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on 1 September 2011
Right, first off AMAZING PACKAGING. Second off, you DO get all the accessories: all ear buds, the little hooks, everything.

Sound quality is good but they need a while to warm up, also make sure your using the right size ear buds as they need to be fitted properly to get the whole picture, push them in, wiggle them about you'll know when you have them fitted right, trust me. The isolation is incridible and a little scary when crossing a busy road! But for sitting at home, drowning in music, a book or drawing or whatever: outstanding.

Unfortunately the right ear peice broke within a month for me but Amazon had a replacement sent to me the day after i informed them, and the broken pair was collected 3 days later as requested; so no problemes there.

They come with a 2 year warranty from Sennhieser as standard (which seems reasonable for £[]!). The Smart control mic does only works with iphones, tried it on my htc running windows mobile (6.5), and i could start and stop music and redial the last call on my call log, but that was it, mic didnt work etc. Saying that, was the same price as the earphones without a smart mic so no loss for me.

Other than that, great bass if you turn it up, good response range, and its worth tweaking your EQs on your mp3 player for each song: these earphones mean business!

I would however strongly advise anyone buying a high end set of earphones to do there homework! I spent a total of about 12 hours researching earphones tech specs, response range, reviews, etc. Compared Beats, Atomic Floyd, Sennhieser, Sony, everyone. Sennhieser are still solid as far as i can hear. Hope this helped!
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on 4 October 2017
I bought these earphones in 2011. They have survived literally everything and come out victorious. I often tell people that these are the best purchase I have ever made.

It's been a while since I had a look at the original box, but these come with a few options for ear bud sizes and types. You can choose which fits your ear best. It is imperative that you create a good seal to get the best sound out of any in ear device. I do not wear these hooked over my ear as suggested. My ears accept these like normal headphones but sometimes after wearing them a while (hour +), my ears do feel uncomfortable but only when I remove them.

These earphones have a warm, bass heavy sound. The bass dial is genius. Some would say that the bass set to the highest is too much. I disagree. Bass at this level is powerful but subtle. Rather than a punchy, shallow bass, it rumbles in your skull.

Mids and trebles are clear. Sound stage (general inclusiveness of all layers of the music in their respective proportions and 'locations') is brilliant.

I've shattered the earbuds, superglued them back on, accidentally left them in cups of water overnight, been mugged in them twice, jogged in them, been caught out in the rain with them. No issues, no lapse in sound quality.

It's a shame I now own android. The mic no longer works, nor does the volume rocker.

These were slightly cheaper 6 years ago, but they've proven themselves worth every penny. Please do not hesitate to buy these. They are the best that a rational amount of money can buy. You want better quality? Be ready to fork out 500 minimum for audiophile-centric, overpriced, niche material-using earphones that require an amplifier and for you to only use lossless files on dedicated audio source playback devices.
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on 5 August 2015
Simply had to write a review for these.
Have an iPhone 6 and had been using the provided buds with it and previous iPhones for a number of years, everything was fine, until last week when I knocked my phone off the table with the earphones in.
This resulted with the headphone lead bending and damaging the connection such that one ear no long worked reliably.

So I like to listen to music everyday in between a number of audiobooks, like 6-10 hours a day these things are in my ears, so it makes sense for me to get something decent.

Research on a number of sites lead me to these earphones, highly rated on the sites, trusted reviews, expert reviews, what hi-fi and a number of others lead me to the sennheisers, I also hate having to get the phone out to change tracks etc, so inline controls were a must for me.

The other site reviews have far more eloquent ways of describing the incredible bass control these buds manage, the "staging" of being able to visualise exactly where spatially the instruments are located and practically seeing them before you while listening.

I read the reviews, and I didn't really believe it to be honest, one reviewer described them as the difference between a normal cinema experience vs imax 3d... No I thought, don't get it...

Then I got them and listened to some of the same music I had listened too everyday for the last few weeks/months and years.

Changed me completely, I realise now I have been missing out on an experience.

Buy these, you will not regret it.
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on 10 September 2017
These are the best set of earphones I have ever bought. They have a great quality and are really light weight. I love the case they come with and the fact they have the double flanged earbuds makes them the best earphones ever. I would definatly recommend them. I know they are pricey but they are the best investment I have made in a long time.
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on 16 May 2011
I currently own a pair of Sennheiser CX500's - which I absolutely love - especially the warm, bass predominant sound. As they are several years old and are now beginning to look worse for wear, I decided to upgrade to the IE series and had read that the IE8's had the best sound quality (logically!).

When they arrived, I knew that the sound quality was reliant upon achieving the correct seal with the supplied tips - in a similar way to the CX500's. I found that the sound quality of the IE8's was fantastic - as long as I could achieve the seal. Unfortunately I found that achieving and maintaining the seal in the right ear was almost impossible with the supplied tips and I constantly had to keep reapplying pressure to the right earpiece to achieve the sound quality I desired.

I think for some people, the over-ear design will work very well, but for me, direct insertion of earphones works best and therefore I had to return them.

For those people who can achieve the correct seal, these earphones are virtually unbeatable for sound quality, however if you have difficulty achieving a seal with other earphones, these will be even more difficult to work with.
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on 8 December 2012
As it should be, perfect!

If anyone has high requirement on Ear-Canal headset without regard to price. IE 8i definitely is the best one!

Highly recommend.
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on 25 January 2013
I was presently surprised when I exchanged my iPhone ear-buds for the Sennheiser IE 8i. Nearly as good as my Linn / Naim combination!
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on 9 February 2016
After 3 years of reliable service and the flawless sound reproduction of the Sennheiser IE8i's I started getting issues with the right ear bud. I had pretty much written them off for a new pair when I decided to contact Sennheiser to enquire about repair costs. Posted off to Sennheiser and within hours off receipt a new pair of headphones despatched from Germany free of charge.. Not only is this an exceptional product the customer service reflects the quality of this product..
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on 16 November 2016
Reluctantly, I am returning the Sennheiser IE 8i, because of so-called Microphonics noise, undoubtedly amplified by Apple’s lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter.
There was no Microphonics noise when connected to an Apple IPod.
So, it appears that the fault lies not with the cable but rather with Apple’s lightning adaptor about which I can do little, since I have an IPhone 7.
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on 8 September 2011
Yes, they are expensive. Yes, they are worth it. As all the positive reviews say, these have to be one of the best IEM's out there.

The only thing I have to add is fitting the right plugs for your ears is key. I ended up having to use different sized ones for each ear in-order to get the best fit.
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