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on 9 September 2015
An excellent blu ray transfer to celebrate this milestone in horror cinema. A film that is still scary after 30 years, thanks to the brilliant genius of Wes Craven, who not only created a whole new saga (that still remains unique with few other films trying to imitate it) but also tried new storytelling and visual solutions. Nightmare is a film that entertain and disturbs, introducing a brilliant new actor like John Englund (and a young Johnny Depp), and briliantly exploit the idea of confusion between reality and dream producing an infinite series of other films which will use that potential to create totally genre-free films, where everything can happen, since nothing must be bound to realism or to a single genre (see chapter 4 and 5).
So NIghtmare is not just the best film of the saga and a totally mesmerizing film, but a real groundbreaking experiment
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on 2 May 2014
The ground breaking original,great idea from Wes Craven,easily a hit. For horror fans a must have. Fred Krueger is a child murderer that gets off prison on some technicality. So all the parents in the area of Elm Street, gang together and burn him to death alive! He returns,but only in the dreams of teenagers,with some pretty gory results,with his lethal bladed hand. Trouble is, he is hard to kill off in dreams,as the dreams prove fatal in reality.Great eerie start with Tina. Buy this one! Now for the others..
Nightmare 2) Not a bad follow up,this time with some comic moments. Three stars.
" 3) Great to see the original cast again on this. Three stars.
" 4) Like this one,great special effects,and a terrific ending. This is where the series should have ended. It seemed like the perfect ending for Freddy. Four stars.
Nightmare 5) Stupid. Two stars
Nightmate 6) Stupid again,to the bounds of sillyness. Equal to a 12 certificate. (Swearing edited). One star.
Then 'Wes Craven's new nightmare' 1994. Nancy back again,only as actress Heather Langenkamp,and the rest of the crew playing THEMSELVES! This time Heather visits Wes Craven,that is writing a new end to Freddy,in the real world,but only Freddy can be really finished off if Heather plays 'Nancy' one more time. Not bad this one,but should not have used Heather's son 'Dylan' in the film..far too young,silly really. Should have brought back Tina,from Nightmare One, She was the first to die in her dream,would have been perfect. Three stars.
Hope this helps if you want to buy them seperately.
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on 21 March 2016
All these years later and this has still got it - a grim, gritty, creepy fright fest that gets under the skin and stays there.

The remake came nowhere near the class of this and the sequels became increasingly, winkingly ridiculous (although still guiltily entertaining). The sheer imagination and bag of ideas on show here carries things through despite some mixed acting efforts and the occasional not so "special" effect. For the most part though it's stellar stuff - old school horror filmmaking from a master of the craft that somehow still seems fresh.
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on 8 May 2010
A Nightmare on Elm Street blu ray review. 08.05.10

Distributor : New line cinema, US

The original and best Nightmare on Elm Street movie finally makes it's way to US blu ray. Probably released to tie in with the remake I had forgotten just how good this original film was.

I have seen this film over the years on virtually every home media version available, from video tape, to laser disc, to DVD and now finally on blu ray.

New Line have given us a 1080p transfer which looks excellent in quality. This transfer really drew me back into the film and I noticed things I had not seen previously, despite the number of earlier viewings. The atmosphere throughout the film and sheer nastiness of Fred Krueger himself is amplified ten fold and it's great to see Freddy back to his creepy and terrifying original horror icon status, unlike the wise cracking anti-hero he became in the original sequels.

Lately there seems to be a selection of blu ray releases which by providing an excellent transfer or audio soundtrack actually appear to improve or enhance the film itself and this is certainly another release in that category.

Considering how many times I have seen the film and after just recently watching the remake, I had expected to perhaps become a little distracted while viewing this film again, but that was not the case and I am positive this was all down to the presentation.

Anyway moving on, as previously stated the transfer is excellent and the audio is also strong throughout.

Extras wise there appears to be a lot on offer. We have two commentaries one with the director and various cast members which includes John Saxon (although once he introduces himself, then seems to disappear from the commentary.) Unless I somehow missed his contribution I can't remember him having a great deal to say at all and appears to be more in the background. The second commentary features the director again along with Robert Englund, and other cast and crew members. Aside from commentaries, we also have alternate endings which are unfortunately all too similar with just one or two small changes between them, plus some featurettes that include the making of the film. There is also an interactive trivia track if you like that sort of thing.

The only minor complaint I can really make with this release, is that again we are given the R rated theatrical cut of the film, which unlike the early video or laser releases, cuts the seen of the blood splash when one of Freddy's victims drops onto the bed. This is not really surprising as it was the same in all worldwide DVD releases and the cut is probably only one or two seconds anyway so although not enough to spoil an otherwise great presentation, may concern some completeists.

Summing up, the blu ray is an altogether excellent release. The film was previously released on blu ray in Canada but this US release puts the Canadian transfer to shame. Also unlike the Canadian release this blu ray is not region locked, so is therefore suitable for all blu ray players worldwide.

For long time fans of the film who have not seen it in a while, you are in for a real treat

Go and seek out Freddy Krueger as he was meant to be seen.......

and remember whatever you do, don't fall asleep!

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on 18 March 2016
One of my Top favourite Horror films ! The first time I watched it, I was over my friends house (1984 I was 9 or 10 yrs old) watching it in his kitchen(I know a weird place eh!) while our Mums was nattering away in the other room. We was waaaaaay to young to be watching the film, but us screaming in terror alerted our mums and it was swiftly turned off & we both got a smack from our mums! !P Needless to say i started having "Freddy Nightmares" from that point on too & being attracted to girls who look like "Nancy" Haha
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on 18 February 2011
Nightmare on Elm Street was indeed for most people what started it all. I grew up hearing about it, fearing the name Fred Krueger and those razor-fingers. But I had never watched it. So, up till that time I had watched my far share of horror films and thus had a lot to compare with > not to mentioned new stuff that should easily surpass it. But, I admit, i was kept holding on right through this film. Fred Krueger is a monster who comes to kill you in your dreams. Going after all the children who's parents were the cause for Freddy's death, one by one he picks them off as revenge. It is a killer film, & I Give it top score based on how old the film actually is and still packs a kick.
The Blu-Ray transfer is fantastic, no broaden footage or trailing imagery. Quality is superb. The sound, however, as smooth as it is, sometimes sounds a bit muffled. The Sound is the only standard inconsistancy that reminds you that the movie is in fact old. One minute you need to up the volume to hear what the character's are saying and then it is way too loud when the action starts and Fred's on the prowl.

Either way, see for yourself. The transfer makes it worth it.

This song will become all too familiar to you:
'One, two, Freddy's coming for you.
Three, four, better lock your door.
Five, six, grab your crucifix.
Seven, eight, gotta stay up late.
Nine, ten, never sleep again.'
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on 8 June 2017
Arrived on time and that helped with the viewing pleasure. What can I say that hasn't been said already in over 30 years??? Still the best of the Elm Series by a mile so nuff said.
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on 1 December 2017
It’s a horror classic but also kind of dated, lurches into comedy at times. Maybe it’s because I watched it too young and took it too seriously that on viewing now, it's kind of ridiculous. Still good fun.
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on 19 February 2015
aha, its been a while since i watch it the last time - i think i was a kid. its my first time to watch it in proper way and my eyes fixed on the film all the way. im glad I purchased this dvd, its the original A Nightmare On Elm Street with Robert Englund and my fave Johnny Depp. a bit dated but classic. I don't think im gonna be bothered with sequel though.
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on 11 January 2016
I love the classics, I love the originals. Robert Englund is frighteningly good as the child killer "Freddie Krugger". Great to see a young "Johnny Depp" in it too and is death is quiet frankly "class".

Overall it's a must for any Horror fans movie collection
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