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on 12 July 2012
If I could give this product 0 stars I would, closely followed by a minus score for Microsoft support! It is extremely unstable and Outlook has now twice deleted my emails accounts and all the data they held - provoked only by a restart on my Mac. When backed into a corner, Microsoft will stutter about the issues and maintain that these will be eradicated by the release of 2015 in a few months time - a great help to me and to anyone suffering the same issues now! I suspect it may take them until 2015 to get it right - if they ever do!

It also conflicts with my brand new (just released) MacBook Air, the operating system it was designed to be compatible with. I have had to uninstall this Microsoft programme from the Mac altogether and it is now flying!

I cannot vouch for MS Word and Excel, they may be OK with a Mac and I may have to use them but Outlook, at least, will never see my Mac again!

In the course of all my issues I have had the occasion to deal with both Apple and Microsoft support operations and the difference between the two is quite staggering. Apple really care that their customers are happy and love their products and nothing is too much trouble whereas Microsoft are arrogant, could give a damn and do their best to wriggle out of everything. I will leave the reader to decide who they would prefer to deal with!
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on 22 January 2011
If you've moved to Mac and need to do a bit of word processing and open some MS Word documents then Pages (or the full iWork package) is probably all you will need and is fast and cheap. If however you work a lot with MS Office documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, or want to import data from Outlook for Windows then you will need this package (Business Edition). It's basically pretty similar to the Windows version. I find the ribbon does make the features of the software more obvious and useable and the interface is smart if more complex than Pages. The main disappointment however is Outlook. If you use an exchange server for email and calendar then you are fine. However home users will find that Outlook synchronises with virtually nothing. You can import your old pst files from Windows which is great but then only Contacts syncs with the Apple Address Book. The calendar and tasks don't sync with iCal, your iPhone, or Google for example. Very frustrating. This functonality may come in the future but until then Outlook feels isolated except as an email client. Until Microsoft come up with an update to allow synchronisation with iCal or Google then I would consider waiting and get the cheaper package without Outlook or stick to iWork or Open Office.

Update 06/2011: The SP1 update has added syncing of Calendar and Tasks with iCal which works well so I have added a star. However I had already migrated to Google Calendar to sync with iCal as my primary calendars, and there seems to be no way available to sync Google Calendar with Outlook for Mac (There is a Google sync available for Outlook for Windows). If you are not a Google user then there should be no problems. Also note that at present Apple strangely have not enabled iCal Tasks sync with iPhone so you will need a third party task manager on the phone unless the next iOS update fixes that. Syncing between devices and software is still not perfect although Google has developed some of the best solutions so far.
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on 4 January 2013
As others have said, this is a complete waste of money given "Office for Mac Home and Student 2011" has everything but the completely rubbish implementation of Outlook... I like the PC version of Outlook but it's useless on the Mac sadly. Use Mail on the Mac, it can work with Hotmail, Exchange etc., not perfect but you save a lot.

Final word: I wonder what the 2013 version will be like?
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on 3 July 2013
Having used Microsoft for a number of years on Windows, when I purchased my Mac there was no question that I would also be buying this software but what a complete waste of money and for the cost of the software a lot of money.

I can get word, excel to work but my main issue is with outlook - it just doesn't work correctly and is very temperamental.

Yes your emails do appear in the format that if a MS user you will be used too, but the calendar element is where the issues really lie.

Reminders do not always appear so you miss appointments, or they will show up days after the event and the issues I have had with syncing is beyond belief - a complete nightmare.

At one point I had over 24,000 (yes I must be one busy person) reminders and spend hours removing them all only for them to reappear again when I rebooted the computer. I've had to do this 4 times so far and each time on average spending 3-4 hours sorting out the problem. Microsofts customer support confirmed there was an issue and just said not to sync it with any other software - hello what it the point of that with todays gadgets!!!!!!

Even Microsoft support have confirmed that this software it is not compatible with the software Apple currently use and when asked why they are selling it they said because it used to work with previous versions!!!!!!!

My advice is AVOID AVOID AVOID and once again AVOID !!!!!!
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on 21 November 2010
Having used Microsoft Office with Macs for over 20 years I recently bought Office for Mac, Home and Business Edition 2011 particularly for use on a (new) iMac.
It's difficult to express how disappointed I am with this edition of Office for Mac! There is great difficulty in opening earlier versions of, e.g., Word and Excel. It takes a very long time, with continual 'error' messages and, more often than not in Excel one that says the earlier file is corrupt and the 'open and repair' facility simply doesn't work. These same files exist in the earlier version of Office on an older G4 Mac - no trouble at all.
Perhaps Microsoft should have developed a better system of 'reading' from older files and issued this version before it had been thoroughly tested...
To me it certainly isn't worth the cost and I wouldn't recommend that any Mac user buy it until the many hiccups have been ironed out.
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on 27 June 2012
Word and Excel are OK (but so were the 2008 versions I had before). Outlook is rubbish. Microsoft should be embarrassed and releasing it.

I spent a full day manually transferring my saved e-mails from Apple Mail to Outlook (because Outlook's import does not work, so everything had to be done manually which took a full working day - so I was determined to make it work). and then it went downhill from there. In short, very poor functionality (and I am on a version over 1 year since product launch). After just a couple of days I've switched back to Apple Mail, iCal and Address Book because they provide a lot higher levels of functionality, they work properly and run faster.

In the US Microsoft have a 45 day refund policy. Seems in the UK it depends on the retailer.

(I did use Microsofts trial version, downloaded, etc. but I would not run - just kept asking for purchase code so trial no good). Don't waste your money on this. If you don't already have word & Excel, buy the cheaper version but don't waste time and money on Outlook.

(It would have got zero or negative start if that was possible - I feel completely ripped-off)
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on 1 April 2012
Word is Word.
Excel is Excel.
I don't really use Powerpoint, i'm going to guess it's pretty much the same as the PC version.
I bought the Business Edition so i could use my new Macbook for work e-mails, calendar and contacts as i can easily do with my Windows PC and iPhone.
Surely it's going to be a breeze setting up an account? After all, on the iPhone you just stick in a user name, password and a server name and you're away.
Not so. It turns out my employers version of Microsoft Exchange Server is pre-2007, and although the iPhone, and for that matter a PC running XP or Windows 7 can connect and talk to the server without a hitch, new versions of Office for Mac refuse to communicate with older versions of Microsoft Exchange. I basically have to wait for my employers to rollout an upgrade to their servers before I can use Outlook for my work account and that's not going to happening anytime soon. Pretty disappointing really. I could've saved money and a fair bit of investigatory time if i'd been aware of this before purchase. My fault, should've done the research.
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on 5 December 2012
When I switched to Mac I was oversold how well this would work "exactly the same as on a PC"

it's not.

A few Excel examples:

Slow - sometimes get the pinwheel just copying 1 or 2 cells with tiny formulae in them!

Glitchy - copy formula and it sometimes holds the result from the previous column, even tho its been copied to a different column. Yes. That is as dumb as it sounds. Requires a 2nd push on RETURN to get it to realise that it needs to re-caluclate.

etc etc

Word - is slightly better & closer to PC - just slow with copying but no real glitches

Powerpoint - Best of the bunch for me - this does actually just work to be fair.

Outlook - not used as transferring .pst files is proving painful. Mac Mail is a bit of a plastic toy tho, so will be planning on trying Outlook when I get a chance.
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on 16 March 2014
To reiterate what others have said, this is a terrible product. I have been a user of Microsoft Office products on Macs for well over 20 years and this release makes the products ugly, buggy and harder to use. As an example, Microsoft Word won't open thousands of documents that I have created in earlier versions without renaming them as it now doesn't like special characters (like / and \) in filenames. I have to put with this with Excel and Word for compatibility with work colleagues, but I have given up with Outlook using the older Entourage for mail and Apples's own Calendar for interacting with others using Exchange.

Unless you REALLY need these products for compatibility save your money and sanity and buy something else instead.
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on 19 August 2015
When I first installed Office Mac 2011, I thought it was fine.

Word, PowerPoint, and Excel all work OK and are compatible with Office 2010 in most respects (in my experience). However, Outlook is appalling. I use POP for email, and after setting up my email accounts, it seemed to work OK intially. Then one day I noticed I had over 5000 unread emails!!! The application had downloaded a copy of EVERY EMAIL in my various email Inboxes. What?

After scouring the internet I found many many many threads about this issue, and Microsoft just don't seem to want to repair this major bug. I spoke to Microsoft Support - they didn't have a solution and suggested I use IMAP. Well Mr Microsoft, I don't want to use IMAP, and if this product isn't supposed to work using POP then it shouldn't be available as an option.

So after quite some time with this product, my Outlook has sync'd at least a dozen times, and this has meant painstaking hours of removing duplicated emails from the several email accounts I have on there.

I don't use Outlook in Office 2011 anymore as it's more trouble than it's worth. So it's destined to spend the remainder of its life Offline!

However, as I use the Macbook Pro quite a lot due to it's size and weight, I do use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint quite a lot, and they work fine. I just wish Microsoft would do something about the Outlook issues because I PAID for the whole suite, not three quarters of it.
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