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Customer reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 7 May 2017
This was almost unwatchable. I cannot think why I bought it. The actors are terrible.
If you cannot sleep. Watch this.
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on 16 March 2017
Thank you ☺️
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on 5 May 2015
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on 2 June 2013
really good enjoyed watching this with the family great time pop corn and a great night in overal great dvd
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on 26 October 2010
I have never seen Grey's Anatomy star Katherine Heigl in a film before & i have seen Ashton Kutcher in many comedy films where he excels, so i wasnt sure if this film was going to be a worthwhile watch. It's not a truely bad film though, it is a decent laugh for what seems like a low budget version of Mr & Mrs Smith. I wouldnt say there were any sexual sparks flyin off the screen between Heigl & Kutcher, for the most part it felt like watching two very good friends having fun. Heigl put in a solid performance, and so did Kutcher who was trying to play away from his normal Goofy self, but it did creep in towards the end a bit, i guess it was just weird seeing him trying to play it more straight faced than usual.

The film itself follows Katherine Heigl on vactaion in Fracne with her parents, after recently being dumped by her BF, and its here where she gazes on Kutchers, bored CIA hired killer who wants to settle down, naked well toned man chest & are soon hitched. But will his agency let him walk away ?

The support cast was pretty good on the whole, the stand out obviously being Tom Selleck as Heigls father. It was also nice to see Catherine O'Hara as Heigls mother, best known for her role as Kevin's mum in the Home Alone films, although she wasnt stretched as the alcoholic wife & was a bit cringy to watch at times, probabley because she has been doing so many voice over acting roles. An ok film to watch, a bit predictable overall, and in this genre Mr & Mrs Smith is far better, and i would even reccomend Knight & Day Knight and Day alongside that. Alright for a laugh, just dont expect too much.
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on 1 January 2012
Loved this film, I thought Kutcher and Heigl were pretty amazing together, laughed most of the way through it. Is obviously not a particularly serious film so as long as you don't start watching it with the hope of a really cool believable spy thriller, I think you'll be okay! Definitely worth watching if you want something lighthearted and giggle worthy!
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on 7 June 2011
This looked like a cheesy film from the cover but as a huge fan of Heigl i just had to watch it. Killers follows the story of an assasin and a daddys girl.

They both meet and fall in love but rather than the normal story of planning their marriage and living happily ever after. Their 'happily ever after' turns into will they both survive?

Heigl finds herself in a war zone where everyone is trying their hardest to kill her fiance. Even the old fashioned lady next door gets in on the game when they find out theirs a huge pay-out if they kill Kutcher.

Will they survive? Will Heigl forgive Kutcher when she finds out his 'hidden' job? Will they ever get married?
Well i don't want to give anything away but it's a definate must have film and i urge you to buy this.

You will find you will probably burn it out like i have from the constant watching.
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When Ken Kornfeldt goes to Nice with her parents for a short holiday, she doesn't expect to bump into the man of her dreams. When Spencer Aimes is hiding from her however, is that he is a hired assassin who lives in Nice to kill people. Quickly, the pair fall in love and he quits his career to move back to America where he and Jen soon get married. When Jen has to head away for work, Spencer thinks he is in for some quiet time but not so - he has a multi-million dollar hit on his head and whoever is behind it wants him dead. Unfortunately for Jen, she's about to learn some pretty shocking truths about her husband and the pair head off on the run before they end up getting killed themselves. Will Spencer and Jen be able to outrun the unknown number of assassins on their tale?! I remember seeing adverts for this film on the telly last year so I was pretty confident I'd enjoy this one, it looked silly but very fun and when my mum told me she'd seen it and it was worth a watch, I settled down ready for a good night's viewing!

Luckily for me, this film really delivered on its promises on both action and laughs. From the off, the viewer is in on the fact that Spencer is an assassin, and poor old Jen has no idea whatsoever. Kutcher actually seems to suit this role, stepping into the serious assassin shoes quite easily and looking pretty good while he does so, I have to say! He is a natural at the comedy, and I found myself laughing out loud at his lines more than a few times throughout the duration of the film. He had a really good chemistry with Heigl who plays his on-screen wife Jen, and you could defintiely believe in the pair of them as a couple. SHe too was very funny, although not quite as good as Kutcher it has to be said. However, they are both strong leads and carry the film with ease, and switch between the comedic and more serious very smoothly.

I think Tom Selleck was fantastic as Mr. Kornfeldt, Jen's over protective father, exuding a certain smarminess and suave attitude that you come to expect from him. It's actually nice to see him back doing some comedy after the fantastic US TV show 'Blue Bloods' which I recently saw in him. Catherine O'Hara is superb as Mrs. Kornfeldt, Jen's mother who rather likes a tipple. I have a soft spot for O'Hara from her Home Alone days when she plays Kevin's harassed mother and I think she looks great considering that film is now over 20 years old! But she is hilarious and works so well with both Selleck and Heigl. A smart, witty script keeps the comedy coming, and the actors all bounce off of each really well, creating some genuinely funny moments.

In terms of the action sequences, I thought these were really well done and enjoyable. It kicks off relatively slowly, building up the relationship between Spencer and Jen, with him showcasing a few impressive moves between dates, but once the film really gets going, there's visually a lot going on to impress! The car chase scenes were great, very fun to watch and you genuinely don't know who is going to come off best! Heigl is hilarious in these scenes, in denial as a wife and she plays it just right in my opinion! Kutcher's more serious attitude works well because of his job, but somehow his comedy still manages to break through and keep the humour momentum going with ease! The supporting cast also do a really good job in these scenes, it is quite violent at time which is why the 12 certificate is present but it isn't overly gory or rude, I only remember bad language occuring on a few occasions. The soundtrack wasn't especially memorable but it didn't really need to be since you're more focussing on the action and comedy.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Killers to those who enjoy a really funny comedy with a bit of fun action thrown in there too! There's a couple of twists and turns laong the way that keep you guessing about the characters, especially who is behind the attempted assassination of poor old Spencer! I have to say Kutcher and Heigl were fantastic leads for this film, both great at the comedy and they worked really well together on the story too. Combine these factors with a snappy script, some great direction and you've got a pretty great film on your hands. It's never going to win any big awards or be loved by the critics but if you go into it for what it is - a fun action comedy - then you're going to come out impressed. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would easily sit through it again! Recommended!
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on 29 December 2011
I love this movie, it's just amazing, and i got i SO fast! If you like a cheesy action with a big punch of love, then buy this!
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