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3.3 out of 5 stars
3.3 out of 5 stars
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MacGruber is a feature length adapation of the Saturday Night Live bit featuring Will Forte as MacGruber, a thinly veiled parody of a certain retro TV show. When MacGruber's nemesis, Dieter von C*nth (Val Kilmer - Heat) steals a nuclear warhead from an ex-soviet bloc country, the US Army call in their number one guy to deal with the problem. MacGruber must ditch his life of peace at an Equadorian Monastery and reassemble his old team in order to stop the evil C*nth (pronounced as you might expect...) and finally avenge his wife's death. MacGruber runs around solving any situation with his assortment of household items and his ability to combine them in some sort of lethal manner, couple this with a natural propensity for "ripping throats" and you have yourself one deadly super-agent.

Ryan Phillipe (Crash) plays the straight guy to Forte's bumbling idiot and provides the institutional rigor for MacGruber to rebel against but is largely wasted in this kind of role. Kristen Wiig (Knocked Up) plays Vicki St. Elmo, our hero's love interest, bringing a lot of humour to the role with her insecure mannerisms and unfaltering obedience to MacGruber's idiotic schemes which, for some reason, generally involve her dressing up as MacGruber himself or some other guy. Val Kilmer plays a solid bad guy but the role is really a cardboard cut out.

The one thing I feel compelled to tell you before you part with your hard-earned cash; is that there are startling comparisons between this and Team America, I mean some of the jokes are nearly word-for-word; especially MacGruber offering his 'services' when begging his superiors to get what he wants. Funny nonetheless. MacGruber is awash with expletives so if you have an aversion to that kind of humour then it's probably best to give this a miss, if however you are totally fine with more instances of the F-word than there are other words in a given sentence then this film is definitely for you.

This film is very much like some of the all-time great spoof films with a style of humour very reminiscent of Hot Shots & Airplane. I think this just could be one of the under-promoted & underrated classic comedy films of the future.

Recommended for a hilarious and entertaining action film that doesn't take itself seriously and won't expect you to either.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 1 November 2013
Okay, I hate to start by blatantly stealing someone else's quote, but, when reading other reviews of MacGruber, someone else described it as `Team America, but without the puppets.' Yes, I'd say that's a fair definition - only Team America was very funny and clever. MacGruber has a lot to live up to.

When I started watching MacGruber, I hated it. I was totally with those many 1/5 star reviews I'd seen describing it. My main gripes were that it simply wasn't funny and that the main character (MacGruber, believe it or not) was completely annoying. I was practically on the brink of turning it off after about half an hour, when, to my amazement, I actually laughed.

It's possible that by watching half an hour of this film lowered by IQ enough to watch - and enjoy - the rest of it. Okay, so the second half wasn't comedy gold, but I seemed to have a better idea as to what this film was trying to be and I laughed enough not to qualify this as a complete flop. However, it's worth noting that this film bombed at the box office, so perhaps I'm in a minority here.

It's a (loose) satire on action films where the `burned out hero' is plucked from retirement for `one last mission.' It has been done a fair few times before - Hotshots Part Deux was done nearly twenty years ago (and it's probably consistently funnier), but it has enough moments (in the second half) to make it just about worth watching.

And - seriously - don't eat the celery.
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on 4 March 2015
Isn't comedy about making people laugh? This movie is dire, unfunny and as entertaining as setting fire to an orphanage full of blind children. Spoof movies rely on clever and witty one liners, hilarious send ups and good old fashioned poking fun. Sadly, this is not so much spoof as goof. Give it a wide berth.
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on 14 March 2015
Watch the first 5 minutes then turn it off, you;ve already seen the best of it. Started well but just goes down hill so fast its essentially a primer on how not to make a spoof movie. So many opportunities wasted, so many chances for humour which simply became, well, funny to a 6 year old maybe.

Ive watched bad films over the years, but this, this takes the accolade as the only film I have ever truly regretted watching. Sad to see how low some people will sink..
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on 9 November 2011
This film is right up there with Anchor Man and The Hangover for me. I noticed many people moaning saying the humour isn't to their taste and therefore the score they give is a poor one. Understandable that people have different tastes.
For me, This film is a hidden gem. There are several scenes which make me laugh over and over again. I frequently quote sections of the film at work where my colleague will join in and we both look quite stupid. It's great. Not to be taken seriously. I'm not going to talk about the plot of the film. Thats probably in the description. Will Forte is brilliant. MacGruber is a wonderful character who is portrayed not as an idiot but someone who may be slightly out of touch with the real world. I will say that the obsession with the car was genius. Its bits like this that make this film one you can watch over and over again.

If you're a prude, don't go near it. Also, don't write a review about it complaining about certain scenes. The film isn't for you so don't slate it.

If you're like me and do not care about cringe worthy scenes, (sexual or otherwise) grab a few mates, some drinks and enjoy.

Classic MacGruber.
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The movie starts out like a Zucker and Zucker five star Rambo spoof. The dialogue was witty and quick. MacGruber is coaxed out of retirement to assemble a team to fight his arch rival. All is well, then we find out MacGruber is a complete idiot, as he accidentally blows up his own team. At this point the movie digresses to become outright gross. In the next scene he is very graphically asking to perform oral and anal sex with an army officer in order to coax him to join his new team. This scene was completely disgusting, poorly written, and totally needless. The next real highlight was the sex scene. This was laugh out loud funny, but didn't carry the movie. Much of the movie is crude and sophomoric. Sometimes it works well, while other times it works as well as a bad National Lampoon movie. Disgusting is not always funny.

Not for kids or prudes. Did Val Kilmer get fat or what?
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on 30 June 2015
Macgruber is one of these films am glad it was on a streaming service so only cost me time. The action was poor the comedy was poor and IMHO the actors where just phoning it in as I could not care what happened to them during the film.

A film best to be avoided
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on 19 October 2010
When it comes to MacGruber you either get it or you don't. I guess what I am saying is this comedy isn't for everyone but if you do like this style of comedy you will LOVE this movie! It's similar in style to Hot Rod and although the laughs aren't constant when they hit they hit hard and had me laughing out loud! Easily the funniest movie I have seen in 2010.
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on 9 May 2011
Originally I wasn't particularly interested in watching MacGruber until I happened to see a 20 minute clip from around half way through the film and my god I could not stop laughing. Yes, the comedy is rather vulgar and there are some dry periods where dialogue takes over but sometimes a film needs a period of calm otherwise the laughs just aren't as meaningful or long lasting in my opinion; but when the laughs come they are strong and last in your mind for days. It is true though that this comedy isn't for everyone. If you enjoyed films like Team America, Strange Wilderness, i'd even go as far as mentioning Tenacious D, then this film is for you. It became my favourite comedy film of 2010 and always has me laughing for its ridiculous style and in your face attitude. I would recommend watching the film before you buy to make sure that this won't be a bad purchase for you as some people just won't 'get it' and if you don't get it now then you probably never will. I definitely think MacGruber should be given a chance, I certainly got a surprise when I watched it, as you might end up falling for its disgusting charm.
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on 3 August 2011
I did not expect to find this that funny, but laughed out loud at at least 5 different scenes. The movie starts out as an over-the-top comedy tribute to 1980's action movies and evolves into a silly, often gross, comedy of errors. Yet it succeeds because of it's simplicity. It revels in the fact that it hasn't got an overcomplicated plot, if it had one it would actually hold the movie down.

The Rambo-esque scenes at the start where MacGruber visits his wife's grave in the pouring rain will have any 80's action fan laughing. It's done in a nice way. We know it's cheesy and easy to laugh at, but it still kicks ass. Not very many films get that joke right, and this one did.

I would have preferred if the movie stuck on that route of MacGruber being a one-man killing machine however it twists into a comedy of errors and shows him to be far from that, but in a strange kinda way it does actually work. I really enjoyed this, and will be watching it again in future as it was a great laugh.
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