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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 6 January 2012
I'm surprised to be so pleased with what is just basically an smart extension lead, but it works so well

It is used for my PC and when it shuts down now so does the printer, monitor, (old) external hard drive and powered speakers.

I wanted to be greener and honestly always intended to switch everything off at the wall but it didn't always happen. Now no glow from LEDs and low frequency hum which has got to be good.

I'm able to get that smug self satisfaction pretending I'm saving the planet (need to a lot more the just this) and apparently should pay for itself though I'm not sure by when.

Like it lots, easy to install (plug in = works = smugness) and am now single handedly making up for china opening a coal fired power station each week as they manufacture the electronics I've plugged in to the extension lead.
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on 19 August 2012
This product does its job exactly. When the master goes into a low power state the other 4 sockets power off shortly after.
The actual sockets are about double thickness of a normal power strip.
This does blend in well and looks modern around other black items.

The only issue i have with this is that it takes 0.5watts of power when turned on with no plugs in. When you plug something into the 'always on' or master plug then even if that device uses no power the conserve surge will fluctuate between 0.5watts and about 1.8watts and this happens all the time that the power strip has power.

however this power consumption is very very low compared to leaving your router/computer/tv/laptop/lamp ect ect on standby all night.

a way that i combat this excess electric that the power strip uses is that i have a Electronic digital mains Timer Socket Plug. This will cut all power during my sleeping hours, then turn it on before i wake.

On the whole this is a great product and the best of its kind, I would highly recommend this, only downside is still uses some power when everything is off.
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VINE VOICEon 10 September 2011
I bought this as someone had given me a 'Monster' power bar, but when I looked to buy another for elsewhere in the house, I was horrified at the price. I searched Amazon and found this at a fraction of the price. I wanted to ensure that when we turn off the TV in the bedroom, all the other equipment that runs alongside it would also shutdown, except the lamp that we have in that corner. It works perfectly and does exactly the job I wanted. As well as being more invironmentally friendly it also makes the bedroom quieter as a lot of the 'peripheral' equiment is not exactly silent, even in standby mode. We are very happy and would recommend this product. I like Belkin products. They are reliable and 'do exactly what they say on the tin'.
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on 16 September 2013
Some reviewers have complained that their 'off' power consumption for their master device is too high to make the lead switch off the slave devices. It says in the manual that you need to plug the master item into the master socket (computer, tv, cinema amp) and then you need to power the lead up, power the unit up, power the unit down again and then your lead will learn your master devices off consumption. So - a 5 star item that has been brought down by a few people who don't like reading instruction manuals.
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on 16 December 2012
I bought this to control my laptop desk set-up. I have speakers plugged in that I wanted to turn off when I turn off the laptop and this does the job perfectly. In future I can see myself adding monitors etc to the power strip, but for now it's doing fine controlling the speakers.
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on 5 December 2012
I bought this to replace a Standby Saver which broke, I was a little dubious at first as it's very expensive for what it is. The Standby Saver I had before had a little IR sensor which you programmed to be activated by one of the buttons on your TV remote. The Belkin device however is much simpler, it just detects that your TV has been turned off and powers down the other devices.

There are two extra sockets on the strip that allow you to keep two devices always on e.g. Cable box etc.

One thing to note as previous reviewers have said is that the device is very large, it's twice as thick as normal extension plugs - bear this in mind when thinking about where to locate it.
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on 29 August 2012
I'd been meaning to get an energy saving power strip for a while. After looking through many different ones I decided this one looked the best so I ordered it. I have to say I'm very pleased. I currently use the energy saving sockets with my blu-ray, video, Wii and when it arrives Xbox as I see no need for these to be on at all while the TV is off. I use the always on sockets for my Sky box as this always needs to be on to function correctly and my stereo as this is used with the TV. It's very handy having all these in the same area of my room and having this many sockets available. I have to say I'm not even bothered by the unusual height of the strip, if you're going to put it somewhere hidden away you'll never notice it.
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on 28 February 2012
This product seems to work as advertised generally, except my HTPC which I want to act as the master does not fall to low enough power usage when switched off to trigger the power lead to switch off other devices (unless I reach round the back and switch of the power supply). Your mileage may vary when using with a PC or other device if its off state is not low enough draw.
Unfortunately for me it is just a 7 way power strip at the moment - had hoped that there might be a bios option to lower the pc's draw while off or an option to raise the limit on the power strip but no such luck.
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on 16 January 2013
The power strip is fairly chunky but looks well made. Behind the TV is now tidy(er) so a result straight away. It operates fine, switching off the TV (even on standby with the remote) turns off the DVD and Wii, while leaving the DVR and modem powered. Nice.
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The Amazon blurb is correct. The power strip is well made and feels substantial enough to survive normal life on the floor under a desk being clattered by feet and cases and everything else. As a welcome bonus it incorporates surge protection and a resettable circuit breaker to prevent overloads.

I use mine to allow the desktop PC to control the power for its monitor and audio amplifier, which saves about thirty watts of standby (because we never remember to turn them off with the PC), and meaning that the strip will pay for itself in about a year. The permanently-on sockets power the phone base station and Ethernet switch. Of course it will not save the 'shut down' power the PC itself consumes - less than one watt for mine so no big deal. Remember that one watt left on 24/7 for a year will cost us about a pound on an average tariff.

An additional nugget of info contained in the tiny user manual says that it automatically adapts the threshold of the control power on/off switching point to suit the controlling device. This is done by plugging the switched-off control device into the master socket before connecting the power strip to the mains. Then power on the mains, wait a few moments for the standby current in the control device to stabilise at its usual level, then turn on the control device and wait until it has woken up as normal, then turn off the control device again. These power levels will then be remembered by the Smart Strip for future reference.

This is a device well worth having.
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