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on 13 January 2013
Can't say how much the reviews have been helpful in getting this machine up and running. We're delighted with the results and agree with what everyone else has written. Need to go shopping for the right coffee because we only had cafetiere coffee in the house. Am also gong to get some ESE - illy and waitrose - to try. We don't like frothy coffee so haven't used the steam attachment.
For the money we're very happy
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on 15 June 2013
having owned this for 6 months, i wish i hadnt bothered. its a pain to take apart and clean, the steam arm has lost its power
i work as a barista in costa, and the coffee does not come out properly, you need to tamp very lightly to get any sort of flow to the coffee
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VINE VOICEon 15 February 2014
A week ago I became the slightly reluctant owner of one of these machines, a replacement for an earlier De Longhi machine – an Icona model - that broke down after just 11 months’ operation. De Longhi’s customer care service proved hopeless. Their initial reply said that they would reply within 5 working days. 5 days later they replied to ask for a further 2 days because they were particularly busy. 2 days after that...nothing. I emailed them again, and eventually, more than two weeks after my initial enquiry to them they sent me a list of suppliers/repairers, but didn’t reply to my request to confirm that the devise was under guarantee.

Frankly, if that De Longhi’s approach, they don’t deserve any customers.

Luckily for my, by that time the very nice people at Sainsbury’s had agreed to take the broken machine back, and allowed me to choose a replacement from their shelves.

While I was conscious that the build quality of my last De Longhi was not in the league of my first espresso machine, which had lasted for ten years, I had been expecting more than 11 months worth of work from it. This machine appear somewhat better made; although it has a simple plastic body with metal finish inserts, rather than the red enamel finish of its immediate predecessor, it looks sleek and modern, and with the exception of the detachable water tank, which is flimsy and whose lid keeps falling off, its parts seem better made. The coffee housing itself, while being made of aluminium, is better fitting than the last one, and it doesn’t drip as much as the last one did after you turn the espresso pump off. (Mind you, I don’t think that the last one did at first either, but I think that the drip problem is reduced because this machine directs you to heat the milk first, rather than after making the coffee.)

Talking about drips, the drip tray is very small, but there’s a clever little advice to let you know it’s filling up.

The one thing that I don’t like about this machine, however, is the milk frother. The previous machine had an easy release device – a quarter turn and you could rinse the frother under the tap and wipe the rest down. This machine has a different design of hard plastic frother, and it needs no fewer than nine full rotations to take it off, and then to put it back on again. Bit of a bore, but I question how long it’ll be before the plastic thread gets worn out, or cross-threaded, on the steel screw of the hot water pipe. Probably I should see if I can buy a replacement in now! (De Longhi, if you are reading, send me a message.)

The coffee I should add in fairness, is fine – good tight head of crema.

This may be quite a reasonable machine for the price, but my experience suggests that it’ll be out of action in a year or so. I am now somewhat disillusioned by De Longhi’s build quality and especially by their customer service. I am reminded by the quotation oft attributed to John Ruskin:

“It's unwise to pay too much, but it's worse to pay too little. When
you pay too much, you lose a little money - that's all. When you pay
too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you
bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do.”

It is amazing what you can get for £100 these days, but perhaps it’s worth spending a bit more and getting a machine that will last much longer.
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on 31 March 2013
This was bought for me as a Christmas present and it is all I have used for coffee since.

The machine is very easy to use, with very clear illustrative instructions inside.
There are two adapters to put the ground coffee in. One adapter produces one espresso and the other produces two espressos. For one espresso you fill the smaller adapter with one spoon (supplied coffee spoon) of ground coffee and for a double espresso you fill the larger adapter with two spoons of ground coffee.
The machine heats the water to the perfect temperature for coffee and an indicator turns green when the water is hot enough. You can also use the machine to dispense hot water for topping up your cup of coffee.

The frothing wand is really easy to use, just put it in a jug of milk and turn the valve at the top and it steams the coffee to heat it up and then the milk stretches and froths. This is great for cappuccinos and hot chocolates.

Getting the perfect coffee for you depends mainly on the ground coffee you use. I have tried many different brands but my personal favourite is Taylors of Harrogate. Their coffee has won many favourite coffee polls and they offer a lot of brands. You can actually buy a set which comes with small samples of all their blends so you can choose your favourite. My favourite blend is their organic blend.
Other brands I would recommend would be Costa, Coffee Direct, Illy and Lavazza.
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on 5 January 2013
OK - it's not a professional "barista" coffee machine that can be found in coffee bars, pubs, restaurants and the like throughout the world. BUT it doesn't cost £2,000 or even £200 and for a very reasonable £64.99 including delivery this turns out to be an excellent purchase.

A further (small) investment in crockery, frothing jug etc. may be necessary (depending on whether you've had a machine before - we did not) as well as an appropriate type of Espresso-ground coffee - we've so far tried only the Lavazza variety from Tesco.

Some of the reviews suggest the coffee can be less than hot - certainly not true for the espresso. For cappuccino, by following the instructions about pre-warming the cup that is also at just the right temperature (the very same you would expect in a high street coffee shop).

The other aspect that may have put some people off is the suggestion that you have to wait for the machine to heat up (from a cold start in the morning, for example). How about less than one minute and ready to go? By the time you've put the grounds in the holder, the machine will be ready.

My wife and I are extremely pleased with this machine - and whilst we've only had it for a few days we've certainly not found any aspects to be negative about. Happy (REAL) coffee to all who purchase.

FOUR MONTHS ON - and I can assure you that this machine is fabulous! It is used several times every day. I have not had an instant coffee at home since we got this machine. It is wonderful and I can only recommend it to anyone who likes proper espresso or cappucino coffee. A cappucino from start to finish (including emptying the grounds and cleaning the machine) is just 5 minutes. Brilliant!

OVER 12 MONTHS ON - this machine is still working perfectly. Do not be put off by any of the negative reviews! We make four or five cups a day between us and, considering the price, it is an amazing machine. Whether you choose this machine or a much more expensive one, the process of heating the water, putting the grounds in the holder, frothing the milk (should you choose a cappuccino) and cleaning down the bits afterwards will be virtually the same. In fact, we are so impressed we bought a "spare" one of these EC-220 machines (which is carefully stored in our loft) for the day this one finally gives up (be that one year, five years or ten years from now).
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on 15 January 2012
Received this as a gift from my boyfriend for Christmas after having my eye on it for a while, what a fantastic coffee machine! It is extremely easy to use and the controls are very self explanatory. The milk frother is very good, the machine heats up quickly, so it doesn't take too long to make an espresso or heat milk. It also has the option for a two-cup espresso attachment, which is nice. Drip tray and water reservoir are removable for easy cleaning. Overall an excellent item that makes great tasting, fresh coffee. Recommended!
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on 11 March 2013
I have a very small kitchen so anything that has to stay on the counter top had better earn its keep!
I'm overall very pleased with this coffee machine, it heats up quickly and has a covered water tank that is easy to fill without having to remove the whole thing each time.
My one dislike would be that none of my mugs fit under the dispenser unless I take the removable drip tray out completely. Annoying. I bought some glass mugs specifically to fit, but after a couple of days I felt like they were too small to make it worth the hassle of making one.

The milk frother is fab and heats and froths the milk like the big machines you get in coffee shops. My sister works in one and told me you have to heat the milk with the frother in a stainless steel jug until the bottom of the jug feels hot, then 'stretch' it by pulling the jug up and down. You then create the froth by skimming the surface with the nozzle. This makes the milk almost double in volume. I do my kids night time hot chocolate like this and it's honestly faster and prettier than putting it in the microwave.

Also, if you like your coffee to have a bit of foam on top without using the frother, put the milk in the mug first before the coffee. Took me ages to work that out!

This is still a bit of a novelty to me so I use it often, I'm not a coffee snob and will happily drink instant but it does feel like a treat to have proper coffee in the morning. And it looks good on my work surface!
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on 22 August 2012
A good machine which I purchased at a very good price. This is my 2nd DeLonghi machine, the first one just made espresso with steam option for milk frothing and eventually broke after a descaling!! This machine uses standard fresh coffee (I use Taylors) and ESE pods, which are a nightmare to find in my local supermarket. In fact when asking at my local ASDA they didn't have a clue what I was asking for. Seems the only make I could find was Illy. I ended up buying them with a "ESE pod" search on Amazon from a company that sold a variety pack of 4 x 4 different blends. Not cheap but very easy and moreish.
Back to the machine - I did read others reviews regarding leakish of the water tank, so I leave mine in situ and refill it with a jug.I did find the milk frother being on the left of the machine a bit inconvenient for me (on my previous machine it was on the right), but guess it is just what I had got use to. The new machine heats very quickly and I use the 2 cup hopper for the coffee which I dispense into a small metal jug, which has been previously preheated with water only from the machine. I can then dispense the coffee into 2 mugs. I repeat this once more, sharing the coffee between the the mugs again, before heating and frothing the milk. 2 perfect cups of coffee, my friend has most of the milk and I have most of the froth.
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on 12 May 2013
was very excited about this, having tried the pod machines at work, I found them to taste artificial and bland. So i searched for a pump ground coffee machine for less than £100. This proved impossible, so discovered the espresso machines which turn out to work just as well.

This machine is small and compact, but looks smart and at home in the kitchen. I take the drip tray out to fit the regular sized mugs and fill the filter with 1 and half scoops of ground coffee, compress it lightly (very important) to allow it to fit in the coupling. Turn it on ( after letting it heat up) and fill your cup. I've used the steamer for froth and heat the milk but do this with a steel jug as plastic and glass just creates smelly, failing frothy mess. The Creme is thick and you can almost scoop it and the simplicity to use and clean this machine make it simply AWESOME. Read a few reviews about failings and other issues. Don't worry comes with a 2 year warranty.
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on 28 October 2012
The De'Longhi EC220.CD Pump Espresso Coffee machine is simply superb. I bought this machine as take away coffees were getting too expensive and the price of this fantastic device was amazing.

The machine features all the standard functions you'd expect from a coffee machine, with the added benefit of its compact size.

Setting the machine up is easy, the steps in the guidebook are simple to follow and you can enjoy your coffee in next to no time. The guidebook features clear information about how to make and prepare different drinks. Some people have commented that they find it difficult to froth the milk, however, this can be achieved by bringing the frothing wand to the very top of the milk to achieve a gorgeous and rich foam!

Overall, an amazing purchase and essential for any coffee addict!
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