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My wife insisted that we needed a new telephone for our landline.

Personally I thought the old cordless one was good enough, the charge lasted a few minutes at the most but it saved HUGE amounts on call costs, especially when my wife had to limit calls to her friends and parents to only 3 minutes before it ran out of charge.

To put you in the picture my wife believes that using a mobile phone for too long heats up her brain and her left ear, I have told her to swap it around a bit but she is the boss and hence we have to have a landline. Also she insisted we looked for a phone like our 15 year old BT one. Fortunately they do not make them as big as that any more, ok so I told her that the picture on here showed they were the same size as the old ones. I took a bit of flack for that when they arrived but I did say to her that she chose them.

What else can I say, they work and they work well, great reception, good clarity and they look tidy. They do the job and the fact that they curve away from the face a little pleases my wife. She insists that it was designed in that way so she can rock the phone on her cheek equaling out any heating up of the brain. She applauds the designer and says it is the proof that telecoms companies know using a phone fries the brain. My question, why is she on the phone so much then? and why did I find the instruction booklet on her bedside table?

Clarity of call
Plug and go
Ease of use
Style (I like it)

Higher phone bills
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on 7 July 2011
Ignore the rubbish review below. These phones are as good as any others that you'll get; if the other reviewer had problems, then maybe s/he should have eliminated problems with his/her setup before blithely blaming the equipment! It's much too easy to blame equipment, especially when you don't understand it.

The phones are well made and look attractive. The installation takes no more than a few minutes (mainly taken up with walking round the house to place the handsets), although the quick-start instructions tell you to plug them all in for 24 hours to fully charge the handsets before connecting to the telephone line. The handsets are partially charged on arrival and will work if you're THAT impatient, but it is better for the battery longevity to do as the instructions say.

The operation of the phones - the use of 'soft' keys, the menus etc will be very easy for anyone with a mobile phone to get to grips with. Entering contacts/phone numbers in the phonebook is easy (although a small gripe is that you do have to do this for every handset; you cannot transfer from one handset to another one - but then I don't know of any phone system that does that!), and operating the answering machine is child's play. The call quality is excellent, certainly as good, if not better, as any phone I've used, and the price point is great.

Altogether, a great phone system. You wouldn't be disappointed.
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on 20 November 2017
good phone
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on 3 March 2011
The first thing that appealed to me about this phone was the practical nature of the design. Other cordless phones I have used have often suffered from a common problem i.e. the keypad buttons come into contact with the cheekbone whilst in use and this results in the inadvertent muting or ending of the call!

The chances of that happening with this phone are significantly reduced by the clever, curved design, which serves to take the buttons away from the face. Aesthetically this is done in a subtle and attractive way, but is nonetheless a simple but effective innovation.

Design points aside the phone scores well too. There is a good level of capacity on the answering machine and for entries in the phone book. Call clarity is also very good, which is, after all, the key purpose of this piece of equipment, but one that is often overlooked by manufacturers who get carried away with the desire to offer ever increasing amounts of other features.

All in all a very good cordless phone / answering machine combo that does its job well.
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on 1 June 2017
No problems easy to set up
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on 31 March 2017
Still going strong - reliable product.
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on 22 July 2014
This is an update to my review of February 2013 where I loved the phone, price, style etc etc.

Four years, nearly five years on it has died, typically at an inopportune time just before the New Year. A few weeks ago I did notice the address book no longer contained any info after me carefully inputting numbers of friends and family when phone was first received. Initially I thought I must not have input them properly so just ignored it. Now, today 28th December 2017 it has given up the ghost and has been relegated to the bin. Perhaps I am being a bit naive but I would have thought that a basic phone with answer machine would have lasted a bit longer, anyway, we've had nearly five years service from it so, on reflection, I shouldn't really complain. I was going to give my edited review one star but have upped it to two stars just for the length of time it was usable.

I have now purchased a BT 6600 which should be received after the New Year. Needless to say I will be reviewing that in due course.
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on 21 September 2016
Very good works all over the house.
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on 18 March 2015
These phones provide a way of preventing 100% of nuisance calls!! All you need to do is input all your regular caller numbers ( which can take time) into the base unit and they will be recognised by all units. When a nuisance call arrives they have to announce who they are before the phone actually rings and at that point they usually hang up. If they do decide to proceed by giving their name you are than able to decide if you wish to take the call or hang up without speaking.. The display shows you how many nuisance calls have been rejected and it's so pleasing to see the number of calls which you haven't rushed to answer!!
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on 15 May 2013
We bought two sets of these for parents that needed new phones. As we already had the 2100 series we presumed that the 2500 would be pretty much the same just a bit better. As both lots of parents are hard of hearing we checked out the volume and ring tone on ours first and no problems, great! Ordered first lot, no problems setting them up, screen was improved as it was now back lit, something the 2100 was lacking but the what happened to the volume? Even with the volume turned up to max on the handset it wasn't a patch on the previous model. Very disappointing.

The Second batch was bought for my father who found it very difficult to hear all of the secondary phones as the ring tones were out of his hearing frequency. It wasn't too bad with the base tone, so not too many missed calls. The main problem however was the range. I can go into my large garden with the 2100 with the base at the other side of the house and no problems with calls, the 2500 went out of range much closer to the base so no good there.

The other thing is having to manually put all your phone numbers in each individual handset, I'm sure someone can come up with a sollution to this. It would be so much better to be able to put the numbers into the main handset and then transfer them to the secondary handsets.

On a plus point, they are easy to set up and the battery life is still good.

Sorry BT but one set returned and we won't be upgrading our good old 2100's.
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