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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Size: 300 Tablets|Change
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on 23 May 2014
After many spring and summers of my dog scratching till he bleeds and numerous visits to the vets, which just didn't work! a fellow dog walker told me about Yumega so I thought i'd give it a try and within the first week he calmed down, the raised skin was getting better and as the weeks went on it's totally cured his problem.
Apart from the fishy breath and the smell of fish through his skin which I must say went after a week or so, i'm guessing as his body got used to the doses everything is brilliant and to see him not suffering is just great.
Just 5ml spoonful for my miniature Schnauzer every morning on a bit of wet food and he loves it, he would probably have it of the spoon but I haven't tried that!
I would recommend to giving it a go if your dog suffers with a skin allergy.
Kevin Sharpe, Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK
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on 17 July 2013
Being elderly and on a limited income, i was recomended this product to try by a vets secretary before going ahead with an expensive consultation. It was so sad to see my 12 year old border collie bitch moaning and groaning in the evenings after her walks and struggling to get up from her bed. I started her with 2 a day and after the first week was begining to think i had wasted my money. After about 10 days i began giving her 3 a day in the evenings before her feed. Then at about 15 days in i came down in the morning and some one must have swapped dogs in the night, there she was jumping up, tail wagging, running round like the pup i bought 12 years earler. Two good walks every day and straining at the lead to be let off a run amock. I am so very pleased i found this product. No more moaning and groaning and a happier healthier dog. I dont think this product is a complete cure she still has her problems due to old age i guess like all of us. But for pain relief and easing up her joints and giving her a better quality of life i thoroughly recomend giving this a try.
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on 21 June 2016
I have been using the yumega plus for my five year old lurcher, for about a year, with great results for her very dry skin. It was the first product to work after many others. Recently though, I received this new product, the re-branded 'itchy dog', even though I ordered the yumega plus. I assumed it was just a re-branding of the same old product...No!
Upon closer inspection, the ingredients have changed, it has all the same ones there, but with the addition of 'fish oil'. We continued to use it, thinking it would give the same results. Unfortunately, the dry skin, that had been cleared up for a year is back again. My poor girl is scratching away again. They have clearly diluted the good oils, the salmon, the star (borage) etc. with the fish oil but it's not as effective anymore. It's very frustrating when companies make these changes to save a few pounds, at the expense of our animals health. The product is also now in a plastic bottle, whereas before it was glass. More cost cutting at the expense of the quality of the product. I won't be buying this again and am going to buy the oils seperately and make my own blend from now on.
I hope this review will help other people to think twice and that lintbells go back to their old formula. This is definately NOT new and improved!
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on 30 December 2015
We had taken our 10 year old Labrador Rolo to the Vets due to arthritis in his back legs, we were told it was old age and was to be expected, we were given anti inflammatories, which we were told would help, but he would need to be on them for life. After a month of taking the prescribed tablets, he was in less pain, but would not put his left hind leg down, so was suffering muscle wastage.The poor dog couldn't get up stairs and struggled to get out of his basket.
My wife bumped into another dog walker by chance at the park, who saw our dog limping, she told here that her friend was a PDSA vet who recommended Youmove to his clients, as we were paying £70 per month for the prescribed drugs, we thought it was worth a go, We started him on 6 a day for a month which was the recommended loading dose for his weight, to start with we didn't see any improvement, after about 6 weeks, he had less of a limp, but it was still quite bad , but after i would guess at about 3 months , we suddenly realised the limp had stopped and he was putting full weight his leg for the first time in months. We are now about 6 months into taking youmove, he has stopped the prescribed drugs and is now able to jump into the car , run down the steps and can go for a decent walk , which he hadn't done for quite some time.
The main thing i would recommend is to persevere, the improvement didn't happen overnight, but we have now got our old dog back, we don't know how long that will last, but fingers crossed .
A tub of 300 tablets cost me just over £30 , which lasts us 3 months, better than the £70 per month from the vets,and the drugs he was on, had quite a lot of negative comments on the web about kidney damage, when taken long term, so it's a win win for us.
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on 29 November 2013
Had tried all kinds of treatments from the vets to stop our dog scratching this worked within a week.
Would definitely recommend
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on 26 November 2012
Like most people when reading reviews I have a nagging doubt about them. So when I tried Yumove on two of my dogs I did so on a 'one off' purchase. I am now on 'Subscribe and Save'. Here's why ...
The one dog I was keen to try it on was my 9 year old whose arthritis of the spine only came to light when he was X-rayed for some stomach blockage. He is the biggest of my large family, a single puppy, but both parents are Springer cross Border Collies, yet he is as big as a slim Labrador! He was always a bit clumsy so I have no idea as to how long the arthritis has been present. At the time of trying Yumove he was having real difficulty in getting up off the floor, but at least I had a good idea as to why. I was also assisting him down stairs(because he had sore front pads to add to his troubles). Despite that, he would still come out on the daily walk with the rest. I took the hint about starting with a double dose, 6 tabs for a 35kg dog. After just the first 3 tabs he came down the stairs unaided. Impressed, but dubious it could work that quickly, I continued with the double dose for the next 3 weeks. Even on just 3 tabs a day he can now run down hill like he used to do a lot.
At the same time I started my eldest dog who is 13.5 years old, and had a bout of vestibular balance disorder(VSB) which really knocked her confidence. The vet prescribe 'Vitatonin' which worked great(also recommended for dogs who lose their 'zest'). I always had that in mind if she started to go backwards again. However, this wet summer did make her old legs a bit stiffer, especially after exercise. But like the above, she like to potter round with the rest on the main exercise walk. On just 2 tabs a day she has gradually improved, and enjoys a downhill run on the grass. She tries to run uphill too, but she runs out of puff. She is really lively when she gets up now, even plays with bit of sticks or discarded plastic bottles. Even more impressive, she got got knocked over by a car, and was lucky to get away with just a bruised shoulder! That only bothered for a few days and she was back up to old self.
So yes, I am a convert. So much so I have put my two 12 year olds on it too, just as a preventative measure. However, as it contains the additions that normally are put in 'senior' dog food, I do not have that more expensive item on their food bill. I just wish there was a human equivalent for me....
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on 18 March 2013
Coincidence? Maybe? I have a Bernese Mountain Dog 15 months old. Diagnosed with elbow dysplasia on both front legs and hip dysplasia on one of his hips :( My vet suggested trying an extra supplement for a couple of months, a change in his food and exercise habits with the view to doing an operation if not sucessful. I didn't hold out much hope for these tablets and feared my baby would be going under the knife very soon. Much to mine, and my vets surprise, after 3 months of taking these tablets he is walking and running so much better. This is not a condition which will go away, and he will probably need the operation in the future BUT he has improved at least 50% according to the vet. His elbows are still swollen and he does not walk as well as he should but he's improved and that is what matters most. He is not taking any other medication for his conditions. As I said, coincidence, I don't know, but I will be purchasing these again and again
UPDATE: 18th March-9th June 2013
We are still going from strength to strength. My baby has not limped since December. I'd advise anyone to give these pills at least a 3 month trial. Your pet deserves it. I give the normal stated dose and have done since day one as I thought the double dose of 8 tablets per day (for my size dog) a little too expensive, but even with just taking the regular dosage (4 tablets) from the start he's doing well. If I had known they would work this well I'd have started with the double dose just to see quicker results. I even had to purchase a new control collar for him as his pulling on the lead and bouncing about increased tenfold :)
UPDATE: 30th Sept 2015!!!
Still on 4 pills a day and still no limping :) One very happy customer and dog!
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on 20 April 2014
My dog has terrible itchy skin. He is allergic to grass pollen which is a nuisance because he goes to park every day. After putting this in his food, I find he doesn't scratch like crazy. Takes a few days to get in his system but I do recommend the Yumega oil.
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on 20 November 2011
Yumove arrived on time and our dog is moving much better she is unable to have op for severed cruciate ligament but due to heart murmur unable to have op and vet suggested yumove she is now able to weight bear and moving more freely.
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on 25 July 2014
I have a beautiful black labrador who is allergic to both grass and other plants and house dust. Thankfully he is insured otherwise I do not know how we would have afforded the vets fees and treatments, none of which have been affective other than cortisones which are only useful at the time, their initial effects not being sustained. After many months of research I found an article which suggested that Omega Oils may help. I found Lintbells via Amazon and decided to purchase a bottle. Whilst I cannot claim that it has worked 100% there has most certainly been an effect which has resulted in my dog scratching less, his coat is really shiney and he dosen't look quite like a panda anymore where he has rubbed much of the skin from around his eyes. I have just ordered another bottle which will take me up to 9 weeks usage and fingers crossed, hope to see more improvements.
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