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on 26 July 2016
This (Nemesis) Enterprise, in comparison to the original Playmates First Contact Enterprise E, is fantastic, the decals and whole look of the ship is far superior. Cannot compare to previous Diamond Select Enterprise E as never examined any.

This doesn't have a setting for continual lights on, as other Diamond Select ships have, but looks good on a shelf. There is some light bleed, and even worse (at least on the item I have examined as was a gift for someone) where parts are joined together there is a slight gap in places. However, I would not have it send it back due to this as is aimed for ornamental purposes and we can only notice it when on close examination.

Overall well pleased.. 4 stars minus 1 star for gaps between plastic joints (not for light bleed as all Diamond Select ships have light bleed in some fashion.)
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on 17 June 2013
This is the third Diamond Select Toys Star Trek ship that i have purchased. I already had the TWOK refit Enterprise and the Enterprise B. Both of those ships had some minor issues with fit and finish, mostly around the paint and/or decals (the ship name decal of the side of the E-B says that it is the Excelsior rather than the Enterprise for example) but for the most part i was very happy with them. For that reason, i was somewhat disappointed with the Ent.-E when i removed it from the packaging.

Compared to the other two i mentioned, the Ent.-E feels light and cheap and there are multiple issues with it's finish. The paintjob, purported to be a 'Nemesis' accurate scheme, just does not look right from any angle. The colours are all wrong which makes the ship look very much more like a toy than the other two i have. This is compounded by the fact that despite meticulously molding in all the windows on the ship, DST didn't bother to paint them. I'm hoping to fix that with an ultra fine tip permanent sharpie marker that's currently on it's way in the mail. There are also issues with multiple scuff marks right out of the box and some paint over bleed.

Ship has a lights and sounds feature. I cannot tell if it has the 'always on' feature by holding down the button as i cannot move the ships switch from 'try me' to play. Button is located within the battery compartment and i can't get the compartment lid off as the screw is much too tight. There is massive light bleed around all lighted areas.

None of the panels on the ship seem to meet up properly. Where the nacelles meet the secondary hull is a particular problem and you can see right through and out the other side of the ship on mine. Also has gaps in the panels directly above and below this spot. Right below that is the battery compartment which also has a big gap all the way around it's edge. this plus the issue with the nacelle struts just make the side of the secondary hull a big gappy mess that looks like something you'd expect to find on one of those low rent knock off toys. Also had some issues with panel fit where the 2 halves of the saucer meet, and when i took it out of the box both nacelles were split in 2 around the bussard collectors, but have more or less clipped back together with a little applied force. I have also noticed that since having the item on display for a few weeks, the very back of the secondary hull just past the shuttle bay has also started to split now too. Tried pushing it back together to no avail, so will have to try superglue.

The stand looks very nice with the ship attached, but it seems to be very flimsy and i have read online that they are well known to break. Stand connects to the underside of the ship with the use of a ball joint. This joint is extremely tight, and i thought for sure that it was going to break when i first attached it. I think the stand should be OK provided you 'pose' the ship and leave it alone but will more than likely break with a lot of handling. If you do not wish to use the stand, if you should perhaps want to string your ship up to a ceiling or whatever, you do have the option to remove the batter cover and replace it with a second one that does not have the socket for the stands ball joint in it. I thought this was a nice touch.

I know that ultimately, this is a toy and not a high end collectible model, but i think the other 2 i own can easily pass for a cheaper (yet high quality) model, but this one never looks anything more than a child's toy. Had i paid £20 for this item, i suppose i would be happy enough, but for the £54.99 pricetag, it just wasn't worth the money. If you are considering buying one, perhaps check out the more recent 'First contact' version as from what little pics i have seen it appears to have a slightly better paintjob. Just hope they did something about the massive gaps all over the thing.

If you are a die hard trek ship fan, you will get some enjoyment out of this, but with some basic quality control it could have, and should have been much, much better. It's no comparison to the TWOK refit or the Ent-B produced by Diamond select, so unless you're heart is set on this ship, perhaps try one of those, or the Ent.-D if you can find one for a decent price. I have the same issue all the time with other items i collect such as Transformers and Iron man figures. The quality of these type of products is shockingly bad sometimes, and i wonder why we put up with it. If i pick up a transformer or iron man that looks like it was painted by a blind chimp then randomly rubbed with sandpaper i just sort of shrug, say ah well and put it down to the product being made by Hasbro, and that it just how they roll. Thing is though i would never accept such poor levels of quality from any other product i bought such as a TV, kettle, pair of shoes, car or whatever, so why am i willing to accept it with my 'collectibles'?...
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on 8 July 2017
This is a brilliant model, the detail is fantastic. This is my favourite Diamond Select model and arguably the best Enterprise they have done in my opinion. I cant stop looking at, its a thing of beauty.
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looks really good their nothing wrong with it but wish the paint job was a bit better but still looks good
review image
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on 2 June 2016
Great model was my first of the dst line of ships I only wished they would have released an enterprise c a voyager and a defiant ohh and a phoenix
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on 19 June 2015
Excellent quality. Really good light effects. The sound effects are very clear.
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on 19 March 2013
A really excellent reproduction of the Enterprise E. Far superior to my old Playmates version. Only complaint was the makers mark and origin on the underside of the nacelle pylons- nothing some deft application of Brasso wouldn't sort out, so now she sits proudly with nothing to detract from the overall excellent paint job.
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on 10 August 2013
My son loves this .. He is a real trekky at ten he knows more than most trekky adults so this was perfect as it is stylish sleek and built very well ..
The sounds are good too .. Sounds true to life xx live long and prosper trekkeees
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on 12 April 2015
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on 15 June 2017
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