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on 17 June 2011
This vacuum cleaner could suck the chrome off a bumper, plus you get none of the mess associated with bagless cleaners that, for some reason, are so much more expensive. Plus a year's supply of bags. What a bargain!
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on 8 January 2012
This cleaner came with a year's supply of bags - which was a nice bonus.

The cleaner performs adequately, but nothing outstanding. The hose is very good quality and stretches well. I can clean 11 steps out of a 13 step flight of stairs with the hoover still at the bottom of the stairs (for the final 2 steps, the hoover is light enough for me to carry in one hand - although some may struggle). I found the flex to be of adequate length but you need more than one plug for a large room.

It is a little heavier that expected - in particular I find it's a bit top heavy and feels like it is in danger of toppling when you stand it upright although it usually stays up fine. I've found the release button a bit clumsy (that is the button that you tread on to free the hoover from its locked upright position) and if you forget to depress it, the lock can open anyway - with a loud click. The front panel covering the bag feels a bit flimsy to me but it appears to do the job.

For the price I think that this hoover is reasonable - it's probably one of the better ones in its price range. I've certainly had worse ones that have cost more. I've been using it for several months now and have managed quite nicely with it.
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Your service is excellent as usual. We received the vacuum cleaner on 20 March, 2 days after ordering. However, the same cannot be said for Hoover's customer service.
- The product arrived without the carrying handle and fixing screws, which supports several items.
- There were instructions on the box to contact the supplier and not the retailer, but they don't make it very easy.
- It was difficult contacting Hoover by phone; we spent two/three days, several times a day, trying to get through to them. each call lasting approx 35/40 minutes.
- When we did finally get through; we explained exactly what was missing and were told that an engineer would call the following week, to replace the missing carrying handle.
- However, when he arrived, he had been given the wrong handle. He then tried to ring Hoover and was unable to get through so he left, saying he would get the part replaced..
- After four days, we tried to ring Hoover again, to see what was happening. Again difficult to get through. Gave up that day and tried the following day. We eventually got through after waiting 45 mins and after several attempt of 30/40 minutes.
- It seemed that nothing had been dealt with; so we explained exactly what was wanted - the carrying handle and fixing screws and were told they would be put in the post.
- 5 days later, Tuesday 9 April,the the carrying handle arrived but no fixing screws.
- Trying to contact Hoover is frustrating and time-consuming and when you do get through, their customer service is appalling.

There are instructions on the box statng customers should not contact the retailer but contact the Hoover, but they don't make it very easy. Oh, and we're still waiting for the screws. Marion Cheetham 11 April 2013
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on 18 October 2012
I was hoovering with a Panasonic (not great) now I can hoover with a Hoover and that's the way it should be. This is an excellent cleaner. Some people have commented that it's noisy - compared to my old Panasonic this is very quiet ! Yes it does have a high pitched whine but overall I would say it is definitely not noisy. Cleaning performance is very good, loads of suction and the carpet height adjustment seems to work fine.

The hose is long and this compensates to some extent for the short mains lead. Why Mr Hoover can not stick another two metres of cord on it I don't understand. However you can live with this.

The only sensible comment is really - Just buy it! - you won't regret it.
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on 4 June 2011
I purchased this vacuum to replace an old one of the same type. It is much better than expected. It is quieter, easier to manoevre,and more powerful. It also feels lighter to lift. It also has the bonus of free bags (8 in total)Hoover PurePower PU2111 Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner, 2100 Watt (Free Bags for 1 Year* Based on 1 Year's Average Use)
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on 4 March 2013
I wanted a reasonably priced cleaner which would be powerful at picking up dirt. This fits the bill. I am more than happy with it and love the fact it is so lightweight. I would recommend this to anyone for best value, no more cleaning out dirty cylinders, (Dysons, I hate with a vengeance) easy to transport around and excellent at picking up. The fact I was given free bags for a year too was terrific. Go on, buy it, you will not be disappointed.
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on 16 January 2013
I've been using bagless vacuum cleaners for years, but have never been very happy with them. I found them heavy and noisy. However, this Hoover bagged cleaner is light, moves easily, fits underneath beds, etc. and is not very noisy at all. So far I'm very happy with it. In fact, I find being back to bags easier and cleaner than emptying bagless cleaners.
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on 26 March 2013
I have had my new Hoover vacuum cleaner for a few weeks now and I can say that I love it. Having used cylinder cleaners for over 20 years this upright one is much less effort, which for someone of advancing years is always a bonus. I read reviews before I bought it and found them very helpful. I found no details of noise level on ANY vacuum but having said that, it is still a lot quieter than my old Vax. It is also light weight and, unlike other buyers I do not find it "topples over" unless you forget to unclip the hose or go to far for the length of cable. The cable is shorter than I am used to on a Vax (10 meters) but it is still enough to do a whole room. It picks up very well and much better than I am used to. Looking at the carpet you can no longer tell that there are two dogs in the house.! The only negative point is very small and nit-picking to be honest, but it is not simply "2 screws and you are away" as I read in a reveiw. The quick guide picture instructions do miss out some stages. When connecting the carrying handle it omits to tell you to remove the front cover and take the bag out to access the screw holes. Also the top half of the handle has to be slotted into a guide and remove a small white lable to find the screw holes. Incidentally both sets of screws require different types of scew driver too. All told, including removing the packaging and reading some of instructions took 35 minutes. However, you only do this once and it certainly wouldn't stop me buyin g it. I find vacuuming not so tiring now, better results and I do it more often. I would definately recommend this product.
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on 12 November 2012
I chose this item (Amazon B003WQA9AU) on the strength of product reviews, and because I have different types of flooring, to deal with which it has various settings. I cannot dispute that the machine does what it undertakes to do. However, it has some shortcomings. Neither the power cable nor the attachments are long enough – Hoover should know you wouldn’t buy a machine as powerful as this as if you lived in a bed-sit. You don’t get a broad brush-head for the hose extension either. Keep your tubes and heads from your old machine. Whatever it was, they’ll probably fit. The dust-bags are tricky to position and you’ll have serious problems if you suck up a piece of string with the rotating brushes. I was unlucky with a burned out motor, and took it to a local repair shop rather than face the complications of sending the machine back to the Hoover HQ in Mid-Wales. The machine is heavy and somewhat unwieldy, particularly on stairs. It’s too designy, given its shortcomings, and too noisy. Nor can you get it to blow (good for clearing snow and having a go at blocked sink waste-pipes). However, line it up on what it is good on, a stretch of newish carpet trodden by slobs who don’t wipe their feet, and in no time it’ll come up like the carpet-layers have just left. If that’s what you’ve got and you can manage with the short power cable, you’ll be happy with this machine. Just remember to change the function if you see any string.
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on 7 December 2012
I bought this for my wife to replace the Samsung model which she uses for the upstairs floors. Replace it - it certainly does and so much more. This cleans so much better and the host of attachments fitted to the machine means it is ready to work wherever you are. I note some have commented on a lot of noise from this machine - well we don't think it's excessive. Another favourable issue is the ease of storage - it slots in the wardrobe without having to worry about hoses flopping out all over the place.
PurePower is a very worthy description of this model - it cleans quickly and thoroughly. No! I am not associated business wise with this product but in my youth I would have been proud to act as a salesman for it.
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