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on 31 December 2010
"Speak Now" is Taylor Swift's recent musical creation that is very original, creative, upbeat, and left me feeling very peaceful and content. You can really feel her happiness and enthusiasm through her singing in this collection such as in the musical numbers of "Mine" and "Enchanted". Most of the songs are very upbeat, but even the more solemn songs make you think such as "Haunted". Watching the music video to "Mine" compelled me to buy this collection because the song is both serious and happy at the same time. The seriousness side is regarding the song's meaning where her and the person she falls in love with navigates the practical realities of life (where she sings about living together, and singing about paying the bills). The happy part is how the challenges of navigating this only brought them closer together (there is a part in the song where she sings about a fight at 230am, and just when she thought the relationship was over, he (the person she fell in love with) reassures her that he plans to stay with her even in spite of the challenges. This is why I say that "Mine" is a song that has a serious undertone, but is also happy and beautiful at the same time. Most of the songs on the cd are very good. The only song that I have to admit that I must give more of a chance is "Last Kiss". "Last Kiss" is ok, but is definitely a song that I would have to play more to enjoy (although there may be others reading this who are going to love "Last Kiss"). My favorite songs in this collection are "Enchanted", "Better Than Revenge", and "Sparks Fly". "Enchanted" is a very beautiful song about her developing intense feelings for someone that she connects to on a deep level who captivates her (hence her saying I was enchanted to meet you). "Better Than Revenge" is a creative musical number about how people can be much more powerful and stronger than what they appear to be on the surface. Truthfully, Taylor does sing about taking revenge on another female that may have been unaware of her power and more from an intent to give her a taste of her own medicine, (not from a physical or dangerous perspective). "Better Than Revenge" is a great musical pop, country, and rock hybrid (the guitar sounds used in the song are very enjoyable). However, my overall favorite song in this collection is the very happy, uplifting, and fun "Sparks Fly". "Sparks Fly" is a fantastic song about how someone gives her the butterflies and a feeling of romantic excitement just from smiling at her. She sings this song so joyfully and passionately that you really get the sense of a happy soul singing about a person that makes her feel alive. I say to definitely consider getting this collection if you like any of the following songs: "Teardrops on my Guitar", "Lovestory", and/or "Mine". Fortunately, she is going to perform in the area that I live the summer of 2011. I definitely intend to go to her concert
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on 3 December 2010
"Fearless" was quite simply a wonderful album - the songs were wonderful in their innocence and general tunes. They were sweet, they were girlish. "Speak Now" - Swift has landed.

A few of these could easily have been found on "Fearless" - true. Yet, what makes this album so much better is the few songs that stand out and make you a little sad that they never really get showcased as much as the lead one(s) on the album.

"Mine" - it's the lead of the album so I have to mention it. It's in a similar vein to "Love Story", the lead of "Fearless" yet it's more mature than that even because it takes life more seriously. It's uplifting and beautiful.

"Speak Now" - treat this less as the musical account of a young beautiful girl storming into an ex's most happy day of his life and telling him he's making a mistake. It's more about freedom; freedom to stand up for what you want. It's wonderful.

"Back to December" - it's so beautiful and heartbreaking. Without a doubt, about the Taylor/Taylor relationship, but there's an innocence to it despite its finality that makes it something to listen to and cry to several, several times.

"Dear John" - now we come to the undoubted best song on the album. It's nearly seven minutes long and is quite simply Taylor Swift pouring her heart out about a John (Mayer, of course). Please compare to the juvenile tones of "Forever and Always" and shiver. "Forever and Always" in comparison will sound whiny and brattish, which it isn't, because this song is so raw, emotional, and mature, in a way that Taylor Swift has never been before.

Please buy, enjoy every single song. A worthwhile and satisfying album. :)
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on 30 January 2012
Taylor Swift a bright young and relatively new voice on the block. Musically, quite varied and by all accounts should be quite pleasant to listen to.

The Packaging for this vinyl copy was robust and excellent. The disc itself felt heavy at least 180 gms.The somgs also were spread over two discs. Nice touch.

I had very high aspirations for enjoyment over the next hour or so.

Then I played track 1. It was absolutely dreadful from a sonics point of view. Over compressed, distorted and painful to listen to. By track 2 I had taken the record of my deck. What a disappointment. The music, the artist the label all badly let down by poor engineering. I don't know what the rest of the album sounds like. If I am brave I might try to listen to it.

Record companies have to realise that people who buy vinyl today tend to be as much interested in the sound quality as the artist and their music. This is why more care must be taking in the mixing, sound engineering and pressing of the records themselves. After all they charge a premium price for vinyl nowadays. Decently engineered vinyl could save the record companies from bankruptcy if they only get it right.

Incidentally vinyl usually sounds better than digital. That's a fact.
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on 6 April 2015
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on 1 November 2010
This CD has been in my car since its release, Its a more mature and dark offering then fearless and her sound has moved somewhat to more of a rock sound and away from country/pop.

Standout tracks are Enchanted, Haunted and Long Lived but there is not really a bad track on the whole album.

The album has 14 songs and with many of these exceeding 5 and even 6 minutes in length its a good long play, the special edition has another 3 new songs and 5 remixes and a DVD documentary ans video so for the extra few quid its well worth going for this.

A point to note is all songs have been written by Taylor independently with no co writing, when you listen to the quality of some of the songs on this album you realise what a great talent she is.
Has there been any other female artist that have written a whole album on their own and produced music to such a high standard, I am not sure if there has been.
She must be one of the top female songwriters in the world at present and would not be surprised to see her starting to rent her song writing services out to other artists who have not been blessed with songwriting skills.
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on 1 January 2016
its okay
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on 30 September 2013
I really recommend buying the deluxe edition rather than the normal if you're a true Swiftie. It gives you 8 bonus track (2 music videos) 3 of which are new song that you'll LOVE. 'Ours' is a cute song with such a catchy beat - I'm always signing along. 'If this was a movie' is probably my favourite because the lyrics are so true and you really empathise for her. 'Superman' is a nice tune to liven your day. Then it gives you acoustics and US version to die for - i'm not even exaggerating. The CD is well put together and you can't stop listening to it. Really good, what i expected but then i do have 3 of her albums, waiting for 'Taylor Swift'. I quite like country pop, but this album isn't all country and western. She really shows her emotions and makes you fall in love with her songs as soon as you listen to them. :)
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on 9 February 2011
After her massive hit in 2009 with Love Story and after becoming a pop idol, Taylor Swift has released her third album, Speak No, which has been another big hit. It is a special edition which includes two CDs. The first one has got 14 songs and the second one has got 6 songs. Four of the second CD songs are the same that are included in the first CD but they are acoustic versions. All of the pieces were composed by her.
With this CD, Taylor has broken her image of a country singer due to the fact that her new songs are more related to pop/rock genre, and this can aim to capture a wider audience, nevertheless she has a huge following.
The pieces of this album are recommended for fans of easy listening and catchy tunes.
Taylor has included songs of all types, such as uptempo tunes like "Mine" and "Sparks Fly", or ballads like "Back to December" and "Enchanted".
To sum up, I think that Taylor Swift's third album is amazing, with a wide variety of songs and which you should listen to from beginning to end without stopping.
Besides if you want to enjoy of Taylor's live performance, probably you will have the opportunity for this because she is on tour and she is going to be in many different countries.
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on 14 November 2010
Taylor manages to combine her signature country/pop style with great lyrics to make a fantastic new album. She always manages to say exactly what she means and this time is no different. You can tell she's matured a lot since her first album with the kind of things she talks about in her songs, and also how much she's grown as a musician too.

The deluxe edition includes a few extra songs and videos that are not available on the regular edition. I highly recommend buying the deluxe editions because the 'extra' songs are really quite amazing and you'll definitely be missing out if you never hear them.

Overall, this album will provide hours and hours of musical entertainment as Taylor manages to go beyond expectations of her current fans whilst managing to rope in new ones too. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
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on 28 November 2010
I loved Taylor's first album Taylor Swift and was blown away by her second album Fearless but this is just fantastic. I am really surprised she hasn't disappointed us yet and the fact she wrote all 14 songs on this album by herself and co-produced them makes it even better, just shows how talented she is. If you haven't yet got this album I highly recommend you go out and buy it. All the songs on this album can relate to somebody and there are absolutely no album fillers.
***Standout Tracks***
Back To December
Long Live
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