. Also is you set a page background colour, and make table cells white, any text in the cells disappears!

Excel - one of the most useful features introduced in 2004 was Page Break Preview, where you could drag page breaks around so your work was split over multiple sheets. You guessed it, gone.

Outlook - For years in Entourage I've been shift-clicking messages, selected delete from server, then delete to keep my Inbox tidy. By retaining emails on the server I can download them on my other computers. Now we have Outlook but the 'delete from server' button is in the message window. So you have to mess around taking at least twice as long to active the same thing.

These are just the most annoying things so far, but there are more. And I haven't even mentioned the ribbon yet. With wide landscape monitors and laptop screens how stupid is it to put tabbed ribbon menus across the top? The help options, are very poor as well, even if you go on-line. I'm finding I have to internet search almost every problem to find out if something is possible or no longer available.

We have decided not to upgrade any further computers, and once I find a second hand copy of 2008 I'm downgrading as I've had enough.
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on 20 August 2011
I bought a Business Multipack Edition as I needed to instal the software on my desk iMac and also my laptop. Buying through Amazon was cheaper than the official Apple Store. Even so it was quite expensive but I need the latest version of Outlook, which is not available on the Home edition.
Installation was straightforward on both machines and I have started to use Outlook and find it very fast and an improvement over earlier versions of Outlook. I would recommend it over Entourage. The installation downloaded all my contacts files seamlessly, which was a great relief.
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on 6 February 2012
I needed Office for mac because of the many Office documents i was transferring to my mac from a PC.
I bought Office 2011 for mac and mac installed it easily - you guessed it Outlook doesn't work - No help from Microsoft as they only man the phones in pacific time and the internet support was full of people with the same problem offering different solutions - that don't work.

Mac set a mail account up by itself no problem _ Outlook can't do it after hours of coaxing. Error code after error code after error code - my ISP were fed up of me calling and said it's Microsoft talk to them. I called Mac and they tried to help even though it wasn't their problem either.

Word powerpoint excel seem to work ok, so buy the version without outlook as it is a waste of money and your time.

Microsoft argh!
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on 9 May 2012
I made the transition to Apple - having thought that Apple products were for people too stupid to work a PC - I was the dumb one. However, I needed, I believed to still be able to communicate with others who used the Legacy Microsoft offerings and so bought Office For Mac. It was great, it worked and all was fine. Then Microsoft released a Service Pack Update. And then Outlook For Mac, crashed. all my old emails, everything I needed access to, was gone and beyond my reach. I contacted Microsoft by telephone, after eventually finding their number. I got through - quickly. I was asked what my problem was and the representative asked whether I had found it easy to get through. I said it had been very easy, after I tracked the number down. I was then transferred - minutes of music and then nothing - I was dropped. This has happened 4 times. Microsoft know that I have a problem, they have my contact details, they even gave me an incident number - there has been no call back. The customer service does not match the product and the product itself is questionable in that the Service Update had not been tested sufficiently before release. I am totally appalled. In 32 years of working with the computer industry, this is the most dreadful customer service I have ever received.

My recommendation is to buy, IF you wait BEFORE installing Service Packs and checking that there are no known issues. (Mine was a known issue.) And buy this product only if you are prepared to be treated badly by Customer Services at Microsoft.

The product, when working is worthy of 5 Stars, the customer service does not deserve any. - So that is why I have given it an overall 2 Stars.
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on 17 February 2012
I was running Office for Mac 2004 until 2012. I need a straight forward workhorse and it served all my needs. But its old fonts caused a few problems and it was increasingly incompatible with new XML documents.

So I evaluated the trial version of this software with a view to installing it across our office Mac network. I compared it against OpenOffice, which is free software supported by Oracle.

In short, OpenOffice offers everything that Microsoft does, except Outlook; which I don't need because my Mac comes with Mail and Address Book. Furthermore, I can merge my Address Book (including Groups) into documents by simply registering the Address Book as a data source.

Finally, OpenOffice also includes Base - a relational database solution which equates to Microsoft Access, which is not available for Macs. This has meant that I've been able to dispense with Filemaker - the pricey Access alternative for Macs.

Overall, OpenOffice serves all my needs, and more, than Microsoft Office.
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on 22 February 2013
Review is based on the licensing model not the product itself. This is a "1 user, 2 macs" license, which by Microsoft's full terms means one user only can use this but can install it on 2 machines as long as one of them is a portable device.

Don't be fooled by the title including "multi-pack"!!

Also, if you are looking to buy this for use in an office environment, bear in mind this will not work with Exchange servers below version 2007.
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on 12 January 2011
One thing to be aware of: if you use Google Apps, or Google Calendar, then Outlook doesn't support Google Calendar. Funnily enough, Apple supports Google Calendar neatly on the iPhone and iPod touch etc, but Microsoft's own software won't. Google implemented Activesync, but it seems Microsoft just won't play ball back.

Thus if you've got a Mac and want this perfectly valid option for your calendaring, you're out of luck. Yet again Microsoft frustrates.
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on 5 November 2010

Amongst other problems, if you switch on address book syncing all the carrige returns/line feeds will be removed from your contact notes. I now have thousands of contacts with unreadable notes.

After all the hype on Outlook coming to the Mac what do we get? Entourage with minimal cosmetic changes. There's no way this is Outlook. It's as slow, clunky and difficult to use as Entourage. It even has Entourage screens once you get under the main window. This is a con.
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on 14 May 2012
I agree with many of the comments made by other reviewers. The simplicity and feature rich elements of previous versions of Office have been destroyed. So many things have been either been changed or omitted for no logical reason or advantage that it makes a mockery of Microsoft's upgrade path stategy. Like other users, I am going back to my previous version and getting my life back.
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on 19 June 2012
HAving used Office for Mac 2008 for years I have recently used the free 30 day trial and have now purchased the Pro version multi-pack. It is an excellent product, just taking a little time to adapt from the older version. I don't understand the negative comments - did you try the product for the free 30 days before deciding it is such a terrible product?
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