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on 12 January 2014
This is actually my second one of these - I broke the screen of the first, ironically, by trying to look after it. And actually that one had to have the screen replaced when I let it bang against a kitchen cupboard (this was generously done for free, even though it was my fault!) So the glass is a bit fragile... I recommend getting a case - I now have one !!! I liked it that much when I had learned how it all works that, even though I researched and read reviews of many others, I decided to buy the same again when the screen cracked (when I banged it against the corner of my desk when dropped and was hanging by the earphone still dangling from my ears!)

I use it mainly for audio books and find it keeps my place well when I turn it off. I can let it play to the end of a track when in bed and when I wake up it has switched off! Or I can have it moved on to next track continually. It does take a bit of time to learn how to access these settings but they are easy to use.

I have found the screen lock only works when you go off the playing page but now I am used to that I can work with it.

Loading stuff is easy - just like a pen drive. Battery life time is amazing!!! 9 - 10 hours easily. I charges quickly, too. And you can use it when it is charging - just have to tap the screen to get going.

The camera is OK but not brilliant- but I didn't buy it for that. I would like a sleep timer and alarm clock too , but you don't get everything! I haven't tried many of the other features.... two games are dull and I don't know if you can get any others - but I pay on other gadgets.

One thing I must explore is getting films on it to watch .... for long car journeys.

For its price, this gadget is great.
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on 8 November 2013
The item is well constructed, and the touchscreen responsive. My only criticism lies with Kubik themselves who have not been at all helpful with this product. I am actually registered Blind, but have a tiny amount of acute vision in one eye, but not enough to read their manual. I emailed them after getting the manual out of the box and asked them if there was a PDF version I could put on a PC. They acknowledged my email, but 3 weeks later have not actually replied to my question. I have searched the internet and there do not seem to be any online manuals for this device.

I wanted this item mainly for listening to audio books at night before going to sleep, so I needed it to be able to switch itself off after about 15 minutes in case I had fallen asleep. Eventually after much fiddling about with a magnifying glass on the actual player I was able to work out how to use the settings to do this. The text in the manual is so faint even with a magnifying glass I am unable to read it.

I also wanted this particular MP3 player because it has it's own speaker, however the level of sound from the speaker is so low it is barely audible, so I have to play it through an external speaker as I don't want to use earphones in bed. I can turn the volume up and down, but the maximum volume while exceptionally loud through the earphones is as previously stated not lud enough to listen to. I feel sure there must be a way to achieve this volume range through the speaker but without the manual I cannot work out how to get it.

So in the end, it does do the job I want it to, but not perfectly, however I am pretty sure that someone who is an earphone user who wants it to play music would find it perfect for their needs. With 4GB I can get about 7 books on it which is plenty, and it feels really nice to use and looks very chic. On the whole I do like the device and would recommend it.
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on 22 February 2014
This device is great value for the cost that is why we have given it 4 stars. We choose it for our 9 year old son instead of an expensive I-pad device. It has some reasonable features like a camera with single shot and movie options (although you cannot shake it around too much as it needs to refocus, so you need to hold it steady and slow pan when shooting). The touch screen is quite responsive but people with very large fingers might find it tricky to activate all menus but kids and most adults should have no problem. The displays are a white text on a black/dark background so can be seen in dark areas straight away. But out in the sun you can not avoid the reflection glare on the glass screen. The menus and icons are set out neatly and have navigation button at the bottom of each page. The screen goes into idol mode after 10 secs but is returned instantly when retouched. It has most of the features a standard mobile phone has: stopwatch,voice recorder, calculator, clock. The music player has a reasonable sound quality when used with ear phones but it has a mini speaker that just allows enough to lets you know what playing, therefore this device is intended for earphones or other pluggable amplifiers. We have used it through my vehicle stereo where the usb lead transports the menu to the vehicle display screen where you control from there. The mini-jack plug also works on the vehicle but the Kubik screen remains the control station. The radio does need an antenna attachment as we have not been able to auto-scan any stations yet. We cannot download any games to add to the two already loaded (slider & blocks) as we have yet to find a site that provides them. we have also had trouble downloading any Youtube videos but we will try again in the future. It doesnt come with a standard charger but there are very low cost ones availble online. All in all this device is a light weight (77g) low cost reasonable touch screen MP3 player which my son finds great for fiddling with (filming, snaps and music) and keeping up with the technology world. regards
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on 23 September 2011
I have had this music player for 6 months now and this the best 1 I have ever had. Very good as it has loads of space on it and very easy to use as is touch screen. Comes with camera which is very good and can record videos also, can also down load ebooks to read on it. Has a radio on it which I don't use my self but work fine there is speakers which only go up to volume 32 but still very good the head phones that come with it aren't very good as they broke within a month but I didn't espect them to be very good but need them to get signal for the radio.
Also for protection when I put it in my bag I use this case to protect the screen it very good and sturdy to protect the screen. Kubik Leather Case for Kubik Edge II 4GB/8GB MP3 & Video Player - Edge II. This music player is well worth the price I love it would recommend it for anyone who loves listening to music.
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on 2 January 2014
I wanted a cheap MP3 player that displayed the name of the album and track that was playing, this does that, but with its graphic interface I would have expected it to display a visual of the album cover, which it doesn't.
The touch screen is very poor, the small stylus helps but there is nowhere to store it, so it's going to get lost very easily.
Sound is good with different earphones, I used a pair of iPod ones, the sound with the originals was a bit tinny and lacking bass.
I can only just hear about anything from the built in speaker so, unless my one is faulty, it is useless without earphones, this is no great problem for me.
Video playback is fair providing the quality is good to start with.
The camera is medioce at best and will only ever be used by me in an emegency, IE I haven't got my camera or mobile phone with me.
Photo display is good and you can set it to slideshow to run through your preloaded shots.
I have put a 4GB mini SD card in mine but it has been very erratic in recognising it, one minute it plays the tracks on it, the next it can't see them, if it wasn't for this problem I might well have given it four stars because it is great value for the money but not quite doing what it says on the tin.
So if you want a cheap touch screen player and can live with the small niggles go for it, just don't expect iPod quality.
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on 12 June 2012
Had a little bit of trouble getting my Vista system to recognize unit but had no problems at all when plugged in to my Vista system Laptop????? This means that any audio/video data I wish to transfer has to be put on a memory stick first then transfer items via Laptop that way! Rather confusing but C'est la vie!!! However, once that is done either by copy or drag & drop method, this MP3 player operates well, playing many audio file formats in number/alphabetical or random/shuffle mode. The built in camera is also pretty good for only being 2.0 Mp. Touch screen quite responsive & added bonus of a touch screen pen included but alas nowhere to actually attach it??? Have not yet purchased a mains charger but unit appears to charge well when connected to a PC. Have yet to see if this is also the case via a car 12v USB charger (which was one of my main reasons for the purchase & maybe should have asked the question prior to buying). A further review/update may well follow regarding this! The other features such as radio, video cam etc are yet to be assessed. Other handy little gadgets are the calculator & calendar. Currently, with all the above pros/cons in mind, for less than £35.00 delivered for an MP3 player+ with 4GB capacity, not a bad little item at all for the budget conscious!
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on 5 April 2011
I must say that for the price, I am very impressed with this little player.
The 'touch screen' works very well and is very responsive.
It plays AVI movies (you can select wide screen or full screen) without them having to be converted but if you want slightly better quality at 320x240 resolution then download the free converter from the Kubik website.
I've put loads of types of music files on and it's played them all so far with no problem. It sorts all of the music into alphabetical order too.
Some people say the 'text' app is pointless but I find it useful as I've written poems for my girlfriend in .txt format on my laptop and I've put them all on the Kubik Edge II so we can read them whenever we like. You even have a choice of text colour and size and an 'auto page turner'.
The external speaker is very, very quite but with the headphones in, it is more than good enough and with the extra bass enabled the sound is surprisingly deep and crisp (with different headphones as the supplied ones aren't very good).
The extendable 'touch pen' is a nice little touch too.
The radio is actually quite good but you do need the earphones in to be able to receive anything.
It displays photos very well and you can even have a slideshow etc.
The 'camera and video camera' (2 Megapixel) aren't the best but if you're not too fussy then you'll be ok with them. It has no flash so no night time pics I'm afraid.
The two built in games 'Slider & Blocks' are ok and it has a calculator but I didn't buy it for that.
You can set the time and date which is a nice little touch and it has a battery display just like a mobile phone.
The voice recorder is also a nice touch if you're into that kind of thing. Not too clear but ok.
It has a 'Youtube' app which lets you watch 'Youtube' videos of course lol but I can't seem to get them to play.
Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

All in all a very nice little player with a nice bright and crisp sreen.

I hope this review helps and I would highly recommend this player.

I forgot to add..It says you can expand the memory up to another 4GB via SD card but I'm using an 16GB SD card and it's still running as fast as usual with everything working just fine :-)
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on 18 March 2011
This is the first MP3 player that I've bought and it does everything I expected of it. As a novice, I chose it for it's extensive specification at a very attractive affordable price. I'm a pensioner and have to confess that I'm a bit of a duffer when it comes to modern technology, but I've found the Kubik Edge simplicity in itself to use and I had no problems at all loading it with my favourite music. My wife suffers a chronic illness and can no longer read a book, but she manages well with this player and is able to enjoy listening to audio books that I've loaded. I also use the player in the car, which saves my having to use bulky CDs. Having read other reviews, I can understand why people rate this machine so highly. Sound quality is good and I haven't felt a need to upgrade the supplied earphones. I'm very impressed with it and I'm considering buying others as birthday presents for my grandchildren.
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on 19 August 2013
Bought as a birthday present for my 7 yr old daughter. She picked up the interface controls within minutes. The player is very easy to connect to a PC using the USB cable supplied with it, and operates as a plug in drive to which files can be transferred. There is no separate charger provided, the USB must be used to charge the media player.

The simple instruction booklet points you in the direction of PC software to allow you to copy YouTube videos and similar to the player. Playback is of good quality. The in built camera and microphone are adequate, but nothing special. The player comes with two in-built games which are nothing special.

For the price, I've not seen any other media player that provides so much - plays music, video, takes pictures, records video and audio, has a radio (needs aerial or speaker cable plugged in as an antenna). It has a text file reader and comes with the entire works of Shakespeare. There is also a calculator. The touchscreen is responsive, but it takes a while to get used to with adult fingers.

My one gripe is that the in built speaker is very quiet - only suitable for a quiet room - headphones or a plug in speaker are required for any other usage.
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on 8 January 2011
Our seven year old daughter bought one of these with her savings and it does all it is supposed to and she was very happy with it. Being seven though, she isn't the most thoughtful or careful of people, which explains why she left it on the floor and it got stepped on by her mum! Unfortunately, despite not much pressure being placed on it before realising there was something under my foot, I heard a crack and after inspection, the screen had cracked. It still works to play music, but half of the screen isn't viewable.

The product is good enough that we have ordered a replacement for our daughter (after telling her to be more careful where she leaves it in future!). In fairness, stepping on anything of this sort could break it, so it is not really a major negative point, I just have the impression that the screen is definitely the weakest link of the product. Luckily it is cheap enough, that you don't have to re-mortgage to buy a new one!
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